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Victoria's Secret 2017

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floor seats for the knicks?
just girly things
New Polo Ralph Lauren  Shot in mammoth California  @poloralphlauren
cashmere only
la pose de signature
She shady 👒
home is a feeling
New campaign for @hardybrothers @iblamejordan
She’s back. Thank you for sticking with me! XX
Libra ♎️ Baby🖤
Missing weekend walks with my girl 🐩
#monochrome with la Tour Eiffel💛 My favorite @intimissimiofficial #intimissimi #ad
Longlong day at work and forgot to take any photos in action, so here’s me kicking off my heels in possibly the chicest double denim you’ll ever see me in... @dior & @cartier sty. @jess_pecoraro
San Antonio for the weekend with this piece of cake 🍰 #wifey #weekendthings
#breastcancerawarenessmonth #fucancerride 🎀
I wanted to say thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. You have no idea how much it means to me reading each message.💛 Yesterday was mental health awareness day. A struggle that I know a majority of us have dealt with in the past or dealing with currently. And if not, you probably know someone who is.. something that I have been dealing with for a few years but finally at a point where it doesn’t consume me as much as before. still have bad days along with the good, but grateful and proud of myself to be in the place that I am today, going into my 23rd year of life. with that being said , I would like to add that everything you see online or through social media is not always what it seems..the happiness we create online while being sad in real life makes no sense, but sometimes it just seems easier to live within your sadness rather than talk about it. if it wasn’t for the people closest to me, I probably would have still been in that place, and for that, I am forever thankful to them...don’t feel pressured by things online...if you don’t want to get out of bed, don’t. If you want to cancel plans, cancel them. Being kind and protective to yourself and your energy is something I’ve learned to be helpful. When the world feels like it is collapsing around you, you are allowed to ask for help... you do not have to deal w/ your mental state alone. We need to spread love and allow love in. Be kind ! To the people around you! strangers! everyone!.be aware! the moments that we have are singular and you will never know the struggle or the pain of another person until you are in their shoes. so reach out n ask. We all need love&support and if you can be the one to bring somebody happiness or a calmness that they can't find in themselves, please be that person..You never know how much your words or just a smile can change someone’s day n even yours as well.If you are reading this and feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel... there is
New representation @elitenyc 🧡 new beginnings 🍃
👖 50 years of @CalvinKlein #ck50 here’s me mooching in #mycalvins 👖👖👖 By @spencernotspencer for @10magazineaustralia 👖
In light of #worldmentalhealthday I wanted to take a moment to tell you it’s ok. It’s ok if your having a bad day, to have feelings, and to not be ok. We are all human and have our own crazy adventures in life but knowing your not alone and that it’s ok to speak up about it is important. Being there for someone can change their life, just as much as opening up can change your own. Be there for one another, be kind, and be vulnerable. Challenging yourself can only help you grow. I’ve learned to have more compassion for myself and those around me over the past year and just want to tell you it’s going to be ok. Mental illness is something we can’t always control but being there for one another is something we can. #bethere #imhereforyou #listentooneanother #itsoktonotbeok
Don’t talk to me or my son ever again 🤫
Sea Creatures
I love finding new ways to feel good, heading to my second yoga class this week I like that it offers me time in the city to unwind and really focus on my breathing and being in tune with my body. I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression since I was in high school. It really hit its worst point after the passing of my grandmother. No one really talked about how difficult it can be to get out if bed or the moments of disassociation when you feel you don’t belong in your body. If more people had a conversation about mental illness it would surely help others feel less alone and I truly think it would help those suffering. In my opinion those vulnerable and honest moments are more relatable than a lot of the manufactured content I see online. I think it’s time we end the stigma on mental illness and promote a positive, safe space for those dealing with any mental disorder to feel listened to and loved. #mentalhealthawareness 🦋
big fan of sunsets and salt water... greatest vacation of my life❤️🔥🤝
Around May  @frida_aasen and i partnered up with soul cycle to raise money for health insurance and a clean water well for my home country Tanzania. I’m so happy to share that last week 100 kids from (Makotopora, Dodoma) received health insurance for a whole year. We had so many challenges getting these health insurance cards for these amazing kids but we finally did it. Thank you to the whole Sachia society team for working day and night on this.  To my mom. Thank you for starting @sachia_society in 2013. Kwa jinsi ulivyotulea/kukuza siku zote kurudisha fadhila bila kujali nini. Moyo wangu umejawa na furaha.
Angels inside and out 🖤 #lovelyladies #mademytrip #andmegan #calzedonialegshow #whenimverona
Third times a charm 🖤 #calzedonialegshow #verona #italydoesitbest
the range
Sometimes reset buttons come in bottles 😌 Keeping my skin healthy and alive with #advancednightrepair #pressresettonight  #esteemodel @lovegrace_e
when I’m with you I feel alive  you say you love me don’t you lie 🥀
Treasure from my last shoot with Peter Lindbergh. @dior, Times Square, NYC.
Get dressed with me over at @portermagazine . 👗🕶🧥👖👡Link below for full story . . https://www.net-a-porter.com/us/en/porter/article-c78144a5774b12b6/fashion/get-dressed-with-georgia-fowler
@charleskeithofficial  FW2019 campaign ❤️ thank you for having me  #charleskeithfw19
Such a joy to meet you @marqueemarc! Congratulations on the beautiful @SupremeModelsBook- Celebrating Iconic black women who revolutionized the fashion industry.  Tomorrow, I have the beautiful honor in sharing space on a panel with godmother @bethannhardison and legendary @veronicawebb where we will have open discussions on Diversity, Inclusion, and the Future of Fashion. 🖤🌹
Howdy Y’all 🤠
Capri paradise with @zimmermann for the Resort Swim 20 Collection  #zimresortswim20 #zimmermann
Hard day at work @georgecortina
After the show ❤️ @thombrowneny
Oh Italy, you got me 🌹 #verona #italy #romeoandjuliet
#d2denim @dsquared2
Stay at home Sunday ☺️ @victoriassecret
Postcard from home 🇬🇬 Guernsey cliff walks in @aloyoga
🖤 @dsquared2 #d2denim love you guys!
ACDC Rocks
Mine ...@riccardotisci17 🖤
Always a #scandal .. 🖤 @jpgaultierofficial
new for @calvinklein 💪🏽💦
#bof500 gala 09.30.19
Miu~ 🖤
Made my day 😂
whatcha looking at stud?
In @brunosialelli ‘s dream ❤️2020 Spring Summer 2020 @lanvinofficial
That season when its too cold to wear a tank but too hot to wear to wear a sweater ☁️
Fresh breeze 🍃
it’s October first 👻
Russiansssss..... @annev 🍼
When I get in a Uber and the Uber driver  says heather instead of Herieth 😏🚶🏿‍♀️
My forever muses @lorealmakeup
Bon fucking jour 😊🇫🇷
Slick pickle Rick🎩 new @koccaofficial
Ahoy 🏝
still alive but i’m barely breathin........ also can’t believe i beat my own face that well, whewwwww😍💄💋
wow a night i will truly never forget... attending @amfar in Milan, and yes i did a full outfit change mid-carpet. My dad always did say i was a drama queen😉 Dress by @viviennewestwood Pants by @the_attico hair and makeup by meeeeeee! Thank you @marcodl82 for letting me be your crazy bride for the night!!! @luisaviaroma ✨
🌊 @MIXED_brazil 💙
Evening shoot👤
stay lighthearted and you’ll never age.  yes we both almost 30.
🤩 Thank you @oscardelarenta @johndavidpfeiffer #nyfw
Looking at the bright side that I’m 3/4s of the way healed!! Your girls about to be walking again!!!
I’m very down to earth, just not this earth. @lorealmakeup x @karllagerfeld Life gave me many gifts, and one of them is to be able to create along side incredible talents and legendary masterminds. Once again, thank you team!  We all have a touch of Karl.
if you’re going through hell, keep on going, don’t slow down.
🦋 @vixswim 🦋 @pedrosales_1 @rodrigocosta @jean13ricardo @hickduarte @robertacardoso @andrea_reis_  @wborn_productions @ramonmattos @david_jensen @primemgmt @andretold @cristinefranco ❤️
How can we dance when our earth is turning ?  How do we sleep when our beds are burning ? - - - (These photos were taken on my film camera in January of 2018 in the middle of the Brazilian Amazon rain forest where I spend time with one of the local indigenous community)  The only place where I felt like the earth stood still and nothing else mattered, but that place.  Humans, Mother Earth doesn’t need us. But we need Mother Earth.  Mother Earth, I hope someday we will deserve your forgiveness.
Cowabunga bitches🤙🏼
Not here but wish I were🌴🤙🏼
We did it. 6 weeks summer intensive program at the Acting school of William esper!  I’m part of the meisner legacy and this is just the beginning. Meisner is such a fascinating technique, and the amount of wisdom that travels through the corridors of this school is absolutely insane.  Thank you Barbara Marchant, for opening me up and guiding me through this journey, and to all my other teachers who taught me how to find my voice, how to move, and to speak and so on.  And my acting partners, who gave me so many amazing moments full of laughter, or sadness and most of all, craziness!  This was the best summer romance a girl like me could ask for.
Like a poem, with no words
I’m 25 today... thank you God 🙏🏽
A mother of 10. I don’t know how you do it, mami. Te amo. Feliz dia de la madre 💐 Happy mother’s day to alll you mama’s x
GSG 🖤 #ifyouknowyouknow #letsgo
so happy to have my baby back
I’ve been obsessed with this head scarf, literally wearing it everyday.  I truly dislike doing my hair regardless of it only being two inches, but mostly because the creator of this line is a beautiful women of color. Been wearing brands of color with a sense of pride. I wear it and think in my head “man we did this!” I’ve decided to make more of a point to seek these brands of color and quality out and show love and support. Our advancements economically and politically are making me so excited for our future and future generation’s ability to succeed and make their dreams a reality.
your favorite cycling instructors.. 🚲💦🔥
this look is fire and i need it in my life  @congtriofficial #nyfw
Last week w @cut2kill @kushdashian @freepeople TGIF everyone❤️
When the agency asks for a casting video of me carrying a bag 💼 🤷🏾‍♀️ swipe left
Black on black