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Stonebridge Animal Hospital


Stonebridge Animal Hospital is a progressive companion animal practice with state of the art facilities serving the greater McKinney, Texas area.

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Join us tomorrow Saturday March 23, 2019 for our GRAND REOPENING!  4PM-6PM We will be providing food and drinks (yes beer and wine!) along with a Caricature Artist (just bring a picture of your pet). FREE Raffle prizes will be: Yeti Roadie 20 cooler Three 6 month supplies of Nexgard* (Dogs only) Three 12 month supplies of Heartgard* (Dog or Cat) *Prescription medications will only be dispensed to patients of Stonebridge Animal Hospital. If not a patient a free examination can be performed within one month of raffle to claim prize. #stonebridgeanimalhospital #grandreopeningparty #caricature #freeisfun
ONE WEEK! GRAND REOPENING/CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY Saturday March 23, 2019 4-6PM Come join us for fun, food and drinks. Free Pet Cartoons (just bring a picture) and raffles for a Yeti Cooler and Heartworm/Flea/Tick Prevention (*medication raffle for existing dog clients only*) #stonebridgeanimalhospital #grandreopeningparty #caricature #freeisfun
We will be closing at 2PM tomorrow 3/9/2019! If your pet is in need any refills or an appointment we are open from 9-2 and will be continuing with normal hours the following week. Have a Great Weekend!
Puppies, puppies, puppies galore! Which one is your favorite? #stonebridgeanimalhospital #puppies #puppiesofinstagram
SAVE THE DATE: GRAND REOPENING/CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY Saturday Mar 23, 2019 4-6PM Come by the office for some food, drinks amd fun. We will be having a few raffles like a Yeti Cooler! We also have a local caricature artist Benjamin Vincent here for the event. This is a portrait Mr. Vincent made of Dr. Robinson and his dog Pierre. Your pet doesn't need to be present for a portrait. You just need to bring yourself and a picture of your pet. The food, drinks, raffle, and portraits are free for anyone you would like to come help us celebrate! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #grandreopeningparty #caricature #freeisfun
Meet Googli. He came in for a dental cleaning today and Dr. Robinson noticed a mass growing near his upper left canine tooth. Xrays didn't show any bone involvement, which is great! The tissue was removed and we'll see what the histopathology report says. #stonebridgeanimalhospital #dentalmonth #youneverknowwhatyoullfind
This is Maggie's (one of our great technicians) rescue puppy Georgia! She's grown quite a bit since her first day home. Georgia came in for her last set of vaccinations today so will be going wild around town soon! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #adoptdontshop #puppyvaccinations #noparvo #puppylove
Who doesn't love a pug puppy. This is Stanley! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #puglife #pugpuppies #pugsofinstagram
Radiographs are so important with dentistry! We always take dental radiographs with all our dentals at Stonebridge Animal Hospital. A 7 year old dog came in today for a dental and after we took some radiographs we noticed this lower molar needed to be extracted. The tooth looked normal to the naked eye. The left root had quite a bit of bone loss (red arrows on the second picture show where the bone should be and where it is now). Luckily for this patient the tooth was extracted and she'll be feeling better soon. It's still Dental Month until the end of February when we are offering 20% discounts on dental cleanings! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #petdentalmonth #petdentalxrays
Dr. Robinson's little monkey Olive just made a surprise visit to wish her daddy Happy Valentine's Day! #stonebridgeanimalhospital
Happy Valentine's Day. Give those special furbabies lots of love, but no chocolate!!! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #valentinesday2019 #doggievalentine #catvalentine #petvalentine
Pipen wasn't feeling well today so came to see Dr. Robinson. He should start feeling better soon! Dr. Robinson has a special interest in exotic/pocket pets and will treat Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets, Rats, mice etc. #stonebridgeanimalhospital #guineapigsofinstagram #pocketpets
Here's Jessica, another one of our amazing technicians with Bella when she came in for vaccinations. #stonebridgeanimalhospital
Oakley came to see Dr. Kapu the other day. He has two different color eyes!  #stonebridgeanimalhospital #twocoloreyes
New clients just need to show us this coupon to get low cost vaccinations. #stonebridgeanimalhospital
Murry gave us a little show this morning performing his "Walk" after his vaccinations. He works for treats! #stonebridgeanimalhospital #goldendoodle
We promise we don't just see puppies at Stonebridge Animal Hospital, but look at those ears! Meet Toby Charles getting his vaccinations with Dr. Robinson #corgipuppy #corgisofinstagram #stonebridgeanimalhospital @teacherspet9
One of our amazing technicians Maggie doing a great job puppy wrangling. We saw these two puppies through The Dallas Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club another rescue we work with. #stonebridgeanimalhospital #adoptdontshop #dfwlabrescue