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The London EDITION

Instagram photos and videos at The London EDITION

Design + style ✨ @londonedition
Sustainability truth telling went down ! It was so exciting to be in a row of thinkers like you!  @riley.studio @danathomasparis @birdsonglondon @ellie_pithers @sara.k.arnold @amy_powney @motherofpearl  thank you to @thismuchiknow.news for asking us to all go deep.
Last week, I had the honor to participate in a panel with a bevy of savvy women all trying to make the world a safer, cleaner place. Hosted by Emily Sheffield of This Much I Know News and Riley Studio at The Edition in London. With Riley Uggla and Olivia Dowie of Riley Studio, model-turned-activist Arizona Muse, Vogue UK’s Ellie Pithers, Sara Arnold of Extinction Rebellion, Sophie Slater of Birdsong and Amy Powney of Mother of Pearl. As I learned while writing—and have highlighted in—my book “Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes,” women changemakers are the future. (My dress by @maliamillsnyc) @thismuchiknow.news @riley.studio @penguinpress @headofzeus @wmebooks @loustoppard @britishvogue @ellie_pithers @birdsonglondon @motherofpearl @arizona_muse @extinctionrebellion @xrebellionuk @londonedition #sustainablefashion #fashionopolis #fashionopolisbook
So proud of our little team tonight, showing their stuff at #avedajamlondon #inspirational
Love you @yrll007 💗
Fabulous night with @avedauk showcasing the talent from Aveda London and The South with #teamjfj @danda_crisan and model @kotiwhite92 burlesque theme at @londonedition #avedajamlondon
The evening starts like train-makeover with #teamjfj @danda_crisan @kotiwhite92 our model prep for #avedajamlondon . . @avedauk #avedauk #avedaartist #avedavibrants
Happy Birthday Ria! 🥂#18 #legal #bernerstavern
By @jyrrel
I’m looking forward to the @avedauk #avedajamuk presentation charity evening in aid of their CHARITY:WATER kicking off at 6:30 😘👏👏
一個流下最多眼淚的城市 #london #england
Lost in a maize with @rocky_barnes #londonedition
Strike a pose! #throwback to London Fashion Week last month with @theebillyporter #londonedition #lfw2019
Here we meet again
Lobby lights @londonedition
Room with a view 🎡
The London EDITION Punch Room!!!! 最高のホスピタリティで迎えて頂きました! #エンジョイ #ロンドン #bar #punchroom
Getting absolutely steaming the night before a dress fitting wasn’t one of my finer ideas tbh. I was absolutely spinning in that changing room 😂😂 it was so bloody hot as well. Whilst I was just stood there naked whilst people were measuring me stinking of vodka trying my hardest not to be sick😩😂 @pompomsandfrills123 for the cute legging things lol.
Meet-meet me at the London 🚀
Sunday vibes at @londonedition, good times with the bunny init 🐰 you make me so happy & ya smile lights up the whole edition bar, keep doing ya thing, ❤️ you shine so bright it burns their Fuking eyes!  Thanks for the gifts today X . . . #drinks#cocktails#pic#londonedition#sunday#vibes#company#october#sunday#church##wine#hello#company#nice#loveher#goodtimes#jazz#music#chilled#relax ❤️🙌
We wear a clothes only seven times on average before tossing them. Only one percent are recycled. Only two percent of garment workers earn a living wage. Do you hear what I’m saying?! At the This Much I Know News panel at The Edition in London. With Sara Arnold of Extinction Rebellion, Amy Powney of Mother of Pearl, and Emily Sheffield of @thismuchiknow.news. Hosted by the ethical and sustainable fashion brand @riley.studio. Read more in my book, “Fashionopolis, The Price on Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes.” @extinctionrebellion @extinctionrebellionus @xrebellionuk @sara.k.arnold @motherofpearl @ellie_pithers @arizona_muse @londonedition @emilysheffielduk @penguinpress @penguinrandomhouse @headofzeus #fashionopolis #fashionopolisbook @vogueuk_
This is 40 #nofilter
London Is Amazing 🇬🇧 #theedition
WHAT A PARTY!!! 🤗 . . Thank you to @badsportstv and to everyone who came out last night.
When the Edition is not that busy and you can actually see the place @londonedition #londonedition #design #interiordesign #hotellobby
Thanks for coming. You ABSOLUT weapon. @badsportstv @vilebeasts @slabgoddess @pietrocollina and curt.
Relax in the Edwardian alcoves of the Lobby Bar at The #londonedition
Can’t even tile you how hungover I am today 🥺
How we looked after four hours laughing around the fireplace, three silver bowls of punch, and mountains of goat cheese popcorn.
Business at the front, party at the back 🎩
The cherry on top of my week when favorite peoples visit from home. 💕
Breakfast in bed is the best way to start off the weekend 🥞🍽 @londonedition @editionhotels #londonedition #editionhotels
🎤 Thank you so much to @franceshedges, the associate editor and features director of @bazaaruk @bazaarartuk for inviting me alongside two amazing ladies @masha3elar from @heist_gallery & @womeninthepicture to discuss why the future is female. Already, and as we will say it next week when we will be launching our collectors club with @christiesedu - half of our collectors are women which is such a change for our sector. Now, let’s make our artists even more successful so that these women become investors in the next few years. Thank you to @editionhotels for hosting us and 👗 by @byrotationofficial @chloe + make up by @beatoi ❤️
IF A MAN (OR WOMAN) DOES NOT HAVE SAUCE THEN HE / SHE IS LOST - BUT THE SAME MAN / WOMAN CAN GET LOST IN THE SAUCE  Here’s a pic of us, so you know who to bring the shots to tonight  @badsportstv back at the @londonedition for #cocktailweek  Celebrity bartenders - celebrity djs (dun no) - celebrity stalkers  This one shouldn’t take much convincing. Show up and throw up. It’s always stupid fun
After a week of traveling, finally there is a week of... another travel! THANK YOU so much for the 9000 people who visited us in Berlin @barconventber for the launch of @canaimagin and @muyu_liqueurs 💥💥💥 get ready for what’s next 👊Salute! #cocktail #bartender @italicusrdb 📸 @horacio_rdgz
On Wednesday the @londonedition held host to another of our #bazaarartweek events with a breakfast on why women are spearheading the future of art and, in doing so, helping to power social progress. ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ We were joined by multimedia artist @colbertcharlotte, the Heist Gallery founder @masha3elar and the MTArt Agency founder @marinetanguyart ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ Thank you to @ruinart for being our champagne partner.⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ @bazaarartuk⁠⠀ #bazaarartweek #london #art #londonart #harpersbazaar #galleries #sculptures #modernart #design #painting #creative #artwork #inspiration #contemporaryart #gallery #artgallery #artofinstagram #artoftheday #modernart #fineart #artlovers #artshow #ruinart
Making an entrance @londonedition
Our inner-city sanctuary. #londonedition
About last night. Thankyou @emilysheffielduk @thismuchiknow.news @henryholland @camillecharriere
A great evening at #thismuchiknow event at @londonedition last night listening to the panel discussing all things fashion and sustainability!