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Little update! As of tomorrow my wife @sminagudelo will be entering her second trimester. ❤️ We got to hear our baby’s heartbeat again today & honestly, I can sit and listen to it all day. 😭 More than just music to my ears. Its our baby!💕 #babyagudelo #sminandstinforever
Retiro de Familias Pastorales 🤗😍 #babyagudelo 2 meses #babygutierrez 3 meses #babyvalencia 4meses #preciosospks #234
#repost @sminagudelo・・・ We got to see babygirl live and in action today😍 She’s already looking like her daddy! And soooo CHUNKY! She yawned, stretched, and smiled for us today. We are so filled with joy watching her move and seeing her face. Thankful for technology and  @alittleinsight_3d4d for capturing these moments. We are so in awe and captivated by our little one. Two more months!!! #babyagudelo #alittleinsight3d4d ❤️❤️❤️ . . #2d #3d #4d #5d #hdlive #ultrasound #3dultrasound #4dultrasound #mom #mommy #dad #daddy #baby #babies #maternity #babybump #pregnant #pregnancy #preggo #boy #girl #newborn #family #happy #love #life #smile
This past weekend me and my beautiful, pregnant wife took a mini staycation in San Francisco! We stayed in a super nice air bnb less than 5 mins away from Ocean Beach, ate at some of our favorite spots all over the city & even tried new ones, & we even tried out Urban Putt for the first time. ⛳️ With this most likely being our last vacation with just the two of us, I can’t help but be even more excited to add another one to these trips.👶🏽💕 Being married to you has been the best, & to think that in about 2 weeks our lives will be filled with so much more joy? I cant wait! #babyagudelo #sminandstinforever
In the very small, unreadable text at the bottom of the ultrasound reads “It’s a girl!” 💞 Me & your mommy can’t wait to meet you babygirl😭 #babyagudelo 👶🏽
Parents.💕 The anticipation is real! Less than 2 months now😩 We cant wait to meet you babygirl! #babyagudelo #sminandstinforever
A couple weeks ago we took a much needed weekend trip to Monterey! We wanted to try something new, so on our way there we stopped by a CVS & picked up a pack of disposable film cameras. (: As many pictures as we took, these were the ones that came out the best. 😅 Looking at these pictures & just thinking of this trip in general made me so much more excited to finally start a family with you @sminagudelo 💙 As much fun as we had walking up and down Cannery Row, spending the day at the Aquarium, & eating tons of good food, I know it wont be easier, but to think we’ll be able to do this with our own kids one day makes me beyond happy & so excited. We’re going to be adding one more little person to these pictures very soon. 😭 A little over 2 more months until babygirl arrives!💓👶🏽 #sminandstinforever #babyagudelo
I cant even put into words how thankful I am for today. The amount of love that was shown not just to me and my wife, but to our babygirl, it was overwhelming in the best way possible. God has truly blessed me with such a great family & community that I know our baby will be in great hands, will be loved, & will be well taken care of no matter where she is. Today I just felt God reminding me that we have nothing to worry about honey @sminagudelo 💕 That not only do we have such great support from family and friends, but we have the greatest support there is. #babyagudelo is so loved & my anticipation to meet her is only growing day by day! 💕😭 #sminandstinforever 📸: @alanahslinker
Two of the strongest women I know. 💞I love you mom @mavls! & I love you my wife & soon-to-be mommy @sminagudelo! You two hold such big places in my heart that nothing and no one else can fill. 💙 Happy Mother’s Day! #babyagudelo
Sweet joy. Hoseah James Agudelo. She has arrived. #hoseahjames #babyagudelo #alanahashphoto
We’ve been so busy & tired lately but I just felt the need to let you guys know how much I appreciate this woman. Pregnancy hasnt been the easiest for her & both of our patience have been tested through these past couple months. But my wife still chooses to smile through it, she still has patience for me when I have no idea what to bring her to eat, not knowing if it’ll make her sick or not, & on top of that, she still shows me how much she loves me in so many different ways no matter how she’s feeling. You, @sminagudelo , continue to show me how strong & selfless you are. You continue to worship in the highest & lowest of times. You still never fail to make me laugh. & not to mention you’re doing all of this while growing another life, another person, OUR baby inside you?! You truly amaze me. I love you honey! This will all be worth it!👶🏽 (P.S. we find out the gender this week..🤭🤫) #sminandstinforever #babyagudelo