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Tooting Broadway tube station

Instagram photos and videos at Tooting Broadway tube station

#528 by @stalnox
Edward’s getting his groove on for @tootopia #flowerpower #tooting #bestplaceintheworld
Day 589: tootopia
Tooting station. #brasselectroliers
#xrwandsworth out in force supporting the #globalclimatestrike this morning
XR Wandsworth supporting the Global Strike for Climate: Meeting at Tooting Broadway Station at 10am tomorrow  Students and supporters from across London will be gathering for a big demonstration at Millbank from 11.30am.  At 10am there will be a 30 minute rally at Tooting Broadway tube station - Students and supporters in Wandsworth will meet to hear from local school strikers and activists, and then those who can can travel to Millbank together via the Underground.  https://www.campaigncc.org/climate_strike_20_september  Central London rally There will be speakers at the permitted rally which will be 11am - 3pm on Millbank SW1P 3JA (just south of the Houses of Parliament, nearest tube station Westminster) 1pm will be the national ‘Climate Alarm’ moment - alarms for 1 minute, wherever you are  This will be followed by party leaders who will be answering the question: ‘what is your plan’  There will be a kids space with banner making (and quiet prayer space) in Victoria Palace Gardens  Migrant Justice group are hosting a Climate Justice bloc which will be at the front  People are encouraged to stay beyond 3pm to support the strikers in their demonstrations -Supported by UK Student Climate Network, Campaign against Climate Change and others.
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Two Thoughts Of The Day for the price of one at Tooting Broadway station today!
Je m'aime trop....et voila pourquoi je vs aime
Salí del tren y Anita me recibió. Estaba preocupada porque me había atrasado porque hubo un problema de señalización y todos los trenes se atrasaron. Fue lindo poder ver el atardecer
That was a lot of fun, thanks @thebiglondonbaketooting 🍰
I’ve been coming to #tootingbroadway for so many years ... and I never noticed that #tooting really does #lampposts #victorian #tolondon #towimbledon #tootingmassive #friends #bluesky
No pongas excusas.. Ponele el pecho a la vida y rompela... .  #emprendimiento . . . .#sacrificio . . . . #chauzonadeconfort . . .  #bussiness . . . #london🇬🇧
Tooting colour...
Wow! An amazing pic of the sky over Tooting Broadway earlier from @flotography93! Thanks for sharing!
Silhouette & Clouds ⚫️☁️
Thank you to everyone who turned up and got stuck in on our first Tooting Community Litter Pick. We really made a difference, even for just one day! Our aim is to change people’s perceptions of Tooting. We don’t want littering, fly-tipping or any kind of dirty streets. We need the support of the #tooting community to make a change. Who’s with us? #tootingbroadway #tootingbec #tootinglitterpick #community #cleanstreets #tootinghealthystreets #joinus #notolitter #london
TUESDAY 24th September - *Pilates for Lower Back Pain* ⭐️ PILATES CAN HEAL -  The intention of this workshop is to give the class a bit of a ‘back pain’ centred workout as well as sharing tools and exercises that you can do by yourself at home to help alleviate back pain. ⭐️ ✅We will cover some of the important and most injured muscles of the back and discuss some common pathologies such as disc issues, spondylolisthesis and general muscle spasms. We will discuss a bit about the anatomy of the back also. ✅There are lots of exercises that one can do to help ease back pain, but it’s making sure you know the correct technique to benefit. ⭐️Join us (Lexi & myself) on _Tuesday 24th September at 7.30pm_ in Tooting - *LIMITED SPACE* - you can book online now! £22 investment 👌🏻 #pilatesforlowerbackpain #lowerbackpain #posturecorrection #backpain #pilatesfortheback #lookafteryourback #pilateslondon #pilatesheals #healing #therapy #pilatestooting #tootingpilates #tootingbroadway
Pregnant? This one is very much FOR YOU. Kemi! @kemibirthjoyjohnson our go to midwife, is joining us at class THIS WEDNESDAY 11th September@7.35pm - I’m so excited. This session really is going to be so special. Do come & let’s celebrate your pregnancy ❤️ what will we cover? ⭐️ Prenatal Pilates & Pelvic floor tips ⭐️ Hypnobirthing techniques ⭐️ Breath Control  And simply, the wealth of knowledge & wisdom from Kemi & moi! @kemibirthjoyjohnson #hypnobirthing #kghypnobirthing #kghypnobirthingteacher #prenatalpilates #pilatesprenatal #prenatalworkout #midwife #doula #birthpartners #parentstobe #tootingpilates #tooting #pregnant #mumtobe #dadtobe
Tooting Broadway
The scene outside Tooting Broadway station this morning due to the Northern Line being suspended because of a signalling system failure. Please use alternative routes if possible. Let's hope it's up and running soon!
Our awesome MP @drrosena has organised a local petition against #brexit !!! You can sign it online too at drrosena.co.uk #tooting #tootingbroadway #tootingbec #southlondon @tootingdailyprss @balhamdailyprss
London Tooting
TOP ❤🇬🇧
Onde tudo começou e continua 🙏🏾🙏🏾🥰
Anyone spot the inflatable cow at Tooting Broadway yesterday? @vegan.express were marking #worldplantmilkday in collaboration with @animalaid_uk. Chef Charles and Martha the Cow were busy handing out samples of vegan ice cream to members of the public, encouraging everyone to make a switch from dairy to plant based milk/ice cream. Try it for yourself at their restaurant at 913 Garratt Lane. Photo from @vegan.express
Finalmente si fuma!
Times running out
Me doing my shizzle outside the tube, for the first Tooting Community Litter Pick and more pics from the day! #tooting #community #tootinglitterpick #london #love #respect #dosomethingcool #keepbritaintidy #dirtystreets
Still buzzing from Sunday! It was the first Tooting Community Litter Pick and look at all these people that turned up to make a difference in their community. Overwhelmed with the love and positivity about doing something that’s a gross really. I definitely don’t enjoy picking up other people’s litter, but I was so sick of the state of Tooting I just had to do something! But it doesn’t end here! More work needs to be done to change people’s attitude towards littering/fly-tipping and greener streets. Thanks to everyone who turned up and @healthytooting for making it happen! The next one will be announced soon! . . #tooting #healthytooting #greentooting #litter #flytipping #community #makeadifference #postive #love #respect #voluteer #london #britain #keepbritaintidy
Street style .....and Mummy, models don’t smile.
Fed up with gum on the streets? There's now a gumdrop outside Tooting Broadway station. Here's hoping it leads to more around Tooting!
A fantastic turnout for today's Tooting Community Litterpick! Congratulations to @jennylou_lpdxx & @healthytooting for organising!
Love this pic by @keatphotography who captured Tooting Broadway looking beautiful, despite the rain! Thanks Laura!
Nostalgic visit to Tooting with the kids
IRMANDADE.  Dois jogadores de squash tem a brilhante ideia de ir pra Inglaterra para treinar, ok. Dois jogadores de squash vivem um periodo no berço do squash e em um país da Europa, ok. Mas a real meu irmão, que ninguém larga ou abdica de tudo para fazer esse corre. Ninguém quer treinar de verdade realmente. Ninguém quer passar perregue de grana, viver com o dinheiro contado, e fazer rifa,vakinha para viver um sonho ou simplesmente poder trabalhar. E tio, nós fizemos isso. Não estou aqui para dar uma de vitima e sim bater no peito e falar que quebramos tudo aqui em London. Toda experiencia, tudo que passamos aqui e tudo que enfrentamos, ficará marcado. E hoje se fecha um ciclo. Te desejo tudo de melhor nessa volta pro Brasil. Voltando gigante Mat. Vamos com tudo. @carbonieri @matheuscarbonieri // Two squash players got the brillant idea of moving to England to train squash, ok. Two squash players are living a period at the squash land and in a country of europe, ok. It sounds amazing, and it is. But the real it is that no one leaves everything or abdicate family and homeland comfort to do what we did. No one wants to train for real. No one wants to live with the money counted for a month or living by raffles and Crowdfunding money to live a dream or simply work. I am not here to be the victim. I am here to say that I am really proud of what we did, bro. All the expierence, all we have passe through. It is going to be marked on our lifes forever. Today, a life cicle has ended. I wish all the best on your returning to Brazil Mat. You coming back giant. Let's do it. . . . #osmlkdetooting #tooting #broadway #62 #selkirk #road #sw17 #london #pracimadeles #gogobbigo #psa #delta #deltateam #deltasquash #squash #nsb #x5automoveis #tecnifibre #redd #ecpinheiros #gopinheiros
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