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Anaheim Convention Center - Hall D

Instagram photos and videos at Anaheim Convention Center - Hall D

First large corporate conference presentation was a success. While not to capacity, I’d say ~150 attendees is a fair bit better than the academic crowds I used to get #win #workplacedesign #workplace #nerd #disneyland #corenet
Basta de permitir que aún controlen nuestra realidad hombres que ya están muertos.
Ig wouldn’t let me post but thank you so much @pizzalynda and @ivonne_bom_bom for inviting me and letting me stay with you ily💖💖
Loving our model @iamkellycapp. Thanks @theswitzergroup_la for stopping by @corenet_global today!! Hope you loved the @spacestor new Residence Max booth! #icanhearyounow #phonebooth #workplace #corporatedesign #lgsgroup
Dang! I missed so many friends at #pma #freshsummit this year. @mbriseno11 and I tried to fit it all in and just couldn’t do it. Hope ya’ll had a great show!
We are officially 1 month away from @designercon 2019 get excited everyone 🥳🥳🥳. We have so many great panels planned for everyone and thanks to @ntwrk we will be bringing it to you on a redesigned stage and don't forget to check out @ntwrk booth 1200 all weekend long because you won't want to miss their exclusive drops, but why wait download their app now to see what you might be getting even before our actual event 😉. _______________________________________ Did you book your Hotel room from @hiltonanaheim Yet ? Special Rate is now available when you book via our website. Rooms are going fast don’t miss out !!! _____________________________________  @designercon will once again be offering VIP (3-day) for $70 each, Weekend (Sat & Sun) $35 each, One Day (Sat or Sun)$20 each. *Price will change on November 15th, 2019* as always Kids 12 and under gets in show for FREE !!! ______________________________________ @designercon Returns  November 22-24, 2019 Anaheim, CA - VIP Night November 22nd 5pm to 9pm (VIPs ONLY) - November 23rd VIP Entry 9Am  General Admission 10Am to 7pm - November 24th 10am to 6pm (VIPs gets Priority Entry before GA) - 2018 Vendors DO NOT need to fill out the waitlist.  ____________________________ #savethedate #dcon #designercon #art #toys #collectible #anaheim #orangecounty #theoc #dcon2019 #designercon2019 #sponsored #sponsorship #ntwrkapp #ntwrk #exclusives #countdown #30dayatogo
#freshsummit 2019🥑🥑🍃
Which one would you choose? #lamborghini#mercedes#brabus#supercar#big
Thank you everyone for this awesome experience. I had such a great time promoting @ Torres Empire Show 2019 and thank you to everyone taking pix @nok_falcon @purolujomagazine @nokturnal_car_club_worldwide @nok_818_sfv @saldivar_photos @felixv8888 video cred @sittin__low #calimodels #ocmodels#modelsofinstagram #anaheimconventioncenter #ftcimages#purolujomagazine #torresempiresupershow2019 #torresempiresupershow #lowridermodels#lowriders#carmodels
Lots to celebrate this weekend on all fronts!! Our booth ROCKED the show winning the Best First-Time Exhibitor Award 2019 🙌🙌 ! What a fun and exciting experience this was. So proud of the design and thankful to work with such a great team to execute the plan. @jooliesdates is certainly a first date to remember 😜🌴🌴Waking up the sleepy category with branding that makes you smile 😃 @producemarketingassociation #freshsummit! #joolies #medjooldates #dates #tradeshowdesign #produce #grocery #branding sorry (not sorry) another #humblebrag 🥳🤪
Pma los Ángeles
Whahhhhhhhhhh, he kissed me 🤭. #love #friends #travel #work
This last weekend I went to #freshsummit , also know as the #pma, in Anaheim. All I can say about the experience was WOW! I was pushed out of my comfort zone and experienced so many emotions. . Friday was day 1.. day one was HORRIBLE! I walked into the Anaheim Convention Center feeling so overwhelmed by the 22,000 people that were there. I was walking into the biggest produce convention of the year. The largest companies in the world were here and this scared me! I was so intimidated by these large companies that I automatically compared myself and my business to them. I didn’t think that my company was good enough, I didn’t think I was good enough to be here. I walked around the expo for 1 hour before I worked up the courage to talk to a company & man did that go bad! I froze, I didn’t know how to answer his questions, I felt lost! Why? No idea! I know my business, I know the answers to his questions but I walked in telling myself I wasn’t good enough and made myself believe that. After that conversation I wanted to die. I walked around for 3 more hours without speaking to a single person. I finally worked up the courage to talk to 4 more people and I was done. .  Saturday.. I woke up dreading going to the expo! I started my morning by going to the hotel gym. The first thing I noticed walking up to the gym was this lady jumping around doing a workout and that caught my eye. The closer I got the moves looked familiar, she was doing Morning Meltdown 100 and I felt this sense of comfort come over me. (I know, that probably sounds so silly but after the previous day I was searching for “home”). I walked in with my Shakeology sweatshirt on and I started to make my energize, this is when the lady noticed me and seemed to have a sense of relief. We had this unspoken bond and clicked. She paused her workout and we chatted for a couple minutes. She went back to her workout and I started my personal development. My devotion that was was about being brave and
We wrapped up a complete UX experience for client @westpakavocado at @producemarketingassociation #freshsummit. With 22,000 people in attendance the booth received plenty of foot traffic and eyeballs on the video we made for their 118” inch LED screen & @oculus avocado VR Grove. In addition, we had the opportunity to capture interviews & social stories with top 🥑 industry leaders for their new series, the #avoeffect & explore live activations from @avocadosfrommexico, @pomwonderful, @chiquitabrands & more. We can’t wait to show you all the avo-awesomeness coming soon! #strategyyoucansee
Such an amazing rose display! How could we not sit for a picture! 😍🥰 🌹 #freshsummit
E A T ▪️A V O C A D O 🥑 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #soft #avocadotoast #la #anaheim #méxico #keepcalm #eat #avocados #afm #california #green #casual
Josh Keyes @joshkeyesart will be featured in our booth @designercon this November 22-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The gallery will be located in the Beyond Eden section of the fair at booth 3627. ⁠ About DesignerCon: #designercon is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer apparel with urban, underground and pop art.  Thinkspace is honored to have been invited to curate our Beyond Eden multi-gallery event as part of DCon moving ahead. We’re looking forward to participating this year alongside some of our favorite galleries: @laluzdejesus @moderneden @darkartemporium⁠ @kpprojectsgallery and @tierradelsolgallery⁠  Get on the artwork preview list by subscribing to our newsletter via our website (link in our bio). A link will be shared via email the day before the event opens to the public. ⁠ #thinkspacefamily #contemporaryart #artcollector #instaart #artoninstagram #newcontemporary #artoftheday #dcon2019 #designercon #designercon2019 ⁠#beyondeden2019 #globalwarming #polarice #iceberg #joshkeyes
We had an amazing experience attending the PMA Fresh Summit Convention + Expo! We are so thankful to have had this opportunity to explore and network with different produce companies in the industry. Along with also attending  informational and eye opening seminars! #vcag#pmafreshsummit2019#freshsummit
A very expensive car collection. #pagani#supercar#fast#expensive
Some more glimpses from PMA Fresh Summit Expo 2019! #freshsummit #kimaye
Huge Shoutout to @drinknilo for doing God’s work curing hangovers this weekend at the #pma.  Also, you can blackout drinking White Claws
I rarely post photos of myself, but this I want to share. Thank you, @producebusiness for recognizing me as one of this year’s #40under40 of this amazing industry. It was truly an honor and be surrendered by friends, my Mom, business colleges and friends that have to turn into family, made this moment even more special. Thank you all that came, and made me walk out the stage with the biggest smile.@3l3na_h, thank you thank you thank you!!! - @neeciej Amazing that we got this on the same year! - Of course, the biggest thank you goes to my parents, I would not be here without their guidance, example, love and believing in me as they do. #produce #lovemywork #nowornever #marketing
Made my manager cover for me to take this pic 📸 #win #pmafreshsummit #iwanttogohome #justanothershow
Anytime you get us together we elevate everything around us!!! My bro’s for 30+ @supermario_ie @marquis_allday
I don't speak english, i'm mexicano 👌🌵🇲🇽
Avocado margarita samples at the Health Expo at the Anaheim convention center
The hardest photo genres for me are photo journalism and street photography. Photo journalism is extremely fast paced and oftentimes dangerous. Street photography has the same characteristics, definitely, the impact is less severe, as missed shot is usually just a disappointment for photographer and the rest of the world will live without it, and in most cases one can just delete photos if "street model" doesn't want her photos to be taken, but I've read stories of photogs being hit in the face and cameras smashed on the concrete 😬⠀ ⠀ I am really bad at both genres 😁 and promised myself to practice in street photography on my family and friends, just pretending they are strangers 😁⠀ ⠀ Shot taken 📷 #withmysony #a7rm4 and #35mm ⠀ ⠀ f/1.8 1/100 35mm ISO200⠀ ⠀ #familytime #вставайиснимай #bealpha #sonyalpha #sonya7rm4 #sonyfe35mmf18 #sonya7r4 #sonya7riv #a7r4 #a7riv #sony35mm18 #sony35mm #35mm18 #streetphotography #kidphotography #kidsphotography #leadinglines
Thanks for visiting us at #pmafreshsummit! We’ll see you next year in Dallas!
@producemarketingassociation #freshsummit was a success! Here’s a look at some of our favorite snapshots from all the Day 1 fun. 🥑💯👌🏻
Gracias Por la invitación. Más que feliz de poder cocinar para PSM Fresh summit En el Pabellón de México . Teniendo el privilegio de usar todo el procuro agrícola ...gracias a @angussteak21 y @aaronmoraflores por el apoyo.. y por la camotiza !! #teammexico #mexico #losangeles #bajacalifornia #biancacastrocerio #asisabemexicali @mcsproductores muchísimas gracias . Por confiar en mí trabajo . #mcsproductores.. gracias a @soyparrilleromx por las sales y Rubs. Fueron usados en casi todas las preparaciones.
El patrón👆