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“Things Kids Never Say on Vacation” – We filmed most of this video during our recent trip to Florida. A lot of the ideas for this video came from our kids or actual situations that happened during the trip. Can you think of any that we could add to this? Our trip to Florida was a blast for all of us and was monumental for Ali. She’s dreamed of becoming an astronaut ever since she was five, but has recently started to lose confidence in her dream. On the second day of our trip, we had the opportunity to visit the Kennedy Space Center and speak with a female astronaut about how she overcame the odds to become an astronaut. It was truly inspiring for Ali and one of the highlights or our trip.  You can read the full story on Alamo Rent A Car’s travel blog, The Scenic Route, by using the link in my bio. This is my second blog contribution as a Chief Travel Guide for Alamo Rent A Car and so far, it’s my favorite. @alamorentacar #alamodrivehappy #sponsored
Have you ever been surprised by a country? My whole family was totally overwhelmed and flabbergasted by Slovenia!😍 Have you been there? What did you think? (Check out my stories for my first stop on our road trip - Vintgar Gorge) #slovenia  #ifeelslovenia #vintgargorge #slovenien #svenskaresebloggar #canyon #roadtrip #resamedbarn #hiking #vandringsresa #bled #tv_global #igslovenia #thisisslovenia #travellinknordic #alamodrivehappy #rucksack_slovenia
Our Curaçaoan 'off-roader'. Can you guess the model name? 📍 Curaçao _ #roadtrip #curaçao🇨🇼 #notoffroad #rental #travelling #sunny #dust #sandy #hot #offroad #island #caribbean #guy #rubio #viaje #disfrutar #urlaub #cars #alamodrivehappy #countryside #exploring
Взять машину в аренду в США проще простого. Что нужно: 📌 водительское удостоверение (обычное российское подойдёт); 📌 банковская карточка.  Уже третью поездку в Америку бронируем авто в Alamo (@alamorentacar). Заранее на из сайте можно выбрать категорию авто, забронировать, а теперь ещё и пройти онлайн-регистрацию, которая упрощает и ускоряет выдачу машины.  Из терминала аэропорта вас заберёт автобус-шаттл и привезёт к офису прокатной компании. Мы в этот раз сделали онлайн чекин, поэтому сразу пошли на парковку, показали сотруднику QR-код на телефоне и пошли выбирать машину из наличия.  В ЛА брали full-size Ford Fusion с 9 милями пробега😅 прекрасно откатал свои мили по дорогам, ни каких нареканий. На Гавайях хотели взять Jeep Wrangler, но в наличии был какой-то не самый симпатичный вариант, в итоге взяли такую Chevrolet Camaro, тоже новенькую. Для небольших расстояний по острову вполне годно. И самое главное: в США все машины на автомате! Особенно актуально, если вы едите в Сан-Франсиско, хаха.  У всех машин на парковке внутри лежат ключи, поэтому как только определился с выбором, можно ехать на выезд. При выезде
Gracie was only one year old when we came to Oregon for the first time, and the thought of her going off to college seemed forever away. Now I found myself walking the same beaches with her talking about plans for college next year!  I can’t help but feel like our first trip, and this most recent trip are the bookends between her years of growing up with me. All our trips to the coast have been memorable, but this one will always be my favorite. I’ve shared some of the many reasons we love coming back to the Oregon Coast on Alamo’s travel blog, The Scenic Route. This is my final post as a Chief Travel Guide for Alamo Rent A Car, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their incredible blog. @alamorentacar #alamodrivehappy #sponsored
🌺🏝🍹🌋🐬🐳🌊🧉🦥🤿 ALOHA-HE, BIG ISLAND! Traveling HAWAII technically doesn’t add a new country to our #placestravelled Yet it’s been ranking high🆙 on our bucketlist for a while by now... 📝🙌🤗🇺🇸 Join in while we’ll be exploring the Big Island & Maui over the next couple of days❣️ #passionpassport #neverstopexploring #smile4travelinhawaii🌺 #lethawaiihappen #hawaiitag #alohaoutdoors #90yearsofhawaiian #havealohawilltravel #hawaii #hawaiistagram #gohawaii #hawaiianstyle #bigisland #hawaiiislands #beautifuldestinations #moodygrams #agameoftones #germanroamers #trappingtones #usaprimeshot #visittheusa #shotoniphone #urbanromantix #naturelovers #alamodrivehappy #jordhammondsundays #teamkaptainkenny #fromabove #thisweekoninstagram
Going to our home-away-from-home for the holiday season has never been easier with @alamorentacar. We always reserve an SUV to ensure we have enough room for our family, skis, and luggage. And thankfully we were able to get an SUV with 4WD to help us navigate the snow! #ad #alamodrivehappy - https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/116484/traveling-home-away-home
#sponsored Yes, they are all mine! I’m planning on having this printed on a shirt for when we travel. It’s the number one question I get asked by people and it always makes me laugh. We are finally getting around to printing photos from some of our family trips and this is one of my favorites. It’s not always easy traveling with six kids but we manage to laugh a lot and come home with some great memories. - This year has been one of our biggest travel years as a family and we are excited to be working on some travel goals for 2019. We are also excited to announce that we have recently partnered with @alamorentacar to be one of their Chief Travel Guides in 2019! In the coming months we will be sharing some of our travel stories and advice on Alamo’s travel blog, the Scenic Route. I’m hoping that our stories can help to inspire other families like ours to feel more comfortable about traveling with kids.  #alamodrivehappy {Link in bio} http://bit.ly/2FsJGWI
Doing my best to savour every moment while I’m here ☀️☀️ #alamodrivehappy #morememoriespergetaway
Motherhood is one of the most beautiful things in the world, but as you know it can also be stressful. That’s why it’s so important for us moms to take time out for ourselves to rejuvenate and to have a little fun.  What better way to do this than to leave the kids at home and go on a girlfriend getaway with other moms? Click the link in bio to read my latest story for @Alamorentacar’s Scenic Route Blog, on “Four of the Best Destinations for Moms to Travel Without Kids.” Have you been on a mom getaway? What’s your favorite part? #sponsored #alamodrivehappy
Ладно, еще один очерк из истории штатов, а то безграмотными помрете. Я так то предпочитаю писать с мест исторических событий, но сегодня нарушу принцип, тем более тема касается косвенно моих интересов - расскажу за Бостонское чаепитие. Я как-то слышал мнение «экспертов», что мол американцы не пьют чай, еще как пили и пьют из-за этого весь сыр бор случился, можно сказать к войне за независимость привел. К слову и чайные пакетики появились в штатах, но это другая забавная история . Итак, как вы знаете США когда-то были вовсе не соединенные, а заурядная колония Британской короны в жопе мира. Корона рассматривала колонию исключительно как доильную корову с дремучими провинциалами, которые цивилизации не пригодились. Провинциалы разумеется так не считали, у них вообще зарождались мысли стать типа самостоятельными. А тут как назло на туманном Альбионе и в ее колониях все подсели на чай и на доходы с его продаж. В Британии официально поставками чая занималась Ост Индийская Компания, находясь в положении монополиста. Неофициально чай ввозили контрабандисты на клипперах (это как бэхи для
En entrant au Nevada, nous sommes tombés dans un orage qui, au fil de la route, s'est embrasé lors du coucher de soleil. Inoubliable. . . . . #usa #sonyalpha #alphacollective #ig_killerz #moodygrams #jonatbounceday  #somewheremagazine #mountainstones #artofvisuals #rsa_outdoors #20minphoto #teamvane #eclectic_shotz #roadtrip #roamtheplanet #theimaged #voyaged #usaprimeshot #alamodrivehappy #instaroads #roadstotravel #explorenevada
Check out my new @alamorentacar Scenic Route blog post with 10 Summer Mountain Family Adventures that you won’t want to miss!  http://bit.ly/2IGt6Tf  These are some of our favorite #familyvacation ideas to make sure everyone has fun. #ad #alamodrivehappy #adventure #travel
We're planning our annual post-Christmas trip, this year to Orlando, and excited for all the little adventures 2016 holds. Even if it's a close destination, there are so many ways to make family adventures meaningful and fun. I'm excited to be joining a team of family adventurers with Alamo to make @alamorentacar's Instagram feed a great resource for families who love exploring--fun travel ideas, packing tips, destination guides...everything you need to inspire your family adventures. More on the blog, and you can follow along with @alamorentacar for more fun to come. 🚕🚗🗻⛺️👪 Sorry, that was a lot of emoticons. Cut me off. #alamodrivehappy AD
#ad Double tap if you love summer travel like this kid ! Summer is here and that means road trips and scenic drives . 🚘  Whether you’re exploring the American Southwest or taking a coastal drive down to the beach, a scenic drive truly makes the trip worth while . ⛰ 🏝 •  Today on the blog , I’m sharing 3 MUST SEE scenic drives near Las Vegas . These once in a lifetime views are worth pulling over and snapping a pic or two ! 📸 #alamodrivehappy #myalamoadventure •  Where is your favorite place to take a scenic drive ? Comment below !🔻🔻🔻
За время нашего турне познакомили бариста с кофе от @bolshecoffeeroasters @chernyicooperative @coffeeowlroasters каждое утро заряжались хорошим настроением уточками Больше кофе, в этом нам помогал походный аэропресс и моя любимая молка time more. В трофеях уже куча зерна, от больших и маленьких обжарщиков . . . #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourist #tourism #vacation #traveling #trip #vscotravel #usatrip #usatravel #usatravel2019 #alamodrivehappy #aeropress #coffee #blackcoffee #specialtycoffee #aeropresscoffee
Yes, international travel with kids is intimidating. And sometimes really hard. BUT. I definitely think it's worth it anyway! In fact, I wrote up my top 7 reasons why it's so great. You can go read them if you need a little kick in the pants to get those passports in order. 😉 Find it on designmom.com. It's the 3rd post in my travel series with @alamorentacar. #alamodrivehappy #ad
Thinking of where to go on your next family vacation?? 🤔 We think you should LOOK 👀 UP ☝🏼 Page, Arizona! . .. . This one city has two of nature’s most beautiful gifts- Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.‼️‼️ . .. . Check out our latest vlog to see for yourself just how beautiful this place is!! 💕💕 . .. . TAG a friend you want to experience this with ➡️
#sponsored Rockwell was the best tour guide on our NYC trip last fall. It was interesting to learn that the Statue of Liberty is green because she ate too many vegetables 😂  While visiting Ellis Island on our trip, we had the unique experience of seeing Nikki’s great-grandpa’s name on the Immigrant Wall of Honor. As we looked at his name, Nikki told the kids the story of his journey to America, traveling by boat from Italy all alone at the age of 16 to start a new life in America. This family history connection struck a chord with our kids, so when we returned home from our NYC trip, we started doing more research about him. We learned some interesting stories related to his life in America, which led us on a memorable train ride in Heber City that was inspired by his legacy.  This year, I’m contributing travel stories to Alamo’s travel blog, The Scenic Route, and my first story is about our train ride that was inspired by Nikki’s great grandpa. You can read the full story from the link in my bio. Thanks! @alamorentacar #alamodrivehappy
Palm springs это примерно как до Выборга. Только идеальный, сухой и теплый климат почти весь год. Плюс пальмы, горы и частные дома, а еще коачелла раз в год . . . #travel #instatravel #travelgram #tourist #tourism #vacation #traveling #trip #vscotravel #usatrip2018 #usaroadtrip2018 #travelusa #usaroadtrip #usaontheroad #alamodrivehappy #cali #california
773 kms, 3 states, 5 days of climbing, 1 day of riding, 0 showers, and 1 sassy car. Numerous laughs were had with these lovely humans on our little roadie in America to attend @heyflashfoxy's Women's Climbing Festival. | #roadtrip #america #alamodrivehappy #flashfoxy #climbon #crushing
Gorgeous Morning in PA! Delaware Water Gap is sprinkled with snow. Feels like I'm in a painting! Follow our trip on our Insta stories! #hosted #roadtrip #roadtrip2fun @alamorentacar @poconotourism @visit_pa #poconos #alamoscenicroute #alamodrivehappy #familytravel
#fatherhood #family #raisingqueens #theblackmancan  #repost @thetravelingchild • • • As you all know our family loves to travel. Over the past 2.5 years we’ve shared our  trips, tips, and personal experiences with you and you’ve supported us in every way.  With that being said, I am so excited and humbled to be partnering with @alamorentacar as their Chief  Travel Guide.  Throughout the next year I’ll be contributing to The Scenic Route, Alamo’s website of travel stories, guides, and advice curated to help inspire your family to achieve maximum memories on your next vacation. Please follow along with us by clicking the link in our bio. #alamodrivehappy  #sponsored