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Jourdana Phillips


a beautiful life 💫 Nomad Mgmt | Supreme NY/ Models1 UK/ Women Paris/Milan/ Modelwerk

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la pose de signature
home is a feeling
I’ve been obsessed with this head scarf, literally wearing it everyday.  I truly dislike doing my hair regardless of it only being two inches, but mostly because the creator of this line is a beautiful women of color. Been wearing brands of color with a sense of pride. I wear it and think in my head “man we did this!” I’ve decided to make more of a point to seek these brands of color and quality out and show love and support. Our advancements economically and politically are making me so excited for our future and future generation’s ability to succeed and make their dreams a reality.
stay lighthearted and you’ll never age.  yes we both almost 30.
🤩 Thank you @oscardelarenta @johndavidpfeiffer #nyfw
this look is fire and i need it in my life  @congtriofficial #nyfw
last night was beautiful @oscardelarenta #nyfw
happy fashion week 😬
nyc bound ✈️
“Gotta look up and tell yourself, There's no end to what you can do. They'll waste your body and soul if you allow them to. This is time to start believing in yourself. Put the blame on no one else. When am I gonna make a living?” -sade adu
The opportunity meant for you  will not challenge your moral values. To accept ones that do is to have no faith in yourself nor the universal plan for you
everything’s coming into view