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Our mission is to empower teens to take meme-ingful action for change. By teens for teens. Montereyaqteens on Tumblr & Snapchat👻

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When coach makes you run too hard at practice #highschoollife
Hope you’re not clowning around on a Friday night.
Octopus have three hearts, the more love to go around
blue fin babyyy yahh aight
This bird fakes an injury to protect its young. Just like we fake being sick to protect ourselves from school.
Happy spooktober. Hope you have a spooky one!!!!
I hope you had the same amount of fun during Otter Week as this otter's having right now!
This is Logan, he’s a 14 year old visiting from LA. He’s visiting for the second time after a long time. He is excited to see otters, but his favorite thing at the Aquarium is the penguins.
Happy National Ice Cream Day! Did you know kelp is used as a thickening agent in your ice cream?
Hey, fellow teens! A little over a year ago the first Youth Climate Strike took place as students demanded action and raised awareness of climate change. Today this movement continues to push for change that will affect our future. #teenscan #doyourpart #strikeforclimate @usclimatestrike
Whose tentacles are these? Comment your guess!! #whatisitwednesday
It’s a Monday, don’t Lookdown....look up!!
The Longnose Hawkfish isn’t trying to be nosy, it’s just trying to use its snout to get food from tight places. #hungry
Did you know ocean warming and ocean acidification are two of the biggest threats to coral populations? Your voice matters -- 16-year-olds can pre-register to vote in California. Register, and keep the ocean in mind when you cast your ballot. #climateactionnow #saveourseas
Me whenever I think about the climate crisis #climatejusticenow
Lotta (to the left) and Finja (to the right) are from Germany! They love dolphins and otters. These girls help the environment by collecting plastics from forests! Just know there are many simple/easy ways to help out. #teensoftheaquarium
Me shaking off the h8erz
Walking back into school with all the clothes your mom just bought you… 💃💅 #backtoschool