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Another session down on this japanese inspired sleeve. Japan is one of my favorite places in the world! What’s your dream vacation?
New Ink.
I love [chef] Lucy! #ilovelucy #lucilleball
Finished this @itmovieofficial up #pennywise so much fun. Can’t wait to continue it further. I’ll post a healed picture when i can. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary
I had a chance to take my daughter to watch the new Adams Family movie this weekend it was so good!!! Just wanted to share this project with you guys that I am currently working on!
I have a last minute opening tomorrow !  I’m giving a flat rate for an horror portraits ! Shoot me a DM if you want to fill the spot!!!!
Now booking January / February 2020! For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
Excited to be tattooing for a couple days with @blackanchorworldwide and top knotch homie @danmcwilliamsart!  Check out the tattoos i have available on my highlights reel.  For appointments DM me your idea, and specifics on size and where youd like your tattoo.  Lets make magic this halloween week!🍄👺🍂 #melrosetattooartist #hollywoodtattooartist #losangelestattooartist #blackanchortattoo #blackanchorcollective #guyswithtattoos #girlswithtattoos #japanesetattoos #littletokyotattoo #santamonicatattoo #traditionaltattoo #halloweentattoo #besttattooartistsinla #labreatattooartist #walkintattoo
The Adams Family!! Lurach and Wednesday. Now booking December / January for appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!!!
Crowd favourite throwback! I have a few weekday spots left this month if you are looking for something new!
I love October! What’s your favorite horror movie?
It’s almost October aka whole month of Halloween! Who’s heading to Disney this month?!
Black and grey or color roses are some of my favorite things to tattoo!  I have a couple spots open before December/January. Email me to skip the wait... info in bio
Half healed half fresh!
Nipsey Hussle .
Rio! (Rio was a stray, but has now found his forever home with Andrew and Sam! I love when karma throws little guys like this a bone) #dogportrait #dogtattoo #californiatattoo
🙌🏻 This is just one of many  Dope  piece done by one of the most  talent , humble and hard work dude i know @nikkohurtado he’s been a  inspiration  even before i touch the tattoo machine , thanks so much bro for everything you do for the tattoo industry  and for all of us artist ! You’re the man 🙌🏻 . . 👉🏻Follow @nikkohurtado to see more of his amazing work . . . . @nikkohurtado  #tuesdayshareday #favoriteartist #nikkohurtado #tattoos #ink #inkedmag #blackanchortattoostudio #stencilanchored #losangeles #california #share #tattoos #tattooartist #tatuagem #tattoos
Made it out to @blackanchorworldwide this weekend for the last few details on my @esao sleeve with @danmcwilliamsart 😊 Dan is such an incredible artist and an even cooler dude. I wouldn’t have picked anyone else to bring Esao’s universe to life! 🖤 We did all of “The Hatchery” along with elements from “Blithe Spirits,” “Guarded Fairground,” and “Polished and Powdered.” It’s bittersweet to be done after nearly five years of working on this 😭Thank you so much, Dan! . . . #esao #esaoandrews #esaoandrewsart #esaoandrewstattoo #esaoandrewstattoos #blackanchorcollective #blackanchorworldwide
The last session I had getting tattooed by @nikkohurtado This has been such an amazing journey and pretty life changing for me! I can’t wait to do the next session and maybe talk about future plans! 🤔 #nikkohurtado #nikkothehammerhurtado #marilynmanson #blackanchorcollective #stencilanchored #duanerhoadesart @marilynmanson
Always a pleasure tattooing clients more then once or twice. Thank you for coming down and getting tattooed again. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @fusion_ink @bishoprotary @kwadron_usa
Clients always get my very best work when they give me absolute freedom and trust. You have to have an open mind and believe in the artists that is tattooing you. Have a great Monday! Now to get ready for the @londontattooconvention @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored boom can’t wait!
I have this Thursday open to tattoo. Now booking December / January . For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
Sleeve coming along nice my tattoo artist better than yours @r17tattoos
Forgot to post this. Got a fully healed picture of this @marilynmanson tattoo I did a year or so ago. So much fun. Done on @duanerhoadesart @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Finished Ericks smokey ‘Thiger’ yesterday!
Martin Luther King JR. Bob Marley  Now booking December / January  For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!!!
Yesterdays efforts. So much fun. #deadpool I will be finishing this up soon it’s just a start. Been a long week. @blackanchorworldwide
A little black and grey to break up the week. Thanks to my client for being so awesome. Can’t wait to continue this. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Completely Healed skull . Now booking December / January 2020 For appointments text (323)898-5192 PR DM ME!!
Small start of a sleeve on Andrea. Can’t wait to continue it. Thank you so much. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
More animals in clothes please!  Would love to do more tattoos like this. Hit me up. Contact links in my bio. #blackanchorcollective #stencilanchored #defiantaftercare #secondskin #fusionink
Dumbo! Thank you Erin for making the trip from Vancouver!
Wednesday Adams  Now booking for November / December. For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
Who’s your favourite joker? Which actor best played the role? . #joker #thejoker #batman #heathledger #cesarromero #markhamill #jaredleto
Had the pleasure of being tattooed by the legendary @nikkohurtado for the past two days. Can’t wait to finish this @thealexrossart Joker! 🤓
Now  booking November / December  For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
A start to some laser cover up. #rampagemovie @rampagethemovie done on @majesty_jm can’t wait to continue. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Now booking November / December  For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!
Day 4 & 5 added Venom and the Avengers symbol to my knee to complete the lower half of my Marvel leg sleeve. Thanks again to @crojasart for smashing all this detailed work out in 5 days! The sleeve is coming together nicely 👌🏻#tattoo #tattoosleeve #marvel #mcu #venom #spiderman #ronantheaccuser #ironman #thor
ChampagnePapi x Melrose.  Best tattoo shop I’ve ever been to, next tattoo will come from this place.
Hennessy Papi x Mel-Rosé
Tag a Manson fanatic! A little video of the @marilynmanson knee to ankle I’ve been working on the last few years. Done on @duanerhoadesart always an honors bro. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored #veganblue
Skull completely healed . Rose is fresh . Part of a Large scale project I am currently working on. Now booking November / December . For appointments text (323)898-5192 OR DM ME!!
Finished this today!!!! Thank you so much @owenpaulls Jessie is perfect🖤
Cast member Jessie helping out on midway mania! #toystory #jessietoystory *80% healed + some white
Here is the @marilynmanson piece I am working on. Always an honor tattooing other tattoo artists @duanerhoadesart cannot wait to continue and finish the hair. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored #veganblue
Fun Aztec piece I got to do on @ed_heisenberg_007 during my guest spot at @blackanchorworldwide ,let me know what you guys think . Done with @intenzetattooink @fkirons @eztattooing @stencilanchored . . . . . . Booking info : Raphaelbarrostattoo.com  #tattoos #tatuagem #tattooartist #thebesttattoos #ink #inked #inkmaster #inkedmag #sullen #stencilanchored #veganbluecream #intenzeinkpride #intenzink #kwadron #fkirons #losangeles #blackanchortattoostudio #california #aztec #blackandgreytattoo #hustlehard #grindallmylife #
Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma 🎶🎶 start of something new #. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored
Now booking booking November / December . For appointments text (323)898-5192 OD ME !
Love doing roses.  I have openings today and this week due to rescheduled appts.  Also Gonna be doing roses all through September for a great deal.  Hit me up. Price depends on Placement and size.  Contact links in my bio or head over to UMBRELLAFACE.COM
First day of my guest spot here @blackanchorworldwide I have some time available! DM me to get tattooed today. #blackanchorla #latattooartist #tattoo #realismtattoo #portraittattoo #latattooshop #tattooartist #duanerhoadesart
Stoick the Vast!  I’d love to tattoo more characters from these movies! #howtotrainyourdragon #howtotrainyourdragon2
I was able to get some healed photos of this Harley Quinn I tattooed a while back. To book an appointment with me email tattoosbydan@outlook.com
Done at @blackanchorworldwide on a super badass client @deadspacephoto! Had a great time doing this  Powered by Radiant Colors  Lundberg Custom Supplies Ratio Needle Tattoo Lovers Care AVA Machines  #radiantink #radiantproteam #realblack @radiantcolorsink @radiantinklab #tattoo @vilja_av_stal_tatuering #tatuering #halmstad  #realistictattoo #art #lundbergcustomsupplies  @lundbergcustom #rationeedle #ratioproteam  #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo  #radiantcolorsink #radiantrealblack #realistic #realistictattoo #blackandgrey #blackandgreytattoo  @tattooloversshop @tattooloverscare #psproteam #avamachines #avagtx #avagtxs @avatattoosupply
A little video of the #angelinajolie @disneymaleficent tattoo. All of it’s healed except for the castle. I’ll take healed pictures ASAP. @blackanchorworldwide @stencilanchored @bishoprotary @fusion_ink