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Technology sucks sometimes. My external hard drive crashed and in order to recover all the data I had on it it’s going to cost $1450... You better believe that from now on I am going to have a back up of the back up of the back up OF THE BACK UP. With all that being said, I’ll let you decide what is in my cup 🙃😅
#fridayintroductions because I never show my face around here but hello!!! I’m thrilled you stopped by & hope you are full of turkey (or in our house lefse 🇳🇴) but I just wanted to share a few things about myself! . 1. Our current Netflix/Hulu obsessions include: @911onfox @nbcnewamsterdam @jackryanamazon @newgirlonfox  2. I am dyinggg to get my own big fluffy pup & name it Woodchip.. soon. so so soon. What’s your favorite dog breed?? 🐶  3. Hallmark Christmas movies are my jammm 🎄🎄 I also discovered Hulu’ Lifetime channel has amazing cheesy movies 🤪 You better believe I’m watching those 4. Thanks to @simplysuzys I can publicly declare my love for @mcdonalds ♥️🤤 There I said it. Back off haters! Those fries & big cup of Coca Cola will always turn my day around.  5. Big sucker for old country music 🎵 give me all the old twang & music that makes you want to stomp your feet! Our first dance turned into a line dance half way through our slow song.  6. Got to give my hubby, Lance, a BIG shoutout for all his help this week! He’s driven hours, been our muscles 💪🏻, and helped problem solve while I put together the styled shoot. Much love to him 🖤 7. I loveee a good deal! What’s the best #blackfriday deal out there??
YOU CAN DO THIS. ⁣ ⁣ Here’s a lil iPhone pic because ya girl purchased her first car, all by herself 🙌🏽 ⁣ ⁣ If you haven’t been watching my stories the past few days, I’ve been wanting to downsize and get something with better gas mileage with all of the driving Joel and I do, especially for our jobs! Well, I did it, we BOTH fell in love with the Honda Civic  and couldn’t be happier! ⁣ ⁣ On another note...⁣ I went full time with photography not even a year ago. The car I had before this was my high school graduation present. I have never done something this “adult-ish” before, but man, It felt GOOD. To me, this is such a big milestone because it just reminds me how thankful I am that my once upon a time “dream job” is now my reality and has financially supportive in more ways than I ever thought possible. I feel accomplished, I am SO freaking proud of myself and the hard work I’ve put into my business and I just can’t believe I did it and this beaut is all mine!!! 🤩 ⁣ ⁣ make your dreams a reality, take that leap, because you truly will never know until you try 💛
probably should be outside enjoying this weather but i’m just too obsessed with my clients that honestly editing sounds sooo good right now. 😍 look at these cuties. we spent most of our session fighting the wind and rain but we definitely came out on top and they nailed it. 💕
Oooo it feels like fall outside, and I have all the windows open - plus 5 fall candles lit. 🧡
Forever obsessed with this wedding and this venue 🤷🏼‍♀️ - - -  #kalamazoophotographer #kalamazoobride #grandrapidsphotographer #grandrapidsbride #weddingphotographer #michiganweddingphotographer #cascadepresets
This year we went with Jack O’Lanterns…thought this would be an easy pick but let me tell you…those pumpkins are freaking heavy! It was a real TREAT running from the camera to the steps throwing an enormous pumpkin on my head. Flynn hated the slime, he cried and I had to bribe him with donuts.  Rosie up-chucked all over her pumpkin. Corden was pissed about something ridiculous…( his jeans didn’t fit right apparently…so high maintenance!) And I wasn’t going to share this part because it makes Jack and I look like awful parents but I gotta tell you so you don’t make the same mistake!! We cut holes in Rosie’s pumpkin for her arms and legs. All her limbs were sticking out of the pumpkin and it looked adorable but she obviously hated being tangled inside a pumpkin…so then we tried getting her limbs back in the pumpkin and she got STUCK! Yea, I panicked, thought I was gonna have to cut her out of that stupid thing! So while I’m freaking out, Rosie is crying, Jack is trying to calm us both down while trying to get her out. It was so DUMB! I can’t believe we tried that! Anyways, 2019 Annual Family Halloween portrait is done…🙌🏻 #myredroots . . . #grandrapidsphotographer #jj_forum_2769 #jip_pumpkins #projectfaceless #rcc_orange #mom_hub1175 #tsj_pumpkins #ig_greatshot_autumn #mmm_october #tc_halloween #yourshotphotographer
I’m currently sitting around the Christmas tree, the kids are finally in bed and it’s quiet. I have Friends on and I’m looking back at photos from our mini sessions and dreaming of the year ahead, of documenting your families and hopefully some weddings and making HumanKnd Co. a brand that’ll spread the idea of KNDness like wildfire because honestly, you never know what someone is going through—so be KND, be gracious. . I’m so grateful for this company, and these adventures and all the KNDness we got to encounter last weekend and beyond. Kristi and I cannot thank you enough for your continued love and support of HumanKnd Co. . #appreciationpost #humanknd #humankndphotography #storyteller #documentaryphotography #documentary #documentyourdays #familyphotography #weddingphotography #grandrapidsphotographer #michiganphotographer #traversecityphotographer #michiganweddingphotographer #peterboroughphotographer #britishphotographer
Announcement Time 🎙💌🥳 :: Im moving to Grand Rapids. I’m excited about this opportunity yet a little sad to be leaving my family and hometown. (thankfully it’s only 2 hours instead of half way across the world this time). Its been so good to have some time with family and i had an amazing opportunity to work at B&D Classic Sewn as a graphic designer. I couldn’t be more thankful for that! but now it’s time to go adventure again. I will be moving after Christmas and would appreciate all the prayers. :: I will still be working with World Orphans, but right now I am currently looking for another job in GR area. If anyone knows of any opportunity please reach out.  #newopportunities #newadventuresawait #bigannouncement #movingtothebigcity #grandrapidssocialmedia #grandrapidsgraphicdesigner #grandrapidsmichigan #grandrapidsphotographer #opportunities #excitedforthefuture #thankfulgratefulblessed
this quick selfie style snap on my camera at the end of our family shoot is def one of my favs!! just wish you were in it too @cambrielynne!! she’s at least represented with these BOMB earrings!! have you checked our @copperstonestudio yet!!?! seriously, i’ve worn a pair from her every single day since i got them! IN LOVE! . going to take a min to brag on my two sisters okayyyyy!! . @amber_ballast is OWNING denver!! so much fun watching her use her god given talents to make a huge impact on her 6th grade students lives! love seeing the way you light up when you talk about curriculum or any of the funny things your kids said today! love you sis and so proud of you as always!! . @cambrielynne is of course killing it with the jewelry biz, but is also crushing college!! can you believe she started this biz from her college dorm room!? she’s also going to england for a semester in january!! whaaaat?! you’re gonna LOVEE it!!! can’t wait to visit! . moral of the story- petty proud big sis ova here!! thankful for the time we get to be together over holidays 🥰 let’s do a sibling shoutout!!! tag your fam and share some extra love today!! 👇🏼
Sign installed.  Now gotta finish up interior renovations; hoping for an early January move in.  #itshappening . #michiganphotographer #grandrapidsphotographer #headshot #grandrapidsphotography #westmichiganphotographer #michiganmodels #grandrapidsmodel #michiganmodel
Late night sneak peek from the wedding I shot last weekend 😍 I always encourage couples to sneak away during sunset. Not only does that allow me to capture some beautiful golden hour shots, but it also gives couples some time away from the wedding day chaos to be alone together and reflect on the beautiful day they just had
Hi guys! It’s been a hot minute since I have shown my face on here, and I figure what better time than when I have some exciting news to share! These last few weeks I have been working hard on an in-home studio room to shoot in during the winter months! With the cold season officially here this space will provide a warm and cozy setting for personal branding, life style, and boudoir sessions. I’m only a few Etsy packages and little decorating away for this space to being officially complete and open for sessions starting in January!
FREE PHOTO SESSION GIVEAWAY! TWO lucky winners will receive a free hour photography session with me!  How to enter:  1. Follow me @brittanyellenphoto_  2. Tag two people who would love a free photo session! (extra entries for 2+ tags)  3. Share my post on your story and tag me Two random winners will be announced on Monday, December 9 at 10am, West Michigan/Detroit area only. GOOD LUCK !
hi hello HOTTIES!!!! good grief- of course these two KILLED it tonight! 🥰 . GIMME ALL THE FALL RIVER BOARDWALK CUTIE COUPLE ENGAGEMENT SESSIONS PLEASEEEEEEEE!! y’all we gotta let them know how dang cute they are!! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
This summer the girls have been utterly blessed with having Bayli next door, and developed a friendship we believe will be lifelong.  They are family.  As a celebration of their friendship, and Bayli's 4th birthday, we had a lovely "BFF" shoot, because we believe these little ones WILL be best friends forever.  #lovehasnocolor #bffs #bestfriends #grandrapidsphotographer #michiganphotographer #theythinktheyarefamily #oldnavyfashion #oldnavy #oldnavystyle #naturalhair
For 122 years, the Round Island Lighthouse has withstood the harsh climate of the Straits of Mackinac. #greatlakesmade . .  Starting in 2007, an annual Open House has been conducted to inform and educate the public of the history and restoration efforts of the  lighthouse. . .  Early bird registration is now LIVE on https://show.greatlakesmade.com for participants and attendees at the Great Lakes Made Show in 2020. Discover brands, makers, bakers, brewers, growers, artists, experiences, destinations, and more from around the Great Lakes Region. . . 📷: @michiganskymedia . . #greatlakes #lakemichigan #lakesuperior #greatlakesstate #mittenstate #roundisland #mackinacisland #mackinac #freighter #madeinmichigan #michiganmade #mimade #madeinmi #usamade #grandrapids #grandrapidsmi #grandrapidsblogger #grandrapidsmichigan #grmi #michiganders #michiganblogger #grandrapidsartist #grandrapidsphotographer #westmichigan #michiganisland #straitsofmackinac
ouch too cute
Somedays we are faced with heavy realities. Loss, grief, infertility and the weight of it all. But then somedays all of that fades away and we are left with the most perfect, simple little life. I often think my 23 year old self had no idea and would never believe how happy we would be 🖤 the most perfect. simple. life. ••• • • •📷 @sweetlemondropphoto model husband @gensfoto #authenticlovemag #michiganphotographer #westmichiganphotographer #michiganweddingphotographer #loveandwildhearts #puremichigan #familyphotos #fallfashion #love #family #grandhavenphotographer #grandrapidsphotographer #belovedstories
4 years ago these two promised forever to each other. And here we are, capturing this beautiful love all over again. These two took on life together 4 years ago and knew they didn’t want to do it without each other. So to commemorate all they’ve been through we did a anniversary shoot and it was more than I could ever have dreamed. Thank you a million to all who made it happen. . Vendors: Dress: @springsweet  Ring: @wiersemajewelers  Florals: @truer_design
Thanks for taking photos of me😘 @jp.shane
Mini sessions are always hectic but at the end of the day, seeing all these beautiful families makes my heart full and happy.  These beauties are mine ❤️ . . Tree: @byhisgracecalligraphy  Florals: @lovegreysonevents
“Make the day all about the love in your relationship and between your friends and family, because if you’re successful in achieving that, the day will be perfect no matter the weather or mishaps or details.” Visit @brides for more from Dan + Marisa’s intimate meadow wedding. These two are their own special kind of magic ✨
I can fix that . . . . . Comment if you know the movie reference 😁 Photo || @domberlinger
As much as thinking of going back to work on a Saturday is uncool🤨, the COOL thing is that I’ve got a NEW BLOG POST out on a comfy, professional, funky work outfit that has the link in my bio!❤️ I am IN LOVE with this outfit from @urbanfound 😍 • #sponsored#midwestblogger#michiganblogger#hollandblogger #westmichiganblogger#westmichiganphotograher#grandrapidsblogger#hollandmi#grandrapidsphotographer#grandrapids
Happy Tuesday! I just wanted to share a photo of myself taken by @andibphoto & say hi to my new followers & clients! I don’t show my face much around here but I’m going to try (again) to do it more often 😉 Some fun (random) facts about me: My name is Maria but I go by Mia. When I started my business, I threw the H on the end of Mia because my last name is Horford and that’s how I became Photography by Miah😂 I’m 6’2 (yes I know I’m tall AF 😂). Summer is my favorite season. I am (half) Dominican but I can’t speak Spanish😭 (still trying to learn!). I am more of a cat lover than a dog lover. I get along extra well with Aquariuses for some reason (I am one, too). I am engaged to my best friend & he’s my high school sweetie. My morning/day job is nannying 3 awesome kids. Photography started out as a hobby for me in high school and once I was out of high school, I decided I really loved it and wanted to make a living doing it. Because of this app, I have met so many awesome photographers & clients & friends. I’m extremely thankful for all the people who have supported me since the beginning, & I am thankful for the new followers & clients I get everyday. I would probably be working a boring 9-5 if it wasn’t for all the encouragement and support you guys give me. So thank you 😸