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Apprends à connaître l’enfer et les échecs, avant de vouloir le bonheur et la réussite.  La vie ne sera jamais un long chemin facile, et il faudra souvent renaître de ses cendres pour espéré et voir grandir ses projets. La pire chose qui peut vous arrivez, c’est pas de chuter, mais de plus jamais vous relevé.  N’oubliez pas que vous êtes votre plus grande source de motivation. Chaque jour est une nouvelle chance de créer, d’apprendre, et de devenir chaque fois meilleur, peu importe la situation et les événements qui traverseront votre vie.  Avant de vous concentrer sur tout ce qu’il y a autour de vous, concentrez vous sur vous-même, c’est la clé de la réussite! STAY STRONG 🙏 @arcoaching_fr  @fitone_saarbruecken  @fitone_germany  #fitness #coaching #arcoaching #nutrition #training #motivation #transformation #body #workout #musculation #fit #photography #video #diet #personaltrainer #france #bodybuilding #sarrebruck
Transformation Tuesday 🤔 ◾️ 2 weeks and only 2.8lb down 👎🏽👎🏽 ◾️ That’s not the real truth they were my exact weights on the days I took the pictures just so happens that the start pic were one of my lowest weigh-ins & week 2 pics happened to be one of my heaviest weigh-ins 😂 ◾️ Looking at a weekly average I am actual 5lb down (195.4-190.4) that’s why we work with averages!! ◾️ So far things are going extremely well. ◾️ 7 weeks until my fitness shoot with @jason.barton.88 and pretty much I want to be ready early. ◾️ I am aiming for that 180lb Point which should be pretty lean but not shredded. So I am looking at around 1.5lb per week for the next 6weeks which isn’t unrealistic at my current point. ◾️ I’m currently really enjoying this process. ◾️ You can follow my progress on YouTube link is in my bio 👊🏽
« La concentration et la détermination, les deux facteurs les plus importants que tu dois avoir quand tu as un objectif.  Si tu veux être un lion, commence par penser, agir et te comporter comme un lion » @arcoaching_fr @fitone_saarbruecken  @fitone_germany  #fitness #coaching #arcoaching #nutrition #training #motivation #transformation #body #workout #musculation #fit #photography #video #diet #personaltrainer #france #bodybuilding #sarrebruck
#transformationtuesday last years contest prep. ◾️ About 20lb difference in bodyweight and 20weeks of dieting. ◾️ Pretty sure the image on the right was after a few depletion days so looking shredded but flat! ◾️ After seeing the standard of the BNBF finals middleweight class DAMN! I’ve got some work to do I swear in the few years that I’ve been following natural bodybuilding the standard has just blown 🤯 up. ——————————————— 🔺Online Coaching packages 🔺Training programs 🔺Flexible dieting set up & support 🔺 1-2-1 PT sessions  ALL AVAILABLE  Contact via direct message or 📧 andrewrodgerscoaching@gmail.com #arcoaching ——————————————
Hump day 🍑 yeah!? ◾️ Well my SLDL appears to be getting stupid strong maybe it was these steel plates which are clearly just more anabolic. ◾️ 200kg x7  180kg x8/8 ◾️ Seeing the progression on these makes me feel very comfortable with dropping out my conventional deadlift. ——————————————— 🔺Online Coaching packages 🔺Training programs 🔺Flexible dieting set up & support 🔺 1-2-1 PT sessions  ALL AVAILABLE  Contact via Direct message or 📧 andrewrodgerscoaching@gmail.com #arcoaching ——————————————
« Avoir de grands projets et des objectifs ne veux pas dire que tu veux devenir supérieur, car aucun humain sur cette terre et supérieur à un autre!  Certains pensent que la richesse ou la puissance et une forme de réussite, mais la vrai valeur d’un homme ne se mesure pas à des choses superficielles.  Le savoir et l’échange sont deux choses très importantes qui t’aiderons à grandir, et à faire grandir les personnes autour de toi. Si tu veux faire de grandes choses, entoure toi de personnes qui ont les mêmes valeurs, et la même volonté que toi! Tout est une question de choix. »  Ma motivation et ma détermination continue de grandir après toutes ces années, car je continue d’avoir la foi en moi et dans mon travail, quoi qu’il arrive!  NEVER GIVE UP 🙏  #bodybuilding #fit #fitness #2020 #clothing #video #business #competition #aesthetic #photography #diet #fitonesaarbrücken #fitone #arcoaching #nextlevel #travel
What better way to get back into the video editing game than a real representation of a real social media influencer.  This is some old footage I thought I’d play around with a see if We could get this YOKED UNITS personality accoss... What do you think?  FEATURED; Adam Rochester #arcoaching  Australia  Dad🙋🏻‍♂️ ❤️C.H ONLINE COACH PERSONAL TRAINER  #dohertysgym BRUNSWICK  #teamrochi  #masterrochi
Another upper session in the books 📖 💪🏽 last week I was asked “how did I build up to squat 3 plates per side?” That’s a 140kg. ◾️ Simple I earn my right like I do with every lift. ◾️ I’m not gifted I’ve just put the work in over the years damn I know people who have put in less years and they have better lifts than me. ◾️ So how did I squat 140kg for the first time? ◾️ I sure didn’t just jump from 120kg x4-6 to an ugly 140kg for a single like you see many people  attempt to do. ◾️ I can’t remember my exact sets and reps but I can make a very educated guess. ◾️ In my earlier years I performed a lot of training with 3x5s so when you reach 5 reps on all 3sets you add load (2.5kg) and repeat the process until you achieve 5 reps on the sets (I didn’t know at the time but this is what we call linear progression) ◾️ Even now a lot of my compound movements are in the 4-6reps (progression is a bit slower now so I need a bigger rep target) ◾️ So I bet before I squatted 140kg I’d all ready squated 137.5kg for 5/5/5 and before that 135kg for 5/5/5 and before that .... you’ve guessed it 132.5kg x5/5/5 ◾️ It probably didn’t go so smoothly that I added load every week I’m sure I had my weeks where I would of got 4/3/3 then 5/4/3 then 5/5/4 before I finally got 5/5/5 (or deloaded) ◾️ I earned my right to move to the next load. ◾️ So here I am on the bench earning my right to press more. Last week 120kg x4/4/4/4 This week 120kg x5/5/5/5 Next weeks aim will be 120kg x6/6/6/6 if that’s done then load will go upto 122.5kg and reps back down to 4s ◾️ Seal row on the other hand there was no load progression or rep progression on last week but execution was much better I’m now ready to progress this lift 💪🏽 ——————————————— 🔺Online Coaching packages 🔺Training programs 🔺Flexible dieting set up & support 🔺 1-2-1 PT sessions  ALL AVAILABLE  Contact via Direct
SUPER SETTING EXERCISES ◾️ So there’s several ways people will super set movements together. You will typically see a compound movement & isolation movement super setted together such as a chest press & chest fly. 🔸 I’m not a big fan of this approach as when it comes to tracking progress you can only really track the first working set on the chest press as every thing else will be effected by fatigue. ◾️ How I like to super set moves is two opposite movements/ muscle groups such as upper push & pull, biceps & triceps or quads & hamstrings. 🔸 By putting to opposing movements together they don’t interfere with performance (I actually find they make both movements feel better) ◾️ Today super set was OHP 55kg x8/8/8 & seal row 85kg x8/8/8. 🔸 OHP 8 reps Short rest (~1min) Seal row 8 reps Longer rest (~2min) Repeat for desired number of sets. ◾️ It’s a great way to get through some extra work slightly quicker which is massively helpful on my hypertrophy days as there’s typically a few more movements on these days 🔸 Let me know if you use this method in your training or something you are going to try in order to save some time 💪🏽
#repost @andrew_rodgers_coaching ・・・ Online coaching prices and packages. ◾️ I provide 3 levels of coaching to fit your goals: Gold 🥇 Silver 🥈 Bronze 🥉 🔸 All packages come with access to my private Facebook group. ◾️ Bronze & silver have a £45 start up fee so I can create you a customised training plan tailored to your goals, training ability & schedule. This way I know you have started off on the right foot. Gold package this is included FREE. 🔸 Gold 🥇 is all in full online coaching with weekly check-ins & feedback to ensure you are on track and make any changes that are needed. You’ve also got 24/7 contact with me via WhatsApp. This is the best option for people that have immediate goals coming up with-in the next 3-6 months wether it’s getting in shape for the beach, physique competition or powerlifting meets. ◾️ Silver 🥈 this is for those people who have a good understanding of what they are doing and are consistent with their training & nutrition. You have full support from the private Facebook group and One 1-2-1 check-in per month is enough to keep you on track and heading in the right direction. This is great for people who are in an offseason or just have a general goal with no set deadline. 🔸 Bronze 🥉 even more relaxed than silver I set you up to start then you are in control to make adjustments from the advice provided within the private group. Group check-ins enable me to keep the advice in the group relevant and if all goes wrong it’s just £45 for me to step in and put you on the right track. ◾️ If you are interested in online coaching please head to the link in my bio. 🔸 Any questions feel free to comment.
Heute findet wieder unser CeU AR-Coaching mit unserer wunderbaren Beirätin Dr. Cristina Barth Frazzetta statt! Alle sind unglaublich begeistert und haben viel Freude🍀👏👍#clubeuropäischerunternehmerinnen #unternehmerinnennetzwerk #arcoaching
The big YOKED BEAST borrowing a #bandana to lift some ridiculously Heavey weight!  Watch laugh and learn the power of the #bandana  Can you guess the weight?? FEATURED; Adam Rochester #arcoaching  Australia  Dad🙋🏻‍♂️ ❤️C.H ONLINE COACH PERSONAL TRAINER  #dohertysgym BRUNSWICK  #teamrochi  #masterrochi
Stepping on the biggest stage yet ICN World Titles.🤩 The Stage The Tan The Backstage Fun The Pump On THE MUSIC! THE FUARKN POSEDOWN! . . . . . . . My last show for a while..ill be back But! Its Gonna be a.. FUARKN PEANUTBUTTERCATCHYAL8R KOALAFREAK SHOWDOWN!!! 🇦🇺🐨🎶🔥🔥🔥🥳 #koalafreak #fbfriday #vonmogercrew #arcoaching #staunchnation #flexvonmorgainz #caramelokoalafreak #naturalathlete #naturalaesthetics #aesthetickoala #shredz #icn #icnvictoria #icnworlds #teamaustralia #mensphysique #gym #lifestyle #8thshow #lastshow #illbeback #peanutbuttercatchyal8r
God has been kind to me. When I started running and my first marathon was in Feb 2019, I use to weigh 87kgs, pb 2:04 and pace was 6.25min/km, I was a happy runner even then. However time changed and with right training, practice, AR runners, AR coaches n their support, yoga practice, meditation and kickboxing (lot of mistakes and injuries) , I have been able to improve every day, been able to beat my yesterday. Today I am 70kgs, pb 1:43 and pace 4:50min/km. Even now I'm the same #happyrunner. All of us have our own journeys and we need to enjoy it rather than dreaming n chasing the destination so much that we forget to enjoy this beautiful part of our lives. So don't rush and live the present because next year there will be new and better airtel half marathon 2020.  #adidasrunners #garminindia #beatyesterday #adidasrunnersdelhi #instarunners #worldrunners #adidas #ultraboost #adhm2019 #marathontraining #athlete #togetherstronger #trainwithadidas #runwithadidas #runnersofindia #osakamarathon2019 #wearear #gobeyond #india #fitindia #yogapractice #yoga #arcoaching  @Adidas @garminindia @runnersofindia @adidasrunners @instarunners @runnersworldmag @Instagram @garmin @@adidasrunnersdelhi @mumbairunners @nrc @runadhm
KOALAFREAK . . . . . Goal Smash my Physique.🐨🏆👊🏼 Pose on stage to pumpn music and enjoy every minute!🐨👟🎶🥳 Bonus!..Placed in Mens Physique! Novice Class 2 Intermediate Over 70kg Open Class 3 🥇🥈🥈🥈 Thankyou to my coaches! 💪🏽@adamroch18 @lacinnamonfit 👟@vicstar_11posingcoach  Family! Friends! InstaFriends!🐨♥️ #koalafreak #arcoaching #teamroch #koalacaramelo #shredz #vonmogercrew #staunchnation #naturalathlete #naturalaesthetics #gym #lifestyle #complife #icn #icnvictoria #icnvicsmuscleshow #seasonb #mensphysique #goals #hardwork #proudneversatisfied #peanutbuttercatchyal8r
ICN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS WEEKEND🏆🇦🇺 . . MY GOAL-WON MY PHYSIQUE-WON COMP FUN-WON FUARKN POSEDOWN-KOALAFREAKED🐨⚡️ BONUS-Placed 🏅5th in Mens Physique 72kg+&Novice! . . Thankyou to my TEAM! @ar_coaching_  @adamroch18  @lacinnamonfit  BEST COACHES!💪🏽♥️🙏🏼 . . Posing Queen! Coach👑💖🙏🏼 @vicstar_11posingcoach . . Family&Friends for their support during Prep and Show weekend! 💪🏽♥️🙏🏼 . . Two Days Two Placings Two Shorts Two Massive Shows ONE KOALAFREAK🐨⚡️♥️ #koalafreak #vonmogercrew #arcoaching #teamroach #staunchnation #tighter #crispier #flexvonmorgainz #caramelokoalafreak #naturalathlete #naturalaesthetics #aesthetickoala #shredz #icn #icnvictoria #icnworlds #teamaustralia #mensphysique #2019 #gym #lifestyle #illbeback #peanutbuttercatchyal8r
Так необычно...моя книга продаётся вместе с книгами Ошо...спасает только чувство юмора))) http://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/136362264/ #арт #Арткоучинг #Инна_Гуляева #Ошо #творчество #книга #бестселлер  #art #arcoaching #inna_gulyaeva #osho #book #bestseller
Been loving this little gym .. no distractions zz been able to really put my head down and focus : Big fan ..
🌈💫🎯📍#арткоучинг #artcoaching #psychology #lanashul  Art Coaching.  It uses the same operating principles as in the classic coaching with the added models of the art therapy method. This creative method offers an efficient, relaxed approach through which to connect to your inner leader and use your full potential to achieve increasingly high personal and professional goals. Essentially, art coaching uses the same operating principles as in the classic coaching with the added models of the art therapy method.  Where we can be useful: -  In Goal setting and achieving them faster. -  To build your team, businees. -  You need a clear vision, life purpose, true priorities. - When you want to build a workable strategy and an action plan. - You have a higher purpose that goes beyond your comfort zone. - You have a challenge that is difficult to handle. - You would like to take a new direction and you need an action plan.  ________RU⬇️ 🎯🧲🌈 Арт Коучинг.  Он использует те же принципы работы, что и в классическом коучинге с использыванием метода арт-терапии. Этот творческий метод предлагает эффективный, непринужденный подход, с помощью которого можно подключиться к своему внутреннему понетциалу и использовать весь свой потенциал для достижения все более высоких личных и профессиональных целей.  Где мы можем быть полезны: - В постановке целей и достижении их быстрее. - Чтобы построить свою команду, бизнес. - Вам нужно четкое видение, жизненная цель, истинные приоритеты. - Когда вы хотите
T A K E S  T I M E  F O R  E V E R T H I N G  #arcoaching  #masterrochi