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Seattle, Washington

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@Babins ❣️✌️
Letting the Army borrow you always makes me nostalgic no matter how long you’ll be away. Old Leslie would have moped..but instead I’m choosing to thank God that I have someone so wonderful to miss and adventure with. You are IT, Johnson. I can’t wait to crack cold ones together when we’re 80 years old 💋
📍places i’d rather watch the rain
Conoce a Laura Plazas dueña de @misdulcesemociones nuestra Latina Maker de la semana! Laura Plazas nació en la ciudad de Bogotá, Colombia. En sus años de infancia creció en un hogar en el cual siempre le enseñaron el valor de la humildad, perseverancia y fe. En su adolescencia, sus padres tomaron la decisión de mudarse a Caracas, Venezuela y fue en esa ciudad donde ella comenzó su carrera de las artes culinarias a los 23 años, motivada por sus padres quienes siempre la impulsaron a ir tras sus sueños. Sin embargo, no fue sino hasta el año 2015, que se mudo a los Estados Unidos, donde tuvo que enfrentarse a un proceso de adaptación totalmente nuevo para ella que encontró su verdadera vocación y pasión por la repostería, motivada por su pequeña hija y el deseo de brindarle siempre un futuro mejor. 🙌🏽 En el transcurso de estos años se ha enfocado en descubrir combinaciones de sabores e ingredientes gourmet para perfeccionar cada producto. El 2018 obtuvo su título como Chef Pastelera el cuál es avalado por la Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Sevilla, Gastronómica Internacional y la Universidad Latinoamericana. 💪🏽 @misdulcesemociones es la muestra de que las mejores ideas vienen en momento de necesidad y que los sueños si se pueden hacer realidad trabajando con pasión, disciplina, compromiso y amor. 👏🏽 Tenemos que decir mas? Esta emprendedora nos inspira y nos empuja a saber que es posible hacer cualquier sueño realidad fuera y lejos de casa. Orgullosos de tener a Laura como parte de nuestra comunidad en Latina Makers Club.
If you love fall most of all, then come join me for a fall mini session this October! ⠀⠀ I’m hosting fall mini events on 3 different dates, at 3 different locations this year. ⠀⠀ ‪10/19 – Marymoor Park, Redmond‬ ‪10/26 – Bothell Landing Park, Bothell‬ ‪10/27 – Willis D Tucker Park, Mill Creek/Snohomish‬ ⠀⠀ 2019 fall mini sessions are include; ⠀⠀ - 20-min session for immediate family - ALL hi-res digital images, fully edited in color (approx. 20+ images) - 7 business day turnaround on final image delivery - Self-printing rights ⠀⠀ $299 + tax ⠀⠀ Spots are filling fast – BOOK NOW (link in profile) ⠀⠀ Happy fall ya’ll! ⠀⠀ #missypalacolportrait sesh w/ @lindsaylittle
, and so it begins
city 2
WHASUP ? ? ? Gostaram do look ? ||||| did you guys like it my outfit ? . . . . . , . . #carmushka #outfitideas4you #falloutfits #seattlewa #bellevue #fashionblogg
en 🐩's .. missing them
Hello again my friend. 💕 #seattlewa
Lovely clear quartz generator, $19. Isn’t it perfect? Clear quartz is one I can’t get enough of, in any format. To claim this beauty, comment MINE or send a dm. #ixchelcrystals #crystals #crystalshop #crystalsale
Mongolian metal masters THE HU came to visit us at @999kisw today!
@avtarotreading is super hype today.Look at that face. LMAO! She will be doing readings at the Under Cover Hippie Gathering Event on Saturday..pretty awesome opportunity! 👉🏽Perks of being a #designer is that you can make your own signs and other collateral! 💕💕💕(Abbie' s tarot practice is one of our many businesses we are nurturing, currently)💕💕💕 . . .  #entrepreneurlifestlye #entrepreneur #design #graphicdesign #hippie #esoteric #tarotcards #tarotreader #lesbiancouple #seattleseller #seattlewa #seattlebusiness #smallbusiness #tarotreading #seattleevents @king5seattle #king5news @seattletimes @etsy #etsysellersofinstagram
Dark Desires. ☻ Some dude asked me to "run it" at the gas station yesterday 🙄 . 🤣 Bonus pic at the end frm Becky! . @bb.fc2 .📸@cojibuilds . . . 👀 checkout our team's page: @loweredleague.official .  #jce10 #jce10norcal #loweredleague #altezzasociety #vvashautocare #luckyknightjp #dailydriven #garagemoonpower #tougedreamers #misofresh #sxe10 #lexus #is300 #lexusis300 #altezza #2jzftw #trd #jdm #ganador #calituners #bcracingna #copeace
Lux and Ivy #thecramps
The forecast calls for more rain.💧😇 - --- Loud CBD Lube is available for delivery across the USA.@heylohemp - -- Sizzle video by @jobe_around_the_globe - ---- #loud #lube #wet #winter #seattle #rain #seattlestoners #cbd #hemp
𝙛 𝙞 𝙜 𝙪 𝙧 𝙞 𝙣 𝙜  𝙤 𝙪 𝙩  𝙮 𝙤 𝙪 𝙧  𝙜 𝙤 𝙖 𝙡 𝙨⁣ ⁣ ✧⁣ yesterday, i made a post about how important it is that you follow your heart and pursue your own goals. but in order to do that, you have to have goals in the first place. let’s talk a lil bit about how to figure out what it is that you want :)⁣ ⁣ ✧ personally i’ve never ever in a million years known what i wanted right off the bat. my process of figuring out what i want usually begins with learning what i do not want. sounds a bit time-consuming but it’s so effective hahah for example, i didn’t know i hated college until i went, and then i withdrew to pursue a writing career. ⁣ ⁣ ✧ or as another example -- i had no clue that i prefer a bigger lower bod and a smaller upper bod until i worked out my arms so seriously that they overpowered my thighs. i didn’t know what i wanted my proportions to look like until i saw something i didn’t like, so i adjusted. the key to figuring out your goals is to simply START -- start where you are and you’ll figure everything out along the way. i promise ya ☽⁣ ⁣ ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⁣ ⁣ ☽ sports bra -- @gymshark⁣ ☽ leggings -- @gymshark⁣
Today, I post my 3rd of my Hulk trilogy of designs. This #custom DVD #design is for the ‘90s Incredible Hulk cartoon series, released by Saban for Marvel. There’s duel reasons why this design is totally green, 3, in fact. The obvious one, is that the Hulk the majority of the time, has been green. The 2nd reason for the choice was I wanted to have the Hulk glowing gamma irradiated. The 3rd simple reasoning was that I was running out of black in in my printer at the time, so I came up with an alternative, lol. ⌨️ #2019 #ink #art #graphicdesign #illustration #drawing #fun #read #comic #reading #comics #hulk #artsy #writer #illustrator #graphic #designer #artistic #arts #artist #hero #inked #artwork #artistsoninstagram #memories
Just throw on some tight high waisted  pants and be the queen you are! Or let it all hang out! Whatever feels right and true to you! My loose belly helped me carry my beautiful girls, helped carry me through a really hard time in my life & showed me how strong I can be. All I want in life is to raise strong confident women & to show women that they are so much more than they give themselves credit for. Answer me this ♡ what's one "imperfection" that you are willing to embrace?
Poison Ivy #thecramps
everyone should visit @haleyalbert_ she brings you cute places and makes apple pie!! 🥧
@entertainmentweekly ‘ @makeusanoffer
I’m a pro at the whole “puppy-dog eyes” thing 🥺
Just Arrived...
She brings so much joy to my life.
Lapis Lazuli Zuni bear. Sardonyx palm stone. They complement each other. Blue and red. The Zuni best is $39, the sardonyx palm is $14. Comment MINE to claim or send a dm. #ixchelcrystals #crystalshop #crystalhealing #zuni #zunibear #lapis #sardonyx #palmstone
I’m just a bit sore 💓
Looking for that purrfect Halloween gift or accessory? 👻 Our Unlucky Cat pin has you covered! (and not in fur) 😸 Now available in the shop!
Wednesday Live Workouts just started this week!  France will be taking the lead on this workout with the focus on balance, flexibility and strength with the use of a chair for support. We hope you all enjoy our new LIVE workouts happening 3x/week!  Next up... Circuit Training on Friday.  Onward and Upward!  #onlinetraining #parkinsonsdisease #exerciseforparkinsons #dailydosepd
I moved to Seattle and got this hat 🙃
It’s #nationalpugday today. But it’s National Celie Day every day at my house. #pug #blackpug #cute #pugs #pugsofinstagram #puglife #dogs #queen #lady #pearls #adorable
Living in the natural
“Nines tend to take a bit of the rough edge off of the criticality and seriousness of Ones.” HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUTHIE RILEY (side note, not her legal name)!Thanks for keeping me sane! 🖤
Happy birthday to one of my fav people on the planet, @lixgilmore !! I’m so glad we met four years ago and can’t wait to celebrate once we are both back in town.
It’s my 28th birthday today and thinking of what to share here, what keeps resurfacing above all else is how incredibly thankful I am that I get to celebrate with @joshua.lee_ (it’s the tenth time we’ve celebrated together!) My heart is bursting hot with gratitude that I get to do life with him, my adventure partner, confidant, and lover for life. | photo credit to the one and only @katieasalerno (it’s seriously one of my favorite photos we have together 🧡)
Just another day in the Pacific Northwest
SEPHORAWEEN DAY 16: 60S first things first: there are two sides to my face, i promise, but with how my lighting is set up i cant take pics of the other half unless its nice out — @sephoracollection brow gel, tinted moisturizer, concealer @nudestix mini nude skin kit @nyxcosmetics white shadow base, pro palette turquoise @katvondbeauty ultrainkliner @narsissist dolce vida lipstick
Yesterday, I posted a photo of my blue fingers, so here’s the reason they turned blue. I decided to play with my spare “featherweight” Strat body.  I mixed some wood filler with black dye to bring the grain out. Then I sanded it back and added a few coats of blue. Finally, I touched the edges up with more black for that burst effect.  This was done with fabric dyes and a rag with some water. Once it’s completely dry, I’ll add a gloss clear coat on top for a bit of shine.  I’ll be talking about this guitar more on my YouTube channel in the near future as well.
Cozy on a rainy day. 😌 #glass#blownglass#merrileemoore#lifeisbutadream#merrilights#color#shiny#warehouse#squizzles#liquidsunshine#art#artist#merrilight#fall
Heading back to my favorite city 🤗
LIKE A BOSS! .. ..happy bosses day .. #bossesday #centurylinkfield #nationalanthem #seahawks #walkedbyciara
Car Wars is here in the Seattle area! It’s so cool seeing one of our awesome dealers here in the Pacific Northwest utilizing the idea of a Director of First Impressions that we talk about.  One more day left of our trip! Sign up to see us by clicking the link in our bio.