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I’m sure I don’t need to tell you. Air travel is a dirty experience.🦠 . Higher stress, germs everywhere, jet engine fuel emissions, insecticides being sprayed, poor air and water quality, substandard food, and an increase in radiation exposure – talk about immune insults!😷🤧 . But now is the perfect time to be proactive and strengthen our defenses before holiday travels!💪🏼 . How? . 1️⃣Eat more antioxidant-rich foods and spices, and . 2️⃣Incorporate other immune-boosters at least a month before travel. . Antioxidants are important because they play a protective role by modulating our susceptibility or resistance to infectious pathogens like bacteria, viruses and parasites.🙌🏻 . The antioxidant capacity of different foods and supplements are measured and expressed using the ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). . The ones in my post image 👆🏻are some of the highest scoring foods and supplements; astaxanthin being the highest. . Keep in mind however that these are based on 100 grams (~3.5 ounces). For example, ground cloves are also high up there but you wouldn’t necessarily consume 100g in one serving.💁‍♀️ . The idea is to get in as many antioxidant-rich foods as possible. . 👉🏻Checkout superfoodly.com/orac-values for more options. . The next step is to optimize immune function. Make sure vitamin D, vitamin A and zinc are well supported. . And since magnesium insufficiency is epidemic, make sure you are also optimizing magnesium which will help improve vitamin D levels.👊🏻 . 📍The optimal range for vitamin D is widely debated and depends on each individual circumstance, but in general 50 to 70 ng/mL is a good range to aim for. . Finally, medicinal mushrooms are known for their immune-modulating and anti-tumour properties thanks to the polysaccharide fraction called beta-glucans which help activate our white blood cells.💥 . Let me know if you want a Part 2 on ways to boost immunity the day of
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Starting off the day with this delicious, nutritious and refreshing juice 😋 🎥Link in bio for recipe. • • • #juiceoclock #juicing #purplekale #beetroot #antioxidant #nutrients #vitamins #minerals #healthiswealth #plantbasedlifestyle #tropical #backyard #sugarcane #islandvibeztv #jamaican #mobay
🥦Are you getting the most out of your broccoli? . . 🎀 My last post on #breasthealth talked about the importance of cruciferous vegetables in helping us #detoxify and #estrogenmetabolism, so let’s talk about how to maximise the nutritional benefit of your 🥦 COOKED cruciferous veggies. . . 🤓Sulforaphane is one of the reasons why we are told to eat more cruciferous vegetables 👉 it’s a compound that activates Nrf2 pathways which regulates a variety of antioxidant, detoxification cell survival genes, and cancerous cell growth etc. . . 😰Here’s the kicker - cruciferous veggies DON’T contain sulforaphane. . . 🥦Sulforaphane is FORMED  when you chew that broccoli. . . 🤓 Stay with me here, it’ll be worth your while I promise: . . 1️⃣ Cruciferous veggies contain a compound called glucoraphinin. . . 2️⃣ Glucoraphanin is transformed into sulphoraphane in the presence of an enzyme called myrosinase . . . 3️⃣ myrosinase is only released from the plant when it is cut, chewed, bruised, ‘damaged’ . . 4️⃣myrosinase is heat sensitive and so cooking destroys much of it. . . 💡 Solution? . . 1️⃣add back some myrosinase to your cooked cruciferous either with mustard powder or another raw cruciferous like broccoli spouts . . 2️⃣chop up the broccoli, WAIT 10 minutes before you cook it so that the myrosinase released from cutting has a chance to work to transform glucoraphanin👉 sulforaphane which Is HEAT RESISTANT. . . . . #foodismedicine #antioxidant #lifestylemedicine #anticancer #fightcancer #nutrigenomics #sulforaphane #cruciferous #detoxification #liverdetox #detoxfood #eattofight #itstartswithfood #wholefoodplantbased #detoxfoods #eatmoreplants #nutritiontip #anticancerfood #anticancerfood #anticancerdiet #antiinflammatory #antiinflammatoryfood
Macka B's Medical Monday 'Coriander/Cilantro' (REFIX/THROWBACK)  Lyrics: What's this some of you a wonder Well this is called Coriander Some know it as Cilantro Oh, now you know let's go The seeds and leaves have got properties Your body’s calling give me some please Vitamin A’s and K's and C’s Potassium minerals like Manganese Underestimating things like these More than flavouring for recipes Big up nature and her expertise Abilities to fight against disease There’s research also some studies Saying It could be helpful with diabetes Relieve gas stomach a ease Antioxidant Anti-inflammatories Removal of certain toxicities Antibacterial properties Antibiotic it’s got all of these Used for thousands of years in some countries Some people don’t like it, it is what it is But think medicine when you make your choices You know that it’s very low inna calories Have to start tackling the obesities More than a flavouring more than a garnish More than decoration for your dish You throw it away that’s a big dis Research and learn about this A Medical Monday Yes Iyah  Disclaimer: The information contained in these topics is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, it is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider before starting any new treatment or discontinuing an existing treatment.  #medicalmonday #coriander #cilantro #corianderseeds #corianderleaves #vegan #mackab #rasta #yesiyah #healthiswealth #italisvital #antioxidant #antiinflammatories #antibacterial #antibiotic #lowincalories #vitamina #vitamink #vitaminc #potassium #manganese
Enjoy the dual benefit of our new and improved Collagen and Aloe Vera face mists. It has antioxidants and SPF50 so you can use it to set your make up for the day or to stay fresh all day! Check them out in Watsons before the year ends.⁣ ⁣ Can't wait for the release? Join our #freshfreebiefriday to get your hands first on both Collagen and Aloe Vera face mists! Just follow the mechanics below.⁣ ⁣ Mechanics⁣ 1. Share this post and tell us how excited you are for the new face mists.⁣ 2. Tag or mention as many friends as you can.⁣ 3. Use the official hashtags #freshphilippines #freshfreebiefriday #watsonsph #collagenandaloeverafacemist in your post.⁣ 4. Don't forget to tag us and @watsonsph.⁣ 5. Comment below when you're done doing steps 1 to 4.⁣ ⁣ 10 Lucky Winners will get a chance to have both Collagen and Aloe Vera face mists! Announcing of winners will be on December 13, 2019.⁣ ⁣ #freshphilippines #freshskinlabph #watsonsph #skincare #skincareroutine #facemist #collagen #aloevera #flowerextract #antioxidant #hyaluronicacid #lemonbalm #sunprotect #beauty #skinhealth #makeup #beconfidentbefresh
#cfirmasunday everyone!! 🌟 I can't tell you enough about this serum as this has become my one product that gives me super radiant skin and Undefying glow!! ✨ C- firma day serum from @drunkelephant is a revolutionary serum that is jam-packed with a potent antioxidant complex of 15 percent l-ascorbic acid, one-half percent ferulic acid, and one percent vitamin E, and other formula-supportive enzymes that help neutralize pollution, environmental stressors, and the damaging effects of free radicals over time.  I use it in daytime with my SPF and by the end of the day I see a super glowing skin. Vitamin C aka L-ascorbic acid is known to take care of uneven texture, dullness and brightens and lightens skin. I have seen it happening to my skin with this one serum! ✨🐘 . . . . .  My skin gets smoother and softer instantly after one application and I love how it feels! 💕 Have you tried this yet? . . . . . . . . . . . . .  #skincaresunday #sundaybliss☀️ #skinstagram #skinscience #skinfluencer #skincareblogger #skincareenthusiast #bblogger #beautypostdaily #skincare #skincareroutine #skincarecollection #drunkelephantskincare #cfirmadayserum #vitaminc #antioxidant #discoverunder2k #undiscovered_muas #selfcarepage #selfcareaccount #beautyinfluencer #garyveechallenge #glowingskin #getthatglowwithme
‼️GIVEAWAY‼️ . @justthrivehealth Probiotic & Antioxidant IMO is hands down the best probiotic for digestion, immune, and skin health. It is the first 100% spore-forming probiotic that arrives alive in the intestines naturally. It’s what I recommend EVERYONE takes. If you’re visiting, you can count on me giving you one 😂 AND we always recommend it to @clearstemskincare clients to help support clear skin. . ⭐️ GRAND PRIZE WINNER: gets a full size of each of our products: Just Thrive Probiotic, Prebiotic, Vitamin K2-7 and IgG ⭐️ 2 RUNNER UPS: get a 14 day probiotic starter pack. . TO ENTER: 1️⃣ Like this pic + the top 2 pics on my feed 2️⃣ Be following @kayleigh.christina & @justthrivehealth  3️⃣ Tag 2 friends below *extra points if you reshare this pic on your stories . Winner will be announced on both our stories in the coming days, so be on the lookout! Good luck 😊
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! Vitamin A & C are the two most important ingredients to the skin! . . 🔬 Vitamin C not only acts like a buddy to your sunscreen and neutralizes free radical damage (which is everywhere). We also cannot make or store collagen without Vitamin C! . . 🔬 Skin is a retinoid-responsive organ, able to readily absorb Vitamin A when applied topically. Topical retinoids stimulate collagen production, making them effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They can also help to even out skin tone by fading age spots. They also have anti inflammatory properties and studies show help protect you from sun damage. . . 🔬 Vitamin A and Vitamin C are the only two ingredients that can topically be applied to the skin, migrate into the lower levels of the skin and actually enter into the cell fibroblast! . . 🔬A fibroblast is a type of cell that synthesizes the extracellular matrix and collagen, the structural framework, and plays a critical role in wound healing. . . 🔬The dermis is the middle layer of skin. It contains specialized cells called fibroblasts. These cells manufacture collagen, elastin, heparan sulfate and hyaluronic acid which play key roles in the health and appearance of your skin. As your skin ages, the number of operating fibroblast cells begins to decline and the remaining fibroblasts get lazy and slow down production of collagen, hyaluronic acid and heparan sulfate.  This leads to skin thinning, fragility, fine lines, wrinkles, easy bruising and sagging of skin.  Most topically applied products do not penetrate down into this layer. . . 🔬Vitamin A is so important it actually has its own escort into the nucleus and can change the DNA! . . 🔬There are many different types of collagen, but collagen Type 1 and 3 are the ones that play the most important roles in the dermis providing the skin with strength and structure. Collagen is made by fibroblast cells in a process that is
Three ingredients, two glasses - one magical experience!❇️💙💜❇️ ⁠ .⁠ 📹 & 🎇 & 💖 from the super talented, Jose, at @naturally.jo ⁠ .⁠ Did you ever wonder why Butterfly Pea Tea changes color when you add lemon or lime? The Butterfly Pea flower, where the tea comes from, is sensitive to water Ph levels. Add a little acid, and it changes color from blue to purple or pink 🤓 ⁠ .⁠ Call it magic or science- it's soo much fun to watch! Have a super fun weekend, friends!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #superfoods#veganfoodporn#blue#indigopowder#rainbowfoods#superfoods#butterflypea#rawnice#smoothiebowls#antioxidant #feedfeed #smoothie_planet #eatyourcolours #refinedsugarfree #veganeatshealthyish #fuelyourbody #todayfood#flatlaytoday#foodgawker#healthylifestyle#vegansofig#heresmyfood#thenewhealthy#eattherainbow#anticancer #foods4thought #healthyfoodshare#droolclub
Bismillah . Infused Water NANAS 🍍🍍🍍🍍 .  Manfaat infused water ini sangat banyak. Diminum selagi perut kosong yaaa.  1. Mampu menyembuhkan penyakit kanker  2. Menyembuhkan sakit radang  3. Membantu  membuang racun tubuh  4. Membunuh parasit dlm usus dan liver  5. Menguatkan liver  6. Membantu pencernaan  7. Membersihkan darah  8. Menyeimbangkan elektrolit tubuh  9. Menyehatkan mata  10. Menguatkan gusi  11. Mengempur penyumbatan jantung  12. Memerangi obesitas  13. Membantu masalah konstipasi/sembelit. . Bahan cukup gampang hanya buah nanas kupas dan cuci dg sedikit air garam. Mak pake garam himsalt, biar rasa manis buahnya keluar. Kebiasaan ibu rahimatullah yg dlu mengajarkan klo makan nanas cuci dg air garam. Ternyata sy baca di salah satu artikel, cara tsb benar bisa membuat nanas makin manis. . Potong nanas hingga mengisi 1/3 dari jar/wadah kita. Rendam dg air biasa kurang lebih 400-600 ml.  Diamkan 6-12 jam (mak masukan dlm kulkas), diminum pagi menemani olahraga berenang. Hmmm segarnya..... 😋😋 .  #backtonature back to #produkallah. Makanan sehatmu aset untuk tubuhmu. Sehat itu mudah dan murah. ❤️❤️ .  Sumber resep @buan_buana . #hidupsehatmenebarmanfaat #buanbuana #hidupsehatalarasulullah #jurussehatrakyat #sehatalami #testimonijsr #therapyenzim  #instagram #menusehat #menujsr #healthydrink #enzimjsr #myhealthy19 #mymenujsr #detox #detoxjsr #detoxsolo #infusedwater #airnano #infusedwatersolo #nanas #herbalmedecin #antioxidant #resepjsr #7dayschallengejsr #7dayschallengejsr2
The Health Advantages of #gingerwater Balances the #cholesterol levels Ginger water is a highly effective #naturalremedy for people having problems with high levels of bad cholesterol in the body. ✨ Lowers the #bloodpressure This drink is recommendable if you want to balance your blood pressure and prevent the creation of arterial #bloodclots. ✨ Averts and treats cancer The #antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics of ginger make it a potent #naturalcure for the #prevention and #treatment of #cancer by its capacity to assist the body in destroying #freeradicals. ✨ Alleviates joint ache The anti-inflammatory characteristics of ginger can aid one to lower the #inflammation and ache in the joints, which is usually associated with conditions like #arthritis. ✨ Betters the digestive processes Ginger is known to enhance the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients and it will also alleviate abdominal pain associated with stomach inflammation. Ginger water is also good for the treatment of #constipation, intestinal gas, and poor #digestion. ✨ Makes the immunity stronger When regularly consumed, ginger will help you boost your #immunity and thus, you will lower the chance of #flu, #colds, and chronic #illnesses. It may be used to fight off bacterial #infections and to decrease the chance of strokes too. ⤵️ Recipe for Ginger Water You will need: Several slices of ginger root Half a liter of water A tsp of lemon juice . Preparation: First, boil the water and then add the ginger. Leave the content to simmer for 15 minutes before removing it from the heat. Leave it to cool down and then strain it into a cup and add the lemon juice. Use: Opt for a cup of ginger water prior to breakfast and prior to dinner. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ ♻️Follow @smoothieweightloss.recipes for more nutrition information♻️ ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️ Credit @plantifulfacts
_ Buy 💕 @thedivinefoods products on "Amazon.com" link is in our bio 👆 _ The Divine Foods Golden Milk Mix helps you detoxify and rejuvenate. Grab a cup of Golden Milk, flush down your negative energy and fill your day with enthusiasm. Stay Healthy and Happy. _ #thedivinefoods #turmericmilk #turmericlatte #turmeric #turmericbenefits #turmericproducts #turmericpowder #turmericfacts #turmericfarm #curcumin #pepper  #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #healthyindia #healthyrecipes #healthyindianfood #foodandagriculture  #goldenmix #goldenmilk #goldenspice #antioxidant #antiinflammatory #antiinflammatoryfood #chennaifood #bangalorefood #mumbaifood #delhifood #spice
Chilli Mango Ginger Margarita (Low Alcohol Sip) . Recipe: 30mls @bruxomezcal no2 30mls freshly squeezed lemon juice  50 grams frozen mango  120mls ginger & lemon tea from @aldiaustralia  I mixed all the ingredients together along with some ice in @thermomixaus for 1 minute on speed 9. Rim your favourite cocktail glass with Homemade chilli and pink Murray river salt. . Nutritional information: . ⏺Mezcal 30mls 69 calories 0 carbs ⏺Lemon juice 30mls 8 calories 2.6 grams carbohydrate ⏺ Frozen Mango 50 grams 33 Calories 7.5 grams carbohydrates . ⏺ Ginger & Lemon tea 0 calories 0 carbohydrates  TOTAL: 109 Calories 10.1 grams carbohydrates . . Recipe and photography ©️ @the_margarita_mum . . . #margarita #margaritas #cocktail #cocktails  #lowcarb #lowcalorie #tea #mezcal  #homemade #mango #mixology #thirsty #slurp #cocktailporn #drinkoftheday #tequila  #cocktailphotography #weightloss #detox #homebar #antioxidant #craftcocktail #drinkstagram  #thefeedfeed #feedfeed #f52gram #imbibe #imbibegram #craftcocktails #margs
😇A mi este ácido me suena casi a un ácido sagrado. ¡Válgame Dios! De la familia de los ácidos hidroxicinámicos ... (tela mondonguera) 🛠¿Sabes de dónde sale? De la aceituna y de la mora. 🔹En las plantas, su función es hacer fuerte a la pared celular frente a los microbichos ➡️ pues lo mismo con las células de nuestra cara linda cuando lo aplicamos. 🔹Es uno de los mejores antioxidantes cosméticos, que combinado con la vitamina C y/o la E lian un escándalo 🎉 magnífico para la piel, a la vez que estabiliza a las otras dos vitaminas, que veces se les va la juerga de las manos... 🥳🤪🔹Destaca su acción protectora frente a la oxidación provocada por la radiación solar. Neutraliza los radicales libres que afectan a la membrana celular 🔹Antienvejecimiento 🔹Elimina y previene manchas solares 🔹Hidrata, reafirma y mejora la elasticidad dérmica🔹Acelera la regeneración y renovación celulares mediante la síntesis de colágeno🔹Potencia el efecto de los filtros solares♦️Peeling médico de Ácido Ferúlico: Inhibe las sobreproducciones pigmentarias y controla la actividad de la tirosinasa, evitando y aclarando las hiperpigmentaciones. Mejora la textura de la piel y se puede realizar en cualquier época del año ya que no es fotosensibilizante ni produce hiperpigmentaciones ⚠️❗️El ácido ferúlico y los antioxidantes tópicos en general, pueden prevenir el daño y la carcinogénesis producidas por la radiación ultravioleta por un mecanismo diferente al de los fotoprotectores ➡️disminuyendo las reacciones inflamatorias, el  eritema, las  quemaduras solares  crónicas,  el fotoenvejecimiento prematuro y preveniendo el cáncer de piel.😊😊🔹¿Donde encontrarlo? En ferulac de @sesderma en endocare-C de @cantabrialabses en CE Ferulic y y Phloretin CF de @skinceuticals_es en el serum de @timelessha.es en el s-ferulic de @cumlaudelab_es y varios productos más. 🔹¡Con Piel! • • • #antioxidant
WHAT SUPPLEMENTS FIGHT INFLAMMATION __ 1️⃣TURMERIC: The active ingredient curcumin is what fights inflammation before it starts. The key is taking it with black pepper to increase absorption __ 2️⃣GINGER: Gingerols are powerful anti-inflammatory compounds found in ginger root - add it to your diet through ginger tea or stir fry recipes! __ 3️⃣MUSHROOMS: Medicinal mushrooms contain powerful anti-inflammatory agents that fight #oxidativestress and boost the immune system __ 4️⃣MATCHA: Super anti-inflammatory thanks to its high antioxidant content. It also helps reduce #cortisol and #stress in the body __ 5️⃣OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: As Americans we consume a high amount of omega-6 fatty acids which are INFLAMMATORY, and our ratio on average is 15:1. That's why increasing  anti-inflammatory omega-3 supplements are important! __ 6️⃣RESERVATROL: Antioxidant found in berries, grapes and red wine reduce inflammation. Also available in supplement form __ 7️⃣VITAMIN D: fights inflammatory proteins in the body, get levels checked periodically to see if your Vitamin D deficient __ 8️⃣MULTIVITAMIN: Because when your body is under chronic inflammation, its need for certain vitamins and minerals increases __ What supplements have you taken to help fight inflammation? I personally add fresh turmeric root to my smoothie daily to fight inflammation! Try my smoothie recipe, link in bio to see if it can help you! __  #antiinflammatory #antiinflammatorydiet #inflammation #inflammatory #aippaleo #autoimmunedisease #autoimmunepaleo #autoimmune #autoimmuneprotocol #aip #autoimmunewarrior #integrativemedicine #functionalmedicine #integrativenutrition #functionalnutrition #antioxidants #antioxidant #antioxidantdrink #oxidativestress #turmeric #curcumin #ginger #medicinalmushrooms #matcha #matchagreentea #ômega3 #vitamind #vitaminddeficiencynomore
ZÖLDSÉGEK IV. rész Nem megyek végig az összes zöldségen, mert kb tavaszig csak erről szólna az instám, de elszórva még biztos meg fogok említeni 1-1 kiskedvencet.🙋🏽‍♀️ Beszéljünk inkább arról, hogy hogyan illeszthető be az étrendbe minden nap a zöldség, mert a probléma általában az szokott lenni, hogy "jólvan Barbi, ez mind szép és jó, csak valahogy nem életszerű, hogy ennyi zöldséget rágcsáljak 0-24ben." De szerencsére nem is arról van szó, hogy reggeltől-estig zellerszárral a kézben kellene rohangálni, görcsösen kergetve egy idealizált egészség-képet, ami nyilván nem (csak) ezen fog múlni.🙄 Hajlamosak vagyunk kivenni a színeket, a kreativitást az étkezéseinkből is, a szürke hétköznapok során.. sokszor azt látom a bekért táplálkozási naplókban, hogy paradicsomot-paprikát eszünk a sonkás kenyérhez, azt' viszontlátásra..🤷🏽‍♀️ Pedig nagyon színes a paletta a zöldségek felhasználását illetően IS, sorolom a lehetőségeket: •Saláta, nyers zöldség •Turmix (elsőre fura lehet, de finom) •Préslé (nem gyümölcsből!!) •Mártogatós (krém+ zöldségcsíkok) •Szószok, krémek (pl vadashoz, tésztákhoz, stb) •Lecsó (kismillió variációban) •Grillezett, sült, főtt, párolt köretek •Buddha tálak •Főzelékek •Krémlevesek, levesek •Fermentált zöldségek (pl savanyú káposzta) •Csírák, mikrozöldek •Zöldségchips (pl cékla, fodroskel) •Sütemény vagy más étel alapanyagaként (pl sütőtökös brownie, karfiolpizza, répafasírt, cukkinivel felturbózott zabkása.. stb) 🔸 Ha valami még kimaradt, írjátok meg nyugodtan, de szerintem innen is látszik, hogy rengeteg a lehetőség! Emésztési problémáktól vagy étkezési irányzatoktól függően lehet eltérés abban, hogy főve vagy nyersen, fűszerezve vagy natúr verzióban, héjastul vagy anélkül esszük-e ezeket, vagy egyáltalán hogy kinél mi javasolt/
Oi gente! Está chegando o verão, época que a pele muitas vezes não tolera tratamentos agressivos ou produtos como principalmente os ácidos . Aí entra uma opção muito boa pra pele, a vitamina C!! Fiz uma lista abaixo com todos seus benefícios, lembrando que pra saber se você pode ou não usar deverá antes procurar seu dermatologista!!! 👉🏻 pode ser usada em todos fototipos de pele, desde peles claras até negras. 👉🏻disponível em várias concentrações diferentes, se adaptando à necessidade de cada pele. @pergunteaodermatologista 👉🏻pode ser encontrada em cremes ou serum, podendo por isso ser usada em peles secas e oleosas . 👉🏻previne e trata o fotoenvelhecimento, principalmente em jovens. 👉🏻clareador de manchas . 👉🏻anti-oxidante . 👉🏻permitido em grávidas e mulheres que estão amamentando. @pergunteaodermatologista 👉🏻tratamento de rugas finas. 👉🏻ótima opção pra quem quer continuar cuidando da pele no verão , pois não causa irritações como os ácidos. 👎como já disse em vídeo, não é recomendada sua manipulação pois é uma substância de difícil estabilização. @pergunteaodermatologista  #pele #pelelinda #pelelindasempre #pelelindanoverao #vitaminac #vitaminacnapele #serumdevitaminac #cremedevitaminac #serum #envelhecimentodapele #fotoenvelhecimento #fotoenvejecimiento #clareamentodepele #clareamentodemanchas #rugasfinas #tratamentodepele #antioxidantes #antioxidant #gestantes #pelenagravidez #pelenagestação #pelenegra #pelejovem #pelenoverão  #pergunteaodermatologista #dermatologistaresponde
Осень , это время, когда хочется употреблять антиоксиданты внутрь, наружно.. и, даже, инъекционно🙈 И если внутрь это, однозначно, красное вино, содержащее Ресвератрол😂🍷 То наружно - это сыворотка с Витамином С 🍊 Сыворотка  VITAMIN C10 от @larocheposay_russia содержит 📌чистый витамин С в концентрации 10% - предотвращает появления признаков старения кожи, стимулирует выработку коллагена, улучшает цвета лица 📌салициловую кислоту - выравнивает поверхность кожи за счет отшелушивающего действия 📌 нейросенсин - успокаивает кожу 🍊 Сыворотка густая, но текстура очень нежная. Впитывается быстро. Из всех сывороток с ВитС, которые у меня были, эта самая «нелипкая» и она абсолютно не перегружает кожу. Спокойно использую её под макияж. 🍊 Имеет Нейтральный Ph и подходит чувствительной коже, за счёт успокаивающих компонентов в составе 🍊 Придаёт коже сияние и здоровый цвет лица, увлажняет 🍊 Я храню её в холодильнике, хоть по инструкции это и не требуется🙄 но я так привыкла😃 🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊🍊 А Вы балуете свою кожу антиоксидантами? Или употребляете их только внутрь?😜 #larocheposayrussia
𝗜𝘀 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗲𝗻 𝘁𝗲𝗮 𝗴𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝘂𝘀? 🍵  Green tea contains compounds that appear to control inflammation and fight bacterial 🦠infection. This drink is also rich in antioxidants, which have many health properties 🥰  𝗖𝗮𝘃𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗽𝗿𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 As green tea controls bacteria 🦠 & lowers the acidity of the ph in the mouth and dental plaque it could be useful in preventing cavities.  𝗚𝘂𝗺 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵 Green tea’s anti-inflammatory powers seem to help control periodontal (gum) disease 👄  𝗟𝗲𝘀𝘀 𝘁𝗼𝗼𝘁𝗵 𝗹𝗼𝘀𝘀 It makes sense that a substance that helps prevent cavities and gum disease will help you keep your teeth 🦷  𝗥𝗲𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗲 𝗰𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲𝗿 𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗸 The antioxidants and other properties of green tea appear to protect against cellular damage and cancerous tumour growth  𝗕𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗲𝗿 𝗯𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗵 Likely because it kills the microbes that make our mouths foul smelling 😷  However is it so important to note that for optimal oral health, you must see your dentist 👩🏽‍⚕️every 6 months, follow a good oral hygiene routine and have a healthy balanced diet overall 💓
Skip that coffee machine in your office and give your day a much needed boost of energy with a cup of Yerba mate 😃 . .  GIVEAWAY CONTEST ALERT  I've been using @matero.yerba.mate for a couple of weeks now. So basically this is a tea from South America and I must say because of its unique way of having the tea with a bombilla(Filtered straw) makes it very cool. It has 3 times the antioxidants of green tea which makes it better and more effective than green tea. The taste is very subtle and it has helped me recover better after a workout.  Terms of the Giveaway!  You must follow @matero.yerba.mate and tag two of your friends in one of their post.  You'll get a 100g packet of Yerba Mate and a bombilla (Filtered straw) worth Rs.1200/- So hurry 😀😀😀 . . Photo credit : @prasoon_sharma_photography  #goodmorning #instafit #followme #instapost #bloggerlife #positivethinking #positivemindset #bloggerstyle #blog #matero #yerbamate #herb #antioxidant #healthylifestyle #instadaily #followme #aartsingh14 #selfobsessed #instalike #goodmorningpost #blogging #bloggerlife
ก่อนนอนคืนนี้มาทรีทเมนท์ด้วยวิตามินซีกันหน่อย Artistry Vit C + HA Treatment มีวิตามินซีบริสุทธิ์ที่ช่วยปกป้องผิวจากริ้วรอย ช่วยให้ผิวอิ่มฟูดูดี ตื่นมาหน้าไม่มีโทรมแน่นอนจ้า credit @meowwariss #vitaminc #hatreatment #antioxidant #artistryvitcha #artistrythailand
THE NEW NEW, COMING SOON! Here’s a sneak peek at our Italian Collection’s newest member: 🇮🇹Siero Antiossidante Antioxidant Serum!  WHY ANTIOXIDANTS?? Antioxidants are crucial to skin health because they protect against free radical damage, which we all experience every day. Things like sun exposure, pollution, and other environmental factors  all create oxidative stress that negatively affects the skin. Over time, this oxidative stress plays a major role in premature signs of aging, such as collagen loss, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone and texture. Introducing antioxidants to your routine helps protect your skin long-term, as well as supporting your skin as it performs its regular self-repair and cell renewal functions.  WHAT’S IN IT?? I’m really proud of this formula! It features potent Mediterranean-inspired ingredients such as resveratrol, grape seed extract, and olive fruit extract, along with other powerhouse antioxidants like green tea and pomegranate. It’s got a little something for everyone--reducing redness, brightening and evening skin tone, maintaining a youthful glow--it’s all there, yet still gentle enough for daily use!  WHEN CAN I HAVE IT?? Soon! It’s launching next month, but you can get your hands on it before then in a special offer I’ll announce within the next couple weeks!  ________________________________________________ #jordansamuelskin #skincare #beauty #skincareproducts #skincareessentials #italy #italiancollection #esthetician #antioxidants #antioxidant #skincarechoreography #skincareobsessed
آماده این که با جدیدترین محصول شون آشنا بشید؟😍😍 . ژل شستشوی صورت آنتی اکسیدان شون حاوی آلوئه ورا و عصاره ی چای سبز که عملکرد ۳ گانه داره و همزمان با شستشوی صورت ، پوست رو آبرسانی و سم زدایی هم میکنه . این ژل به طور ملایم پوست صورت رو از هرگونه آلودگی پاک میکنه و استفاده از عصاره ی آلوئه ورا و چای سبز خواصی چون شاداب سازی و مبارزه با رادیکال های آزاد و جلوگیری از پیری زودرس بهش داده . پاپیون مارکت اولین فروشگاه آنلاین عرضه کننده این ژل شستشوی صورته😉 . حجم ۱۵۰ میل تولید ایران قیمت ۲۷.۵۰۰ تومان . _____________________________________ برای سفارش محصول لطفا به سایت پاپیون مارکت یا به پیج سفارشمون مراجعه کنید . Papillonmarket.com  @papillon.order . . . . . . #papillonmarket #papillon #schon #facewash #antioxidant #aloevera #greentea #پاپیون #پاپیون_مارکت #شون #ژل_شستشوی_صورت #فیس_واش #آلوئه_ورا #چای_سبز #آنتی_اکسیدان
Your richest moisturizing balm, a velvety buttercream for your skin. ⠀⠀ The WINTER GRACE gourmet balm faints to liquid silk upon meeting the warmth of your skin to nourish your complexion in celebration of your beauty. The decadent union of antioxidant and enzyme-rich exotic butters and oils of cupuacu, buriti, murumuru, mafura, kokum, cocoa, ucuuba, green coffee bean, coffee, and hazelnut deliver rich protection and youth-enhancing boost. ⠀⠀ This “skin guardian” antioxidant-defence balm is an ideal way to nurture the skin with desired omega fatty acids, hydration-balancing phytosterols, detoxifying enzymes, and potent antioxidants to combat seasonal dryness, reverse signs of aging, and protect against environmental stressors and damage caused by UV rays. ⠀⠀ xx, Maryna
Ich liebe meine Sonntagslaune🌸💕. Habt einen schönen Sonntag und stärkt euch mit @Esori Vitamine und Antioxidantien🍇ein richtig tolles Multivitaminprodukt🍎🍇🍓🍒es ist ohne Farbstoffe und ohne Zuckerzusatz🍓. Nimmt ihr noch zusätzliche Vitamine zu euch? Freue mich auf euer Feedback 💖Nichts geht über einen entspannten Sonntag 🥰🌺Was habt ihr heute geplant?#werbungwegenmarkennennung #vitamine # @sanuslife_international #beeren #vegan#antioxidant #basisch  #healthyfood #gesund#sundaymood #
Tsujiri Metrotown popup store is opening at Metropolis at Metrotown in December. Stay tuned!  @tsujiri_bc @metropolisatmet #tsujiricanada #tsujiribc #tsujirivancouver #tsujirimetrotown #metropolisatmetrotown #metrotown #yvreats #yvrfoodie #matcha #yuzu #辻利カナダ