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Jū, Xiǎowén 雎晓雯


IMG @imgmodels 元宝YUANBAO 吉利JiLi

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@charleskeithofficial  FW2019 campaign ❤️ thank you for having me  #charleskeithfw19
After the show ❤️ @thombrowneny
#bof500 gala 09.30.19
Miu~ 🖤
Made my day 😂
In @brunosialelli ‘s dream ❤️2020 Spring Summer 2020 @lanvinofficial
2019.10.01 ❤️
Yesterday at @thombrowne ‘s secret garden  @thombrowneny 😋 #thombrowness20 #thombrowne
“Peek-a-boo” fall 2019 @cultured_mag by ❤️@cassblackbird with @thombrowne ❤️ @sarahgharrelson @kat.mike @romyglow @sabrinaszinay @mjfiii @kellymcdc @imgmodels
“Say your prayers ” by @thombrowne ❤️ by @cassblackbird ❤️ for @cultured_mag  All ❤️ @mjfiii @kellymcdc @sabrinaszinay @romyglow @kat.mike @sarahgharrelson @thombrowneny @imgmodels