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Tetsuya Kaneko


I am a typical boring Japanese Salary Man. This is my memorandum of alcohol what I drunk and where.

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At last, I've finished CBT.
Smells like incense.
Rum on the rocks. Red wine from Sicilia. White wine from Australia. Sparkling from Yamagata.
Czech wine. Slovenian wine. And French wine with Chahor Mailbec.
Absinthes from Czech. And original cocktail with Japanese Gin I saw in Ljubljana. And so on.
First beer and at the same time last beer in Qatar
The last night in Europe. Zagreb is capital city but food is much cheaper than south resort areas.  Pan means bread in Japanese.
First beer in Slovenia for lunch with sevreal Foreigners.
The  first and also last beer and wine in Austria. Everyone are very kind! I love Austria!!
The last gorgeous beer in Croatia. I spent too much here( ´△`)
Beer after morning exercise with very delicious breakfast and gorgeous view!
I forget the wine's name, but anyway, very delicious white wine! Actually, wine in Croatia is always good!!
GRK. The winary says, I can drink this wine only around Kortura. But the tast is great. I really wanted to send it to my parents. The other small grass was too strong liquor for me to finish, but the smell was good.
Big beer and salad.
Looks Croatian beer!
Scotch night at shamrock!!
Tonight's scotch whiskies. Very special Bowmore and Berrys' as same age as me.