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Caption this.⬇️ - - #photography#photo#picoftheday#art#artist#artstyle#urban#derelictbuilding#abandonedplaces#livelifetothefullest#lightattheendofthetunnel#dontstopliving#lifestyle
Yup start this work week with my other half 💪🍾🎬📽💯 CMD!! #dontstopliving #turndownforwhat #lifetooshort
Yesterday I made the joke that as millennials, it would be near impossible to do something rad without documenting it. After I said it, I realized how deep that hit for me. Instagram has become a sort of diary for me. The story highlights remind me of the amazing weekends I’ve had this summer. The pictures represent key moments. The captions are my thoughts or mindset during that time. But I started to wonder, how much of my adventure time is being inhibited by my actions of trying to document those moments? I go back and look at pictures and videos of those adventures often. So I do want to continue capturing them. But I also want to start being much more mindful of that time. Making sure that the moment is lived in to the fullest, before I try to capture it. #foodforthought
Does the word Etiquette sound out-of-date? ⠀ We attended “Kids & parents etiquette event” by @urbanetiquette360 hosted by @malverncollegeegypt this Saturday. It was very interesting to know that urban etiquette is guidelines of good manners that actually serve as a powerful tool to help twenty-first century people get along better. ⠀ Seeing new generation of kids starting very young age sharing their experience of how to use manners in everyday life was super inspiring. ⠀ It helps in self-presentation that directly results in self-esteem, it helps in dealing effectively with rudeness and even bullying. ⠀ Very interesting subject for both adults and kids - and Saturday well spent! Thank you @urbanetiquette360
Today I donated my first tree to a forest in Zambia. We don’t have to stop with all the things we are doing but we all need to do something to take care of our earth #zambia #miombo #miomboforest #help #together #dosomething #dontstopliving #dowhatyoucant #forest #tree #donate
am I alone in this undertow?  isn't reality so engulfing?  each molecule to the next is silver lace  and they shimmer in the dark corners of my heart  promising nothing but a pull... and a secret.  this life is too magical not to keep.  so, in a deep breath rise to the surface of the world.  float on silver ribbons and thank the clouds for answers  that bring more questions. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Please don't stop. Please don't give up. Continue on. Watch the magic of the world unfold before your eyes, the brightest moments contrasting against the darkest. There is magic within you, even when you don't see it. And...we need you here. All of us need all of us in this crazy thing called life. You have every right to crumble at the storm. But, please, even if we never meet, know my hand is waiting at the surface of the water. And we WILL carry on, as great as ever.  #mentalhealthishealth #dontstopliving #suicideprevention #depressionposts #depressionawareness #depressionpoems #anxietyfighter #conscioussoultribe #soulfamily #poemsporn_ #poetryaddict #passionofpoetry #writerscircle #spiritualpoetry #youhaveapurpose #writingmyheartout #writergram #trusttheuniverse #havefaithinyourself #consciouscommunity #consciousawareness
Upcoming weekend agenda is out! ⠀ Check it out for some ideas in case you have no plans yet. ⠀ Some events are sold out already so we elementals them from the agenda. ⠀ Don’t forget to ❤️ so that Instagram knows you would like to to hear from us.