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Jessica, Mother of Dragons


An exotic pet sanctuary for disabled, adopted, & rescued reptiles & amphibians🦎 Specializing in neuro disorders 🧠 Personal @jessicafennen 🤗 YouTube ⬇️

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Can you tell which frog got the worms first 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 here’s Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura nomming on some bloodworms. I love these goofy frogs.
So i found out the one thing that entices Obella other than worms and roaches, and it’s super weird 😂 the vacuum cleaner. 😂
The boys are growing so fast. Here’s Pip (pictured first) ever so curious and in the second photo Alfie is comforting Ollie who had just been returned to the cage after taking his med. Alfie wasn’t grooming Ollie but he was grooming himself on top of Ollie 😂
I’ve been waiting to introduce the last of the baby rats I picked up a little over a week ago because one of them, who we’ve named Oliver, was showing signs of a respiratory infection from the moment I met him. He had a hunched posture, wheezing, uneven breathing, sneezing, and popping noises coming from his chest. I brought him with me to Benjen’s vet appointment the following morning and the vet said he might have pneumonia, and if not pneumonia, a serious RI. He’s been on an antibiotic medication for a week today and I’m happy to say he has responded to the treatment well! No more hunched posture or chest popping. The wheezing took its time to go but it’s gone as well. And now he just gets sneezy when he’s stressed or excited. He’s on his meds for another 2 weeks, and after a few days of very stressful trial and error we’ve figured out a way he will take his meds every time 😂 rats are so smart lol. Oliver might have a weaker immune system and he might have respiratory issues for life, the vet said, or he might recover and not have an issue again. For a few days, I was afraid he might die. It was a conversation the vet and I had when talking about his prognosis. That is why I hesitated sharing him on social media. Having a pet die is hard enough but having to announce it to people makes it hurt even worse, and I didn’t want you guys to get attached, either. But seeing that he continues to improve, I wanted to share him and his name. Meet Oliver :) Oh and I’m sure someone is going to ask so let me address it: why didn’t I just return Ollie to the person I got him from if I noticed immediately he was sick? Simply put, we chose Ollie. Arron and I both did. No, we didn’t expect a sick baby, but that’s just how it happens sometimes. Ollie is ours and I feel like we were meant to have him, like fate, because we had the vet appointment so luckily the next morning and have been able to help him recover. If we hadn’t chosen him, who knows
A mlem from everyone’s favorite elf gecko, Merlin 🧙‍♂️ How’s your Saturday?
I’m still sick so I haven’t been on much but here’s a cute photo of Margaery 💕
I am so tired of being sick. I was sick a week ago, started feeling better, and now I am sick again. This time of year I’m always messed up. Thank you weather 😭 anyways, here is a cute photo of Brienne. 💕
Aaaand here is another one of the rats I picked up to be Finn’s brother! Meet Alfred, Alfie for short! He is super fast and loves to cuddle with his brothers so much so that he will risk having his treat stolen by Pip just to be close to them. 😭
MEET PIP! This is Pippin and he is one of the rats I welcomed home recently to be Finn’s brother when the time comes. Pippin is the most active of the bunch. He’s curious and loves to steal food from his brothers. 😂
A lovely MLEM from miss Meera ❤️
Look at this cute lil beebee 😍
This is Harry. Harry begs for food 24/7. Harry’s appetite is insatiable, and I can relate 😂
Renly 💕
My axolotl, Harry ❤️
Here’s my third #tiktok. You’re welcome 😏  When it’s feeding night in the pet room and a bunch of hungry eyes are on you 👀👀👀
Jaxon is the cutest lil Halloween pup ever thanks to @elcapitansthreads @maryandcreww thank you so so much 😍😍😍
My little-eyed beauty ❤️
Here’s a hungry Chōchō wondering how everyone’s Monday is going? :)