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Pulled from unmentionable recesses of my soul πŸ‘β€οΈ love feedback and the comic community β˜€οΈ

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True Story from a high school anti-drug speech I went to 🦷
Sorry for the hiatus, I was busy looking into the abyss πŸ‘€
Ever stay in bed super late not because you’re actually tired, but because you’re too physically cold to move? I swear I’m not lazy... I’m trapped πŸ’€
So many people answered my irrational fears question with ‘Mascots’. Personally I was always scared of Chucky Cheese growing up... but imagine a dead beat Elmo smoking in his suit. Scary and a fire hazard πŸ’€
Just Girly Things πŸ’‹ tag yourself I’m the shoe spike
Happy Fathers Day to every father and person who makes dad jokes 🌸
Simple life hack if you ever find your head not attached to your body 🌸
God of Lip
Life is like a box of chocolates 🍫
Apples keep doctors away because they have a irrational fear of them. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone in the medical community 🍎
If you break a mirror, you get seven years of bad luck. By this logic, if you build/repair a mirror you must get seven years of good luck πŸ€ It is the only way to repay your luck debt #lifehack
What is your opinion of butt chins? When I was younger they really unsettled me but apparently people think they are attractive!
Thank you to everyone following this account! πŸ‘,,,πŸ‘ For getting 100 followers, I’m going to do a stunt where I illustrate irrational fears. Share your irrational fear below and I will select a few to add to the sequence!!
Another creature from the depths of my imagination...The Octo-Maid πŸ’¦
Mer-Bear or Bear-Mer? You decide. Which is cooler and which would you prefer to run into while picnicking?
I’ve been both customer and server and always thought about this scenario πŸ˜‚
On the outside I look like a cute young lady but on the inside I’m an awkward retro dad 🀠 comment below with how you feel on the inside πŸ‘‡
Waldo is good at hiding more than just himself ⭐️