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Baked Potato King

Instagram photos and videos at Baked Potato King

Been baking potatoes all weekend and I think this one is just about done 🥔
Happy #tongueouttuesday from this stunning velvet potato!
Just a little Sunday night baked potato-ing 🥔
Baked potato or otter?
Baked potato 🥔 swipe left 📷: @mikey.schmid
The baked potato transformation process is exhausting. Extra naps must be added to the schedule for optimum baking. 🐶 to 🥔
“Alright. I give in. My #tenyearchallenge “ #bakedpotatolife
It’s Monday and I’m still a potato #chinpix
Ready for some mashed potatoes
I don’t think he actually did #%*k Kim Jong. But I bet it would be a dope song! Someone else do hashtags... Please... Courtesy of battleapp and @ninjanoyz
Baked Potato King. Midtown West, NY. 1:30 PM. I am all about the street food and carts and this one is my absolute favorite. I have been going to the Baked Potato King for the past 8 years and it never disappoints. The cart is located at the corner of 40th & Broadway and offers two types of potato’s- regular and sweet potato. You can get any toppings and it is just $5! Definitely check this place out next time you’re in the midtown area. #eeeeeats
#bakedpotatoking & Baked Potato Prince #nofilter