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Hot off the press! Snagged the cover of @freeskiermagazine with this shot I took of @o_leeps and @juliancarr last winter. The glossy pages of Freeskier Mag have served as inspiration for me since I was a young teen, so I can only imagine what 16 year old me would think if she could see this! Stoked!
All you need is love folks... That and a Promaster. ❤️🚐
Here’s the thing about vans. They’ll force you to rethink your personal hygiene standards, and they’ll force you to cut your wardrobe in half. They’ll break apart, and you’ll have to use your best wood glue skills to mend your little bathroom-sized home back together. They’ll eat up all of the space in your camera roll with photos and videos of them, and you won’t complain. They’ll also take you to some of the most amazing places. And the best part is, you don’t have to leave when the sun goes down. #homeiswhereyouparkit
From my recent trip to Patagonia. Oops. I mean California! 😍
Fall in the Eastern Sierra with @backcountry. A cozy night in the van followed by sunrise on gorgeous peaks. This is my third time coming to this part of the country and I love it more and more each time! From world-class cragging, to epic alpine, this place is my dream (and if you’ve watched my stories recently you might have seen that I recently purchased a little bit of land here)! - Of course, coming here in the fall means that temps are all over the place depending on where you are. Warm down low, chilly at night, and cold up high means that I’m using all the layers daily! - For this month’s Backcountry partnership, I wanted to highlight this @Backcountry Wolverine Cirque Jacket and my other favorite layers for fall (more in today’s IG story). And of course, I’m always excited to be able to share my discount code “ELISE15” for 15% off your first order at Backcountry.com! *Some exclusions apply* #findyourbackcountry #backcountry #sponsored
Climbed the East Buttress of Mt. Whitney today and reached the conclusion that 5.7 is truly where I shine the brightest. ✨🌀🌈 #easyclimbingismyjam
The perfect place to watch a sunrise. 😍🌄 Swipe to see the full moon setting as first light hits the Tetons! I love this place so much, and I’m so excited to be supported by local @jacksonhole brand @stiomountain! Not only only is their clothing designed and developed right here in Jackson, but they constantly strive to source environmentally friendly textiles, many of which contain high levels of recycled content. I haven’t replaced my puffy jacket in a few years, and with my last one falling apart, I’m stoked to now be rocking this Pinion Down Jacket from @stiomountain! Check them out support local! Also, I’m linking the other items I’m wearing from them in today’s IG story. #sponsored #jhdreaming
If you’ve ever heard an elk bugle, you might agree that it’s among the most hauntingly beautiful sounds in nature. The night I took this photo, I found myself in the middle of a field with two angry bull elk on either side of me. They were stomping the ground, screaming (bugling) at each other, and gradually closing the gap between them to prepare for a fight. I snuck in a few long exposure shots and then high tailed it back to the van, but not before grabbing a quick recording on my phone! Swipe right and turn the volume all the way up! @jacksonhole #jhdreaming
Does this photo remind you of every #vanlife photo you’ve ever seen? It may be trendy, but I don’t care! I never post about my van, so here’s the scoop. @ryan_burke11 and I have been traveling in this built out Promaster (her name is Daisy 🚐) for the last four months, and it’s been just as awesome as those van life instagram accounts make it out to be! Sure, it was a big up front investment and certainly came with headaches during the build out process, but it was so worth it and has made travel so much easier! ——————————————————————— This month, @backcountry asked me to share some of what I use in the van that’s useful for both van life as well as car camping. I’ll be highlighting a few of those items in today’s story, and if you have any other questions about living in a van, please leave me a comment on this post! And as always, if you’re in need of any gear for getting out during the last remaining warm days, feel free to use code “ELISE15” for 15% off your first order at Backcountry.com! *some exclusions apply* #findyourbackcountry #sponsored
I just love my life. All I want is what I already have and I hope I never take it for granted! 💙
Maybe you’ve been out on a walkabout and noticed these beautiful flowers (they’re called Fireweed!), and thought to yourself, “My, those look delicious!” And you’d be right, because they’re edible! That’s right. Just pluck one of those pretty pink flowers off and pop the whole thing in your mouth. They’re usually a little bitter, but if you can get them at just the right time in their life cycle then they can be a real tasty trail snack! #themoreyouknow
This is @ryan_burke11, but I’ve found that he also responds to ropegun boyfriend, bambino, man candy, love biscuit, most handsome, muffin cake, and bambi deer. So grateful he’s here. ☺️🌀⭐️ ——————————————————————— Swipe to see a few iPhone videos from this day. Also, more photos from the Bugaboos in today’s story! One of my new favorite places!