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Susan Harker


Holistic, scientifically based corrective exercise programmes, matwork & Reformer Pilates to help you look, move & feel great. YOU TUBE channel below

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Some quotes are just brilliant- your body is not Amazon prime- it’s not going to show up in two days🤣. So proud of my clients in the USA that I work with on line. They have invested in themselves learning how to look move and feel great. It would be so easy to do the standing roll down aiming to collapse and touch toes. So how impressive are their long C shaped spine creating fabulous opposition ✅ And the extra wow factor not hinging backward and sticking out their butts 😉(else they would have knocked each other over)! The secret to change is to focus your energy, not fighting the old but on building the new. Thanks @allison.harris.0216 and @s.harrisinc for being open to change, being uncomfortable and willing to learn especially those 5:30am sessions. #movementforlife #onelife #change #onlinelearning #zoom #homeexercises #lovemyjob💕
80% of walking is spent on one leg and 100%of running is spent on one leg- so don’t forget to add some one leg strength and balance into your daily routine. One way to get this into your life practically ⭐️ practise standing on one leg while or after you brush your teeth - you can see your posture and you can hold sink if you need extra stability #noexcuse #practicallifeexercise #movementforlife #onelegbalance #balance #strength #proprioceptiontraining
Thank goodness there is a life time to improve on my Pilates! 😅When I look back and see these photos I see how far I have come and how much I have learnt since then. I always thought is was about the moving away and my stomach working but I know now it is about so much more - my back, my scapular control (those inderbits⚠️)and my seat! Thanks @jaynepilates and @lesley.logan forever inspiring me. No regrets just progress one day at a time #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #novotel #hammersmith #london #pilates #reformerpilates
Everyday is a school day -it’s ok to be a beginner- no one starts off being excellent and the journey is so much more fun when you learn and progress. Pilates on the mat and reformer has helped me look, move and feel great which gives me so much self confidence both physically and mentally to try and do new things. #movementforlife #lookmoveansfeegreat #london #hammersmith #novotelhotel #inspiredtomove #mentalhealth #justmove
If you needed any more « umph »to get a Monday off to a good start this sunrise is it! Absolutely stunning the colour and shapes of the clouds. Lucky 🍀 me as this was my view from the treadmill. #novotelhotel #london #earlybirdgetstheworm #movementforlife #justmove #exercisemotivation
Monday is a great day to put a bit of « umph » to the start of your week. Even if you walk instead of taking the bus or tube or climb the stairs instead of the lift. You don’t have to exercise you just have to move. #mondaymotivation #movementforlife #london #hammersmith #novotelhotel #justmove
You can’t be good at everything- and isn’t that a wonderful thing? Grateful and happy me to watch those that are talented with rythme, can sing, can dance,play music and perform in front of an audience. So inspiring to see their love and passion in their job shine through  It makes me want to share my enthusiasm and passion helping people get out of pain through Pilates and corrective exercises. If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life😉 #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #exercise #pilates #correctiveexercise #onelifetolive #london #hammersmith #novotelhotel #inspirationiseverywhere💡
Sometimes its the little muscles that need love and attention ⚠️ believe it or not I’m sweating trying to find more mid back extension to help me in swan (with a break in the middle)💪. As I press through the floor I’m trying not to collapse and lose the abdominal and rib connection to maintain the length of the whole spine. Sunday’s the best day to start the week with ‘umph’ #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #london #hammersmith #pilatesanytimeanywhere💫✨ #connectionsareeverything #backstrength
When you feel stronger physically💪you feel stronger mentally 🧠 #letsdomonday💯 movementforlife #london #hammersmith #mindestmatters #exercise #lookmoveandfeelgreat
Everything you say yes to, means saying no to something else. But sometimes a day off and seeing and being with people that make you laugh is totally worth it. Loved Maggie Smith’s one liners 😂#lovedowntime #selfcare #lovelife #friends #downtonabbey #movementforlife
It takes 21 days to create a habit. After the holidays It is reboot time. I’ve done 6 days so far since 1st September. The amazing thing I find is that after a break Pilates always makes me better than I was- never perfection always progress- looking forward to Monday #alwayslearning #enjoythejourney😎  #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #pilatespractice
Feeling so lucky and proud when my clients send me photos of themselves doing Pilates. I love that they find the time in their holidays and that it impacts them so much💪👏. Especially when a year  ago just lifting a leg was challenge #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #pilatesanytimeanywhere💫✨ #mindset #lovemywork❤️
It’s been a busy summer I’ve worn heels and walked country paths, swam and cycled and what I can say is what Pilates means to me is freedom and confidence. Yes it is a fabulous feeling to do Pilates exercises like teaser, plank and 100. Find the connection between my seat, back and abs. BUT I am grateful and in awe to love and live life fully and not have to second guess or doubt my bodies ability to move on demand. Whether cycling which demands Co ordination, balance and physical strength and mental strength. To walk 5 hours in thick bush and unstable footings. To swim in the sea and pool and wearing high heels 👠 (always a challenge!) and all of these I just get to do. I don’t wonder if I should rather not participate or worry about how my body will cope during or the next day- Pilates lets me ‘just do’ for the love of being active, to move, feel confident and live to love my life. Do you have freedom and confidence in your body to live a life you love? No doubts of it supporting you? My body and life was not always this cooperative 🤕. If you do worry then start today to move and if you are not sure how or afraid that you may “get worse” then reach out and send me a message and I may just be the one to help you look, move and feel great. #onelifetolive❤️ #movementforlife #correctiveexercisespecialist #pilates #isolatetointegrate #reformerpilates #london #hammersmith #novotelhotel
Last day of no alarm set. A Double edge sword for me. I loved the extra time in bed and doing things I never get to do and try. But I do like routine and my body truly loves routine. it takes 21 days to create a habit. And so back to work and routine I go- I can’t wait to help my clients look, move and feel great. Bring  on the new term. I’m ready 😅are you? #movementforlife #mindsetmatters #gratefulheart #challenge #newtermnewgoals #routine #correctiveexercise #pilatesanytimeanywhere💫✨
If you knew you might not see it again tomorrow, everything would become special and precious, would it not? Because when you stop and look around this life is pretty amazing. Last day of the summer holidays for me so It’s super to be outdoors, beside water and have a 5 month guide dog in training to enjoy a country walk with. #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat #onelifetolife #lovemylife #appreciatetheoutdoors #dogslife #countrysideliving
Life is all about the journey - what a wonderful, inspiring place to do a Pilates session at my clients “new house” built in the 1850’s.  Love what I do- open your eyes to the wonders around you #gratefulheart #appreciatewhatyoudo #sayyes #alwayslearningalwaysgrowing #inspired #movementforlife #lookmoveandfeelgreat
Sometimes things are different And can be difficult -but it is quite amazing what you can achieve if you work together, compromise and celebrate. Loved being part of my family’s fusion wedding 2 different cultures to create something so special. Loved the nod to South Africa 🇿🇦 national flower, the king protea 🤗(not Intentional!) and hanging with the couples mums! #celebrateyouruniqueness #family #weddingday #fusionfestivities
Weddings -love or loathe them. But they do bring family together- 🍀 and happy me to be part of such a fabulous family #familyphoto #bigpicture #wedding