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We’ve been spending the last few weekends working on a off grid cabin in central Washington.  Hammering nails,  smashing thumbs,  sipping 4 locos (not really but was consumed as a form of communal sacrament, peep the after taste photo a few swipes to the right), cooking on a camp fire, watching a family of black bears in the distant hills and avoiding rain showers. Doing it on the cheap or selves. I’m working on a new photobook documenting alternative living spaces that will feature this cabin and plenty of others.  If you’ve built a cabin, shack, shipping container, etc send me a dm if you’d like to be in the book.
So thankful to have been a part of #unlockcamission camp! Met some great people and am looking forward to coming back soon #ctheworld  Photos: 1: Ibadan Street Market 2: Ibadan forest 3: Looking at photos by camp participants 4: With Azu Nwagbogu, founder of African Artists’ Foundation and LagosPhoto 5: Signing phone camera prints at the Foundation
Crescent moon over the Diavolezza & Pers Glacier.  Taking the via Ferrata or ‘the Iron Way’ is always a visceral way to move swiftly through the mountains.
Today on our way home from Santa Barbara, we stopped to swim at Lookout Park. We saw an oil warning sign, but arrived at the beach where people and dogs were playing in the water and all seemed ok. While handling some kelp we discovered not only it but much of the shore and sand was lined with oil. Oil was in the air. Found a dead bird that was soaked in oil. Spent a half hour removing oil from my hands and feet. Counted seven oil platforms not far offshore. Should there be a self service human wash station in addition to the dog wash station? Hoping the State Lands Commission finds a solution to this soon. #santabarbara #oil
TONIGHT! at my studio in Pismo Beach we are having a Central Coast Cycling celebration with film screenings of @paysonmcelveen ‘s film Standing Man and @rebeccarusch ‘s Blood Road.. super honored to show them!  We will also have a @gozwift hill climb challenge & epic panel discussion with @juswilliamz , @nationsnumber1beast & @christopherblevs .  5-9 PM tickets at the door & a huge raffle! Check out @vividcyclingclub for details or my bio link!!! 🚲 🤙 @artscyclery
The first time I crossed the Canadian border into BC was also the first time I wore a 5mm wetsuit. It was the first time I experienced an ice cream headache from diving under freezing cold water & took a boat ride to a remote wave. First time seeing a wolf on the beach & a bear rummaging through our remote campsite. There were a lot of firsts on that trip. I would be so bold as to say it changed my life & sent me on a crash course as I tried to make a career out of searching for waves in these cold environments. That first year I came back to the BC coast 3 times, it was a bit of a love affair. This photo was the first spread in Surfer Mag @joshmulcoy I ever created from that magic first trip. .  Years later my relationship with the province has changed and allowed me to travel there for everything from giving a TED talk to screening my films & even working for @hellobc . But the draw is still the same and the wildness remains very much alive.  #explorebc
Which do you pick? Red (one post back), yellow (four posts back), or orange? 🍁 🍂 #quebecoriginal #laurentians #sponsored
A little slice of Swiss life. I’ve always wondered what it might be like to grow up in a small village like this. Do you?  My last name ‘Burkard’ comes from a long Swiss lineage  and although it’s not my name by birth I have always felt a strong connection to the people & culture.
Not pictured: Me over here with my lens all up in the tree enthusiastically repeating “it’s the leaf from the flag!” like a dork 🤪 I’m kind of in love with 🇨🇦 #quebecoriginal #laurentians #parcmonttremblant #sponsored
I appreciate a high resolution edited photograph as much as anyone... but to see these complex glacial river systems with the naked eye gives you a whole new appreciation for their constantly changing beauty. No need to do anything fancy when they look this good straight off the phone. No edit, pure nature.  Lemme know if you see the unicorn :) @volcanopilot #aicdoesiceland
during this road trip I just wanted to pull over constantly to walk through the forest. The bright colors are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. From the maple-syrup-all-the-things approach to food (but always very well executed), the pride in Québec culture, and of course the gorgeous scenery make this a stellar road trip. Hit the link in my bio for my Québec fall road trip itinerary. You’ve still got a couple weeks left of awesome colors! Snapped this one while on a scenic flight over @monttremblant with @heli_tremblant #tremblant #quebecoriginal #laurentians #sponsored
We submitted PUKE to @sundanceorg and @sxsw this week.  When I started filming @alfasenturion and his friends’ meandering trips collecting barn owl pellets,  going to raves and bullshitting about life,  I never thought it would turn into an hour and twenty minute documentary.  Well, a year and half later,  here we are.  Regardless of what comes of it,  Puke is my favorite project I've ever worked on, and something I'm proud of.  With any luck,  the film will premiere this winter and make its way into the either sometime next year. Here's a lil sneak peak into the feel of the film and some of my favorite moments from production.  @samosier @palex33 @jgsour @timothytickle @andrewaller @moviemountain
Grainy, slightly out of focus and shot handheld at midnight on the side of a wall. Kinda exactly what you expect while shooting 1,500 ft in a hanging belay at ISO 10,000. Rest assured that this frigid experience in Switzerland is seared deep into the memory bank... the photo is just proof to show the kids.
Crossing an old swinging suspension bridge in the #dolomites as clouds move in... ☁️ This is the Ivano Dibona #viaferrata Route. Bad weather (and near zero visibility) forced me to turn back eventually, but the parts I did hike were a lot of fun! 😎
It’s easy to win me over with a sauna on a lake. The first time I tried a dry sauna followed by a dip in a frigid lake was in Finland. I tried so hard to opt out but got peer pressured into it - and loved it. The body buzz is amazing, and is apparently good for circulation and stamina. Now I’m a sauna fiend, rolling in the snow after or jumping in a lake, alternating for hours. Would you do it? Swipe to see how gorgeous this morning was, complete with incredible pink sunrise (the colors in the photo are 💯 real!), steam rising from the lake, geese in the water, framed by red and orange trees. #quebecoriginal #laurentians #esterelresort
It’s leaf peeping season! 🍁 Where’s everyone planning to chase the fall colors this year? | 📷: @sonyalpha a7R III, 24-70mm f2.8 GM #alphacollective
📸 📍 🇳🇬 I have enjoyed discussing street and portrait photography with #unlockcamission students.  It was inspiring to watch them experiment and progress throughout the day #ctheworld (Photos by Camp photographers)
Life can be pretty awesome. But its important to constantly remind myself ( and others) that my job isn’t to entertain people online. I’m lucky to share what I do for work commercially & personally, intermixed with a bit of my family life at times. The process can sometimes be empowering & other times it can be incredibly challenging- as anything that requires vulnerability should be. Never before has it been more important to understand the difference between what we share for engagement VS what we do and share because we enjoy being open & transparent about our lives in hopes it may lift others up. Having worked in this field for almost 15 years I have been lucky to see the rise of digital storytelling & what it can do, I am super grateful, but there is always a dark side and it’s a dangerous line we straddle with social media where we start to think our goal is to share the highlight reel of our lives at the expense of often forgetting what makes us, us... or unique. Many have become so desensitized by ‘Reality TV’ mentality & that we become numb to actually being able to share anything real or meaningful. Imagine walking into a gallery & next door is the exact same body of work... it feels like that sometimes. The many years of struggling & cutting my teeth working for magazines really made me appreciate not only the sacrifices required but more importantly the human connection a great photograph requires. 📷 @mattrfoley
I spent the past couple days in Ibadan at the #unlockcamission camp with young creative minds from all over Nigeria ! Its been fun and a privilege to hang with them and #ctheworld
Should I be worried he’s licking his chops? 😂 How amazing to sit next to wolves. They’re usually elusive so I when I heard about the wolf cabin I was excited to come check it out. You get to spend the night in a cabin with big windows, next to a pack of wolves! That’s something I never expected to experience.  While I absolutely love my wild animal encounters, it’s nature parks like this, on 1500 acres, that help many of us develop a respect and understanding for animals. If I hadn’t had experiences like this as a kid I don’t know if I’d have as much love for nature as I do now. I don’t think there is a black and white answer to how we interact with animals. I think about the flamingoes in Aruba that everyone wants pictures with, the giraffes at Giraffe Manor in Kenya, holding koalas in Australia, or even the Elephants at Elephant Nature Park who we interact with in the same ways. Most of the animals here were either born at the park, are being rehabilitated, or came from other parks, so wild animals stay in the wild. Is it ideal? I don’t know, but I think that letting people interact with rehabilitated elephants has helped to raise awareness about them and set us on the right path, just like seeing wolves up close can help us care more about fiercely protecting their dwindling wild population. #quebecoriginal #outaouaisfun #sponsored
I cherish the ability to use this platform as a visual diary. Spent some time this morning scrolling back to a year ago when I set out with my dad, brother & a few family friends for our yearly Yosemite backcountry trip. It’s our family tradition I have come to love most. This year brought us to the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne.. a spot in the park that I have been wanting to see for years and finally scored a permit due to my diligent mom. Here is a short collection of images that helps me remember 😂🙏🏽
Colorful buildings, pastel skies, and some of the best food I’ve had on this trip. How could I not love this city? 😍 @VikingCruises #myvikingstory
Morning fog is nothing but cotton candy for photographers.  #theratelafricatour
Growing up in Southern California, I didn’t really know how beautiful fall could be. You can see it in pictures but there’s nothing like seeing these bright oranges and reds in person, knowing that it’s not Photoshop, it’s real. Mont Tremblant is popping with colors right now! Curious about the name, I asked my guide/park ranger today why it’s called ‘trembling mountain’. She said that the First Nations people who lived here coined it to explain the earthquakes. They said It was the result of someone taking more than he needed from nature. What a powerful view towards our surroundings, that we should only take what we need, and that above all we should respect it, because Mother Nature will always have the most power in the end. I wish those were the dominant beliefs in our society today. But I think we’re getting closer. I think a lot more of us are realizing that happiness comes from moments in nature, time spent with those we love, and that we have to preserve it. We don’t need a lot, but we genuinely do need nature. #parcmonttremblant #laurentians #quebecoriginal #sponsored
Corey Rich has been one of my greatest influences in not only photography but in storytelling as a whole. I’ve even referred to him as the godfather of adventure photography at times in terms of his influence on the genre haha. Being able to teach along side him felt like a surreal experience & one that marked a true milestone in my career. He just released his first book and it is EPIC. I hope that anyone in Central California can join me for this book release & what I know will be an amazing slideshow tomorrow night at my studio in Pismo Beach 6-9pm. This is a FREE EVENT. Come out and support the arts! .  Photo 📷 @coreyrichproductions
Walking inside the lines🚶🏻‍♂️| It’s been smooth sailing this week with @VikingCruises through Scandinavia so far as we made it to our first stop in Denmark! It’s always been a dream of mine to explore the cities here. I love all the modern architecture that’s sprinkled throughout the cities among buildings that have been around for hundreds of years. There’s so many unique perspectives around every corner here! #myvikingstory
The perfect place to watch a sunrise. 😍🌄 Swipe to see the full moon setting as first light hits the Tetons! I love this place so much, and I’m so excited to be supported by local @jacksonhole brand @stiomountain! Not only only is their clothing designed and developed right here in Jackson, but they constantly strive to source environmentally friendly textiles, many of which contain high levels of recycled content. I haven’t replaced my puffy jacket in a few years, and with my last one falling apart, I’m stoked to now be rocking this Pinion Down Jacket from @stiomountain! Check them out support local! Also, I’m linking the other items I’m wearing from them in today’s IG story. #sponsored
Back to some images from Africa!  Here’s a favorite of mine taken just after sunset, on a full moon evening in Northern South Africa. On our way back to the camp we stumbled upon this big male lion. Although I had taken photographs of big cats all day long, I just couldn’t help myself but stop for another few minutes, and get this shot of the lion aligned with the rising full moon.  Hope you’ll like it as much as I do :) Shot on @lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarambassador
It’s been 25 years since the inception of the California Desert Protection Act. At the time this seemed like a radical idea to many... as the beauty of the deserts have often been seen as secondary to the beauty of the ocean or mountains & slow to protect. In history no other type of landscape has been more ravaged for resources. Today we get to enjoy the beauty of ethereal places like Joshua Tree, Mojave, Death Valley & many more because of the CDPA. For me it has always been a visceral place to photograph & push my personal limits of what is possible... and this photo is 100% real. @garrison_rowland enjoying the perks of a supermoon in the Desert. . #protectcadeserts #25yearsofcadeserts
Here’s my last series of images from my recent trip in the Bavarian Alps a couple of weeks ago. As some of you know, a knee injury forced me to change my plans for this part of Germany at the last minute.  Originally, the goal was to hike in the Karwendel sub-range. Gutted that my body wouldn’t be able to follow me on that multi-day hike, I asked my partners @zugspitzregion and @germanytourism what alternatives would be possible in order to still enjoy some views of the Karwendel and of the region around the Zugspitze in general.  I’m glad I had two locals with me, Aljona and Sarah, as they were able to guide me to some epic spots in the region, all accessible by either car, cable car or by a short 20-min walk.  No need to say I’m still not done yet with the German Alps, and I will have to plan a fifth visit as soon as possible to enjoy some proper hiking in the region.  Hope you guys enjoyed those series from Germany. —- Series of images shot in Mittenwald + Karwendelbahn (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) and Eschenlohe (1, 2, 10). All taken for @germanytourism and @zugspitzregion. #enjoygermannature #germanytourism #zugspitzregion #spitzenwanderweg
BOSTON! I’ll be sharing my film Under An Arctic Sky along with a slideshow and Q&A this Wednesday at @hubweek !! Grab tickets & come hang for what is sure to be an Inspiring event ! . In my bio or  www.ChrisBurkard.com/events
Monumental views 🙌🏼 | Photography and traveling have always gone hand in hand for me and sharing my adventures is definitely one of my favorite parts about it all. Share your travel adventures between now and October 31st and tag @Royal_Robbins, #beyondthemap, and #sweepstakes for your chance to win airfare plus $1000 in Royal Robbins travel attire for your next trip. Can’t wait to see all your adventures! 🗺
Get excited! Bookings open up for the women’s trip to swim with Humpback whales next September starting on Monday! If you’re not already on the email list, hit the link in my bio. Watch for the email on Monday around 6 AM Pacific! (📸: @matthew.reichel)
To all my fellow Alpaca owners or future owners.. happy Alpaca Day. No critters bring me more joy than my Suzy Q & Mistal. That’s why me and the wife and breeding them to hopefully have a proper herd!  Love her so much I put her on a T-shirt so I can bring her everywhere 😅 more in my shop. 🦙 🤙
If you’ve ever heard an elk bugle, you might agree that it’s among the most hauntingly beautiful sounds in nature. The night I took this photo, I found myself in the middle of a field with two angry bull elk on either side of me. They were stomping the ground, screaming (bugling) at each other, and gradually closing the gap between them to prepare for a fight. I snuck in a few long exposure shots and then high tailed it back to the van, but not before grabbing a quick recording on my phone! Swipe right and turn the volume all the way up! @jacksonhole
A year ago, I was strolling the streets of Tallinn and enjoying autumn in Europe with my dear friends @mumhad1ofthose, @neumarc & @monicasuma. . We’d opted to skip the included shore excursion on our @vikingcruises itinerary in favor of simply walking around, taking photos and getting to know one another better. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and creativity. Though we each have different styles when it comes to the pictures we take and the things we notice, we all found things to love about Tallinn. With a darling historic centre as well as modern areas home to shipping container restaurants and futuristic architecture, there’s something for almost every type of traveler. Monica’s suggestion of lunch at Rataskaevu 16 followed by drinks at @botaanikbar, added the cherry on top. If you visit Tallinn, please make sure you don’t skip either business. . And if Europe at this time of year is your thing, today on Twitter at 9 AM PST you can get even more ideas on where to go in Sep/Oct/Nov because the theme of today’s #travelskills chat is Fall/Autumn in Europe. There are always so many great ideas shared in this chat, that I struggle with how not to just buy a new plane ticket every week 😝 But Europe is the part of the globe I love most and where I never need any extra convincing to travel to. Are you like that as well? . . . #tallinn_city #tallinnoldtown #tallinnestonia #tallinncity #visittallinn #estonia🇪🇪 #myvikingstory #myvikingjourney #autumnineurope #europeinfall #europeinautumn #travelgramm #travelgrammers #wheretotravel #darlingtravels
Posting today in honor of tomorrow’s climate marches and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 urgent calls to action adopted by all UN member states in 2015. These goals are incorporated into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. My one word this week to describe how we may attain these goals and change the world is : ACT. What is your word @b_wildfire ? @unitednations #oneword #iswu #itstartswithus #climatestrike #climateweek
Despite being a very popular location, every time I’m in the German Alps I always try to make a stop in the areas around Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in the @zugspitzregion, and especially at the foot of Zugspitze where lies an insanely beautiful alpine lake: Eibsee. It is perhaps one of my favorites from the Alps and it never gets old. Actually, every visit there is different. One thing that I particularly enjoy is to return to a location multiple times, when the weather varies from one time to another.  On my recent stay in Germany, I decided to go twice to Eibsee for sunrise, and twice to Riessersee. Not only did that allow me to get the perfect conditions I was hoping for, on my second trial, but it also blew my mind to see how a place can look so different - almost not recognizable at all - depending on the weather conditions. If you swipe left, you can see the lake Riessersee, with the Zugspitze in the background, shot from the same angle on two different occasions.  Patience is key when photographing landscapes, and it’s rarely on the first shot that I get what I came for! —- Series of images shot at Eibsee (1, 4, 5, 7, 8) ; Riessersee (2) ; Garmisch (6) ; and from the top of Zugspitze (3, 4). All taken for @germanytourism and @zugspitzregion.  #enjoygermannature #germanytourism #zugspitzregion #spitzenwanderweg
Got lucky with front row seats to one of the best shows on earth 🔥 | 📷: Shot on iPhone X
Does this photo remind you of every #vanlife photo you’ve ever seen? It may be trendy, but I don’t care! I never post about my van, so here’s the scoop. @ryan_burke11 and I have been traveling in this built out Promaster (her name is Daisy 🚐) for the last four months, and it’s been just as awesome as those van life instagram accounts make it out to be! Sure, it was a big up front investment and certainly came with headaches during the build out process, but it was so worth it and has made travel so much easier! ——————————————————————— This month, @backcountry asked me to share some of what I use in the van that’s useful for both van life as well as car camping. I’ll be highlighting a few of those items in today’s story, and if you have any other questions about living in a van, please leave me a comment on this post! And as always, if you’re in need of any gear for getting out during the last remaining warm days, feel free to use code “ELISE15” for 15% off your first order at Backcountry.com! *some exclusions apply* #findyourbackcountry #sponsored
I'm working on a new photo book documenting alternative dwellings like tree houses, Earth Ships, boats, vans,  cabins and yurts ETC and am looking for people to feature in the book. Have built your own tiny living space or know someone that does? please send me a message 🥋🚚⛵️🏕🏠🌲
First week of Fall? Doesn’t seem like it here in Southern California where September feels more like the height of summer elsewhere. But the colors of autumn can be seen in a sunset. I don’t mind one bit! It’s been fun to reminisce instead about my past travels that took me to places which do see a true change in seasons and where Fall or Autumn provide beautiful nature scenes to capture or admire. . Some of my favorites are France, Scotland, the New Forest area in England, Croatia, Colorado, Michigan where I have family and my home state of Vermont. . Where have you been during Fall or Autumn that you really loved? I’m itching to plan a last minute trip to somewhere fun so that I can capture the change in seasons we don’t experience here in LA! . But on that note, I recently shared a website [on twitter] which shows where and when in California there is color change that occurs. I’m currently mapping a road trip I’d like to do in 2020 that would cover all those spots in one go. Let me know if you’re interested in that link and I can send it to you. And I hear LA does have some Fall festivals and pumpkin-themed events, so I’m going to see if I can find one or two of those. . Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re having a good week. 💛
More and more I just want to go to places like this, where you don’t have to endeavor to make it look like there’s barely anyone else there, because truly there are only a few other people there. Nobody in an Instagram dress, no perfect hats, the same spot and position, or standard presets. Just raw beauty the way it’s meant to be enjoyed. I miss when traveling was purely about this, and in the coming year I want to go back to my roots, looking for places that are off the beaten path. They’re harder to find these days, just like truth and realness is in a social media-obsessed world, but when you do find them, it’s so damn rewarding. Traveling for connection > traveling for validation (🚁📷: @inertianetwork)
Aaah, the Allgäu Alps in Bavaria, Germany!  I was there in September 2017 already, during my #peaksofeurope trip. Back then, the weather forced me to shorten my stay in the area. Here’s what I wrote in my book about this part of the German Alps: “This mountain range is full of hidden gems that only the locals know about. My next trip in the Alps will definitely focus on these mountains.” Fast forward 2 years later and here I am again. On my last day there I was invited to a very special event in the Allgaü Alps: the #viehscheid (also called Almabtrieb in the rest of Bavaria). On Wednesday 18/09 at 6am, I joined the Jörg family at their farm, while everyone was getting ready for the big day.  So what is the Viehscheid all about? In September the cows and bulls are brought down from the lush mountain pastures to the valley and their winter quarters. Cattle drive is an event with a long tradition, which is enjoyed by locals and visitors. On that special day that happens once a year, the family wear the traditional Bavarian uniform. The loud bells around the necks of the beasts are designed to protect them from hostile demons and bring them safely down into the valley. The whole farm is joining the celebration! Even the goats and horses are being brought down into the valley.  The Kranzrind (Crown Cow) has a very special role to play in the event. The chosen animal leads the herd and wears an elaborate headdress.  The sound of bells announces the arrival of the herd, while spectators by the side of the path are in for a colourful treat.  A massive thanks to the Jörg family for letting me join their special day as their photographer. Truly an unforgettable moment! —- Shot for @germanytourism and @bayern  Landscape images taken on the Nebelhorn.  Viehscheid images taken in Wertach.  #enjoygermannature #germanytourism #visitbavaria  #traditionallydifferent
Views for days in one of the most stunning places in the Southwest 🙌🏼 | Edited using Adobe Photoshop @Lightroom for mobile. #adobepartner If you swipe to the left you can see what the raw image looked like before editing. I’m always amazed by the transformation a photo goes through during the editing process. Getting the perfect shot in the field is one thing but the magic of photography often happens in the edit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, photography is a constant learning process and this app is the perfect tool to help you along on your journey #lightroomplay
HIKING GUIDE!  Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 at 14,505 feet. Last spring I reached the summit via the notorious "mountaineer's route”, the same trail blazed by #johnmuir back in 1873. ⛏  It can be difficult to get a permit to hike #mtwhitney in the summer, due to its popularity and strict limits on visitors. But going in the late winter/early spring means no waiting for a lottery. However hiking in the snow is even more challenging! 🏔  Check out my trip report (with video too!) ⤴️ LINK IN BIO  #california #easternsierra
A collection of images that I shot over the last few months in India, France, South Africa and Germany, all taken on #huaweip30pro.  What they have in common is the amount of light that was available when I took these photos. Whether it was during blue hour before sunrise, or taken at night in the dark and narrow streets of Varanasi, India, the @huaweimobilefr P30 Pro really impressed me with its low-light abilities!  Nothing to be surprised though, when the phone can shoot up to ISO 409,600. Though I personally prefer using the Pro mode and a longer shutter speed, putting my phone on a small tripod in order to get cleaner images (the first image with the rooftop tent was taken on a tripod at ISO 250!). #ad #huaweishot
A year ago, I posted on my other account @johanlolos a photo of a lion (swipe left to see it). For a reason I can’t explain, that image received a ridiculous amount of love, and that always puzzled me as I couldn’t explain why.  Anyway, this lion was also the very first male lion I ever saw and photographed in the wild. It was back in January 2018 at @erindinamibia. It was an amazing yet a quite scary encounter as I wasn’t used at all to be so close to big predators like him.  Two months ago, along with my friend @fnventer, we were tracking male lions at Erindi. FN took us to a nice spot where 2 male lions were resting. As soon as I started to take photos of them, I instantly recognized that same lion I had photographed 18 months earlier.  How was it so obvious to me that it was the same guy, I’m not sure, but FN confirmed it when I showed him the photo I had taken the year before.  Here is a new portrait of that lion that I took last July at Erindi. It was so cool to see him again! Until next time :)
I don’t think I will ever be able to forget that day where I sat and watched a herd of 40+ elephants coming out of the bush to drink in the Namibian section of the Okavango river.  Hands down one of the most beautiful and emotional moments I had the chance to witness in my life. Here’s to more like this one in the near future!  Shot on @lexarmemory #shotonlexar #lexarambassador
This place has terrible internet, hardly any other tourists, the restaurants aren’t fancy, and there aren’t any spas, or even hotels.  It’s perfect (📷: Kris Montpettit - he doesn’t have the ‘gram 🤙🏻)
WILDERNESS SHAVING!  Yes, I even shave my head when I go camping, too! Not every day, but usually every 2-3 days, like last week during a week-long wilderness canoe adventure in the Minnesota Boundary Waters.  If you’re bald like me, remember to sign up for @schickxtreme’s elite #bip Club for bald guys that offers once-in-a-lifetime perks and experiences, giving #baldimportantpeople the chance to live life on the edge of their comfort zone. Learn more at BaldImportantPeople.com ⤴️ LINK IN BIO! #baldhead #ad
Did you know that it was a Scottish immigrant who spearheaded the creation of Yosemite National Park? (Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t the first National Park in the USA. That was Yellowstone.) John Muir, raised in Wisconsin after being born Scotland, first set eyes on Yosemite Valley in 1868 and wrote “No temple made with hands can compare with Yosemite.” In articles which became quite popular, he lamented the destruction of the forests and meadows that were part of the state-controlled Yosemite Valley. They were part of the overall swell of support that led to the creation of Yosemite National Park in 1890 without the parts he loved most; the Valley, El Capitan, Half Dome and Yosemite Falls. So when California failed to prevent industry from having access to those lands for logging and mining, Muir wrote in defense of the lands again. And it was Roosevelt who, after camping in the area with Muir, signed a law that brought the Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove under federal jurisdiction in 1906. This most recent visit was my 2nd and I still want to go back again. With several entrances and so many places to stop and take photos - I understand the appeal that led Muir to so eloquently defend and support Yosemite. I was also curious how it would it compare to Sequoia, created a full week earlier than Yosemite. @dante.vincent and I visited both over Labor Day weekend. Thanks to the loaner G80 from @genesis_usa, we had the freedom to explore whatever parts of the parks we wanted. Maybe one day, we will go back and hike or camp. But for now, I just want to go back period. We entered Sequoia in the early morning in what should have been plenty of time to photograph the best spots in the good light. But the road had so many pretty places to stop on that we ended up getting to the best spots when the good light was done and the crowds and long lines of cars made it impossible to get the fun/creative in the spots we really would have wanted to have done just
Two hungry cheetah brothers on a hunt. Their sense of smell is crucial when it comes to hunting, as it is now believed that this big cat may possibly be able to identify and follow herds of its favorite prey by smelling them from over 5 km away.  Shot at @andbeyondsandibe | @andbeyondtravel
I’ve been AFK, editing PUkE, a feature length documentary following @alfasenturion and a group of friends on their quest for Barn Owl Pellets.  I’m getting it ready to submit to film festivals this fall.  More info coming soon 🤮🦉💰
Interacting with the whales made me a humbler, better person. They’re so self aware, curious, and playful. They kept coming back around over and over to keep playing and each time I dived down and mimicked their moves it felt like they loved it even more. There’s nothing in the world like locking eyes with a humpback whale, watching as it gently moves through the water totally aware of how close it is to you, and careful not to harm you even though it easily could. These creatures are magnificent and it has changed my life to be this close to them. Now I can’t imagine a year passing without seeing these magical creatures (a million thank yous to 📷: @matthew.reichel for these beautiful photos). Come with me next September. Link in my bio.
Posting myselfie today in honor of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the 17 urgent calls to action adopted by all UN member states in 2015. These goals are all incorporated into the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. My one word to describe how we may attain these goals and change the world is : LOVE. What is your word @b_wildfire ? Post yours to take an action! @unitednations #oneword #iswu #itstartswithus
Danté and I arrived into Yosemite for our first day of vacation well past the time for the really good morning light despite having left Los Angeles long before the sun came out. So we stuck around Oakhurst and toward the end of the day, made our way to Washburn Point which looks across the valley to the smooth expanse of Half Dome that from this angle makes me think of the face and beak of a bird. It was a dark night. Perfect for astrophotography. One of the last of the year. A night with no moon and a very visible Milky Way. Despite some deep fears of the dark that manifest themselves in the weirdest ways sometimes in my mind and even occasionally physically, I was looking forward to the challenge of some night sky photo action. No matter how many times I attempt to get better at this, my desire is never sated. I just want to keep at it! . We weren’t alone at Washburn. A few other photographers had the same idea. Some loud and disruptive, a few like us - just there to work. The darker it got, the thinner the crowd got and soon we were all alone save for one other photographer. . As beautiful as the Milky Way was, I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off the scene across the valley as the tiny blinking lights of head lamps bobbed and blinked in the trees, the last brave adventurers making their way down from hikes that began as early as our drive that morning. The fading rays of sunlight had made the three waterfalls to the right side of Half Dome look like a scene from Lord of the Rings. And as day became night, Half Dome seemed to keep the light longest, aglow long past all the scenery around it. And it was that scene which I couldn’t tear my eyes from that I ended up liking best from all the photos I took that night. The Milky Way didn’t extend all the way across the sky, it’s behind and to the right of me as I shot this, but the foreground in that direction couldn’t hold a candle to this. If Yosemite has a King, it’s Half Dome. And who needs the
Two emblems of Namibia together: the magnificent South African oryx aka gemsbok, and the Namib red sand dunes, near Sossusvlei. These dunes are amongst the biggest ones on Earth.
The larger area around Portland, Maine that we visited for this assignment with @glpfilms includes @visitfreeport. It was here we spent our last hours in Maine before flying home; walking the trails through Wolfe’s Neck Woods State Park where we emerged from the trees to this beautiful rocky coast, riding the tractor around @wolfesneckcenter to learn about their innovative practices in regenerative agriculture, shopping at L.L. Bean where it all started and having lunch at the historic Harraseeket Inn all before grabbing a last pint of Maine craft beer at Stars and Stripes. . Like every day of this experience, it was the people who made it special. I’ve tagged their businesses and organizations in my photo. . I arrived to Maine knowing I’d probably enjoy it based on my prior visits to the state. But we visited only areas that were new to me and I found I went from liking Maine to genuinely loving it in the space of our 10 day journey. Like I said when I started this series, I realize it’s a weird time to talk about why you should visit any part of the USA. I see headlines about people being afraid to come here and it breaks my heart. Because we’re so much more than just those headlines. There are so many more stories to discover here. Maine really reinforced that for me. And spots like this reminded me that I don’t have to travel to a foreign country to see beautiful vistas in nature. There’s that and so much more right here. #unscriptedmaine
Portland, Maine was founded as, and still is, a port city. You can see its connections to seafaring in most of the obvious ways you will see in any city on the water but sometimes the evidence of history is a little harder to spot. In this area of the Old Port in particular, you have to look high up at the building on the far right to see the doors that were once used for offloading cargo from ships. There was a door for low tide and a door for high tide and where I stood to take this, the water would have been over my head at almost any time of day before the land was eventually filled in and a more modern port added. It’s that connection to the ocean that really sets this Portland apart from the one I know a bit better on the West Coast. (Which is weird since I was born and raised on the East Coast. Then again lots of my life is weird.) Anyway, that’s where the most obvious differences may end for some and after that, there are actually more similarities than differences. I think! Chief amongst them that “Portland, Oregon's founders were two settlers from New England: Asa Lovejoy of Massachusetts and Francis Pettygrove of Maine. Both men wanted to name the new port city after their respective home cities—Lovejoy for Boston and Pettygrove for Portland, Maine. The men flipped a coin to decide [in 1835], and the rest is history.” — words in quotes from @smartertravel since I thought their succinct version of the story was the best one I found online. But I heard it first from Bob at @visitportland. . Both cities also have a heart for the environment, a link to nearby outdoor adventures, a healthy art scene, universities, lots and lots of breweries and so much to keep your mouth and stomach super happy on the food front. The latter two which we discovered thanks to tours with @mainebrewbus and Bryce of @mainefoodforthought. I’m hungry just recalling all that we learned. When was the last time you wanted to eat your way through a whole city?!
I just love my life. All I want is what I already have and I hope I never take it for granted! 💙
Encounters that one cannot forget. No matter how many big cats I have seen in the wild, each and every one of them will stay forever engraved in my memory. Hoping to have many more to come.  This one is from an unforgettable afternoon spent in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Portland, Maine was a definite win for my sea-loving soul. We took the quick 20 min ferry to Peaks Island with @visitportland and enjoyed a wonderful half day of bike riding, golf cart driving, ice cream eating, beach combing and learning — at the most unusual museum I’ve ever had the privilege of visiting: the Umbrella Cover Museum — all before boarding the Nicte Ha and taking our sweet time getting back to the city with @calendarislandssailing. And no offense at all to everyone and everything involved in the day before we boarded the sail boat, truly, but I love sailing so much that Nicte Ha plus owners Sandra and her son Nathan, stole the show. Under a cobalt sky with just the right amount of clouds, we left Peaks Island and sailed around for a while in Casco Bay under the ideal amount of wind to really feel the appeal of sailing before returning all too soon to Portland Harbor. Along the way, I was able to learn that there are many islands off Portland’s coast and that Nicte Ha has enough solar power on board to last for several days. This enables them to dock without always having to worry about whether or not a harbor has traditional hookups for electricity and it made my clean energy-loving heart happy. I also learned that, as the name suggests, Nicte Ha has connections to Mexico and Mayan culture. But it is a John Alden Challenger built right in Maine, in East Boothbay! We stayed in Boothbay for the first three nights of this trip and I smiled to feel the universe signal a sort of coming full circle in terms of storytelling and the trip overall. Captain Nathan is also a Chef so he and Sandra can offer shorter trips like we experienced or much longer excursions with gourmet food and drink included and the chance to sleep on board.... which is what I’ll be signing up for the next time I visit Portland in summer 😝⛵️ #unscriptedmaine . . . #mainething #visitmaine #visitportlandme #portlandmaine #portlandme #mainelife #maineland #mainetheway
So many things about Maine surprised me during this assignment for @glpfilms but one of the things that surprised me most was how much our team loved our stay at @hostelofmaine. We’d all had varying levels of experiences with hostels in the past (most of mine less than great) and despite knowing from @budgettraveller that there IS such a thing as a luxury hostel, not having experienced one myself - I was skeptical. . But it all just reminded me that in every way, every day, I should keep hold of my ability to be pleasantly surprised and never assume that I know a thing/person/place until I actually do. Know it. Thank you, Justin and Melanie for your gracious hospitality during our stay. . The rest of @melakesmtns outside Rangeley and the Hostel was pleasantly surprising as well. From the heights of mountain-top view points to the banks of rivers abundant with swimming holes and cooling depths to the conversations, the mountain biking, wild blueberry-picking, the stories of cars with trees growing through them (that I want to go back and see for myself), the covered bridges, the history, the hikes that began in cemeteries and ended in unexpected scenery — indeed all the varying activities, there wasn’t a dull moment to be had. . More on this special area of Maine in my latest post which you can find in the link in my profile. And next up, I’ll talk about the end of our trip in Portland, Maine which does actually have a connection to Oregon. #unscriptedmaine #mainething #melakesmtns #visitmaine #luxuryhostels
jerusalem + west bank
Maybe you’ve been out on a walkabout and noticed these beautiful flowers (they’re called Fireweed!), and thought to yourself, “My, those look delicious!” And you’d be right, because they’re edible! That’s right. Just pluck one of those pretty pink flowers off and pop the whole thing in your mouth. They’re usually a little bitter, but if you can get them at just the right time in their life cycle then they can be a real tasty trail snack! #themoreyouknow
“The best camera is the one you have with you” they say. This has never been more true than that afternoon at @erindinamibia, when I decided to have a coffee and edit some photos on my laptop by the viewing deck of the restaurant of the lodge. All my big professional cameras were left in my room while the batteries were charging, as I had very little hope to photograph anything good on that hot and bright afternoon.  I was so wrong. Just out of nowhere came this family of elephants. Not only were they ultra cute (obviously!), but they were clearly moving towards the waterhole for a drink. On top of that, despite the fact it was still early in the afternoon, the light was surprisingly goodish.  I didn’t have time to run to my room, so I used my #huaweip30pro and took advantage of the 5x optical zoom to capture this beautiful moment.  Gosh I love elephants so much. Definitely my favorite animals to watch. Can you relate?  #huaweishot #ad  @huaweimobilefr
This is @ryan_burke11, but I’ve found that he also responds to ropegun boyfriend, bambino, man candy, love biscuit, most handsome, muffin cake, and bambi deer. So grateful he’s here. ☺️🌀⭐️ ——————————————————————— Swipe to see a few iPhone videos from this day. Also, more photos from the Bugaboos in today’s story! One of my new favorite places!
Like I said in my last post, the history of the Rangeley area is full of stories about extraordinary women who pioneered guiding people around @melakesmtns. From tying flies and fly fishing circles around their male peers to literally mapping the terrain and more, women were integral to making Rangeley what it is today. (Speaking from the time Maine became a state and on. I don’t yet know enough about the Indigenous people to speak to their history. But I think it would have been the Wabanaki.) . Rheanna Sinnett carries on that tradition with @justaddwaterfloatingcamps. She’s blazing a trail in a sense by being the first to offer overnight stays aboard the cutest house boats I’ve ever seen. She can motor you out to a part of the lake you’ll have all to yourself (the houseboats are after all a boat) or you can sleep just off the family property which includes another beautiful wood boat her father Kevin takes people out on for tours of the lake and bird-watching to spot Rangeley’s resident loons. There’s also kayaking. . I wanted to share a photo of Rheanna that showed her in her element, not just a stiff, formal portrait. So that’s why in the second photo she’s just sitting on the first of her two houseboats, Nomad, sipping coffee and enjoying the view. Roam, pictured in the first photo in this post, is slightly smaller and was completely custom built from the ground up to her specs after she restored and improved Nomad. . She’s not likely to add a whole fleet of houseboats on Rangeley Lake because she’s wise enough to know that would neither help the lake’s community nor be good for the ecosystem. Which is why I predict when the word really gets out, she’s going to be booked up far in advance. You heard it here first. You should look at booking next summer pronto. You’ll have to compete with me of course because I’m going back to stay for as long as I can afford it or as long as Rheanna will let me 😝 And if she ever franchises this
From the MidCoast, on this assignment for GLP Films, we drove toward Canada till we were deep in the heart of @melakesmtns; first in the town of Bethel, then in Rangeley before ending in the Carrabassett Valley. While in the region, we met so many incredible locals that made us feel at home. But few were as naturally charismatic as Bill Pierce, who initiated us into the town of Rangeley starting with a visit to the Historical Society and Outdoor Heritage Museum. Here he is sitting on the porch of the Museum with his dog Zeke who was so sweet. . Something in this image, which I didn’t do purposefully at the time, really encapsulates a lot of what there is to love about the Lakes and Mountains region as well as what almost all the locals stated that they love to do: just be outdoors; enjoying the view, breathing the fresh air, reveling in nature’s gifts. They do this on the water in a boat, on their porch, by hiking or biking trails in the woods and along rivers. It seems you can’t live deep in Maine without loving the great outdoors. . In fact, Rangeley was once a hot bed for nearly loving the great outdoors to death at a time in world history when people didn’t understand conservation of natural resources the way we do now. So as I understood it, I think the Outdoor Museum also helps to remind people that nature is a finite resource which we have to be careful to take care of as much or even more so than we enjoy it. . And with Bill at the helm, it’s also a museum full of the history of incredible women, like “Fly Rod” Crosby and Carrie Stevens, who were early pioneers in guiding visitors to the lakes and mountains of Maine. He was so enthusiastic about sharing those women’s stories. I found myself really moved by that. I think he’s a must know local if for no other reason than you just can’t walk away from an interaction with him having failed to learn something new. . It’s not only women in the past who have shaped what the Lakes and
BALDNESS. When I was a kid, I had very curly hair. (SWIPE LEFT ⬅️ to see it!) I remember when I first noticed my hairline receding in my early 20’s. A few years later, I saw a photo of my head from the back. A bald spot! I began wearing baseball caps to hide it.  Then I looked to other people who shaved their heads. Celebrities and friends who didn’t seem to let baldness bother them. That’s what I wanted. My confidence back again. So I took the plunge and shaved it all off about 10 years ago.  Baldness is part of my identity now. My personal brand. I shave my head every morning, and have grown to love it. (I still wear hats, but now for sun protection!) 😆  My friends @schickxtreme are launching a new #bip (Bald Important People) Club with an official kick off at "The Baldest Party Ever" at New York Fashion Week on September 13th. Your ticket in is a bald head! Check out BaldImportantPeople.com by 9/4 for a chance to drop everything and get flown out to NYC for an all-expenses paid trip, so you and your +1 (who doesn’t have to be bald) can attend the event. LINK IN BIO ⤴️ Don’t let baldness slow you down. OWN IT.  #baldhead #ad #baldimportantpeople
jerusalem + west bank
there are basic questions we can ask everyday to lessen our footprint on the planet....we are building deck aside part of the house....we had a number of contractors come and give estimates and the most beautiful wood they brought with then is called Ipe, which they import from brazil....ive walked on a number of Ipe decks here in LA and the region, its a great wood and is very popular....but what made me decide on bamboo was, though all but one of the contractors said the Ipe was sustainable, when I asked them which company logged/supplied the wood, so I could do my due diligence, they either did not know or said something like “due to company policy we do not reveal our suppliers”....so i asked myself what i would do if a restaurant refused to say where their ingredients were coming from....not eat there....i was told by the one contractor that my instincts were right, that it is very difficult if not impossible to verify when Ipe is coming from the rainforest or a tree farm 👣
As part of this assignment’s exploration of @mainesmidcoast, our local guide Jenna took us to nonprofit Boothbay Region Land Trust’s Oak Point Farm. A stunning property, and former saltwater farm with 2,000 feet of ocean coastline and a freshwater lake, it is also deceptively forward-leaning in the example it and its staff are setting for conservation and environmental advocacy in the MidCoast region and even greater Maine. They’re doing this through solar panels on the roof of the now-restored farmhouse, a geothermal system in the lake, land management that favors a natural order, community education programs and more. As we walked the trails and talked about the importance of these, and other steps, to Maine’s future - I couldn’t help but feel hope and gratefulness. Not to mention sheer awe at how one piece of protected land could have so many gorgeous vistas and corners and spaces in which to feel at peace outdoors. Every few minutes the specific terrain seemed to change in the 32-acres that is the total preserve. For instance, the strip of land that Jenna is walking down in this photo, is sandwiched between the ocean and the lake. Fresh water and the salt of the sea both within reach. The great balance that this planet depends on. . The Land Trust manages many public access sites and over 30 miles of trails in the Boothbay region of the MidCoast. I hope that with continued public support they will continue to be able to do so for generations to come. #unscriptedmaine . #mainething #mainesmidcoast  #mainelife #maineland #mainetheway #mainecoast #lovemaine #exploremaine #maineisgorgeous  #scenesofnewengland #mainesummer #summerinmaine #mainevacation  #maineadventure #coastofmaine #travelmaine #travelunscripted #oakpointfarm #brlt #boothbayharbor
nearly ran into this guy tonight! lived here two years and still getting to know the neighbors
I rarely share photos of myself on my feed because I hate having my picture taken, photos of me rarely turn out and — most of all — because I don’t actually see travel as being about me, but rather about the people I meet and the things I experience which I always try to make the real stars of the story of my travels and of traveling. . But then @missjennahoward sent me this photo she took of me in @mainesmidcoast this weekend and I actually like how I look. Which is a huge compliment to Jenna because even my beloved Danté doesn’t always take photos of me that I like. And really that’s why I want to share this, not because it’s a photo of me but because it’s a photo Jenna took, that I like. She’s just one of the many many people we have met during this trip to Maine that prove the USA is so much more than just our politics and our politicians. There are great, gracious, kind, open, welcoming, inclusive, brilliant, creative and endearing people who live and work all over this country every day that are evidence of this still being a country which is great to visit and worthwhile of taking the time to dig in to. . And that’s why I said yes to this assignment. Because I want to be part of representing the best this country has to offer. Jenna is one of those bests. So is her region in Maine. And so are the lobster rolls you will get at McLoons Lobster Shack where Jenna took this photo of me. Or at least, that’s what my teammates tell me. I can’t eat lobster unfortunately. But the 🦞 sure did look good and my corn chowder was very very good. Not to mention the island McLoons is on, and the peninsula that it connects to, are so picturesque it’s just ridiculous. When I get home and finally have the time to look through all my photos from this assignment, I’ll share some so you can see and hopefully one of Jenna too.... ⚓️ #unscriptedmaine . . . #mainething #mainesmidcoast  #mainelife #maineland #mainetheway #mainecoast #lovemaine
CLIFFHANGER! — Are you afraid of heights? This is a “via ferrata” route in the Italian #dolomites. Like a mix between hiking & rock climbing. You tether yourself to steel cables for safety. — Many of these routes were created during WW1, when Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces moved soldiers & weapons through the mountains. — FUN FACT: This bridge was used in the 90’s movie “Cliffhanger” with @officialslystallone! 😆 — #italy #dolomitiamo
GREENLAND 🔥 — So sad to hear that one of my favorite hiking destinations is on fire right now. Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail has been burning uncontrollably, forcing some hikers to evacuate. — Many parts of the Arctic are on fire at the moment, due to unseasonably hot & dry conditions on the tundra. Not only that, but scientists reported that Greenland reached ice-loss levels last week that weren’t predicted for another 50 years!!! — It’s just yet another glaring reminder that Climate Change is a very real & serious problem that humanity needs to address NOW. Hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves and the planet. 🌎 — VISIT MY BLOG ⤴️ to read about my 10 day, 100 mile trekking adventure in Greenland a few years ago. There’s a video too! — #greenland #climatechange #arcticcircletrail
A storm approaches. It wasn’t forecasted, but I shouldn’t be surprised. The Bugaboos are notorious for having a microclimate that brings clouds, wind, rain, snow, or lightning on seemingly a daily basis regardless of the forecast. We were lucky enough to get two clear days on this climbing/backpacking trip before the weather rolled in again, and for that I am grateful! - Rain or shine, the mountains will always draw me in, and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy them in so many different ways. I’ve partnered with @backcountry for the rest of the year to keep encouraging people to pursue their passions in the outdoors, and am always happy to share my discount code (ELISE15) for 15% off an order on Backcountry.com! *some exclusions apply* Hope to see you out there! #findyourbackcountry #sponsored
As free as we’ll ever be. Bugaboos ✔️
UPDATE: Congrats to @thesenewlatitudestravel for winning my Airbnb gift card giveaway! 🎁 — Anna & I love using Airbnb to save money on unique travel accommodation. Treehouses, caves, Airstreams, you name it! — In addition to sharing my special 10% Off Airbnb Coupon Code with everyone, I’ve decided to give one lucky reader a $100 Airbnb Gift Card to save even more on your next vacation rental.  LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for details! — To Enter: 1. Like This Post 2. Follow me @ExpertVagabond 3. Tag 2 friends and leave a comment below telling me where you’d use your gift card! — Giveaway ends on August 15th and the winner will be chosen by the 17th. — This giveaway is NOT sponsored by Instagram or Airbnb. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. All giveaway/sweepstakes terms & conditions can be found on my website. Good luck! 👍🏼
ITALY'S CAVE CITY 🗡 — Welcome to #matera, a very unique destination in Southern Italy. Built into the side of a cliff, this village of caves was once an embarrassment to the country. — Now it's a UNESCO site, and a popular filming location for Hollywood movies! Wonder Woman, The Passion Of The Christ, and Bond 25 are a few! — I love how the canyon fills with fog early in the morning...
Rest days in the Canadian Rockies. I think I could get used to this. 😍 @ryan_burke11 @alpacka_raft
Got to revisit the PNW after four years away!  It’s so wonderful to be able to enjoy familiar places in a totally new way (when I lived in Washington before I knew nothing about alpine rock climbing)! On this day, we did Serpentine Arete on Dragontail Peak and took some photos for a highlight piece on alpine rock climbing for Backcountry.com! I’ve added the link in my story today if you want to check it out!  And of course, if you’re looking at getting some gear for any upcoming summer adventures, use code ELISE15 for 15% off your first order at @backcountry! (Exclusions apply) #findyourbackcountry #sponsored PC: @ryan_burke11
BEST OF VENICE 🎭 — In February Anna & I traveled to Venice for their annual Carnival celebration. It was so much fun! — It was my first time to the city, so we did all the touristy stuff. Gondola rides, St. Mark’s Square, bought Carnival masks, pigged out on gelato, and more. Plus found time to get away from crowds too. — I just put together a HUGE blog post featuring 30 fun & unusual things to do in Venice, Italy. — LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for a full trip report about our time there! — #veniceitaly #venezia
Alberta - I 💙 you in all conditions, but I’m so happy this 5 day streak of rain is over! Tomorrow we climb! 🌈🧗🏼‍♀️
DAY 2-4 in search of the grey gold, aka owl pellets, through Idaho and Utah.  Found in barns and cliffs, these pellets are sold to distributers and then to schools around North America for dissection in biology class.
TRE CIME DI LAVAREDO 🏔 — This is one of the iconic hikes in the Dolomites. It’s pretty easy, and gives you stunning views of the jagged Italian Alps! — Hiking in Italy is varied, with remote multi-day treks, tethered climbing on Via Ferrata, or mountain walks like this one, where you can order a trailside panini and beer halfway through the journey! Which kind of hiker are you? 🍺 — LINK IN BIO ⤴️ for a full trip report about our Tre Cime adventure. — #dolomites #dolomiti #trecimedilavaredo
DAY ONE OF A multi WEEK TRIP IN search of GREY GOLD AKA BARN OWL PELLETS filming for a doc on @alfasenturion and his friends that collect owl pellets for $$$ 🦉🤮
Channeling STAN KUBY: MOON LANDING + A CLOCKWORK ORANGE + 2001 + FULL METAL JACKET. I met up with a friend of mine that’s in the military, @garand_thumb, one night a few weeks back and strapped a night vision goggle to the front of my camera and was pretty blown away by the results.  #noidontactuallythinkkubrickfakedthemoonlanding. #myfavoritekubrickmovieisdrstrangelove
I just saw that five years ago,  the first edition of Home Is Where You Park It came out.  TS Eliot once said that, "between the idea and the reality falls the shadow." Anyone thats dreamed up something and then made it knows that sometimes you get what you want and some times you miss. Here's one of my favorite photos from the project of some old road amigos.  To date,  Home Is Where You Park IT is one of the projects that I've done that I'm the most proud of the process and happy with result.  Creatively,  I've been channeling some of the themes from the  book into the scifi project that we've been working on in the studio.  The basic question of the film is that when people have the ability to live for ever and do anything what will we do to pass the time?  Spoiler alert: we're going to go on decade long road trips through the cosmos in bitchen space ships.  Anyways, I digress, Time flies.  If you havent seen Home Is Where You Park It in person or want another copy,  use the code FIVEYEARS in the link in my profile to get 25% off.
One of my favorite parts of living in van is the freedom of traveling around with everything you need to live.  That spontaneity of being able to pick up and head to a new place at a moments notice is hard to explain to someone that hasnt done it.  Now days, I spend my time working on films in the studio @moviemountain and have a lot less time to live like that.  To capture some of that same feeling, I've been escaping into the woods behind my dojo on this electric 2x2 bike.  Here's a little tour of how i have mine set up for camping. #microselfcontainedcapsule @ubcobikes
Bits and Pieces from April in Washington.  I spent the month working on projects in the studio at @moviemountain, catching up with old friends around campfires, scheming for what’s next and getting out and enjoying the change in seasons. After 6 months of rain and snow it’s so nice to finally be able to watch the sunset after 8 and wake up to warm spring days.
HERE’S AN OG STOPMO ANIMATION @moviemountain did for my dear friend @philliptannand for a project he’s working on with @jewice and @hopelord.  Can’t wait to make more shit for them.  Go check out @terpcrawford 🤘🏼🥦🦜🦚
Lando's look at forty.  I first met @landy_landzony 8 years ago in the Rincon parking lot.  I was 23 and he was 30. We surfed together in off and on for the three years i lived in my van.  When we were building the tree houses,  Lando came up and lent in a hand,  doing a bunch of finish work on the interiors of both tree houses and offering sage advice to the rest of the crew.  On the Wave's on Mars trip,  Lando crewed the sailboat and ran the galley.  Those in the Central and SoCal surf scene have probably heard his music and seen him surf.  He's an omnipresent legend.  A few weeks ago Lando came up and hung for a week,  staying in Octogone and putting in five hard fought hours in the sauna.  We shot the shit about life,  the recent passing of a family member and recorded a cover of this song. On one rainy day, I walked over to find him chainsawing naked, smoking a joint and singing this song.  INSPIRATION STRUCK and we made this video. Head over to his IGTV page to watch his cover of a Pirates Look at Forty @landy_landzony  #chainsawnaked #chainsawbarefoot #parrothead
Ad Another epic place on the list ✅ In the north of Saudi Arabia I found this place called Magnificent Rocks of Buraikah. It's a huge valley with fantastic pillars, columns, hoodos. It seems you can walk forever among these shapes looking for strong compositions. So much to explore here - since last week you can visit Saudi Arabia yourself too as they just introduced evisa opening doors for everyone.  @visitsaudi #welcometoarabia
Ad A stunning starry desert sky last night. No light pollution for hundreds of kilometres, just silence and serenity of the night. That's actually me in the shot. I climbed this rock to show the massive scale of rock formations in Tabuk region, located in the northern Saudi Arabia. Arabian night are literally feel like a fairy tale!  @visitsaudi #welcometoarabia
I invite you to photography tour at Baikal lake in Russia. On a week adventure in the beginning of February you'll encounter incredible ice textures - cracks, bubbles, blocks of ice. Visit ice caves, multiple rocky islands at the Narrow Sea of Baikal. I have my team of professional ice drivers ready with comfortable SUVs, amazing photography guide and best hotel booked for this trip! Follow link in bio to see details and join.  #link_in_bio #linkinbio #photographytour #baikal #baikallake
Series of images from wonderful Japan. Join my photography workshop next year in this wonderful country in the peak of autumn colors in November. This time of the year maples turn deep red colors. We'll experience traditional Japanese culture staying in ryokans and enjoying both landscape and culture. For many years returning to Japan I've selected some of the most beautiful spots for this workshop. Follow link in bio to see details and sign up.  #link_in_bio #japan #ilovejapan
This summer I've invited a talented filmmaker @dennisschmelz to join my Camargue photo workshop. Dennis made a beautiful masterpiece again. White horses of Camargue are true angels, and this video represents so well the mood and scenery during my tours in Camargue. This is why I love so much to interact with horses. The sense of freedom, force and purity you get through yourself. If you wish to experience it yourself please join my workshop next year following link in bio! And make sure you're following @dennisschmelz Music: @christian.heschl @friedhelmmund Many more beautiful videos to come! #link_in_bio #camargue #photographytour #photoworkshop
Mount Fuji San is an icon of Japan. And no doubts it's perfect subject for photography. I took these shots during my photography workshops in Japan around Fuji Five lakes area. It's one of the highlights in this tour - to visit such beautiful nature locations around Majestic Fuji.  There are still few spots left for next year's Japan workshop in November - follow link in bio to see details and sign up.  #link_in_bio #japan #ilovejapan #nikon #fujikawaguchiko #fuji #fujisan #mountfuji
Wonderful autumn in Mongolian Altay. This morning was absolutely unreal! Mountains seem to be floating in the air - due to crystal clear reflections in the lake.  Danielkordan.com #altay #mongolia #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar
Slovenia peaceful autumn morning. In this little wonderful country you can find hundreds of beautiful churches. Some of them are located on top of such beautiful hills surrounded by mountains. Danielkordan.com #slovenia
Currently house hunting in Europe, but something doesn’t quite seem right about this one 🤔🏠 | 📷: @sonyalpha a7R III, 24-70mm f2.8 GM #alphacollective
There’s a whole new world under the surface 🌊 | The Maldives is a place that has been on my bucket list for quite some time now and it’s completely surpassed my expectations. Swimming with dozens of manta rays was one thing I didn’t expect to do here. It was easily one of the most epic experiences and I definitely won’t be forgetting it anytime soon. With over 1200 islands here, there’s an incredible amount of beauty to be seen here with something for just about everyone. Each island is so unique and the seemingly endless number of different blue hues is a breathtaking sight to behold @VisitMaldives #visitmaldives #sunnysideoflife
Teamwork makes the dream work! Waiting for sun in the North Cascades finally paid off and we were able to get in two 50 classic climbs within a few days of each other! These mountains are a wonderland! Pictured here is me approaching the summit of Forbidden Peak. —————————————————————— This month, @backcountry asked me to share some of my favorite pieces of gear to take on an alpine climb.  Details in today’s story! And as always, feel free to use code ELISE15 for 15% off your first order! *some exclusions apply*  #findyourbackcountry #sponsored  PC: @ryan_burke11
RAINBOW ISLAND 🌈 — This is #burano. A small island outside of Venice. Residents have painted their homes all sorts of colors! We spent hours wandering the streets getting completely lost. 🤗
Wonderful Plitvice falls in Croatia surrounded by autumn colors. Hundreds of cascades and waterfalls - you can spend many hours wandering in the park.  #croatia #plitvicefalls #nikon #gitzoinspires Danielkordan.com
It's not Tatooine - that's desert between Saudi Arabia and Jordan. I made a vertical panorama here with focus stacking on the dry bush. Nikon Z 7 + nikkor 14-24 mm + gitzo traveler tripod without central column + Lucroit polarizer filter.  Danielkordan.com
Altay mountains in Russia is incredible destination for autumn photography. All mountain valleys are shining with gold of larch trees! With fresh snow on high mountains, vast rivers and lakes it's a true wild paradise for landscape photographers.  #russia #nikon #gitzoinspires #altay #autumn
They call it Pink Lake, after the family that used to live here, but actually it’s a psychedelic green. Canada and beautiful lakes seem to be synonymous. I’m so excited to be checking out a new province here. I absolutely adored Alberta and Manitoba and am quickly loving Québec too. I love the pride people take in their culture, their province, and the way that they welcome guests so warmly. The marriage of the landscape, so vast and wild, and the friendly locals is what makes me love Canada so much. It’s hard not to become more friendly yourself when you’re here! #outaouaisfun #quebecoriginal #sponsored
14,505 FT — This is the summit of Mt Whitney, the highest mountain in California & the lower 48. 🏔 — I climbed it in 2 days via the “mountaineers route” in April last year. It was an exhilarating experience! — Just published a new YouTube video of the hike, go check it out! LINK IN BIO ⤴️ — #mountwhitney #sierranevadas
Autumn is certainly my favorite season. Trees turn gold, mountains cover with snow powder. You can smell the autumn in the frozen morning air. This is series of my images from New Zealand taken back in May. And now I'm happy to explore Colorado - aspens turn fantastic gold colors here as well! #newzealand #wanaka #nikon #gitzoinspires #madewithluminar  #autumn