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Anfiteatro de Italica

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Casually touring Roman ruins on the last day of summer
Your friendly neighborhood roman ruins
Ningún mar en calma hizo experto a un marinero 🦁
“Los que saben mucho se admiran de pocas cosas, en cambio, los que no saben nada, se admiran a sí mismos de todo” Lucio Anneo Séneca (S.I dc)
Visite touristique avant le retour en France
Italica, Roman city founded in 200BC was pretty spectacular and well preserved. The amphitheater could hold 25,000 people in its hay day attracting visitors from all over the area. #italica #roman #romanarchitecture #romanhistory #seville #spain #instatravel #travelgram
Maybe I was taking a picture of the beautiful Roman theatre,  But most likely I was playing #pokemongo  #proudgeek #goseetheworld #travel
Não tinha além d fé. Foi o suficiente. 👊🏼 #anfiteatrodeitálica
I swear I saw this place on TV #gameofthrones #dragonpit
Por que ir de tu mano siempre es una aventura. Por qué te quiero. Por qué cuando pienso que no puedes soprenderme más vas y te superas. Por que veo la felicidad en tus ojos cuando tu ves la mía en una sonrisa que no puede esconderse. Por encontarme. Por dejarte encontrar. Por cuidarme. Por q todo lo que haces y harás. Por dejarme caminar a tu lado. Por empujarne a superarme y estar a mi lado cuando ni yo me soporto. Por ser tu, y enseñarme a verme desde tus ojos. (podría seguir pero croe q esto tiene un tope de letras y además quiero seguir echando fotos 😂😂) #loveiscoming #villaperez
Check out this ancient ruin...also Italica Amphitheatre #seville #spain🇪🇸 #italica #ampitheatre #roman #history #ancienthistory #panorama #panoramic
Where’s the track?
G.O.T who? #gameofthrones #dragonpit
Ave Cesar
Сьогодні побувала в місці, де знімалась “Гра престолів”: розкопки з часів до нашої ери. І спека +38С. Гарно, але ну дуже жарко :) #spain🇪🇸 #italica #gameofthrones
Debajo del anfiteatro
I lieddddd.........this was my favorite place ever!!!!!!!!!!Can someone please photoshop Drogon up there for me? That would make my whole year lol!! #gotfilminglocations #dragonpit #kingslanding #icriedheretoo #tyrionshouldbeking
Let’s think about it, who has a better story?
Los caminos difíciles conducen a destinos espectaculares 😍 #juegodetronos
Italica Amphitheater is an amazing #gameofthrones Season 8 filming location - a must-visit place if you liked #got 👍👍👍 #왕좌의게임시즌8 촬영지 #이탈리카 #애는더워고생 #그래도난좋다 😆
Itálica (Sevilla), donde consiguieron dar vida a “Pozo Dragón” en Juego de Tronos 👌🏼 @jsanchezcarlos
Today I had the chance to explore Italica, the first Roman city built in Spain in 206 BC, vía a mountain bike ride from Sevilla. The total was 18 miles round trip with Ernesto, an amazing guide who runs @sevicleta If you are ever in Seville and are looking to do something off the beaten path literally, I highly recommend it. I met Ernesto at a cafe bar at 9 am where we drank coffee, ate pan con jamón and chatted before heading off. He tolerated my bad Spanish and even helped me get better with sincere corrections. It was really neat to see the archeological gold mine and other parts of the city with a local. I walked around the amphitheater where gladiators once fought bloody battles with lions and each other. And yes this was yet another location for Game of Thrones filming. One of my highlights was getting a ride from Ernesto via his “moto” to Plaza de España after (not part of the tour and saved me a 20 minute walk in 100 degree heat). #summer2019 #sevilla #solotravel #womenwhotravelsolo
Italica - Santiponce  The Roman ruins of Italica include an amphitheater and city that were built in the first century and are still very well preserved. Definitely the oldest place I’ve ever been!  And for those of you who are GOT fans, I didn’t see any dragons but I’ll keep an eye out 👀  #got #gotfilmingsite #italica #romanruins #wellofdragons #santiponce #travel #sevilla #history #thiswasamazingtosee #travelblog #ruins #travelbug #showmethedragons
Game of Thrones' Dragon Pit