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Roxanna Walitzki


Music / Visuals / Travel 📍October-November: Portugal 📬 DM for collab!

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freeformed. #selfportrait with a chaotic wall of color samples.
here and now.  #selfportrait at an abandoned freight-railway in Prague.
as long as we keep spinning.  #birthdayselfie  I think birthdays are a wonderful time to reflect on how amazing it is to be alive and able to do the things we love, and so I’ve made it a tradition to take a self-portrait (swipe for the ongoing series!). This time it’s with a death’s-head hawk moth by @mothandmyth 🖤💀🦋 This year has turned my life upside down in all the best ways. I never thought I’d be celebrating in Portugal, on the journey of a lifetime, traveling the world with my favorite person, all while creating so much art. Life is an unpredictable ride, but it’s amazing if you let it be.
everywhere and nowhere.  photo collaboration with @reddwalitzki Floating deliriously in space and time, we find ourselves at the mercy of the forces of travel chaos. Sometimes it feels like the connections between places expand. Last year, around this time, Redd and I got stranded while on a roadtrip. This year, we stumble through a string of unavoidable missed connections, searching for some way out of an endless, timeless desert. No sleep til Porto.
enfold. #selfportrait
notes of the past.  #selfportrait at the abandoned railway in Paris some months ago, with assistance by @reddwalitzki. We booked some crazy travel plans today for December! I’m excited, and can’t help reflecting on how many unforgettable places we’ve already been to.
play the role.  #selfportrait
build your walls around me.  #selfportrait  Prague has a lot of beautiful architecture, but I’m choosing to show you this understated but excellent wall! ... I feel frustrated with this platform at the moment, and I’m not sure what to do about it. I put effort into my work, and, while I make things for myself rather than likes, the time I spend feels meaningful when there’s engagement, and a bit soul-crushing when there isn’t. I don’t know if I’m dropping the ball in terms of content, or if you’re simply not seeing it, but either way the silence leads me down self-doubt spiral where I question the value and quality of my work. If you have constructive feedback I’m happy to listen! 🖤
out of the course of time.  #selfportrait
Today marks seven months of living the artist-nomad life in Europe! Being alone for a good portion of this month is putting into perspective just how lucky I am to have a wonderful sibling & adventure partner to share this journey with. Though I tend towards being stubbornly independent, the lows are lighter and the highs are higher with such a brilliant creature by my side (and it happens to be their birthday tomorrow!) Photo is a rare behind-the-scenes capture by @famaraiso of @reddwalitzki and I doing one of the things we do best: collaborating!
imagined bliss.  #selfportrait
illusions.  #selfportrait  Adventures in public self-portraiture:  Set up tripod facing a cool textured wall. Realize the wall borders a busy pedestrian through-way. Patiently wait for people to pass between shots, moving out of the way when necessary. Observe while waiting that people fall into these categories, exclusively: ➖Those who glare suspiciously thinking I’m trying to photograph them. ➖Those who stop dead in their tracks in the middle of the shot, then ask if they’ve ruined the photo. ➖Those who stare at the wall trying to figure out what’s worth photographing. ➖Those who proceed to take a photo of the wall themselves. ➖Those who just laugh because what I’m doing is ridiculous, which: yes, thank you - it is 💁‍♀️
closer.  #selfportrait
what you can’t hold on to.  #selfportrait  I’m near Prague this month and have a little free-time! Send me a message if you want to collaborate, or know someone who might!
we came from the earth but belong to the sky.  #selfportrait wearing mosquito mesh and a lava-flow top I constructed out of caulk. ... @reddwalitzki and I just climbed to the peak of a mountain in the Polish Tatras (full story coming soon on Redd’s Patreon, and a few photos now in our stories!). It was an insane journey that involved scrambling up (and then down) a terrifying mountain slope ending at 2,155 meters - and probably tops the list of life threatening adventures we’ve undertaken - but luckily I was at least mildly prepared thanks to all the impromptu rock climbing I do for photoshoots 🧗‍♀️⛰
earthfall.  #portrait I took of @reddwalitzki on shattered glass at an abandoned unfinished hospital in Zagreb, Croatia 💎👽🖤
Thank you @yaylamagazine / @yaydanielbarron for the lovely write-up of my latest single, and the world-traveling creative journey I’m on with @reddwalitzki! You can read the whole thing at yaylamag.com (link in bio) and find out what “L’Invitation Au voyage” means to me! 🖤🌍💀🎶 📷 @reddwalitzki
if only for a season.  #selfportrait (If I see a good wall, I really can’t help sitting by it 🤷‍♀️)