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Sadhguru Cauvery Calling


Sadhguru, a yogi and profound mystic of our times, is a visionary and a prominent spiritual leader.

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Unprecedented support of media across the board to #cauverycalling made it a gigantic people’s movement. Their support is deeply appreciated and we shall strive to ensure that soil, water & above all, the farmers of the Cauvery Basin will truly benefit from this. –Sg
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The essence of Inner Engineering is to engineer yourself in such a way that every moment of your life is a new possibility. #sadhguruquotes #sadhguru #innerengineering #life #yoga #spirituality #guru #qotd
One of the objectives of #cauverycalling is to enable farmers to grow, fell, transport & sell everything that they grow in their land. This is a fundamental right that our farmers should not be deprived of. -Sg #cauverydiaries
Why save Cauvery? Isn't it our karma to suffer what we have done to our ecology? Isn't spirituality about accepting our karma? Why is Sadhguru making an effort to save Cauvery? Here are Sadhguru's answers to some questions that Kangana asks during an Instagram Live chat! #cauverycalling #sadhguru  @team_kangana_ranaut
The responsibility & privilege of Tamil people in revitalizing Cauvery is more important than anybody else because the glorious history of Tamil agriculture is at serious risk. -Sg #cauverycalling
Peace is not the highest goal in life. It is the most fundamental requirement. #sadhguruquotes #peaceday #sadhguru #peace #life #yoga #spirituality #qotd
As the #cauverycalling Chapter One reaches its finale in Coimbatore, my gratitude to all the wonderful motorcyclists & many many volunteers who made it happen in the best possible way. -Sg
#cauverycalling. This is not the end, but the beginning of a journey to revitalize Mother Cauvery, a source of our lives. I beseech all of you to continue to be part of this 12-year journey with me. Let's make it happen. -Sg
Every thought, every reverberation you create on the level of the mind changes the chemistry in your body. #sadhguruquotes #sadhguru #body #thought #mind #qotd
Deeply touched by the kind gesture and large hearts of these  children of the Tamil soil.This contribution of the Adivasi community will go a long way in rejuvenating Cauvery Tayi. Every drop counts. -Sg  #cauverycalling #sadhguru
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To incubate inspiration for agroforestry among the Karnataka farmers it's been agreed with the state govt to involve  500 farmers in each of the 54 taluks as the first step towards fulfilling the goals of #cauverycalling.  Once the economic benefits are visible for the rural populations in Karnataka, #cauverycalling is an unstoppable movement, not just in the Cauvery basin but across the nation. -Sg @bsybjp @prakash.javadekarofficial  @cmo.tamilnadu
With the necessary technology, simple space, even a piece of stone can be made into divine exuberance. This is the phenomenon of consecration. #sadhguruquotes #sadhguru #qotd #wisdom #divine
Our inspiration & expertise to revitalize Cauvery through agroforestry comes from 69,760 Tamil farmers who switched to agroforestry in last two decade & are reaping immense economic benefits. -Sg #cauverycalling
We honour the Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri BS Yediyurappa as CAUVERY NAYAKA for this pioneering decision to implement #cauverycalling. This will go a long way in revitalizing the Cauvery Basin. - Sg  @bsybjp
Sadhguru and his #cauverycalling convoy left CODISSIA at close to 10 pm last night and made their way back to the Isha Yoga Center. . . Thousands of volunteers from the ashram who had come to attend the event also followed the convoy in buses that had been arranged for them.  The journey that would have ordinarily taken the motorcade less than an hour, took over two hours as Sadhguru was stopped in different localities on the way. . . Supporters were waiting for hours to receive the man, who has now earned the title of the movement's hero. In the same spirit, the people received him like one with Arthi, fireworks, drums and dancing. He was mobbed with flowers, bouquets, garlands and temple prasadhams. . . They had even arranged for mikes in every location, and Sadhguru despite 2 hard weeks of motorcycle travel behind him, sweetly obliged by speaking a few words at every location. This made the volunteers go into throes of excitement and happiness. . . At Adiyogi, there was an even larger group waiting to see their guru who had returned home after an arduous fortnight. He was received with a fire dance, cheering and folk music. . . He spent a few minutes with everyone, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the motorcyclists who had tirelessly kept up with his inhuman schedule and all the countless volunteers who had really pulled it together for the last several weeks to make this happen.  #cauverydiaries #sadhguru #ishayogacenter #cauvery #savecauvery
No job is inherently stressful. What causes stress is our compulsive reaction to challenging situations.  #sadhguruquotes #wisdom #sadhguru #qotd #dailyquotes
Supporters had gathered in the thousands and cheered on Sadhguru and his motorcade in the most celebratory way, with drums, dancing and chants of "Cauvery! Cauvery!" The massive panel of people who were present on stage for the finale of the ride for #cauverycalling ensured it was the grand finale that it was. The guests included the movers and shakers of Coimbatore district from various industries were present to voice tjeor support for the movement and unanimously welcomed the initiative.  Shri S. P. Velumani, Hon. Minister for Municipal Administration, Rural Development and Implementation of Special Programme was the chief guest. He came as a messenger of the Tamil Nadu government and expressed the willingness of the state center to make the recommendations of the initiative a reality.  Just as the Nadi Stuti reverberated on the streets of Coimbatore, this evening, the movement hopes to revolutionize the entire tropical world by being the demo model that is needed to show the path to reversal of environmental degradation that is prevalent today. #cauverydiaries #cauvery #savecauvery #sadhguru
Before the main public event for #cauverycalling a Coimbatore influencers meet was held at the same venue in a different hall.  Here, Shri. Valluvan, a successful Agroforestry farmer from Pollachi who came into the Isha fold about a decade ago, shared his own success story of economic gain with minimal labour cost after first few years, as the Agroforestry model of intercropping became self-sustaining while also giving higher and richer yields.  Yuri Jain, who is on the leadership committee of "Rally for Rivers" exounded on the Agroforestry model proposed by Isha Foundation in detail and explained how the policy recommendation document had been put together with the involvement of industry experts, taking into consideration both economic as well as ecologic needs.  Sadhguru then went on to address the gathering and explained the looming crisis of desertification and water crisis, that was in front of us.  As the meet came to a close some of the influencers came forward and made some donations for saplings for #cauverycalling. #cauverydiaries