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Advocate Center - Bulls Training Facility

Instagram photos and videos at Advocate Center - Bulls Training Facility

they really wanna Speak... And know...#theunseenh00rs ⏰  @zachlavine8 @drewhanlen
On that late night grind 😤 #runwithus
All smiles at the office today! #bulls basketball is almost back 🔴⚫️
⏳😤 #runwithus
So.. long post time!! Brooooooooo, I can’t even begin to fathom what happened today. I finally met and learned from the person I’ve been watching since I started dancing. @willdabeast__ I still remember the choreo to upgrade you and clique. Hahah I used to put #immabeast on all my dance videos. I’m still mind blown. And what made this even more crazy is the fact the first person I ever learned from taught at my First Professional Audition ever!! @willdabeast__ Thank you for inspiring young cats like me. It means a lot. You open doors not only for the dance community but for people who didn’t have the resources to go to LA and train. I wanted to say more to you but I was still starstruck and nervous. I couldn’t stop smiling lol. Your choreo was sick and I know I’m gonna be sore for a while. Thanks again for coming out here from the tour. I never knew you trained in Chicago as well. You were relatable and humble and there’s not a lot of people left in the world like that!  Also, I MADE THE BULLS 312 DANCE TEAM!!!! My Legs Still Feel Like Noodles!! Today is going down in fucking history!!
FEAR NONE 😤 - Year 2 🔜
City boy 🌃❤️
2️⃣4️⃣ • 8️⃣ Who else is ready for #bulls basketball to be back?! #runwithus
@laurimarkkanen has been putting that work in 👀😤
With Labor Day tomorrow, another season looms. Media around the corner and the season right behind it. Can’t wait to see what these guys bring #bullsallsummer
@cobywhite in the lab 😤 #runwithus
🅾️🅿️ getting that work in 💪
🎥 Rolling with the homies. Take a look Behind The Scenes 👀 #runwithus
Pretty cool stage. Thanks @chicagobulls for having me come talk about what the Stoics can teach about overcoming obstacles and building a resilient organization.
Did you know that lifting heavy weights puts you (or your athletes) at a “high risk” of injury?  Jk, that’s ignorant.  It still amazes me how many of these “just for the camera trainers” will work with athletes less than a handful of times and feel qualified to critique that athlete’s current and past training... Like bro, he could jump out of the gym before he met you.  It’s pretty easy to have an athlete do some ignorant, non specific, non periodized, “feel the burn” garbage.  What’s tough is having that athlete’s best interests at heart, caring about his health and his career, and convincing him to do the “fundamental” stuff really well - even if sometimes it’s not quite as fun.  In case you’re still reading, heavier loads have all kinds of cool training effects and adaptations like high threshold motor unit recruitment, increased rate coding, improved axial tension and stability, muscular strength that is biomechanically similar and has transferability to the needs of many sports.  Did I mention that generally, an improvement in absolute strength will allow you (or your athletes) to perform tasks with a reduced risk of injury.  It’s important to understand that athletes are not thrown into situations where they are asked to move weight they are not ready for; without a good training background and proper progression.  Or not, whatever. @thenbsca @mjstrength
When they ask who you’re reppin’ 🏀 #chicago ........⠀ Shop Nike & New Era at the #madhousestore. ☎️: 312-455-4600 to place an order. ⠀ ⠀ #bullsnation #runwithus #madhouseonmadison
On that grind 😤
Alway’s lit🔥when 📸: @lanezphoto is around. #youthhoops🏀💯!
@chicagobulls thank you for the great experience!!!
Shoutout to @lanezphoto! One of the best in the game 🙏🏼 Bulls Nation Youth Hoops Summer Camps ✅ Time for the 2019-2020 NBA Season!! #bullsnation #bullsarchives #bulls #season #nba #basketball #summer #youth #chicago #chicagobulls #jordan #nike #13
Your not a real bulls fan if u don’t know these 2 guys 😆
Had another great time at the last @chicagobulls Youth Hoops Camp of the summer. Got a chance to meet some Bulls legends. Loved working with our coaching staff!! #bulls #bullskidnation #4ptplay #borntolead #basketball #basketballislife
Bulls camp!!🏀
Watch out  @nba @wnba I got a army I’m training Lets Go Gabby @chicagobulls
Anteaus Bball camp! At the Chicago bulls training facility (kinda friggin dope!)
⏳😤 - How much longer until Opening Night?! #runwithus
Today was the most fun @chicagobulls @therevivalists #lollapalooza
In the lab 💪
4/5 from 4pt Range. I’m challenging @yo_prefiero_ant @litfuse_ @edmcghee1 @bgarrett_5 @andrew_choi9 @ryangaynor3 @ryan_cicenas @ryandeppen @joe_jackson_workouts @joehanelskills to match it or do better from the same distance (5 feet behind NBA line, 9 feet behind High School). Have to get your own rebound & dribble to halfcourt after each shot.
thus was my best shot from the @cobywhite and @big.dandan presser today. @chicagobulls @nba @goheels @unc_basketball #tarheels #tarheelbasketball #razorbackbasketball @arkrazorbacks #2019nbadraft
Here are three pics from @cobywhite introductory #pressconference @chicagobulls what a classy young man. I wish him well. #gdtbath #gdtbath💙🐑 @goheels #tarheelnation #tarheelinexile #tarheelbasketball @unc_basketball
Looking sharp and ready to get to work 👀
Yep. That looks right.
Welcome to Chicago, @big.dandan! 💪🏾
Welcome to Chicago, @big.dandan and @cobywhite 🔴⚫️
#nbadraft coverage on ESPN1000!
The Sun Times Joe Cowley ready to ask has Gar been fired yet 😂
NBC’s coverage of the draft tonight
New #bulls guard Coby White answers my question about battling current starter Kris Dunn in training camp
Show is on now!! #nbadraft
Its lit 🔥 #nbadraft2019 #bulls
The @chicagobulls are almost on the clock. Will they trade up from #7 for Darius Garland or Coby White? We’ll have the countdown to 2nite’s #nbadraft #live from #bulls draft headquarters at 5&6 on @cbschicago!
Just another day at the office 💪
📍PRE-DRAFT WORKOUTS - The Bulls had 6 prospects for pre-draft workouts today. SWIPE through for more 📸! L to R: Miles Reynolds, Charlie Brown, Michael Finke, Grant Williams, Tremont Waters and Jon Davis.
Draft prospect @sekou_doumbouya_ was in for a workout with the team today. - SWIPE through for more. What do you think, #bullsnation?
New Arrival: 2019 Chicago Bulls Draft Collection 🧢⠀ ⠀ Get your #bulls Draft Cap today at the #madhousestore! Available in snapback, adjustable, and knit styles.⠀ ⠀ #neweracap
Zach, Lauri, Wendell, Otto & Hutch were all at the Advocate Center today WORKING. Chemistry is not a problem with this squad 😈 RUN WITH US TO THE PLAYOFFS IN 2020.
Draft prospect Jarrett Culver was in for a workout with the team today. How do you think @jarrett_23 looks in Bulls red, #bullsnation?