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SBB Corals


Are you looking for rare high end coral? Please message us to Buy , sell, or Trade!

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This one is just about ready. Rap Chicago new release. See you all there:)
The colors are finally starting to soak into this one.  SBB "Gummy Bears" limited 1st release  Auction going now for this at the  Www.thecoralcollective.com  Then check the sps auctions or search by vendor sbb high end corals
Mattv psycho asylum live auction going on now with 0 reserve and 0 start bid  Go to  Www.thecoralcollective.com
This one will make a splash at rap Chicago. I'm excited to see you all there!!!!
Stock update.  Www.thecoralcollective.com  You can bid on these now plesse enter the site into your web browser
Sbb corals auction stock update.  You can bid on this now at  Www.thecoralcollective.com  Cut and paste the web adress to your browser
These 4 wyswyg frags are being auctioned right now at  Www.thecoralcollective.com. login to the site and start bidding:)
Dont miss this amazing goni giveaway from Mattv .. this is going down now at  Www.thecoralcollective.com  Please don't forget to join all the groups to enter to win
@mvargas_photography  flew into town for some strat juice how does it taste?
Looking for some insane high end colored colonies. I am running an auction for them on the new coral sale and social page dont Miss them and click the link below  Www.thecoralcollective.com  Make sure to find and join the sps page
People r going to think the colors on this one are fake until they see it in person:)
Coloring up so nice :) SBB "Gummy Bears"
Looking for a linaged purple monster. This baby here is for sale and already has 3 colors. Dm me for interest :)
Anybody wanting a coral auction here on Instagram. Please comment below
***limited release 1st round**** SBB "Gummy bears "  Finally able to offer this one and will be cutting 2 frags. Please Dm me if interested.
Mattv syco asylum super crusty and hairy ****dm me for all requests ****
SBB" Thermosphere" limited release DM if your interested.  This one grows insanely slow
Mattv "Psycho Asylum" taking forever to grow but finally almost ready for a trimming