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1 Hotel Central Park

Instagram photos and videos at 1 Hotel Central Park

Who is that Italian goddess??? 👆100% THAT bitch❤️#dnatest #chef #lizzo #truthhurts #chefwife #lizzoradiocity #vacationstartsnow #italy #nextadventure #love #lizzbians
One of many thoughtful touches in my #ecochic hotel. Change as I see it is the only constant, and all of us are navigating different transitions...how do we do so with grace, presence and self awareness? Remembering that we have choice and nothing is forever helps me focus on what’s most alive and how to honor it. #momentbymoment  #mood #runes #interactivedesign #nychotels
Time for a sweaty cardio workout.💦
Manchu pichu takes on the 1hotel Central Park @1hotels#lovenyc
Quick 36 hr work trip. I miss my girls #nyc #manhattan
if only all of my mornings looked like this 👼🏻✨ @1hotels
Getting ready to go back to Dubai ❤️ Using the 72hr moisturizer Hydra Genius from @lorealskin ( with  Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Water) to make sure my skin stays hydrated for my 14hr long flight!  وراجعين على دبي❤️ في فيديو رح بنزل بعد دقائق جاوبت فيه على أسئلتكم الغريبة!🤣 ضحكتوني كتير !  استخدمت مرطب هيدرا جينوس من @lorealskin لرطب بشرتي لسفارتي الطوية. المرطب مصنوع من ماء الالو ڤيرا و الهدرونك اسيد.  #lorealskin #hydragenius #lorealmiddleeast
Perfect fall days in NYC make it hard to leave 🍁🍎🍂
❤️ @daggergifts #womensupportingwomen #friendship #nyc
New favorite #nyc #agencylife
Last week I had the pleasure to be among park professionals from Austin, Baltimore, Detroit, San Diego and Portland to participate in the Urban Park Leadership workshop, hosted by Central Park Conservancy’s Partnership Lab. Renee, Kady, and I represented @forestparkconservancypdx's team focused on developing solutions to make Forest Park a safer and more equitable public space.  Photo: @cpcinstitute . . . . . . . . . #centralpark #urbanpark #forestpark #publicspace
🌳🌳🌳#onehotelcentralpark #nyc #manhattan #sothebys
🌳🌳🌳#onehotelcentralpark #nyc #manhattan #sothebys #sothebysrealty
Memórias #nyc2019 #familia 🍎❤️
Spring 2020 ☑️ .. wrapping up our buying trip in my comfy @sundryclothing leopard 🐆 joggers
— STAYING GREEN — ⠀⠀ Hotels are recognizing the need to do more about sustainability, but there are steps we travelers can take as well. ⠀⠀ The 1 Hotel in Central Park was designed by using reclaimed materials to create a one-of-a-kind look while staying green♻️
New York Nights ✨
You ever look at someone and just know they’re gonna cause drama and a headache? Because, same.
For chef Aron Sanchez👨🏿‍🍳
🏙 Welcome to Jane and Ziggy’s slumber party! 🏙 #shailenewoodley #biglittlelies #backouroceans
mood 💃🏽
Happy Monday #jams
Monday Fun Vibes ❤️ Black and Yellow Funky C+ F Ring $180❤️
Peloton + Yoga = Perfect Match | Perfeito ter a bike que vc ama e um mat de yoga no hotel, felicidade garantida!  #peloton #yoga #nyc
Ya feel me 🤤👨🏿‍🍳
Fun day glamming the Clinique Derm Pro team in NYC! #cliniquena #cliniqueid #clinique #skinnovation
โรงแรมในทริปนี้รักษโลกมาก เพราะวัสดุส่วนใหญ่มาจากการรีไซเคิลหรือการนำกลับมาใช้ใหม่ มีแม้กระทั่งถังแยกขยะสำหรับรีไซเคิลในห้องด้วยนะ!!! เหตุผลที่ Clinique เลือกที่นี่เพราะว่าเป้าหมายของแบรนด์ในอนาคตคือการทำให้แบรนด์ดีต่อสิ่งแวดล้อมมากขึ้นน่ะสิ 💚💚💚 Hotel for this trip is this gorgeous 1 Hotel Central Park. With the beautifully and sustainably design, most of the decorating are recycled or reclaimed material. The reason why Clinique choose this brand is because their new goal is making the brand more clean and sustainable to the environment 💚💚💚 #skinnovation #clinique @cliniquethailand @clinique #pupeseetheworld #pupeinnyc2019
The @1hotels never disappoints. Back to the 305 🔥
Between traveling, meetings, events and prepping for my birthday tomorrow my schedule has been insane. Ive been obsessing over my new @dell XPS laptop because its lightweight and TOUCH SCREEN! Ive always wanted a touchscreen laptop y’all so I’m super hyped about it. This thing comes with me EVERYWHERE! 💻 #dellxps
Breakfast in hotel
ГДЕ ОСТАНАВЛИВАТЬСЯ В НЬЮ-ЙОРКЕ? ⠀  you can make every morning perfect if you wake up in NYC. ⠀  для начала определите свой бюджет и дату поездки, ближе к праздникам – всегда дороже. а праздников в США уйма. так что гуглите этот вопрос. ⠀  цены варьируются от $60 до $150 за хостел на Манхеттене, и от $170 за отели. плюс налог, плюс отель может брать дополнительную плату в размере от $20 до $40. ⠀  если вы остаётесь больше, чем на две ночи, есть смысл поискать airbnb. ⠀  что касается районов. опять-таки – ваш бюджет. но вот вам самые приличные: Park Slope в Бруклине. смотрите, чтобы рядом было метро. ⠀  Bushwick & Williamsburg в Бруклине. в Williamsburg очень много крутых мест, чтобы исследовать. в Бушвике не всегда легко угадать с безопасным районом. ⠀  Long Island City / Queensbridge в Квинсе достаточно хорошие районы, туда же Astoria. если видите хорошую цену там и метро рядом – берите. ⠀  теперь перейдём к Манхеттану. я бы ни за что в жизни не остановилась около Таймса, потому что шумно. районы для рассмотрения: Upper West Side / Upper East Side – если хотите жить рядом с Центральным парком. ⠀  Flatiron District – если хотите все топовые места в пешей доступности. ⠀  Lower East Side – совершенно
They say patience is a virtue. Certainly I believe that it is... But what patience is not is just sitting back and waiting. If you’re truly practicing patience it’s a combination of full commitment and faith. 💛 You must take what is in your control and leave the rest up to fate. Simply put, waiting and wishing isn’t the same as being patient. 🙏 Tell me - what do you think? . ⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 🎵🎶 Ni kêra môgô fê sabali yonkontê Ni kêra tiè fê sabali yonkontê Ni kêra Mousso fê Sabali yonkontê Wo ouh wo! sabali, sabali, sabali kagni🎶🎵 . . . . . . . . . . . . #patience #sabali #lyrics #bathtime #hairflip #towel #fashionnova #smile #slomo #videoedits #saturday #sustainablehotel #cutesmile #nomakeup #africanmusic #motivational
...except for my Bluetooth earbuds which were definitely left on the plane.  #nycweekend #ocdfail
Di ujung jalan itu
The park of parks. Absolutely soaking up everything provided in this leadership workshop from @cpcinstitute -> Storytelling; Human-Centered Design; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion; Behavioral Communication; CliftonStrengths all taking place in a gorgeous hotel with amazing food. 🙌🏼🌳♥️
Happy holiday 🥮
It’s going to be s beautiful day!! ❤️❤️
La French Brioche toast new-yorkaise du @1hotels vaut tous les petits déjeuners. Ils savent faire un truc dément. Je recommande. La dernière fois, c’était à la rhubarbe, là c’est à la pêche.
1 Hotel Central Park, New York
Having a blast exploring all things New York, and even found myself some moss & mortar @1hotelcentralpark 💚 #mossandmortar #lifeofalandscapearchitect #design #interiordesign #thursdaymotivation #travel #newyorkcity
Natural beauty at every turn. Discover your own cozy corner at 1 Hotel Central Park. 📷: @chrisellelim
Hello, Central Park 🌲 🌳
Немного видео NY
Central Park Conservancy Partnership workshop learning about behavioral science #parks #centralparkparnership
🚿 @1hotels
N. Y.  C I T Y  #travel #lifestyle #gozaquegoza #art
Back in my little cozy nook💫 Love to relax here in this busy city! How do you unwind? @1hotels
NY! “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of” #1centralpark #roomwithaview
Tradition, love and craftsmanship in what we do! Thank you NY for hosting us and thank you @whitelabelusa & @eltesorotequila  for another cozy, fun and super nice event!  See you in Miami!! GRACIAS TOTALES! . . .  #mexicancoffee #tequilajalisco #tradition #handtouch #organic #coffeeroasters #newyorklife #culturamexicana