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Δ I am Linds 💁🏼‍♀️ I help lead others ✨ Empower & Heal🌿 Free our souls 🙏🏻 Untamed Follow my vibe 🌕 Guidance daily @ 2:22 mst Colorado 🏔🇺🇸

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Today’s message ❤️ . On the path of life there are deciding moments where we can choose to go with the mainstream or we can dare to take a bolder, more authentic and trusting way-even if it seems less safe. . . To rely solely on logic and science, without incorporating the mysterious and magical is a recipe for an existence far to dry!  The sacred rebel within our hearts will always choose a juicier approach to life. You are currently approaching a choice point. . . Placing “science” above all else kills the rebellious heart.❤️ Steadfastly relying on logic, proof and a complete set of plans to measure and dictate outcomes will suffocate the soul!⭐️ Choose to value decisions based on passion and instinct to trust in life enough to embrace it as an adventure and let it unfold as it will. . . There is a time for measure, logic , planning and measurable outcomes. These are wise tools and we must be vigilant not to worship them or allow them to quash our less rational, but equally valuable decision making tools: intuition, feelings and those things, you know, without knowing how you know them! . To remain rebellious we must not sacrifice the art of emotion, instinct, passion and intuition, for the science of logic and strict planning. . . The message is clear. You are being asked to trust your intuition in your life, work, your creativity and your spiritual journey. There is no need to control the situation it rather a desire to nurture an idea to fruition. . . You may have pressure from the world around you to do things according to rules or to accept the mainstream view and have a well thought out plan. However sometimes the best plan is to do what your intuitively feel is truthful and trust that you are being led towards your own growth. . . There is another message Warriors!🔥 You are moving outside your plan. You are living in the border of what is socially acceptable. This is good. This is fringe dwelling freedom. You are called to live from
Today’s message❤️ Sacred vision is awakening within you. You are becoming wiser and seeing truth. You are seeing what is real rather than what appears to be. This is true insight Warriors!🔥 . . . What was once seen as fear you now see no fear at all. What once was irritating or irrelevant is now seen to have great spiritual significance. This is the gift of genuine vision and takes you into the being of the universal creator. This is sacred terrain, beyond logic, convention and that which is limited in anyway. . . The vision of love, the truth of all that is, can move us more than anything else possibly can.  The message is clear. If you have been wondering about your life path, this is a message of hope. You will receive vision. You will be graced into forward motion. You will see things differently and more accurately. Any confusion or uncertainty you have felt is going to pass and you will be left with clear insight! 👁 . . . The stories you have been creating and telling yourself may end up looking differently to how they appear now.  This may surprise you but the vision coming will be more truthful and freeing. It will be worth the shock when you learn you have been deluding yourself with fear. Don’t be embarrassed. This is truth speaking and praising you for growing.  This is good!❤️ . . Also, this message also comes with additional guidance. You are watched over by life and held in protection. Whatever has been bothering you will not harm you. You will prevail Warrior!⚔️🔥 . . Also Warriors, you are being asked to shift how you look at things. As you shift your perspective, your energy shifts too. You can see this with people. When you shame and judge someone they react differently to when they are loved and encouraged. They may succeed, but the journey to success is different. Looking at something through the eyes of love rather than fear, can help us find our way more easily, quickly and enjoyable.💖 . . . The Sun. ☀️ Just as
Today’s message ❤️🔥 . Deep within you are moved by an ancient, powerful force that cannot be tamed. You feel it in your blood, your heart, in your bones and belly. When you sense something dying within, you sense it falling away, no longer needed. You sense when you need to rest and be patiently in transition. . . You feel the stirring of agitation and restlessness when new life calls you to create, to act to step forward and take a risk. You know that you march to your own beat and that no one else can tell you what your inner rhythms are and you must trust in your own timing. You can not be rushed or forced or be held back when it is time to burst forth. Life supports the natural rise and fall of your inner rhythms. . . The message is clear. You can not miss what you are destined for nor will you gain anything by trying to push yourself. Trust in the life cycles within and you will feel the perfect balance between effort and surrender, discipline and letting go. . . . When it is time for the rhythm to rest, you will feel a slowing within and be drawn contemplation and environments that are more gentle. . . . When the rhythm beats in your heart you will each our to others and connect, converse. . . Your needs will be met in harmony with your own rhythms. All that you will miss out on by trusting this, is anxiety. What you will gain is peace. . . Right now, big changes maybe coming into your life. The Wheel of Fortune card asks you to be optimistic and have faith that the Universe will take care of your situation in the best way possible. Meditation and visualisation can reinforce your intention to bring increased abundance, good fortune and prosperity to you. Your life is about to turn in more positive directions if you are willing to grow and expand. Keep your mind open to all kinds of synchronicities and signs from the Universe. The magic of fate and destiny is behind you, and miracles are happening. . . The universe is also trying to tell you that
Today’s message ⭐️❤️🔥 . . . Beneath the illusions, pretty as they may seem, you know what is real. Beneath the lies, sweet though they may sound, you know what is worthwhile. All that is genuinely and truly essential for the heart to throb with life is worthwhile. Anything that suffocates its vibrant aliveness must be cast aside, for the heart is the key to living an authentic life. . . . You are a sacred warrior-defender of the heart. ❤️ You have cried tears of your own grief and tears for others. You have felt the need to protect the presence of love, though it is exceptionally powerful, it to can be smothered under fear and lies. The sacred warrior must not heed the dangerous voices that say “stop being so sensitive.” Love is the biggest deal out there! The sacred warrior is vigilant that the presence of love is not chipped away by fear, criticism, doubt or untruths. Even if others find the unflinching honesty of your feelings difficult to handle, even if these feelings are spoken with gentleness and compassion, the sacred warrior honors the task of being more faithful to love, than anything else. This includes all fear. . . The message is clear. You are being asked to stay strong and stand your ground. This could be a big emotional journey,  it could be a matter that doesn’t seem important or an idea or feeling about something. You must honor each step you take, even if they are tiny on your path. Be vigilant about what is meaningful and truthful, will strengthen you and not allow the darkness to lure you into sleep. . . . Warriors, do not allow fear to gain a stronghold on your heart! Right now you may be overloaded, stressed or burdened and this can lead to fear. It is important that you recognize this if it happens and NEVER allow fear to grip your heart. Love is to grip your heart. Always!❤️ . . . You are strong! You are safe and you are so loved warriors!🔥 . . . Sending you insane ❤️ . . . Linds⭐️ . . . 🖊 small
Today’s message ❤️ . . . Something is stirring at the deepest level inside of you. Something new will break through and this birth may shock you. This shock may come to you as strange, but it will bring joy and liberation. . . . The message is clear. There are rumblings and stirrings of the creative life force happening now-deep in the undercurrents of your being. So be on the lookout for big shift of new birth, the shock of the new, the unconventional, the strangely beautiful and the disturbing liberation of that which is foreign stepping into your life. This life creating a stage upon which you will experience a greater fulfillment. . . The message the shock of the new is saying “the old way is on its way out.” You are being invited, dragged and coerced into the new. Free fall into this. Don’t fear. . . You are about to experience something new and different in your life. Don’t reject it no matter how small or big it may seem to be. You are being asked to dispense the tools of the past and what have been your tools to navigate life. You have outgrown these methods. You may have to fly by the seat of your pants and just go with it. Life will show you the way!!!🔥🔥🔥 . . . The supporting energy is clear. You have the strength to remain calm among this change.  Harmony and balance are at your fingertips. With all change comes fear and remember Warrior, have no fear. Fear is only and illusion and when fear arises, Tap into your heart and there you will find love. The most powerful force of energy that will overcome your fear. . . . So rise Warriors! Welcome the shock of the new! Go go go! You are powerful you are safe and you are so loved!❤️ . . . Sending infinite ❤️ . . Linds⭐️ . . #empath #empaths  #empathsofinstagram #goodvibes #energy #empathsbelike #awakening #soulwork #meditation #empathlife #intuitivehealing #intuitiveeating #intuitivenutrition #wellnesswednesday  #intuitivereading #thirdeye #chakrahealingvibes #chakrahealing
I am still going Warriors ⚔️🔥, who is gonna Join me this morning.. and raise their vibe? Today marks the first snowfall of the year in Colorado..yep, it’s snowing! . . . Repeat with me and see ya this afternoon for our daily guidance.❤️ . . . I love and honor myself I respect myself I am in awe of how far I have come I will continue to be the light for others I will look within when I need answers rather than looking outward and seeking validation with distractions to feed the ego. I will sit with my pain and heal. I am not my emotions, they are here to serve me and direct me where I need to heal I am of the highest good I am worthy of abundance I am powerful, I am safe and I Rise  I Am! Rise Warriors! . . Sending infinite ❤️ from Colorado friends!🏔 . . . Linds💚🌿 . . . . . #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gym #fitnessjourney #fit #fitnessmodel #fitnesslife #fitnessaddict #motivation #fitnessgirl #workout #fitnessfreak #bodybuilding #fitfam #gymlife #fitnessgoals #fitspo #fitnessfreaks #fitnessgear #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessfood #fitnesstrainer #fitnessmodels #fitnessbody #lifestyle #muscle #fitnessphysique #health #fitnessfun #instafit
Today’s message ⭐️ Strength 💥❤️🔥 . Right now, we are reminded that true power comes from within. You are powerful. You have the courage to face problems and conquering them through perseverance and will. With this ability to overcome life's obstacles, though, comes the responsibility to control yourself, and it this warning to take command of your own actions or emotions before they damage you or the people you care about. . . . Truth speaks to us consistently, but not always words. It may speak to us in feeling, a sense of peace, and a knowledge that everything is going to be okay. . . You are being asked to listen to the truth beneath the words rather than the superficial meaning itself. . . This is a message of truth for you. You are hearing something that is not being said and what you are hearing is truthful. ❤️ You feel like your the only one that is really ready to hear or see it.🙏🏻✨ . . Perhaps it is work or loving in a relationship, where truth is denied. We live in a world where truth is feared of what it might be reveal. At the base of this fear is unhealed  toxic shame. . . It is time to let go of old wounds and have self love and acceptance.❤️🙏🏻 You are being asked to love yourself enough to honor the truth, even if you feel you are the only one. . . Sacred Rebels need TRUTH like lungs need oxygen. Truth keeps the energy of life flowing through the sacred rebel. Lies dampen the spirit of the sacred rebel. . . . You are a truth sacred Warrior! You are meant to be the agitator at times. Hold compassion for yourself. . . . If you have been worn down and depressed by lies, gossip, deceit or backstabbing going on around you, don’t fret! Get in nature and spend time healing. Healing will come now. . . . No matter how many untruths are told about you, you know your heart is true, sacred rebel.❤️❤️❤️ . . . Don’t give up Warriors!!🔥🔥🔥 Know that truth always, prevails!❤️❤️🦅🦅 . . . You
Today’s message ⭐️🔥❤️ . .  There is a call for love ❤️ . .  Right now there is a call for a deeper connection in your immediate relationships. There is an opening for heart-to-heart communication that can salvage and restore broken relationships or friendships and deepen current soul connections if you are willing to honor your differences and look to what unites you. Sometimes it is hard to look past differences. We are not here to judge each other. . . .  We are only here just to love, to be loved, and let go of those that cannot accept us as we open up to those that can. Always be you. Let go of those that can not accept us as we are and open up to those that do. ❤️ . .  The message is clear today. Trust in the sanctity of the connections in your life. These sacred connections are a gift from above. . .  If you have asked to experience a more sacred connection with people who truly “get” you and want to play life with you, rather than at odds or against you, then this is confirmation that this manifestation is real now or on its way. . .  It may not be obvious at first, but kindered spirits that have entered your life or they will enter your life to help you connect to your deeper feelings. . .  They will give you WINGS 👼 to your inspirational ideas and BIG dreams warriors! Don’t fear! ❤️🔥⭐️ . . This message is supported by the King of pentacles. This energy is that of love, support, wealth and security. These sacred kindered soul connections are sent from the heavens above. It’s all part of your bigger plan and here to help support you and your growth. Simply beautiful. Have no fear, have only love. All that awaits is on the other side. . . You may have a hand in your destiny, but your fate is sealed. Pay attention to the signs.🔥❤️ . . Rise Warriors! Rise! GO go go! Have no fear only love.👑 . . Sending infinite ❤️ . . . Linds⭐️
Be you. ❤️🔥 . . . Hey guys!💁🏼‍♀️ I apologize for slacking on the daily guidance. I have to be in a very relaxed state to intuitively give these. Lately, I haven’t been. . . . However, I have been focusing on myself today. Spending time with my soul. I will be giving out our guidance this evening. . . . See ya in a few.❤️ . . . Sending infinite ❤️ . . . Linds⭐️ . . . . . #empath #empaths  #empathsofinstagram #goodvibes #energy #empathsbelike #awakening #soulwork #meditation #empathlife #intuitivehealing #intuitiveeating #intuitivenutrition #wellnesswednesday  #intuitivereading #thirdeye #chakrahealingvibes #chakrahealing #chakra #throatchakra #jesusmemes #spiritualawakening #spiritualjunkie #gabbybernstein
Be so completely yourself that everyone around you feels safe to be their authentic selves too.❤️⭐️ . . . Sending infinite ❤️ . . See ya this afternoon for our daily guidance today. . . . Linds⭐️ #authenticity . . . . #empath #empaths  #empathsofinstagram #goodvibes #energy #empathsbelike #awakening #soulwork #meditation #empathlife #intuitivehealing #intuitiveeating #intuitivenutrition #wellnesswednesday  #intuitivereading #thirdeye #chakrahealingvibes #chakrahealing #chakra #throatchakra #jesusmemes #spiritualawakening #spiritualjunkie #gabbybernstein #tarotreading #love
Today’s message ❤️ . . Right now, your life maybe signifying a new start. You have the green light to move ahead without any shame, fear or doubt, this marks the initial stages of manifesting your goals and assures you that you can truly achieve what you have set your mind to do. The world is your oyster and, through careful planning and determined effort, you can manifest your goals and desires. Your ideas are ready to turn into something tangible and real! Let me explain.⬇️⬇️⬇️ . . .  In order to move into your new beginnings, there is a gift that lives in all of us as our curious nature, yearning to conquer chaos 🔥 , evil and darkness with light of knowledge. This is the hopeful voice of our soul that asks questions and in doing so, triggers the process that brings the answers. Sometimes it is through uncomfortable learning we find the answer. Pandora reminds us that the process of learning can take us to places that seem like the end of our world and yet all is not lost. Even now, the light 💡 within you is stirring for new revelation, new life and new adventure. . . . Pandora is all giving. Her presence invites you to forgo your belief in judgment. Now is the time to surrender the misplaced guilt that you may have brought, upon yourself or another, from some terrible thing happening. It is time to let go of the shame based punishment. This is a belief that you deserve to be brought to punishment over any perceived imperfection or somehow inadequacy. Now is the time to FREE 🇺🇸 soul from such torment. The human journey involves mistakes and learning. There is no shame in your learning process. . . . This is the start to a new time. A time to swap the notion of inherent shame for acceptance of the divinity. . . From this moment on, think of how unstoppable you will be!🔥🔥 Sacred rebellion is happening within your soul as a powerful uprising towards liberation. You are breaking free from the weighty criticisms of the world 🌎,
What’s up guys! I am back loves❤️ I must make time for this not only for you but also myself! . . This is a short message Warriors. 🔥👑 But an important one. . . Today’s message  Beautiful souls ❤️⭐️ . . Our soul always wants freedom. Our soul wants to be free. The Divine is what liberates, not confines us. Currently you may be ending a pattern of ways that no longer serve you and you are unsure of what path to take or even where the path is. The only way through or out is within. Your soul knows the way. And the only way out is within.🔥👑❤️ . The Emperor 👑 The Ruler of Kings! You are being asked to be on top of things and  have everything under your control. It is your hard work, discipline and self control that have brought you this far. It means that you are in charge of your life now setting up your own rules and boundaries. It is now the time to stand in your Emperor 👑 energy. Stand in your power Warrior!🔥🔥 . . . It is now the time to trust your inner soul Warriors! Stand in your power and rise as you move forward on this journey. . . Rise! Rise Warriors! Go Go Go, the only way out is within. Great things are coming to you! . . . Sending insane ❤️ . . . Linds⭐️ . . . #empath #empaths  #empathsofinstagram #goodvibes #energy #empathsbelike #awakening #soulwork #meditation #empathlife #intuitivehealing #intuitiveeating #intuitivenutrition #wellnesswednesday  #intuitivereading #thirdeye #chakrahealingvibes #chakrahealing #chakra #throatchakra #jesusmemes #spiritualawakening #spiritualjunkie #gabbybernstein #tarotreading #entrepreneurlife