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jack pug


in memory of the adventures of a one eyed pug (7/25/10 - 8/3/19), now featuring husky brother, Jon Snow, King in the North. πŸ’Œ:[email protected]

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how is one to get things done with a husky looking as snuggly as this?? #jonshusky #jonsnow #huskyaday
hey there. nothing to see here. just a husky living his best life. 🐢 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, not sure how this guy was a rescue. we had friends in town this week (hence our minor disappearance) and Jon was charming, witty, and the life of the party. he made conversation in the mornings and insisted on daily snuggle time. πŸ’™ . #jonshusky #jonsnow #huskyaday
it’s the weekend! where we headed, ma?? #jonshusky #huskyaday
snugs. all day everyday. πŸ’™ #jonshusky #huskyaday
we miss Jack like crazy around here, particularly been thinking about him a lot this week. it is comforting knowing i have another buddy to keep me company during yoga πŸ’™
a little husky boomerang for ya 😘 #jonshusky #huskyaday
just a sweepy wittle baby. #jonshusky #huskyaday
don’t let this “play” face fool you. he was napping 5 seconds later. #jonshusky #huskyaday
sometimes it’s hard to believe or even understand how this dog was a rescue. 🐢  here he is just laying in the grass while i picked up his poop πŸ’© just wanting to be near me and enjoy the sunshine. β˜€οΈ aside from insisting he does not need to be crated, he’s been nothing but pure perfection.  thank you @hollywood_huskies for saving our boy and allowing him be ours. πŸ’›  and thank you, Jon, for coming to us at a time we’d need you more that we could have possibly imagined. we love you, you silly, lazy boy. πŸ’™
oh hey. monday? is that you again? already? #jonshusky #mondays
in honor of pirate day and our beloved jack, we posted this on stories but i’m dying over the answers and thought you’d love to see them too! please share your dog, cat, hamster, kid, put yourself in the comments!! we will go first...
more @suziescbdtreats treats came and just in time!! we’d run out and Jon insists on one before bed. he actually “husky talked” for one last night πŸ˜‚ i have yet to capture his husky talk on video since he does it so infrequently but i’ll get it someday! . if you’re looking for cbd for your pet, can’t recommend @suziescbdtreats enough! they are a company that truly cares which can be so rare these days. both our dogs LOVE their treats! we are not paid or even asked to talk about these, that’s how much we love them and this company! . #jonshusky #treatlover #ourfavoritetreat #cbd #cbdtreats #cdbdogtreats #suziescbdtreats #huskytalk #huskylove
heeeey! how are the best IG friends in the universe? #jonshusky
just checking in to see how you guys are doing. #jonshusky
it’s friday!! here’s to your weekend looking just like this. #tgif #lazyfriday #jonshusky
we wanted to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have commented, messaged and sent thoughts our way on Jack’s passing. we are working on writing back to all your comments, but it’s a little raw still. know that each and every one means the world and warm our hearts during sad days. thank you to those of you who’ve stuck with us on this journey! we have some big things planned to memorialize our little jack pug πŸ’› #jonshusky #thepugandthehusky
I wish I were posting with happier news. I’ve been dreading this day for some time now. Jack passed away 3 weeks ago. πŸ˜” Sorry for not posting sooner, but I honestly haven’t been able to bring myself to log onto this account. The grief has just been too much to bear. πŸ’” We’ve kept Jack’s health struggles this past 6 months private. In January, Jack was diagnosed with leukemia. We’ve been doing treatment until last month when it stopped helping. We made sure his last days were filled with extra treats and meals and lots and lots of snuggles, his favorite things. He went downhill very quickly, as he was doing ok one evening but by the next morning he didn’t want to walk or eat. For those that know Jack, know he’d never miss a meal. That night, he passed at home, in his bed surrounded by his favorite toy. I was right next to him, petting him as his little body gave up. πŸ’› The world feels a little bit darker. The grief is indescribable. We (my husband, his brother, Jon, and I) miss him so so much. But we feel so lucky that he chose to be a part of our family as it was truly the happiest years of our lives. πŸ’› A huge thank you to @alyssastrongarm for graciously taking the family photo days before he left us. πŸ’› And finally, the biggest thanks to all of you who have followed us and loved this silly one eyed pug of ours. It means the world to us. He was truly a special boy that touched everyone he met in person or online. If you haven’t aIready, we’d love to hear any stories you have about him or how he brightened your day. I plan to put a book of them together someday. πŸ’› As for this account, we miss sharing Jack’s personality with you all and hope to still share photos (we have so many) highlighting his life. We will continue to support rescuing dogs in Jacks memory. Also, Jack’s brother, Jon has agreed to make an appearance from time to time. We hope you’ll stay on this journey with us πŸ’›
the most special boy there ever was. πŸ’• #pugaday #piratepugjack