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Bright Stars Nursery


We are a daycare setting based in Sunderland that offers children from birth to 5 years a unique learning experience.

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Loving our children's dough sculptures! Very creative.
Amazing ice exploration!
Introducing tools to our younger children, lots of modelling and explanations.
Our amazing Christmas lunch today, all together as one big family!
Floor and wood painting with our babies.
Preparing our vegetables for our Christmas lunch tomorrow.
What it feels like to fly! Building our core muscles.
Love seeing our children consulting with staff about their learning, collecting thoughts, expanding on ideas and sharing experiences. Love it!
Babies use their senses to make sense of objects, foods and their world around them. We love to use bare feet to explore a range of textures and resources!
Let them take risks, let them climb, let them be free, let them make their own decisions and choices and you will truly see magical things happen!
Beautiful unique structures made using glitter dough. Just love seeing the independent creativity shine from our little ones!
Some fantastic moves from our babies!
Just love this time of the year in our little nursery!
Our beautiful baby room!
Orange cakes, winter punch and fried potatoes around the fire today, a feast to keep us warm.
Amazing shots of our trees taken today by Emily and Andrew. This initiated conversations about how the trees were bare and how the leaves fall. The roots were also a fantastic talking point!
We found ice today and someone suggested putting it on the fire to see what would happen! It went out!!!
Baby inspiration!