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October is the month MET GALA theme is revealed. Here a Lagerfeld devotee expecting a tribute. Place your bets until Andrew Bolton brings us news.  #karllagerfeld #chanel #lilyrosedepp #metgala #metgalaredcarpet #metmuseum #costumeinstitute #andrewbolton #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #hamishbowles #newyorkcity #fashion #firstmondayinmay
Camp: Notes on Fashion....a few of the many photos 🥰🤩😲
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What's the ☕☕☕ Hoes??? Iggy been a Fashion Icon, sitting with legends dosen't make you legendary you actually gotta put in the Work unlike these Payola Naked twerking on Instagram for Clout bitches trying to freestyle everyday so people can think you actually know how to rap when lowkey the whole industry knows that shit is a Wrap and Wiz Khalifa said yo pussy stunk 😭😭🤢 #annawintour #fashionweek #parisfashionweek #annawintourcostumecenter #iggyazalea
• M • MAX MARA SHOW  I decided to call this series of photos “VOGUE in a hurry”, cause “rush” is an integral part of any shows, especially when it comes to Milan Fashion Week! And devote it to the main mastodons of the fashion industry, such as Ann Wintour, Carine Roitfeld @carineroitfeld , Ann Dello Russo @anna_dello_russo,  Халима @halima 🖤All this names are so well integrated into the general symphony of MFW @milanfashionweek #mfw #milanfashionweek #milanfashionweek2019 #bymirrortwin #stylebymirrortwineyes #fashioninbymirrortwin #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #maxmara #maxmarafw19  Эту серию фотографий я решила назвать «Спешащий VOGUE”, ведь спешка-неотъемлемая часть всех показов Миланской недели моды, и так удачно встраивается в общую симфонию фешн-вик! Итак, главным мастодонтам фешн-индустрии посвящается🖤  P.S.: “У меня до сих пор мурашки от встречи со всеми эти “китами» фешн-индустрии!” #Аннаделлоруссо #КаринРойтфельд #Аннавинтур #Халима
• V • VOGUE  I decided to call this series of photos “VOGUE in a hurry”, cause “rush” is an integral part of any shows, especially when it comes to Milan Fashion Week! And devote it to the main mastodons of the fashion industry, such as Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld @carineroitfeld , Ann Dello Russo @anna_dello_russo 🖤All this names are so well integrated into the general symphony of MFW @milanfashionweek #mfw #milanfashionweek #milanfashionweek2019 #bymirrortwin #stylebymirrortwineyes #fashioninbymirrortwin #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #maxmara #maxmarafw19  Эту серию фотографий я решила назвать «Спешащий VOGUE”, ведь спешка-неотъемлемая часть всех показов Миланской недели моды, и так удачно встраивается в общую симфонию фешн-вик! Итак, главным мастодонтам фешн-индустрии посвящается🖤  P.S.: “У меня до сих пор мурашки от встречи со всеми этими «китами» модной индустрии🙌🏻 #ОливияПалермо #КаринРойтфельд #АннаВинтур #МарияФедорова #МашаФёдорова
• V • VOGUE  I decided to call this series of photos “VOGUE in a hurry”, cause “rush” is an integral part of any shows, especially when it comes to Milan Fashion Week! And devote it to the main mastodons of the fashion industry, such as Ann Wintour, Carine Roitfeld @carineroitfeld , Ann Dello Russo @anna_dello_russo 🖤All this names are so well integrated into the general symphony of MFW @milanfashionweek #mfw #milanfashionweek #milanfashionweek2019 #bymirrortwin #stylebymirrortwineyes #fashioninbymirrortwin #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #maxmara #maxmarafw19  Эту серию фотографий я решила назвать «Спешащий VOGUE”, ведь спешка-неотъемлемая часть всех показов Миланской недели моды, и так удачно встраивается в общую симфонию фешн-вик! Итак, главным мастодонтам фешн-индустрии посвящается🖤  P.S.: “У меня до сих пор мурашки от встречи со всеми этими «китами» модной индустрии🙌🏻 #АннаВинтур #аннавинтурвозьмименявсвойvogue
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Blow-Up• A Film by Michelangelo Antonioni Art imitates Life. And so it would be that Michelangelo Antonioni would create a Film mirroring a very much alive-at-the-time photographer, David Bailey. #blowup remains one of the most important films in the arc of Motion Picture History. For starters, its content and visual style are wildly unconventional. For Cinema Aesthetes, the 'Blow-Up' experience is always exhilarating; not exactly chronological, with scene connections most often offering curious interactions laced with riddles. Chasing meaning best describes a majority who seek more from Michelangelo’s work then the few of us enjoying the ride and knowing exactly when to get off,-however, none the wiser. Which is the point. 'Blow-Up' not only reflects the euphony and indeterminacy of that era, it summons forth a character too real to be real, yet was real. Navigating passage through any Antonioni film requires an awakened attention that today may prove futile for those unable to abandon their phones a second longer than a fleas lifespan. Fortunately, for the honeybees remaining to pollinate the planet with interesting conversation there still exists a sweet hive to fly home to: Casa Antonioni Mann-Up PS-in the comment section Another Film Title Worth YOUR TIME-Ciao! #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •A Woman Under The Influence• A Film by John Cassavettes ‘Happy families are all alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.’ Leo Tolstoy. ‘‪A Woman Under the Influence‬’ is the title and plot, with nothing in between. The Breakdown: Gena Rowlands plays Mabel, the ‘Woman.’ The ‘Influence’ is the impact her husband, kids, relatives, neighbors, and friends have on her. Mabel is so unclear about her role in any social environment that she remains ‘under’ THEIR influence. Moreover, the addition of one other Influence, alcohol, seals the lid on the boiling waters trapped in a cracked pot. Mabel’s husband, Nick(Peter Falk), is deeply in love with his crazy wife, managing simultaneously to throw the attention from him to her, and, for good show, he’s just as nuts. #johncassavettes (Director/Writer) Films, in general, are deftly written sketches that come to life under his master direction,-he KNEW how to work with talent, KNEW how to bring out their full potential, KNEW how to frame a moving canvas without upsetting the palette. In this film, you’ll pay witness to a ‘fireworks’ display of emotion, yet NEVER consider it to be far fetched, implausible or over-the-top. Think of it as this, ‘an invitation to a loving home furnished by chaos.’ Cassavettes was a Formative Thinker, transferring observations from viewpoint to point of view, something only a few are capable of today, one being Xavier Dolan(who’s actually up next). "Films today show only a dream world and have lost touch with the way people really are... In this country, people die at 21. They die emotionally at 21, maybe younger... My responsibility as an artist is to help people get past 21... The films are a roadmap through emotional and intellectual terrain that provides a solution on how to save pain." Dear John, I wish you were alive to meet the few contemporary filmmakers that I’m sure would put your mind to rest-
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Glamorama• A Novel by Bret Easton Ellis Case Number: ZeroporeSize {The Blemished Complexion Of Perfection} Bret Easton Ellis. Does the name ring a 🛎? It will by the time I’m finished with this missive,- for whom the bell tolls,-You! `Less Than Zero’ usually applies to `The Rules Of Attraction’ if you’re an `American Pyscho.’ Can you hear the ringtone? Ellis writes about his life as if it were an abstract painting obscuring the normality of lifestyle details for something zippy and catchy,-`bigger than life’ will always improve market share, especially for those who are financially unaware. Brett loves to exaggerate, although sometimes the realness is so scary he’ll claim a superlative degree to deflect the awful truth,- better safe than sorry. `Glamorama’ is, in tiny pore-size, one of the most Glamorous displays of Glamour Decay,-Just ruinous from lineless skin to dainty ankles. The idea being ‘Models’ modeling ideas for the vast unwashed to consider picking up a wash cloth and discovering its use, only on this occasion it’s a rag. And since we have Bret Easton Ellis as Editor In Chief of 'Future Perfect’ magazine, some issues may extoll the virtues of The Beautiful People engaged in the Ugliest Feats. However, there’s always forgiveness to those with symmetrical features that prey on the asymmetrical. Full Disclosure: this Novel has moments of explicitness- both violent and sexual- and if you are of the sensitive variety, this book is not for your pretty eyes, regardless of their color. Conversely, Brett was ahead of his Time, we are living those `Fashion Spread’ moments right at this very tailored Time. Proceed With Caution, using the delicate cycle only. Manè de Chanel [photo of Linda Evangelista/ Moschino campaign] #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Eraserhead• A Film by David Lynch I have a hunch that #davidlynch does not see His work as being big,—out there, maybe—but not big. For decades, numerous Films have depicted the future of our world as a ruinous vacuum filled with debris. #eraserhead is one such entry, yet this version of ‘future shock’ is not so far fetched as one might think. At the time(1977)of the Film’s release commercial wording exclaimed, ‘everything you know about Film is about to change.’ And, at surface level, this was true. However, what laid beneath was a noise within that was too silent for everyone to heed its warning. #davidlynch xeriscapes ‘Eraserhead’s’ urban landscape as a fitting arrangement with morbid quietude suggesting the possibilities of social erosion. And, he succeeds with subtle, visual commentary on subjects that in today’s world are separating communities across the globe. For instance, the central character ‘Henry’ is what society deems as less than average, socially awkward, and buried within himself. Look around, sound familiar? And, that’s just the outset. Plot Spoiling is not a dish I serve hot or cold. The Film’s look is splendidly designed and, as usually happens with all of Lynch’s Work,- fantastically photographed; 41 years later and still holding. One last nod; the title says it all! Manny Erasure #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Tommy• A Film by Ken Russell There’s Nothing Idol About Worship. WOW!-Look At Us! 21st Century Humans, supposedly advanced in all areas of 'existence maintenance.' And then it dawned on me, -'advanced'-that bespoke term printed on a two-sided coin: Heads Up-"far on or ahead in development or progress"/ Tails Up-"new and not yet generally accepted." Let’s flip this coin and see who wins! I’ve got an even better idea!-let’s just pick one area, for now(there’s no time like the present), and view how far we’ve come..... The Cult Of Personality-Hero Worship-Pop Icons...my my my, we have come far, very far! Preacher Icons now require stadiums to teach their little lambs about getting along with the flock, while shearing the wool off their backs. Entertainment Icons are now thrilling millions with their talent for saving the Earth’s surface and rewriting laws for everyone outside their walled castles-Yea! Nobody Special Icons have entranced a billion carbon-based units worldwide— "Who said education was important(the silliest thing EVER), join the largest community in the world and just shake 'your body down to the ground!'" Oh Yes Indeedy!!- like 'Virginia Slims' we’ve Come A Long Way, BABY!' Wanna know my vote? [TOMMY] Directed by Ken Russell. And let me just say this, "Ken Russell has ALWAYS had his fingers on the public pulse." "But Manny, his Films are so 'Arty?'” Really? You mean "more Arty than today’s religious institutions?" Not possible. Ken’s Success was simple: "he ain’t got no distractions, Can’t hear those buzzers and bells, Don’t see lights a flashin, plays by sense of smell!"- 🙏 Pete Townsend Reverend Emmanuel #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •The Rocky Horror Picture Show• A Film by Jim Sharman 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' is, by its nature, a Force to reckon with, an imposition by all accounts when you actually consider that a billion people took clues from the Film and "Gave themselves over to Absolute Pleasure." Why dream it, when you can 'BE IT!' "It’s astounding, Time is fleeting"- it is most certainly astounding that 40+ years LATER this Film still draws an audience by mere 'sensation' as if under 'sedation!' And madness never lost its toll! Why? Easy. 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' offers shelter, a place where 'out' is 'IN!' A home at the end of the world where freedom is being, and being is breathing, and breathing is restoring, and restoring is LIVING! Provocative? But of Course, why stir a pot when you can try a Pan with a beautiful Tan?— just think of all the marvels One’s imagination conjures up in just a single night,- that is, if you decide to............. stay for the night[Night] or maybe a bite[BITE]. Herein lies the magic of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'— restrictionist revisions! That’s right Folks, step right up, you’re about to witness the loosening of a corset for better fitting attire, sequins born from necessity but distinguished by its particularities, with inspiration rising straight out of the Lab! As long as there are humans, there will be Art— isn’t that so?- Jim Sharman, Richard O’BRIEN & the sweetest transversal Tim Curry— without you Guys there’d be LESS marriages Today! "Michael Rennie was ill The Day The Earth Stood Still, but he told us where we stand. And Flash Gordon was there in Silver Underwear, Claude Raines was the Invisible Man. Then something went wrong, for Fay Wray and King Kong, they got caught in a celluloid jam. Then at a deadly pace, It Came From Outer Space, and this is how the message ran.." PlanetSchmanet #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Julianne Moore• Breaking Through Molds: The World Of #juliannemoore It’s always delightful to place on display the talents of an individual whose skill set continues to deliver the goods. Ultimately, the evolution of a Human ArtForm is a story of personal development, and a registered nobility establishing the valiant efforts devoted to craft. How DOES she do it? Simply said, effortlessly, or so it appears that way. The steady decay of performing talent, along with grammar-slack carbon-based unit decorum continues to dampen the doorways to Culture but...not all is lost. In fact, there’s more to gain, much more. With the likes of Julianne one is quick to recognize the bright glow amid the noisy traffic jamming the dim lit alleys. Moore shows us that the 'possibility of advancement' in personal best is just around the corner, a site unseen yet worth the walking distance. It’s all about the 'walk,'- you know?- the Walks of Life. Thanks to Julianne we’ve caught several dozen strides not visible beforehand or left hand nor right hand. That’s Julianne!- palms out, ready to give. In the comment section a brief history of her memorable Work- A toast to Excellence! 🌎Presence #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
CAMP:  Notes on Fashion 💃  #metropolitanmuseumofartnyc #annawintourcostumecenter
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Lars von Trier• The Last Frontiersman 'Mourning Woman' by #egonschiele -no other image could have possibly fronted this Post more perfectly than this incredible painting! Ok, I freely admit that there are a thousand ways to describe this savant Director, one being the 'Thomas Hardy Of The Twenty-First Century.' And that’s saying a lot given we know the Literary Works of that famously gifted Author. Together, Lars and Thomas, have managed to set the bleakest stages upon ledges circling the Earth’s edges. It might be better if I bring you into the picture -well, pictures- as a voyage across psychological straits to discover traits that might’ve escaped your gait. On this trip we’ll make four stops on islands that usually don’t receive exalted advertising due to lack of sun and fun. But "hey!"- look at the bright side, you save on SPF( Special Profile Followups)! Although I plan to keep this practice of using the 'comment' section for additional text at a minimum, this time around there was no other choice but to purchase 4 comment spaces to house 4 representative narratives indicative of Lars’ resume. Please read below( in comment section) four examples from the mines of #larsvontrier Yours Truly, Emmanuel von Wellborn #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Herostratus• A Film by Don Levy Hero•/'Hirō/ Heroes in Greek Mythology were Men or Women of special strength, courage or ability. They were often of divine ancestry and noted for superhuman courageous acts. Stratus•/'Strādəs/ Flat, hazy, featureless clouds of low altitude varying in color from dark gray to nearly white. #herostratus is a Film Written & Directed by Don Levy. This Film is no mere projection that anyone today could possibly ignore the connection to its narrative, in spite of the decades separating its informed mythological rendezvous with future societal shock; Myths are reality costumed for the occasion. Skepticism is priceless, yet everyone donates to its causes, expecting a return on equity,- funny, huh? The characteristics of Infantilism are gaining sophisticated clouts,- it must be the louts with money who are never, ever funny. Of course I am being a little unfair here, there still exists a few who end everyday sighing "phew." And You won’t find them sitting on any pew. Nevertheless, forgive my digress, let’s stick with the topic at hand: a Film that saw it coming, and opened the gates. Don Levy was in the loop, watching everyone else jump through the hoop,— Hoola Anyone? 🌎C(u)M(u)L(u)S PS: Just noticed all the 'YOUs' in cumulus? Funny, huh? #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Memento• A Film by Christopher Nolan It was a Classic Cold Thought: If Not for memories, then what is there left to create tomorrow if yesterday is tomorrow? Nothing of late can be too early, and nothing too jarring is of more than real Time. And then there is the Now, an assured After, and non-assured Before. Christopher Nolan is a note maker, note taker, and note baker. Mr Nolan understands the legacy regency affiliated with a 'MEMENTO' and in this case, a Film. Christopher succeeded with the deployment of 'boomerang ingenuity,' a script that could be read backwards and seen forward all the Same. The difference between "What happened?" and "What did happen" raises a question above the answer,- better to lower the query to ground level, that’s where all the happenings are. And it’s there we meet the truth: generalized notions in search of specific potions to cure the cost of a memory lost. To cool off any room, the immediate answer is AC,- not so for the smart who, unlike the rest, detest unrest, additional heat fuels the fire. The real world is out there, in fact, just in the next room, so skip the sweeping, there’s no need for a broom. Looking is finding, and finding is discovering, with revealing not far behind. Bilateral actions are most sensitive when hosted by a lateral host, dividing two by one leaves You with one; the division of two by two leaves You with none. As a final 'MEMENTO' I’ll leave you with This: look, listen, look again, listen, look More. This Film only makes sense for those who practice present Sense. 🌎Memory Recall #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Specimen Days• A Novel by Michael Cunningham I’m always trying to figure out what motivates certain individuals, who create extraordinary works, to continue producing atmospheres that not only benefits themselves(success), but encourages others to be better at whatever it is they do, say, or think. Michael Cunningham obviously loved Virginia Woolf, 'Mrs Dalloway' inspired both a terrific Novel and Film(The Hours). Michael studied excellence, then became it, now His work is paying it forward to You. With ‘Specimen Days’ Michael channeled another long departed talent, Walt Whitman. Are you familiar with Whitman’s ‘Leaves Of Grass?’ Or ‘Specimen Days And Collect?’If you are interested in seeing the magic that swims between the lines in ‘Specimen Days’ a quick study of just ‘Leaves...’ will reveal the spell cast upon those pages. However, Cunningham’s book reads well on its own, but the voice will be different to those who never met Walt. ‘Specimen Days’ is divided into three time periods,- past, current, future. Yes, again Cunningham utilizes the template of Time Coordinate Functions as baseline setups for cause and effect. Characters resurrect from one time continuum to another reformulated to fit that period’s zeitgeist, but not exactly. What’s transforming about ‘Specimen Days’ is that Cunningham introduces historical fact to relevant concrete societal happenings indicative of characters representing ‘topic headings’ but with a twist!— he switches the time periods in which they reside to further powers of inclinations outside-in. Brilliant! In order to drive home His point, Cunningham created characters outside their timelines to make sense of that particular time they’re placed in, a paradise in stranger. In short, it takes an outsider to make everyone else an insider. ‘Specimen Days’ is a story about certain walks of life that skipped the highway, whether they wanted to or
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!• A Film by Russ Meyer Faster MannyCat! Write! Write! Ohhhh Ladeeeeez, Here’s a View to a Kill! Dearest Opposite Sex, place aside your reading, listening, and THINKING? This Fine Film, 'Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ is the heartbeat of today’s artery flow!- Hello? Strong Women! Weak Men! Smart Women! Dumb Men! Top Heavy Women! Bottom Light Men! Am I missing anything else? Faster!- than the speed of light, one of Varla’s chops does a man right! Faster!- than the speed of sound, Rosie sure do know how to pound! Faster!- than a bra undone, Billie never dreamed of being a nun. Pussycat Pussycat come out to play, let’s all see if you know how to slay! Kill! Kill! Skip the bill, we’re taking the till without needing a pill! Crazy! Crazy!-but never EVER Lazy, RUSS put the fire in MEYER and burned up some tire! Sex! Lust! What a Bust! All I can say is this Film is a Must! Manny! Shameless! How could You? Why would You? Or should You??? Could’ve Would’ve Should’ve are words I don’t Know, just Films and Lit, and anything that’s a Hit! Faster! MannyCat! End! End! Before all your female followers figure out your Bend! Chop Chop!! MannySon #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #timwalker #ndmagazine #filmisbetter #filmgrain #filmwave #writersblock  #lifeart  #modernisme #artofvisuals  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #ndmagazine
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •Fantastic Planet• A Film by René Laloux {The Fantastic(le fantastique)} is a subgenre of literary works characterized by the ambiguous presentation of seemingly supernatural forces. ‘Oms en Serie’ written by Stefan Wul is one example, and also the basis for #fantasticplanet directed by #renelaloux . Cut to Isaac Asimov: “Individual Science-Fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today- but the core of science-fiction, its essence, the concept around which it revolves, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.” Here’s the thing, Science-Fiction is vast, and varied,- many different cultures harvesting their own traditions steeped in history- all of which compile into assumptions regarding certain ways of being. More specifically, in ‘Fantastic Planet’ you witness the images of a world defined by its size and shape of power. ‘Fantastic’ as in extraordinarily good or attractive, imaginative or fanciful, strange, exotic, remote from reality,- divides its meanings to illustrate that if one word can have multiple versions of itself then why not a World? Laloux pairs an acute awareness of future analysis with an intelligent humanity to put on display the contradictions of existing. Here we discover the fine line between disguise and anonymity, and getting that ‘in-between’ right was key to the language of this Film,- an avant reflection of a situation. Think of it as a  conversation-how you begin definitely influences the way your story unfolds. Ground Control to Major Laloux: “You obviously look at life through a different lens, suggesting that expressions of visions are a custom fit?” Leloux: “One Size Fits All ONLY LEADS TO A FALL.” Mantastique #fashiondesignsketch #fashiondesignerlife #fashiondesigns #fashiondesigning #fashiondesignclass #annawintourcostumecenter #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #magazinecollection #heimathafen
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •The Lobster• A Film by Yorgos Lanthimos Like many things devoted to Human Nurture, Discovery is a process; whereupon this occasion ‘time and space’ both share equal place. #yorgoslanthimos is a Director in charge of his own arena, in fact, pantheon is more appropriate as the idealistic setting for his Films. To Lanthimos, imagination and curiosity are a handsome couple, one says “look” and the other replies, “maybe in black, with blue around the fringes.” Yorgos knows that together these traits explore possibilities that most miss in their first sentence, thus never completing the paragraph, but not these Two!- when they’re renting the penthouse in their hosts building, the skies of opportunity are only a window away, and that’s when lyrics becomes anthems. With #thelobstermovie Lanthimos skips the boiling water for a slow, oven temperature, the only way to retain savory juices that are perfect for marinating loneliness. Loneliness is an easy sell, as any procurer will tell you, “just offer an alternative, doesn’t matter what, and those wanting to swim vision themselves bait for that possible mate, without considering ‘hook pain’ or, worse yet, water temperature.” Motivation is a powerful tool too, if abused, more powerful. It’s funny to watch one hierarchy call another royal arrangement’s bluff; what’s humorless is the crowd that gathers to support either cause not realizing there wasn’t one to begin with.... but I guess it beats loneliness. However, there is that unique situation where vision impairment isn’t so much a disability, then it is a liability, and seeing is believing. Maybe there’s something more to that old wise phrase about the ‘blind leading the blind.’ Between You and I, Lanthimos knows, he obviously has seen quite a bit wash up on his shore. The Panther #graphicdesignerslife #graphicdesignstudio #graphicdesignstudent #graphicdesigncommunity #graphicdesignlife
映画「プラダを着た悪魔」 のモデルにもなったアメリカンボーグの編集長 アナウィンターさんには以前東京でもお会いしましたが、 今回も「素敵なお帽子ネ」と褒められチャッタ💕 #yukany #yukanyhat #yukahatny #長谷川ゆか #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #americanvogue #voguefashionnightout
映画「プラダを着た悪魔」 のモデルにもなったアメリカンボーグの編集長 アナウィンターさんには以前東京でもお会いしましたが、 今回も「素敵なお帽子ネ」と褒められチャッタ💕 #yukany #yukanyhat #yukahatny #長谷川ゆか #annawintour #annawintourcostumecenter #americanvogue #vogue
Series Seven: [FORMATIVE THINKING] •At Eternity’s Gate• A Film by Julian Schnabel It’s natural for intellects to consider opinions a bad practice, given that the general population often speaks without considering thought and, in many cases, pontificates on topics without any knowledge regarding the subject: a swine opine, if you will. #julianschnabel is an accomplished Artist and verifiable aesthete, he understands the confluence of human skill sets and the methods to which certain gifted individuals explore their preternatural talent. Who better to tunnel through an Artist’s mind knowing specifically where to excavate without compromising the creative collapse of any promising promontory. #ateternitysgate is a Film about the final years of #vincentvangogh . As far as facts, who’s to say? The research involved does indeed verify certain events while others were designed by here-say. However, Schnabel does something a bit different with this narrative design; he displays a persona wracked with feverish impulses committed to self preservation of skill mobility, in this case, painting. Only Painting. Julian paints a picture of an artist painting his measurement of life around him,- its beauty, its bounty, its glory, its story. And this 'measurement of life' includes the inches within, how else to gauge a space better than to have a core calculating the prescribed numbers. Personally speaking, Vincent had it right,- Form Follows Function. "I hate the fog. I’m tired of this gray light. I’d like to find a new light, for paintings that we haven’t yet seen. Bright paintings, painted in sunlight." Vincent van Gogh/ At Eternity’s Gate Manny van Sunflower #nickbrandt #vintagemagazine  #georgeplattlynes #georgehoyningenhuene #magazinecollection #truegentlemen #heimathafen #thelastmanonearth #cinematics #americanmodernism  #bnwminimalismmag #theredlist #creativenonfiction #ndmagazine #coolart #abstractart #artsy #contemporaryart #artlife #experimentalart
RampShot owner Dave Barlow gifted Anna Wintour a custom Vogue RampShot set on his last day working for her family Summer Vacation as the Recreation/Sport Leader! The entire family absolutely loved playing the game on the beach! We’re not only the best beach/backyard game out, we’re also the bougiest 😎🌊☀️