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LA Opera

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Adventures to the opera
It was an absolute dream to witness the artistry of @reneeflemingmusic @dovecameron and @brianstokesm last night. “The Light in the Piazza” at @laopera was everything and more. So glad I got to share this incredible experience with my sister and fellow theatre geek @ellymark6 .
- @litpmusical w @liana_hk was astonishing
Girls Night ✨
a casual friday at the opera 💁🏽‍♀️
I’ve been obsessed with musicals for as long as I can remember but I hadn’t ever seen one live before today. This was a dream come true 💕 #bestdateever
With Rene Fleming A Light in the Piazza, this night #laopera #lamusiccenter #cityoflosangeles #california
It’s the final weekend of Light in the Piazza where we’ll be backstage in the quick change booth flexing the old musical theatre muscles 🏃🏽‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️ Styling and application on Renee Fleming by me and on Dove Cameron by @daniellerichterdesigns  Wigs designed and built by #campbellyoungassociates  onstage 📷: Craig T Mathew #wigstyling #wigstylist #lightinthepiazza #laopera
Beautiful Light in the Piazza at LA Opera #laopiazza #laopera #lightinthepiazza #musicaltheater #opera
So grateful and happy to be spending my birthday with my true love, @tedtakes5 and my first love, musical theatre. ✨💗🎭
Bringing some culture into the Jensen-Cole household! Finally seeing Light in the Piazza with my husband starring my childhood idol, Renée Fleming. To say I'm *excited would be a severe understatement. *see glazed look in my eyes  #laopera #laopiazza
I am on a flight back to NYC from LA, where I was able to see The Light In The Piazza at @laopera: a score and a show that I have adored for years, but never saw live (excluding the wonderful PBS recording, which I have of course seen many times). Friends, I have no words. I’ll mention that I was worried that the musical would somehow be “opera-fied” and lose the magic of the piece, but this production couldn’t be more of a musical (albeit with an opera sized orchestra led with magic by my sometimes collaborator Kimberly Grigsby). And that’s what this musical is, magic. MAGIC. I knew that already, but man, I’ve been thinking about it non-stop for 24 hours, and here are just a few thoughts rattling around my brain: •Clara is such a bold, interesting, nuanced character to put on stage, and the first act is really a mystery of what’s actually wrong with her isn’t it... •Guettel’s score on the OBCR highlights the chromaticism, the INSANITY of what’s happening harmonically...but in the theatre it just melts over you in a completely different experience. It sounds so, so deceptively simple. Dark magic. •In the theatre leaning into that language barrier is just so remarkable. This production had subtitles, but not for the Italian. It just hammered home what a bold storytelling choice that is. •The fact that Margret isn’t a force of obstruction for Clara anymore after she hears the title song, but is in wild inner conflict is just so unexpected and amazing. •If you have those melodies, you can do anything musically. Anything. Okay, I’m done rambling here. Excited to be home soon, but sad I can’t go back...
love dressy date nights ✨
Spending the evening with Renée, Dove, and Brian. #laopera #laopiazza
Enjoying a wonderful night at LA Opera. About to see Light In The Piazza!  #laopera #laopiazza #datenight
I’m very happy to have seen the wonderful Renée Fleming again, on the stage of the LA Opera! Already looking forward to the next time, hoping it’ll be soon! #laopera #reneefleming #dorothychandlerpavilion #lamusiccenter #opera #musical #theater #losangeles #socal #california #ig_california
the light in the piazza was like living in a heavenly italian renaissance painting 👼🏼
Bravi a tutti! Bellisima produtzioni! #laopera #laopiazza
Opera night tingz👒☀️👼🏻
𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑳𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑷𝒊𝒂𝒛𝒛𝒂 . . . #laopera #laopiazza #anightattheopera
I am bursting at the seams. Filled to the brim with tears. Chloe, I adore you. I am so proud of you. You know how much I love you. Us forever
OHMYGOOOOOSHHHHH!!! NBD, just hanging out at @laopera with @stevelimonesphotography tonight for the gorgeous production of Light in the Piazza with the DIVA powerhouses @dovecameron and @reneeflemingmusic . So much beauty tonight😭. What a gift this was. I’ll be raving about this for years to come! 👒👗 🇮🇹
The most beautiful night of my life, seeing Dove Cameron perform in person was transformative (⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ⌑ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝) • • • • #lightinthepiazza #laopiazza #laopera #dovecameron #theatre #musicals
Another night, another amazing show ❤️#laopiazza @litpmusical
Don’t miss it! The Light in the Piazza closes Sunday at #laopera Starring Renée Fleming, Dove Cameron, Rob Houchen and Brian Stokes Mitchell.
The Light in the Piazza was so beautiful and of course I cried. @dovecameron, you’re a goddamn class act, thank you for your talent 🖤
“You should fight for love” #laopera #thelightinthepiazza 🥰#operagloves and good company for a fabulous evening. I feel so blessed to have people in my life who can treat me to such amazing experiences #luckygirl
Mother daughter night watching a musical about a mother trying to protect her daughter from falling in love because she (Spoiler Alert) got kicked in the head by a pony? (Spoiler Alert 2) They talk about the pony a lot.
Went to Light At The Piazza, and left after the first act. I would leave earlier if they allowed me to just throw myself over the balcony. I shall not give my honest opinions about such a piece of turd. But we did dress up, had a decent-ish dinner at a restaurant nearby although the menu was full of raw food that was called living food (cooked under 100 Fahrenheit, if you are curious), and missed the crowds at the parking lot thanks to leaving in the middle of the turd. 😁 It is such a shame to see Renee Fleming for the first time live in such a piece of turd. I refuse to give my opinions on such matters, on such shitty pieces of turd. Oh well... @laopera #lightatthepiazza #musical #turd
LA Opera
On our very first date, @belenzon made a Light in the Piazza reference, which I didn’t get because I’d never seen the show. 13 years later, we’re at the @laopera finally experiencing it together (me, for the first time). #laopera #laopiazza #lightinthepiazza #theaternerd
Light of piazza
Met Brenna D’Amico from The Descendants at The Light in the Piazza. She is so sweet and beautiful in person ❤️#LAOPiazza #laopera
Renée Fleming in the Light in the Piazza!!! #laopera #datenight #withmybabe
Renee,Renee...Renee .
Date night with the fancy boo. 🥰🥰🥰 #operaescapades #lightinthepiazza
#tfw you realize there are only four more days until we close #laopiazza. Don’t be the person who waits to buy their tickets until it’s too late. Click the link in our bio now! 📷: Craig T. Matthew
@dovecameron in the light in the Piazza 🥰💞 #thelightinthepiazza #dovecameron #thomasdoherty #domas @laopera @dovecameron @thomasadoherty @reneeflemingmusic
I plan on posting LA pics for the rest of the year. I have a back catalogue and normal life will not provide this level of content. My insta soul will disregard live location and reside in LA until further notice. Enjoy the mask of permanent glamour my insta now wears. (to the filter shamers - the black and white hides sunburn and spots, be humble)
Seeing “The Light in the Piazza” was an absolute dream! I’ve waited SO long to see it on stage. The first show I ever did in Los Angeles that completely stole my heart & a role I will be waiting, with open arms, to age into. You won’t regret seeing this one ♥️💨👒 • • • •  #thelightinthepiazza #laopera #adamguettel #favoritescore
Strap in because @tenorjaviercamarena is going to blow you away this Sunday, Oct. 20. This will be a high-flying, one-night-only event we can guarantee you won’t want to miss. Visit the link in bio to buy your tickets today!
Forever inspired by miss Holly Golightly. 🤷🏼‍♀️
The Light in the Piazza
Magical moment captured at the after-party 💕✨ @dovecameron @bonniejwallace
SO incredibly proud of my sister, @dovecameron, for her opening night of Light In the Piazza at LA Opera!! Her voice shines with fullness, depth, luminous and shimmering tenderness, and a rip-your-heart-open, devastating openness that only comes from true connection to something greater. What an honor to be your sister, Chlo 💕🌞 To see your dream come true to play Clara made my heart soar with pride and emotion. As always seems to be true, we were too caught up in the magic to take pictures, so I am left with beautiful memories that leave an indelible mark on my heart 💛💛💛👒🌞🌹
Loved seeing The Light in the Piazza at the LA Opera!! Renee Fleming, Dove Cameron and Celinde Schoenmaker were absolutely fantastic!! This show is so important to me and it was so wonderful to revisit it 🧡
it’s safe to say you’ve reached a historical level of luckiness when your school affords you the privilege of watching a musical, starring an actual legend, @laopera for a whopping 10 bucks !! insane! 🤯
As a concierge I always get asked for ideas on what to do... date nights, daddy-daughter nights, “something different” nights. Saturday evening I went to the opera! Yup, I got to check out the @laopera’s The Light in the Piazza at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. It was great! . . Admittedly, it had been a while since I had been to an opera. This show was a perfect reminder of what great productions we have in LA! . . Make a night of it and head downtown! For 20 percent off your tickets, use the code: SOCIAL20 . . And let me know if you go! I’d love to hear what you thought of the production! . . 📸 by @journeywithjorge . #sponsored #laopera #laopiazza #saturdaynight #dtla #happeningindtla
Tres mujeres 🥰
The Light in the Piazza was a lovely , just right~ combination of an opera and a musical. It’s a very touching love story and filled with beautiful love songs that I’ll be searching to find ~so I can keep listening to them. 💜 Anne arranged for us to meet the extremely talented Rene’e Fleming after the show and she was so kind and gracious. What a treat! And I discovered tonight that Rene’e studied at the same schools Mom studied voice at~ Juilliard and Eastman. Small world. 💞Thank you so much Carol, for such a fun day.😊 ❤️🎶💫
Good music and good friends make a great Sunday