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Jeremy Veach


Living life out of the Norm Roaming around in @olbetsybus 📍 Hamilton, North Dakota

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Norm on the top of one my favorite hikes in Washington state
North Dakota is pretty flat, so here’s a photo of Norm running down the biggest hill we have seen so far
Taking the bus to new places has always been a favorite of mine. I’m excited to see where we go after working the beet harvest in November. Where do you think we should go next?
Norm watching the sunset on a hill of wildflowers during the super bloom in the Arizona desert. Seeing a place that is normally hot and dry covered in colorful wildflowers was something magical ✨
What does the word home mean to you?  I’ve thought about this question a lot lately. I’ve rented apartments, houses, and owned my own place for a little bit, but the bus has always felt more like home than anywhere else i’ve lived. The bus may be small compared to most places people live, but to me it’s perfect. I have a place to hang out with friends, relax, eat, sleep, and get covered in dog hair. And to top it all off my home is able to take me to places I once only dreamed of seeing. I’ve been asked if i miss living in a house, and my answer simply is no. Living in a converted school bus might make me “houseless”, but not homeless. I’ve never felt more at home until I started living on the road.
Snug as a pug in a rug  One of our favorite things to do as we travel is to check out as many thrift stores as we can. Whenever I see these handmade blankets I can’t help but think of the time and effort that went into making them. Every time I get to walk away with them for about $2! So you could say I have a pretty good collection of blankets going on here.
From the warm deserts in California, to these cold, snowy days in North Dakota; Norms the best little sidekick a guy could ask for. Happy day buddy! #nationalpugday
a pug in a rug
It’s been one year since I lost my dad, and each day I love and miss him more and more. This photo was taken at @archesnps from when him and I were driving the bus back to Bremerton, Washington from Corpus Christi, Texas. This trip will always be a highlight of my life, it was the first and only time we did anything like this. I loved traveling with him. My dad would get so excited about things we would see on the road, and at random times while driving my dad would laugh and say how cool he thought it was what I was doing this and how proud of me he was for chasing this wild dream I had. Im so happy to have moments like those to hold onto. I love you dad ❤️
It’s that time of the year again! 🎃
Growing up in the pacific northwest i’ve always been surrounded by trees and mountains, so being in North Dakota where it’s pretty much flat feels so weird to me! But it’s fun seeing how vastly landscapes change as you travel from state to state.
View from on top of the fire wave at Valley of Fire State Park, one of my favorites state parks we have been to so far. What’s your favorite state or national park?