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Mikaela 🐻🐾


Yuhaviatam🌲 American🇺🇸 Native Sovereignty & Native Pride Self Sufficiency & Determination LINK TO MY YOUTUBE👇🏽

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The inconvenient truth  #plasticstraws #strawban
Vain is the pursuit of value through acknowledgement from others. Vain is the pursuit of deliverance through country or culture. Vain is the pursuit of comfort through fleeting monetary systems. Vain is the pursuit of freedom through politician or written law. All these things are but here for a moment and powerless in the face of pre-destined timelines. Be careful where we place our pursuits because our deliverance is not from what is earthly but rather what is heavenly. 🤔🙏🏽 #tuesdaytruth #tuesday #tdjakes
Empty dresses toting empty lines. Empty smiles propped up as leaders. Empty minds eating up every bit of their empty words. Emptiness is all the endeavor of false freedom brings. 🐑 🇺🇸 (No, the above is not a direct quote, hence the lack of quotation marks...but it’s rather a paraphrase to the talking points of the GOP mouthpieces.) #happysunday #republicans #iraq #politicalmemes
The people of my clan are renowned basket weavers and take great pride in the imaginative and creative patterns of their basket weaving. These baskets continue to be made in the traditional way using juncus plant, deergrass, and yucca fiber. Baskets can be woven so tight they can carry water and are durable enough to hold hot stones to cook Wiic, a staple made from the acorns of the black oak.  #nativeamerican #nativeamericanbasket #basketweaving #nativehistory
My grandfather often told me that, “too often we try to move trees, when a wise man would just walk around them.” Spending time in my grandfathers garden with him always has a way of showing me that patience, commitment, simplicity, and care bring out the sweetest of fruits. #grandpa #nativeelders #nativeamerican
Rewire our minds & change our perspective, so that we can begin to really change our worlds. 💚  #indiancountry #nativeamerican #nativepride #perspective
What an amazing evening at the @projectangelfood Angel Awards Gala. They’re starting a program where they will send diabetic conscience meals to Natives struggling with diabetes who are at or below the poverty line. This idea is being spearheaded by my cousin Runnigbear. I’m so excited to help in anyway I can. I can’t wait to see where his good heart takes this endeavor. ❤️ Stay tuned! I’ll update on this program as it progresses!  #projectangelfood #nativeamerican #charity #diabetes
Who owns the information you follow 📺?
I FIXED IT IN SLIDE #2 Stop the promoting that Natives be offended by anything and everything. Our ancestors did not go through what we went through for us to be offended by QUESTIONS. This social interaction junk of “micro-aggressions” does more harm than it does good. I’m more insulted that the universities are teaching ndn country to be insulted and weak, than I am someone asking me a silly and uninformed question.  Don’t let them to you to be a micro-adult who can’t handle conversation. Keep your pride.  #native #nativepride #microaggressions #microaggression
#salesmen @andrewyang2020 #yanggang #yanggang2020
The unity of 9/12/01
Never Forget the USS Liberty #israel #usa #ussliberty
Never forget, you were lied to and then had your rights stolen by some people who actually want you to forget.  #neverforget #somepeopledidsomething #ilhanomar #dancrenshaw #ae911truth
The mountains you are assigned are to show others they can be moved. 📸 @boonestudios 💄 @ravenmakeup  #nativeamerican #nativewomen
“Many victims of the holocaust opposed Zionism. On the other hand, many anti-semites supported Zionism. It is nonsensical and inappropriate to identify anti-semitism with anti-Zionism.” - Open Letter from 35 top Israeli Jewish scholars and academics  TPUSA and PRAGERU,  They criticize illegal immigration and they’re called racists. They do not accept this type of bigotry.  They point out the high incarceration rate of African American males, push for personal responsibility, & they’re called racists. They do not accept this type of bigotry. They stand against the hormone therapy of minors and are called transphobic. They do not accept this type of bigotry.  But if YOU have reservations or simply do not accept the political ideology of Zionism, THEY call YOU a RACIST. This type of bigotry they DO accept.  Welcome to hypocrisy
#neverforget #ae911truth