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Cats, forever the last photo on any roll of film - - - Pudge on 35mm 📷
9 years ago, I took this photo with Pudge the second I came home with her. I started retaking this photo on the same day, every year since. I now hang on to this hoodie only for taking these photos 😂  Happy Pudgeversary to us! Swipe through for all the pics except 2017 which I can’t find right now! #pudgeversary
When Pudge was sunbathing in our @saintgeorgetoronto hotel room during @meowfestival 😌 Pudge immediately makes herself at home, on the bed when we travel ❤️
Heard snoring from the next room over; walked in to this. #pudgespillethover #pudgepod #pudgesnorezzz
Pudge has never loved another bed more than this one we got from @meowfestival. This is her current favorite way to lay in it 🙊🥺😍 #pudgepod #squishedpudgepod
Pudge sleeping with lil bunny front paws at the Toronto Airport 🙊🥺😍 If you’ve been watching her Instagram story, you probably know we got bumped from our Air Canada flight yesterday, spent 8 hours total at the airport figuring things out, and had to spend the night at a new hotel. We wouldn’t have made it without all your well wishes and support — especially from @bonnieactually who delivered food and litter to our new hotel room for Pudge. She has been such a patient angel through all of this though, and completely unaffected by the hold up.  We hope to be home tonight!
Pudge got to hang with her twin sister @venustwofacecat after @meowfestival 👯‍♀️ Pudge likes to be the Queen and only likes to be around cats that are chill like her. Venus is so sweet with other cats, so they got along well ❤️
Pudge on a plane ™️ What a way to spend her 9th birthday 💕
Tomorrow Pudge turns 9!! 🎂🍩🎉🎈 and we’ll be on our way to @meowfestival in Toronto. Come out and celebrate Pudge’s bday, snap a photo with her in her birthday hat, and grab some Pudge merch. Ticket proceeds benefit @torontocatrescu 💕
Pudge lovin all the gentle head scratches at her meet and greet yesterday. She could sit here all day like this 😌 See you all again today!  Say hi in the comments if these are your arms! ❤️ @catconworldwide @katvondbeauty
Pudge on a plane ✈️ on her way to @catconworldwide! She always impresses me (and everyone else on the plane) with how relaxed she is. Her meet & greet at CatCon for Saturday and Sunday are all sold out! We’re so excited to meet everyone this weekend 💙
Baby pudge slays my heart ❤️ Her 9th birthday is only a few weeks away!  #tbt #babypudge #cancerseason♋️