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Otter The Pit Bull


Rescued baked potato + pit bull mix Born & raised in Philly Best boy ever 💌 [email protected] ❤️ ADOPT | FOSTER | SPAY | NEUTER ❤️

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Been baking potatoes all weekend and I think this one is just about done 🥔
TBT. There are no words for this level of cute 🤪
“Was about to post this for #tongueouttuesday but guess what. It’s Wednesday. Who knew!”
“According to @popsugar, I am even cuter on Halloween. I completely agree. And thanks for the feature & spotlight on the best dog ever, the pit bull!” 💗  https://bit.ly/359IBeZ
“On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.”
#tbt “It’s my favorite time of the year! I cannot wait to wear ALL the costumes. What should the kid and I be this year? We need suggestions!” 🎃
“So, I always knew I’d look amazing burnt into wood, but I had no idea I’d look THIS good. @mossyfoxstudio created this stunning wood burning and acrylic portrait of me on basswood and I will cherish it forever. It is perfection and so special ❤️”
“Well. It’s official. Tag official, that is. The Best Boy Ever.”
“Happy #tongueouttuesday! Me and the kid are having the best day ever!” 📷 by the amazing @bigg.mugg
Actual representation of me on Monday morning
“Yo. Ya boy Otter is dropping some new ASMR for you.” 🔉 Sound required for optimal listening experience  #sweetdreams #asmr
I just took a DNA test, turns out I’m 100% that baked potato  #truthdoesnthurt
“Mom. Mom. Mom. Stare at me while you’re driving. Mom. Mom.” ❤️ #literallywhatgoesthroughhishead
“Happy #tongueouttuesday! I’m laying in the dirt hole I dug! It’s amazing! Best. Dirt. Ever.” #smilingpitbulls #bestdayever