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@ashgphoto 🖤
wednesday pickups at ry’s school are beyond chaotic and super frustrating with two little kids because everyone gets out early and at the same time and with limited parking being a second school on another school’s campus, it just sucks. it’s hot and miserable and cars move at a snails pace or just straight up park their mega beast cars in the middle of the two lanes and it’s at a stand still. as you know little kids are anything but patient. long story short i dread wednesday pick ups, k? anyway, half an hour later i finally make it out of the neighborhood and as we make our way home we spotted this young buck and a sweet little doe grazing.  we immediately turned around to watch them but the doe had moved out of our eye site. ry excitedly exclaimed “we all have good luck now because deer are beeeeeautiful!!!” if we hadn’t been stuck miserably behind a million cars moving only a few feet at a time we probably would’ve missed this beautiful moment and i wouldn’t have been reminded of how pure and genuine the child’s eye can be. “yes baby, we are so, so lucky, and there is so much beauty all around us” we have so much to learn from our children but in a fast paced way of life we can forget to slow down a bit. i hope you can take a few minutes today to center yourself, breathe and find some beauty 💜 #deer #ventura #slowdown #breathe #blessed #yougotthis #improudofyou #findbeautyineverything
I am so proud to announce that the inflatable installation that my friends and I have been working on for two weeks debuted last night! We spent so many consecutive hours painting, construction, and doing math (💀) but it was so worth it in the end! The school even asked us to reconstruct it for a Halloween debut! I’m so unbelievably proud of all of us and can’t wait to improve this even more! Stop by on Halloween to see the Illusion Room 2.0 〰️👁‍🗨. . . . #art #illusion #illusionroom #opticalillusion #sculpure #life #love #nature #naturephotography #dontbebarbie #rmcadphotographers #denverphotography #coloradophotographer #beherenow #beonewithyourself #beonewithart #lfl #beonewithnature #findbeautyinthesimplethings #findbeautyineverything #photography #photographer #artphotography #nikond3400 #nikonphotography #satnam #namaste #harekrishna
P L A K A 💙🌸 . . Colourful greek architecture, no cars, narrow streets lined with traditional restaurants... #plaka definitely stole a piece of my heart! 💗 Came back to this particular restaurant in the evening and it was bustling! 🤗🍅🥂 #postcardplaces #pretty #greece . . Name a place that stole your 💗 👇🏼
✨ Before leaving for Marseille, a lot of people told us to be aware because it could be a dangerous city.... ⁣ Totally wrong! Marseille is a giant melting pot of different cultures, with the biggest street art area in the whole France. Our favorite street is Rue du Panier, where you can find historic bazar like this one 😍 PLEASE: travel without prejudices 🙏✨⁣ ---------------⁣ "Marsiglia non è una città per turisti. La sua bellezza non si fotografa. Si condivide. Qui bisogna appassionarsi. Solo allora ciò che c'è da vedere si lascia vedere."⁣ ⁣ In questi giorni a Marsiglia abbamo capito la differenza tra turista e viaggiatore.⁣ 📸 Il turista, dopo il suo weekend a Marsiglia, torna a casa dicendo che è sporca, piena di stranieri, addirittura pericolosa e che bisogna stare attenti.⁣ 🎒Il viaggiatore, già dopo un solo giorno a Marsiglia, è riuscito ad andare al di là dello sporco.⁣ Ciò che viene definito sporco in realtà non è altro che il più grande quartiere di street art della Francia.⁣ Ciò che viene definito straniero non è altro che una meravigliosa mescolanza di culture ed usanze.⁣ Ciò che viene etichettato come pericoloso è solamente l'incontro con un volto dalla pelle diversa dalla nostra.⁣ ⁣ D'altronde, non siamo forse anche noi stessi proprio STRANIERI quando viaggiamo in luoghi diversi?⁣ Ragazzi, Marsiglia è bellissima.⁣ Visitatela senza pregiudizi.⁣ Vi stupirà.⁣ ⁣ [ps. Il quartiere più caratteristico è Le Panier, dove si trova questo storico bazar. Però fate attenzione: la proprietaria fa uscire il carattere francese che è in lei se provate a fotografarle il negozio 😁]⁣ #choosemarseille⁣ @choosemarseille ⁣ #suppliedby #marseillecity #wearemarseille #ohlala #frenchvibes #topfrancephoto #hellofrance #france4dreams #provencefrance #vintageshop #vintagevibes #creativetravelcouples #inspiredtravelcouples #globecouples #earthcouples #travelustcouple #allaboutadventures
Those rays!!! ✨☀️♥️ #sunrays☀️ #chicago #shadows #findbeautyineverything
Afternoon snack. It’s looking real stormy out there!
@merrimentmusic will for ever make the best match to my most whimsical days.
Nature’s framework 🌿
Today’s gray rainy weather has me dreaming of my trip to LA last month and visiting The Getty Center. This pic was taken in its Central Garden. Created by Robert Irwin, it’s an evolving work of art, designed to change with the seasons. So if you come back to visit it’ll be different every time, pretty cool eh? I love creative design stuff like this and am always interested to see all the ways it surrounds us. Is design an interest of yours? If so what sort of design?
“Find beauty in the small things..” #alishasnotes  I practice gratitude daily. I walk around my home with sage or incense and disconnect to thank the universe for my blessings. My health, another day to bring myself and others happiness, clean water, time for myself, my friends, my family, my warm home etc  To learn more about my gratitude journey click the Gratitude icon above 🙏🏽 have a wonderful #selfcarewednesday 💕  Inspired by @jayshetty podcast “On Purpose” featuring the wonderful @khloekardashian
To those who yearn for a more fulfilling life, who know they are capable of more and want to take the steps out of their current reality into a new one... Listen,  Transitions (especially from old identities into new ones) can feel scary because of all the unknowns and uncertainty.  And most of us want the transition to happen immediately. We want to find our ideal partner/relationship, our dream job, and have our ideal life NOW...before we are really ready for it .  Rather than stress out over trying make sure you are on the path to your best life, let yourself fully experience life now, by taking the opportunities that come your way.  Life tends to bring you those people and opportunities needed for your highest growth, if you are open to it.  You are perfectly beautiful in this moment, despite the chaos around you. Your current reality doesn’t change the fact that you are a miraculous being of Light under the surface- always have been, always will be.  You are alive on this planet which means you get to dive into life and experience it, whatever your heart calls for.  Stop trying to make the right choice and instead create your own happiness starting where you are right now.  Pick something and give it your best shot. You never know what you are capable of if you don’t try anything new.  Realize that your Inner Critic will go crazy if you ever try to break out of your comfort zone and step into new arenas of personal growth. . Recognize the frantic yells (“You CAN’T do this! You’re not strong enough! Go back to  where you were- it’s more comfortable there!”) and politely ignore them, feeding yourself different messages (“I can and I will.”) Enjoy it all- you don’t need a million dollars and a nice house to be happy. Get a job, even if it’s not your dream job, and find happiness all around you, in the people and the environment... be a light to everyone you see and make the world a better place in whatever small way you can.  Most of all,
54 degrees. Dark. Rain. Perfect day to pull out my favorite sweater! I love these mock necks - I neeeeeeed more!! Simple neutral makeup for this dreary day 🌧  Ignore those baby hairs on the top of my head - I hadn’t sprayed them down yet! 😂
Walkin' in an Autumn wonderland.
Swipe right for more glorious yellowness! 💛
• October 11, 2019. Be safe when you come out, Be proud to be yourself. • • • •  #.comingout #.nationalcomingoutday #.lgbtqia --- Reposted from @liempoetry (@get_regrann) -  There’s always beauty in those little things.🌑✨🌈 The sun is Follow @liempoetry #liempoetry #gratitude #empowering #positivevibe #positivevibesonly💯 #innerstrength #happinessquotes #herheartpoetry #poeticsoul #poetrycosmos #poetrysociety #poetryislife #poetryaccount #poetryloving #poetrycommunityofig #poetrysociety #poetry_addicts #poetryislove #igpoem #igpost #spilledpoetry #findbeautyineverything #empoweringwomen #wordsmiths #wordswithqueens #shelovedsunflowers #wordsofwisdom #wordswordswords #artofpoets #spilledwords #writersofig
Nature in all its Beauty... 🦋  #naturescolors #autumn #findbeautyineverything #northerncalifornia #colorinspiration
A flower does not compete with other flowers next to it. It just blooms🌼🌷🌺🌞 #flowerphotography #sunshine #flowers #bloom #beautifully #findbeautyineverything #itsthelittlethings #simplejoy #nature #photooftheday
Vibrant Beauty ❤️#FindBeautyInEverything
“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” Lauren DeStefano  #truebeauty  #october #puremichigan  #samsunggalaxys8  #findbeautyineverything  #falltime  #godsgreatearth  #nature  #naturephotography  #naturesmoments  #northenmichigan
It’s all about being half empty or half full... #fullmoonmood #jolieville  #timetothinkaboutlife #findbeautyineverything