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You know what’s awesome about not being liked 🤷🏼‍♂️ I really don’t know lmao because I don’t give a fuck. I never have never will. I keep my circle very small. For a good reason. You can’t trust the person next to you. With any fucking thing. If they are not bound to you for a reason other than knowing each other. I have learned real quick they love to talk mad shit. Fuck what they think. I don’t care if you think you can beat me ...step up... I don’t are if you think your better than me ...step up.... you think your smarter .. step up ! Or shut the fuck up! Now days everyone is a subject matter expert😂 ... so if you don’t hear from me I have my head down I’m working! Not worrying about the rest of the damn world. Working on me ! Not for you! Working on my Business! Again not for you. I don’t care if you think you are the hardest worker in the gym. You are not ...I promise you there is some other person that doesn’t have social media crushing his or her meals everyday. In and out the gym...While we boast on media. There is someone not wearing a damn weight belt with their name on it ... didn’t say pro and looks better than you.... moral to the story check your fuckkng ego. Because you ain’t shit. There is always someone bigger, faster, and stronger!  That’s exactly how I feel when I walk in to the @loscampeonesgym that’s a place we will see who’s big and strong and wants to puff the chest out... for a min you’ll be posing and being one of the biggest in the room... the next min a pro body builder walks in and shows you what having mass is all about. Moral of the story in this whole post is y’all egos are getting out of hand. No one gives a fuck about your social media. Yeah I’m 2x nationally qualified but that don’t mean a damn thing. If I don’t grow I won’t be a contender. Good look for a local wins. But the national stage is bigger and not for the faint of hearts. I guess I like watching people be humbled.
Pull. This was yesterday morning’s lift. Every day that I get to come to the gym is a blessing. I’m back here this morning just waiting for the doors to open so I can go in for legs. Stay tuned... #lift #fit #strong #physique #transformation #progress #improvement #fitnessmotivation #fitness #athomeworkout #workout #bodybuilding #coach #personaltrainer #voluntaryhardship #workoutmotivation #gymmotivation #bodybuilder #powerlifting #motivation #nutrition #food #gains #bulking #squat #deadlift #benchpress #press
Back squats. Feeling a little sore and beat up. Here is my heaviest single of the day at 555.  #strongman #powerlifting #nutrition  #diet #bench #squat #motivation #dedication #instafit #weightlifting #strength #gripstrength #herbstrong #wickedcutz #sinisterlabs
“The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion.” In order build muscle you have to first break them down. When you’re at the point you think you can’t push anymore. Do one more rep. And then another. . . . . . #fitness #gym #workout #fit #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #fitspo #muscle #gains #instafit #fitnessaddict #shredded #fitnessmodel #motivation #strong #exercise #training #girlswholift #gymmotivation #gymtime #physique #gymshark #fitlife #guyswithbeards #guyswithtattoos #gymshark #alphalete
25 days out... 4x2 @ 315 and  4x2 @ 165
[BACK AND BICEPS▶️▶️▶️] I am one brave soul to wear white shoes in @loscampeonesgym 😂. But if you can’t wear white shoes on your birthday, when can you? 😬🤷🏻‍♀️Another back day in the books! [and I’m not even mad that back day fell on my birthday 😜] And Another year older 😅. This last year was a wild ride- I’ve never worked harder but felt more fulfilled in my entire life. I look forward to bringing my 20s to a close with a bang in this next year of life. Thank you all for your sweet messages and for sticking with me and growing with me over the past year. I feel very loved today and everyday, and I’m grateful for every year, day, minute I spend on this earth.  Here’s to 29 🥂- Ok, on to the workout 😬 [Outfit: @ptulaactive Top: Araceli Crop (XS) Legging: Alainah Pocket Leggings (XS)] • • • 1️⃣Mid Grip Pulldown: 4S/6-8R + 3S/10-12R  2️⃣Staggered Stance Bent Over Row: 4S/6-8R each  3️⃣Seated Straight Arm Pulldown: 4S/10-12R  SUPERSET WITH... 4️⃣Close Grip Pulldown: 4S/10-12R paused on full stretch and on contraction  5️⃣Seated Cable Pronated Grip Row: 4S/15R SUPERSET WITH... 6️⃣Wide Straight Bar Cable Curls: 4S/10-12R  7️⃣Machine Reverse Fly: 3S/6-8R drip 6-8R every set  SUPERSET WITH... 8️⃣Recline curls into standing curls: 3S/10-12R recline + 10-12R standing
I’ve been needing to nurse my back (again) since last week and decided it was a good chance to lighten the load and try this forward band variation on pause deadlifts. Me gusta 🤭  Minor muscle spasms aside, I felt like the combination of the band and pause put me in optimal position on each rep. The back pump felt better, and my bottom brace held strong 💪 . . . . . #strongman #powerlifting #bodybuilding #weightlifting #crossfit #deadlift #strengthtraining #startingstrength #startingstrongman #backworkout #fitness #coreworkout #uspapower #unitedstatesstrongman #strongmancorporation #focus #athlete #igfit
Jacqui @jacqui_morgains making heavy shit look light. She is 2 weeks out!  240 for some clusters. Clusters are a great way to dial in technique with singles and squeeze a few extra reps out with heavier weights. She rested 10-15 seconds between reps for a total of 3 reps. That's 1 set.  Sh then took a normal rest between sets of clusters before starting the next set of clusters.  By keeping intensity high and doing more reps, we get more strength. BOOM!
I get all the injuries and all the illnesses but that shit can’t stop me til I’m a cremated pile of ash. Eat dust bitch. 4x8 405lb. On that return to SSJ2. Listen to new music by @gatecreeper , @kublaikhantx & @descentofman_ if you wanna lift heavy. #heavy #powerlifting #straightedge
Some axle bar holds after squats from yesterday. Worked up to (maybe) 250# for an almost 10 second hold. Not sure how much the axle itself weighs. It's light but smooth.  I've been neglecting thick bar work and just relying on holding the barbell, but this isn't bad.  Mostly, I'm excited that squats didn't hurt my hammy anymore, so I'm gonna start adding poundage back onto that. The comeback is on!  #highlandgames #strongman #grip #gripstrength #griptraining #armlifting #latergram
🚨Huge Deadlift PR🚨 It’s a great feeling to hit your old one rep max (485lbs) for a double. It’s an even better feeling knowing that I wasn’t even peaking for a serious deadlift pr. Looking forward to even bigger numbers in the near future!
Here’s a new one! @betitanfit 45lb wagon wheel with a shallow hub. If you have one of these, give it a try!  #strongman #powerlifting #nutrition  #diet #bench #squat #motivation #dedication #instafit #instadaily #weightlifting #strength #gripstrength #herbstrong #thisweekingrip
Great night of pressing with the crew! Got up to a double at 345lbs In plates and about 60lbs in resistance for my last set of doubles.
Let’s talk about failure sets. ⁣ ⁣ Every set of your workout shouldn’t be taken to failure. By failure I mean brutal, grinding, failure (see video). But when it’s time to go there, be ready to go there. If you aren’t a little anxious before these sets, particularly on leg days, you probably aren’t pushing yourself the way you need to to create change.⁣ ⁣ How many sets should be taken to failure? That depends on the context of your entire program and the individuals ability to recover. ⁣ ⁣ I can assure you though, if you’re doing failure justice every set will not be a failure set. Disagree? I would love to take you through a leg day 😈.⁣ ⁣ #zahlersquad #coach #legday #loscampeonesgym #workforit
Had a pretty damn successful developmental block for my first month back in the states.  Recently, training has been put on the back burner, but I always get it done.  Typically, I train as early as I can, around 1 pm seems ideal if I’m prioritizing athletic performance.  However, I haven’t been prioritizing that. I’ve been prioritizing learning new skills (like video editing and training my puppy to name a few..) and maintaining/building stronger relationships with my athletes.  Settling down in one spot has its perks, but they can only be utilized if I make sure to establish a great foundation to build on.  So I’m training around 6:30-7:30 now. I definitely notice a decrease in energy, but it doesn’t seem to have impacted my strength gain too much.  Tomorrow I’m driving down to Lombard IL to meet up with the rest of the @reactivetrainingsystems team and kick some ass with meet day coaching and hanging out/catching up with lifters from around the country.  Anyway, here is 212kgx @9.5 (failed x5@10 due to grip.) even though I missed, I was still very happy with it.  Next block I’ll use x3@9 as mu benchmark and see if I can really push through that 227.5kg barrier and make some progress toward 267.5kg.  #buildmomentum #rts #reactivetrainingsystems #deadlifts #raw # #nationals #usapl.
[CHEST AND TRICEPS▶️▶️▶️] In true gym bro fashion we went for a chest and tri day on international chest day #happymonday. My Chest was actually the only thing that wasn’t sore or tight this morning so it was a win in that area 😬😂. (Last weeks workouts really got me 😅). Nothing like starting the week off strong. And on that note, if you haven’t heard and you’ve asked about this is the past, we are having a sale on our hybrid program today through Wednesday! We will be doing do a live tonight where we will answer any questions you might have or you can check my story for details (use code: BDAY20 at checkout for 20% off) - Happy Monday my friends! [Outfit: @ptulaactive Top: Faith Crop Top (XS) Leggings: Taylor’s in white sage (XS)] -{Long sleeve around my waist is @anomalythreads 👍🏻} • • • 1️⃣Cable Y Raise: 4S/10R [I like to do some variation of this at the start of any chest or shoulder day. Shoulders do a lot of assisting in chest movements and it always helps me to get them warmed up before I do any heavy pressing] SUPERSET WITH... 2️⃣Machine Incline Press (moderate weight- working on activation more than heavy weight): 4S/10R 3️⃣Flat Bench Chest Press: 4S/8-10R  4️⃣Unsupported Neutral Grip Chest Press: 4S/10-12R w/3 sec slow negative [Great movement for working on core control and driving your heels through the ground during your press. Make sure hips stay up]  SUPERSET WITH... 5️⃣Kettlebell Skull Crushers: 4S/10-12R  6️⃣Cable Chest Fly: 4S/10-12R  SUPERSET WITH... 7️⃣Single Arm Kettlebell Kickback: [Pinky leads] 4S/15R each side  8️⃣High Incline Dumbbell Hex Press: 3S/15R  SUPERSET WITH... 9️⃣Cable Pronated (overhand) Grip Tricep Extension: 3S/20R
You’re circle of people determines weather or not you’re going to do positive things or negative things. Find people like minded who motivate you to do great things. Everyone asks me how do you stay so motivated what drives you? Honestly the answer to that question is to find friends that have the same goal that always wanna one up one another to keep you pushing for great things. . . . . . #greatness #friendship #motivationmonday #motvationalquote #bodybuilding #bulkingseason
Things have been crazy lately and I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to. But In honor of my birthday week I wanted to make sure I got one out for y’all.  I did this sequence after a heavy squat day consisting of low bar back squats, high bar pause squats and accessories.  This sequence is French contrast and each exercise should be performed consecutively. By using this plyometric AND unilateral style of training, you’re getting a ton of motor unit recruitment, you’re exposing any strength/ mobility imbalances from one side to the other (for example, I noticed I was much less stable when landing on my right foot than my left- presented in the form of knee valgus). This sequence is specific to athletes, honing in on mechanics, power and building up structural integrity of tendons and ligaments.  From 1st to last video: 1) Hatfield split squat: 2 x 8 done at lighter weight so you can move with decent speed ( I had never done these before, but I am now a big fan! Saw these from @cal.dietz ) 2) split stance unilateral jumps 2 x 5 (reset for every rep, try to jump straight up and down- do as I say not as I do😂) 3)Db weighted single leg box jump 2 x 5 (low box, focus on a stable landing, step back down safely) 4) Band assisted single leg/ pistol squat 2 x 5, these are also a great progression if you’re trying to build up to a body weight pistol squat! * Some of the equipment I used isn’t always  available, great gyms like @loscampeonesgym have everything you need but if you don’t have a safety squat bar, modify by using a barbell in the front rack position or loading with dumbbells or kettlebells*  Feel free to reach out with questions/ comments, have a good Monday everybody!
First Working Set from yesterday’s Leg Training. Fell slightly short of the goal, but we’ll get there next week. ————————————————— Top set shown aiming for Failure in the 8-10 rep range followed by a slight decrease in weight for a second set to Failure.
MOBILITY MONDAY • Active thoracic mobilization. Try this movement on your next back or bench day to help your range of motion. #mobility #mondaymotivation #monday #strength #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #bodybuilding #powerlifting #mobilitymonday
Bold move getting injured on the first exercise of a new training block. Thank the lord for Advil and icy hot - all gas no breaks this training cycle🔥
Hiiii guys😌 So good to be back. Agility ladder work, squeezing in the last few minutes of this MN fall sunshine ☀ It's snowing already now LOL ___ Launching a Pullup Challenge (FOR BEGINNERS) in 2 weeks. If you've read this far, what would you guys wanna see for prizes?? 🏆 ___ Right now I've got: @1stphorm supplements💙 @jednorth clothing gift cards @beam CBD oil @minneninja fitness programs ___ 🎥@thedudeninja and stole a few ideas from @jtm_fit 🙌🏼 ___ #minnesotagirl #agilityladder #outdoorfitness #minneapolismn #minneninjafitness #dowhatyoulove #loscampeones
Why is a woman’s body criticized for what it is not!? Not praised for what it is, what it’s been through, what it’s accomplished & become. Why do we do this to ourselves & others feel like they can do this to others!? Why does a girl think she has the right to compete for  the attention of a woman’s man!? Why do people think they have the right to place judgement instead of learning about someone’s journey!? We are who we allow ourselves to be, we are who we surround ourselves with, we can be our worst enemy or our own biggest fan in life. As I try to establish a new schedule in life, focusing on others before myself has been rewarding, hard & busy all in one. Life has been a whirlwind & I have been extremely hard on myself in every way possible. I am posting this for myself, to remind myself who I am, to find myself again, to set a goal & hold myself accountable. Here’s to a new journey ahead. #hareltrained #selfjourney #teamharel #demandinternalgrowth #noexcuses #findinganewme #support #thisisme #behonestwithyoutself #ifyouneverquityouneverfail
Facts about me, I’ll get it done regardless.  That’s the entire mood. 💪 by: @revivaltrainingllc  Fit from: @iron_sups  Show coming soon: @npctwincitiesopen 😈 #arriving #true #begreat
If the bar ain’t bending you’re just pretending.  #sundayfunday #loscampeonesgym #gainz #deadlift #powerlifting #bodybuilding #fitnessmotivation
“If you do not see it and you do not believe it, who else will?” #classicphysique
#sundayfunday #quadday Grind. Grind. Grind. And then grind some more. Everyday should be productive. Everyday you should feel proud and satisfied with what you accomplished. . . Goals & results are not made by sitting around. It’s as easy as going for a walk... or pay for a personal trainer... they’re there to help you.  My two favorite are @mrs.sweendogg @westin_argir  #grind #goals #results #strongwomen #girlswholift #womenwholift #liftheavyshit
Lazy day at the gym. @loscampeonesgym
Standing calf raises for toner calves 🦵🏽
// She out angled me hella hard.. 😤 - Double tap once you see it! 👀👌🏼
Social media can be frustrating sometimes. It can cause you to compare, doubt yourself, and feel unmotivated to see other individuals doing more than you. Don’t take these feelings negatively, use them as an opportunity to grow, learn, and find your own ways of obtaining your goals and creating your own success. Without social media and the culture of @1stphorm I would have never met these rad individuals! Never doubt the power of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who motivate you and keep you accountable 💪🏼 @austin.loes @joshua_raze @prattkendrick21 . . . . . . #1stphorm #pham #fitness #loscampeones #midwest #minnesota #wisconsin #iam1stphorm #workout #motivation #dedication #success #hustle #work #strong #muscle #goals #train
Suppose to be a rest day but needed to touch some iron. Active rest day a little arm session! #thedefinition #campjansen #lifted #loscampeonesgym #work
Something light🤭 540lbs for 12reps just trying to build my quads up!
‪Progress is slow but it’s worth it 😘‬
Hit 145 lbs again for the first time since my PR a couple of weeks ago. Moved a lot better than then too. 😁 Also had a rep PR, doing 6 sets of doubles at 135 lbs.
Great lift tonight with my Midwest @1stphorm phamily! . South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Legionnaires representing!💪🏻💯 . @austin.loes  @brooklynn_haakenson  @prattkendrick21 . #duespaid #iam1stphorm
Deadlift day. Worked up to 585 x 3. Every week slowly working my way back up. Need to get my body use to heavier weights at lockout. Feeling good so far and putting on emphasis on recovery and nutrition.  #strongman #powerlifting #nutrition  #diet #bench #squat #motivation #dedication #instafit #weightlifting #strength #gripstrength #herbstrong #wickedcutz #sinisterlabs
Just because it’s Friday #chestday #flexfriday
“Fuck yeah!” ME Lower from today.  630 paused close stance box squat in just sleeves.  This is a massive lift for me, 50 pound PR from a month ago while having to walk the weight out.  This is also an incredibly difficult bar.  Extremely happy with this lift.  Followed by 5x5 good morning at 360.  Thanks to @the_schmit_show and the rest of the guys for keeping me safe. . . . #westsidebarbell #conjugatemethod #loscampeonesgym #powerlifting #crossfit #instafit #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitchick #imfat #nattyplustren
Trying to get my 10000 reps in. I think I'm not that close
These women... @tiff.robinson14 @lucienneolson @revivaltrainingllc @iron_sups happened to match today! Awww 😁
wanted to do some different shit for arm day. thanks to @dustyhanshaw08 for the exercise idea, dead stop skull crushers. fuckin hell. and as always thanks to @spudincstraps for keeping my elbows, wrists, and back as healthy as possible (apart from my own stubborn dumbassery) for about 6.5 years. unreal exercise for real tho peeps, only skull crusher variation i've ever done that isn't somehow MURDER on the 'bows. try em. #bodybuilding #cobracorcoaching #deathmetalbodybuilding #oldschooldeathmetal #armworkout
Had a beast workout had great contractions #beastmode #trainharderthanme #trainhardorgohome
trump was in town so I decided to rock a shirt from the only country to ever win a war against the US. 🇻🇳
“Body is not stiff, Mind is stiff.” - Sri K Pattabhi Jois . Our bodies are MADE to move dynamically. Next time you stretch, connect that movement to your breath and feel more into your body. I LOVE working with my training and recovery clients on integrating stretches like these according to what they need most. 🙌 ALSO- we have mobility drill just like this with audio and text instruction loaded on the @revivaltrainingllc app 🙌🏆💪 #revivaltraining #tribe #thisisthebeginning #begreat
Swiss bar floor presses with chains. Working sets went 3,2,2,1. Was a great session with the whole crew tonight. Have to keep the good workouts coming!  #strongman #powerlifting #nutrition  #diet #bench #squat #motivation #dedication #instafit #weightlifting #strength #gripstrength #herbstrong #wickedcutz #sinisterlabs
385 and 400 close grip(about 13 inches closer then usually) Been feeling really out of it and had to see if I have any strength left for competing on Saturday. Ehhh...?
Get outside of your comfort zone.  Find a gym that has some strong motherfuckers.  Find a gym that has veteran lifters.  Learn from said individuals.  Put aside your biases and be open to new approaches to training.  Never stop learning, never stop growing, and do not give into fear. . . . . #westsidebarbell #westsideconjugate #conjugatemethod #crossfit #strongman #multiplypowerlifting #powerlifting #instafit #fitness #loscampeonesgym
Posing part 2♦️♦️♦️ Depending on what class you are in the posing will change. Also it is not a one size fits all. But we have to find what gives you the best look for your class. Throwing a hip from one side to the other or moving a foot... pushing your heels ... squeezing the floor ...gripping with your feet ... lifting a toe.... all those little tips can be the difference in a 1 point decision.... not just the trunks from classic to bodybuilding change ...so does the posing.  Figure from npc to natural change as well. There are similarities but many differences. From mandatories to quarter turns. Still fallowing. You want this win you better live and breath this shit. 😘 #hareltrained #teamharel #bodybuilding #classicbodybuilding #figure #bikini #wellness #womensphysique #mensphysique #natural #npc
Fitting in my training whenever I possibly can lately. After a long day, a this solid snatch session really made my feel better. Making a lot of progress on learning the technique the past two months.  70% snatch // working on technique. Coach: @virtual_reality_kevin  I definitely had to refocus my life to make things work lately - which means my training took a small step back. It’s not always the best feeling to feel like you can’t focus or commit. I just have to remind myself that two steps back doesn’t negate 200 steps forward - and progress isn’t always linear.  #snatches #oly #weightlifting #powerlifter #fleoshorts #fitness #xxfitness #fitfam #powerliftingwomen #girlswholiftheavy #minneapolis #minnesota #training #trainning
We all lift down here.... You'll lift too...
Don’t know what you’re body can do until you test your skills! A year ago 10 reps was my best. Today I hit 4 rounds for max reps (34 (PR), 32, 20, 14, 100 total reps). Highlight the minor progressions and you’ll be pleased where you’re at 6 months from now.#AbCramp #gripstrength #gymnasty #roadto50reps #ringthebellfitness #granitegames #dakotagames #gameday
Strong is beautiful. Trust me when you workout in the dungeon @loscampeonesgym them nails along with the rest of you has to be! But back to this set, this picture doesn’t do this crushed multi-chrome as must justice as it deserves. But damn I’m in love as always. @nailninja_mpls thank you for always making these mitts look something fierce. I’ve been seeing Andrea for sometime now and so here’s the deal I’m about #shoplocal I’m about #supportsmallbusiness I’m about #empoweredwomen how and when I can. Sure, getting my nails done seems like a small way to that, but friend #allthesmallthings add up to big things and spending a little extra time and money to know I’m helping build someone up whose just trying to share the success and paint this world some kind of pretty in the littlest way feels good and right and true. #nailninjampls #chromenails #nailart #nailinspo
In with another solid filming performance 😂. Well good news is I finally hit a new PR! After what felt like years at 185 lbs I broke through with 195 lbs!! Now the program called for 2 and it still ain't much for my sport but we are heading in the right direction. Can't wait to break into the 200s 💪💪💪. #strongman  #usstrongman #unitedstatesstrongman #bigtimetheinnovator #houseofstrengthllc #mettymeals #shoulderpress #babyshoulders
I’m really learning,  How we chose to show up Magnetizes what shows up for you.  I always say how grateful I am for this group of people I call me tribe, clients, friends. They are a large part of my accountability in how I show up in my purpose. It’s “just another” Sunday workout (🔥👑) but a time to connect and grow. #thatsinpurpose 💪 from @revivaltrainingllc ⛽️ from @iron_sups #revivaltraining #begreat #thisisthebeginning