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❍ On this beautiful journey called life🌺 ◈ MM lifestyle🌱 ⊹ BII Advocate 🌸 ∴ Natural healing coach♡ ⤹ ¤ Add my Health//Wellness pg! → @wholeinhealing

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I just realized 3 years ago yesterday I had my breast aug done!  The date sounded soo familiar! Thought I was forgetting a bday but nope 9/16/16, implant day  I was 30 years old finally “investing” in the thing I obsessed over but went back & forth on my whole life. I had no idea the road it’d lead me down  The physical & emotional struggles I went through w/ having implants  Not many know I had 3 revision surgeries! NOT to swap them out; pretty brutal procedures to fix my right breast...the implants were too heavy for me + how the right one was initially placed it kept “dropping”. I despised how I looked bare chested, embarrassed. I was so upset, implants are supposed to make us look *perfect* right  As the FOURTH revision’s approaching (Nov 2018) I hear about BII, Breast Implant Illness. And holy shit NOW it ALL made sense! Why I became so friggin sick over those 2 years!  Neurological disorders. Fatigue. Anxiety. PTSD. Night sweats. Heart palps. Skin issues. New allergies. Trouble swallowing & breathing. IBS. Joint pains. Brain fog. Vision probs. I mean the list goes on & on & on  TALK. ABOUT. TIMING!! No brainer here: adios revision surgery #4, I was getting these things the helllll outtaaa me!  Fear revolved around that big surgery. Self image issues, going under anesthesia while so unwell, the price, etc  Let me tell Y’ALL...I cannot be HAPPIER to have explanted! A weight was lifted off me in so many ways  You guys, I feel FREE! So light & HAPPY w/out them tig ol bitties weighing me down  This all led me to stop obsessing over looks & start obsessing over self love! I feel sexy. I feel in love w/ myself. I’m confident. I appreciate ME!  Having implants was a hell of a lesson learned. I now have peace/love/confidence/all the things I thought I’d find through beautiful fake boobies, when I actually lost more of myself having them  Ladies. Please. Love yourself. Learn HOW to love your *self*, it takes practice & it takes work but it’s worth
Lookin’ like fall🍃🍁🍂 . . . . . . . #morning #goodmorning #sunrise #beautifulsky #spooky #steamy #pretty #nature #fall #summer #september #morningwalk
Happy 1st birthday to THE most sweet, happy little love bug!🦄🎀 #ryndipearl
Was feelin myself over the weekend👑  Did my hair, makeup, felt great, had somewhere to go - that ish be rare these days! & my wing came out perfect...on both sides! (ladies, youuu know🙌🏼) ◌  And this is a part of healing people don’t really share... ◌ I miss it. Getting all prettied up, always having somewhere to be, people to see. I still have this *option* but choose otherwise. ◌ Facebook alerts me every day with “on this day” memories from the past 15 years I’ve been active on there. I was alwaysss out & about having the best time w/ amazing people from all over the world. I had so much fun! Looking back is mostly nostalgic but sometimes I get upset, I miss having *that* kind of fun & making *those* kinds of memories. ◌ Traveling & going out used to be the biggest part of my life. The ONLY part of my life really. And in order to heal I cut that shit off cold turkey. ◌ What I really miss is doing all that & feeling GREAT (aka like a normal human being) while doing it. It’s not fun when you feel like 💩 ◌ My health symptoms would flare up no matter if I was at home or out but were definitely worse being out. Whether I was drinking water or a cocktail didn’t matter...being out in buzzing/high energy/loud environments wreaked havoc on me physically & neurologically (& still does). ◌ It came easy to put things on pause to get better. I was at that rock bottom point where I could NOT do it any longer. Couldn’t keep exerting that energy, putting myself in an uncomfortable position of constantly feeling like my world (health wise) was crumbling. ◌ I love my life today & am completely fulfilled. I’ve come so far in healing! But dang man being restricted in some ways can get the best of ya sometimes...RARELY...but sometimes, definitely! ◌ If you’re in a similar situation, know that you’re not alone! There’s an uncountable number of us who have pressed pause & miss doing certain things...miss living life freely! Granted,
Beauty is only skin deep ◌ Growing up (in a mental capacity) is interesting Finding what moves you is interesting Feeling what really touches your soul is interesting Healing is interesting ◌ It shifts what we’re attracted to as far as people/places/things/activities go ◌ What appealed to me outwardly has changed SO MUCH ◌ My attractions now are what appeal to me inwardly ◌ Who else feels this? ◌ I was always picky but for the wrong reasons, superficial ones. And not just talking about people. Now I don’t think twice about those things, I look at what’s inside. Surface level is blah, get deep, that’s where beauty lies, that’s how you know who & what is meant for you✨
Throw back to last month!💜 Annual mommy daughter beach day got rained out so we indulged in our first vegan restaurant experience together😋. @floraweha did NOT disappoint & was extremely accommodating for dietary restrictions! . . . . . . . . #vegan #lunch #westhartford #mommydaughterdate #tbt #dayoff #flora #florawesthartford #plantbased #veggies #delicious #yum #eatyourheartout #livehealthy
Love this sweet little nugget of loveee so much🥰 . . . . . . . . . #nephew #precious #sweet #innocent #cutie #love #summer #smelltheflowers #garden #auntie #titi #family #flowers
Sunsets are said to help restore our faith & trust. . . . For those few moments while the sun is going down, be present. Turning our mind to the setting sun. Remind ourself that the sun will return tomorrow. We can always count on the coming sunrise; it will never let us down. It's never going to stop rising.  Focusing on the sunset is key...it’s facing the darkness. It takes great faith to meet the fading light with the irrefutable conviction that it will not be gone forever. It trains our soul to have equal faith in life itself, to endure uncertainty and letdowns with grace and confidence, even to see the beauty in those periods of waning light.  When you turn your mind to the sunset, you attune your body to the earth's rhythms, so that when the sun rises the next morning, whether you're awake to see it or not, your soul is aware that something you trusted came through for you. . . . A beautiful sunset is extra necessary in this time. . . . . . . . . . #sunset #faith #trust #hope #rip #untilwemeetagain #rayoflight #sunbeam #shineon #darkness #light #heal #meditate #meditation #nofilter #love #summersky #harmony #peace #medicalmedium #wholeinhealing
| L i v e r  R e s c u e  3 6 9 | ◌ It’s that time again to do a deep, restorative liver cleanse, & I began today! The 369 is from @medicalmedium’s Liver Rescue book, the one with a big, beautiful, red 🍎 on the cover. And I’ve been loading up on apples this week to prepare☺️ ◌ What it is: • 9 day cleanse broken out in 3 day increments which put the liver into a deep cleanse state, to safely release high levels of toxins & waste. • Days 1-3 » Prep phase • Days 4-6 » Internal cleansing begins. Liver begins to unpack old toxins, fats, viral waste • Days 7-9 » Liver lets go of mass amounts of these “trouble makers” for elimination out of the body ◌ We all have a lifetime of toxic exposure, pathogenic activity & an overload of fats burdening our livers, holding us back from living our most true healthy potential. ◌ This is the 2nd time doing the 369. First round was a breeze, meaning no major detox, flare ups, or set backs. I was hoping for the deep cleaning results others were having but only had IBS issues, which still meant my body was doing work (lot of work to be done🤓). ◌ This cleanse isn’t far off from how I normally eat, but between being so regimented & how detoxifying it is, it can be intimidating! Almost tedious (to me) how much you’re required to eat & drink...this ain’t no fast! It’s more the *personal challenge* I’m afraid of...pushing myself, getting deep down in there & detoxing deeply on/to a new level...I’ve gotten “comfortable” in my healing lifestyle, but the cleanse has been calling out to me. ◌ Personal challenge: begin the 369 today, & again either a week or two after, or in early July. Maybe all 3🍎🍎🍎 ◌ The more rounds you do, the more you clean up your liver & deepen healing. ◌ Hopefully I’ll have a couple stellar bits of feedback, detox & progress to report at the end of the 9 days. May not be posting daily but will do updates throughout😃 ◌ Notes: some neuro issues &
We’re told our bodies change every 7 years. ◌ But what exactly does that mean? WHY are our bodies & cells changing? And why doesn’t everyone fall victim??🤔 ◌ Is it bc that’s life?, getting older? Or is there something underlying? ◌ Why we’re gaining weight or can’t maintain our “younger body”. Why we’re fatigued, have food allergies. Why we have acne, slower recovery times, aches & pains, digestive issues, worse hangovers, less sharp memory, mental health issues, thinning hair, hot flashes, autoimmune disorders, skin conditions, etc. ◌ Most people wonder why then brush it off bc we’re told this is part of the process, it’s “genetics”. We’re taught to believe it’s normal to be unwell. ◌ The reality: it’s not normal! A healthy, properly functioning body shouldn’t undergo such changes! ◌ There’s a deeper, underlying cause... ◌ Our livers are overburdened. And not just by alcohol...that’s only the icing on the cake. Our livers absorb every single thing we’re exposed to. Foods, beverages, medications, personal care products, cleaning products, colognes & perfumes, scented candles & air fresheners, chemicals & toxins in the air, pesticides, toxic heavy metals, smoke of every kind even from a grill or gas stove. The list goes on. ◌ Our liver is our body’s powerhouse, the body’s 2nd immune system. When it’s overburdened, it can’t function, becomes stagnant, & we experience unfavorable changes. ◌ Which is why it’s so important to clean up our livers. We can’t escape chemicals & toxins in the air, but we CAN make big changes. By what we expose our bodies to internally & externally. ◌ This is why I eat strictly fruits & vegetables. Why I’ve gotten rid of candles & only use *verified clean* personal care & cleaning products. Why I don’t drink alcohol or take medications. ◌ If I’m doing this - healing - I’m doing it right. I’m cleaning up my liver, my body, these health symptoms & conditions.
Believe in love, act in love, do good in love, live in love. For yourself & for others. You’ll see you get love in return♥︎ ◌ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Remember. We receive what we put out. ◌ Life is what we make of it. Life is made of energy. ◌ Acting, feeling, thinking or speaking negatively? More negativity is likely to come your way. Ever notice when your energy is full of anger, frustration or negative thoughts, you end up coming into contact with circumstances that heighten what you’re already feeling, adding fuel to your fire or self loathing pain? ◌ Ever notice that when your mood is on point, you can conquer the world? You’re happy & feel at peace. Things just FLOW & fall smoothly into place. Everything lines up as you want it to & often even better than you imagined. And if it doesn’t, it doesn’t feel like the end of the world at all. ◌ In the past, many of my results were due to the energy I was feeling inside of me. Even though I was a positive, happy person, my inside was a mess. Unfulfilled. Lack of passion. Empty. Lonely. Resentment. Unhappy. Lost. Making me easily snap, become agitated or feel like a victim. ◌ I’ve worked HARD this last year to shift my mindset in unideal situations, to thank God, to pray to Him & my angels for guidance, so I don’t let anything get the best of me. To not let bad energy, thoughts or words into my space, from myself or from others...having that inside of me leads to more roadblocks & disasters, internally & externally. I speak out loud to the Universe as well...telling it what I want, what I don’t want, that I’m sorry, to please forgive me for giving in to negative energy or anger. And lemme tell ya, this has all worked WONDERS! Living in love & gratitude changes bad to good, & makes the good even better. ◌ Let go of hate, anger, jealousy, resentment. Those are *strong* emotions. They don’t attract light & aren’t good for our soul. Look outside of what you’re feeling,
My status for the last year & a half ⤴︎⤴︎⤴︎ ◌ Life is messy. Relationships are messy. ◌ So I chose to not be “a mess” anymore with mine! It’s been beyond fulfilling to have that power within myself. To be free of cleaning up the mess - of myself, of others - trying to fix myself by fixing others, hoping that somehow in return they’d also want & try to fix me too. Now THAT is a real mess! ◌ Only we can fix ourselves. Only we can find our inner peace, to grow, & in love with ourself, to be truly happy. ◌ And I found these blessed things just about a year ago when I finally left my old life behind & gave in to the life I wanted as my future. ◌ This has meant distancing myself from people & situations that would result in hindering my status. And most importantly saying no to any guy whose asked me out or had hopes of getting to know me. While I’m not saying they had good or bad intentions, what mattered were the intentions I had for myself, for my growth. To not have to stress or worry about if I was able to give sufficient time to someone new...I need ALL my time to get to know myself, what I want, what I need, my worth, how I’m going to get it, & where I want to be in so many aspects. ◌ Not to mention I always attract males who need just as much healing as I do. After all, we receive what we put out, right? So besides getting to know myself, I need to be able to trust myself w/ who I allow in. ◌ I want to be the light in my own life. I want my partner to be their own light - not just absorbing mine, I need mine💫 lol. So we can come together and bask in an abundance of healthy light. To share when needed, to reflect, to glow & grow in happiness together. ◌ I’ve never minded “being alone”, as in single. That was never a problem. The problem was being alone getting to know myself, facing shadows & what was holding me back from happiness & the life I really wanted. And now that I’ve done it, it really wasn’t bad!!
Of course I struggle, I just don’t quit. ◌ I struggle with my health I struggle with my healing I struggle with my weight I struggle with my job I struggle with relationships I struggle with confidence I struggle with my bills I struggle with body image I struggle with love I struggle with emotions I struggle with guilt I struggle with attachment I struggle with commitment I struggle with balance I struggle with self love & self worth I struggle with fear of the unknown I struggle with my thoughts I struggle with my words ◌ Life is one big struggle, right? No! Life is what we make of it, & it’s pretty damn beautiful☀️🌺 ◌ Not everything is meant to come easy. We have to work for things and not give up, especially in our ever-changing world. What happens if you give up, if you quit? Definitely not results...results happen when you persevere! ◌ When we struggle, we have to remind ourselves why we started something in the first place. What’s our end game? ◌ Maybe the struggle you got placed in wasn’t any fault or choice of your own. We can view these situations as hurdles...to push & believe in ourselves, to go outside our own boundaries & comfort zones, & end up stronger...how to do better for ourselves in ways we didn’t realize were possible. ◌ Through my struggles, I finally see & accept they’re here to make me stronger, to show me I can achieve MORE. Many of the above have turned into “I HAVE struggled with...”. I don’t let my struggles get in the way of who I am, at least not as much as I used to. I welcome & work with them as I see them show up.  Be open, welcome your struggles, with with them so you can work on you. Life is a constant work in progress ♥︎ ◌ ◌
1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!😻🥳🥳 ◌ 1 year ago today I got out of bed (somehow feeling awesome after a long day & night of Cinco de Mayo festivities), went out to buy a kick ass juicer, some celery, & got after it! ◌ I’d been researching @medicalmedium & CJ for a month or two. Need to be sure it’s the real deal, ya know?? After trying everything over the years only to get worse! ◌ Years of suffering - testing, lab work, dr’s appts, urgent care visits, & no answers. I read that celery juice helps heal fatigue, adrenals, anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, & more. These were my main concerns, the surface of what I knew was going on. ◌ May 6th, 2018: Day 1 of CJ. Immediately ordered MM’s 1st book, cut out every NO food, ordered supplements & herbs for my conditions, ditched my old lifestyle, did the 28 day cleanse, & from there this was it, the new life I’d been yearning for, I finally felt free & at home! I WAS GOING TO HEAL!!🙏🏼😭😄😻🥰🥰 ◌ I’d always felt SO unwell. So many ailments weighing me down day in & day out, often fearing for my life. But not anymore☺️ ◌ This last year I’ve had 85-95% healing of the following (no specific order): • Heavy brain fog • Feeling faint • Light headed & dizzy • Chronic fatigue • Trouble breathing & getting air • Throat tightness & trouble swallowing • Heart palps & irregular heartbeat • Night sweats • Severe anxiety, panic, fear & PTSD • Inner unhappiness • Tingles & numbness in legs • Difficulty walking • Joint pain all over body • Weak, achey body • Inflammation & extreme itch in shins • Head throbbing/feeling of brain swelling • Headaches • Burning scalp • IBS • Acid reflux • Endometriosis & PMS • Nausea • Fevers • Flu-like feeling • Inability to focus eyes • Dry/burning eyes • Light sensitivity ◌ That’s about 2/3 of my symptoms & conditions! I’m at battle w/ several viruses. Healing neurological fatigue, the adrenals (&
So this thing happened last night... ◌ I was paid a visit by a health symptom I prayed I’d never see again. Something I’d actually forgotten about, as it’s been away now for almost a year. ◌ That torturous feeling of being drugged. Drugged being the best way to describe it. Out of nowhere the room was spinning, I couldn’t focus my eyes & could barely see. My head was throbbing & full of pressure. Any slight movement made it worse. Heart began racing, a heavy fluttering feeling. It feels like you’re in an alternate universe. ◌ My first reaction was, “You’ve gotta be effin kidding me!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️” That MF’in EBV😹😹🙈. I was NOT prepared! But are we ever? ◌ This symptom has most definitely been the worst over the last 6 years...so last night I braced myself. Normally I wouldn’t be able to breathe, swallow, feel my legs, walk, & be overcome by crippling panic, usually leading to a bout of chronic fatigue where I can’t lift my head off the pillow for days. Calling up my mom to either talk me through it, come get me, or tell her to take me to the hospital (yes it feels that bad). ◌ Last night, I instead prayed to my angels. I told myself to STAY CALM & focus on the show I was watching. I finally KNOW what’s going on causing this nonsense & how to work through it. While nervous, I think I was more annoyed than anything that this was happening. ◌ An hour or so later I got up to get ready for bed & I could walk! Still dizzy as heck, but I could feel my legs, & see, & breathe & didn’t once feel panic! This morning I woke up pretty well! A mild headache & feeling of pressure in my head lingering with light grogginess. But I was awake, & functioning! ...PROGRESS!🙌🏼 ◌ The morals of this story: • Healing takes time! • The HEAL IS REAL! This viral activity could have been die off of viral neurotoxins or detox from all the raw garlic & cilantro I had for dinner. It sure took me for a loop but my body
Buddha bowl, it’s what’s for dinner! Jen style👩🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍🍳 ◌ • Home cassava wraps • Butternut squash & peas sautéed with garlic & onion, sea salt/ground pepper/cayenne • Radish & red onion • Cherry tomatoes • Butter leaf lettuce • Topped w/ homemade vegan cheese sauce ◌ And it was so delicious!!!🙌🏼 ◌ ◌ . . . . . . . #dinner #food #healthy #plantbased #vegan #organic #vegetables #fresh #cheese #lifestyle #love #life #hungry #eat #medicalmedium #chronicillness #health #healing #foodie #raw #cleaneating #yum #yummy #homemade #buddhabowl #recipe #chef #kitchen #healthyrecipes
3 steps forward, 2 steps back ◌ Healing is not linear! Back & forth up & down & all around📉📈🌀 ◌ My 1 year on celery juice & living the @medicalmedium lifestyle is next week😄 & some serious healing has gone down!☺️ ◌ Anything toxic or stressful, I don’t let near me. (My job is a work in progress.) Being very sensitive to energies around me, all I’ll let near me now is ⋆peace⋆. Why? Anything otherwise causes stress, stress creates adrenaline, adrenaline is both corrosive to our central nervous system & feeds the viruses that make us sick. ◌ But, life is ambiguous. We can do everything in our power to promote peace, yet we can’t control what life brings our way. ◌ I’ve been finally feeling pretty dang good, most of my 50+ symptoms subsiding. Energy returning. Then life happened! And as it goes, “when it rains it pours”. Sometimes we need that rain, but it’s still a storm upon us until it passes. ◌ What’s going on in my 2 steps back... • Adrenal issues: Tired all day. Wired all night. • Brain fog: Cloudy/forgetful/confusion • Mind playing tricks: Seeing things. I used to see shadows & such, things that weren’t there. Which played into my fear/panic/anxiety/PTSD. I’m thankfully not frightened now experiencing the mental health part🙏🏼; still spooks you & makes ya think/look twice! • Eye floaters & blurry vision • Flu like & body aches ◌ This is from all the adrenaline feeding the EBV I’ve been working so hard to fight off. Constant stress & adrenaline nearly every day for the last month straight. Can’t escape it, the situations at hand take time to resolve & aren’t up to me alone. ◌ I was wondering when this flare would sneak up - took almost a month, which is impressive!! One mere day of stress/adrenaline used to make these symptoms flare & much more severe! I’m currently “functional” which is mega progress😄 ◌ So what do we do in the interim? • Don’t stress the stress! Roll
☀️🌾🧘🏻‍♀️🌻 In a sunny field of flowers, or wrapped in warm breeze on the beach. A sun filled room full of plants with a cozy chair for lounging. Tranquility. The bliss & bungalow of my mind💛✨ . . . . . . . #zen #relax #calm #reflection #bungalow #flower #flowers #sun #sunny #sunshine #beach #ocean #bird #birds #life #lifestyle #peace #happy #happiness #love #meditation #health #healing #healthy #tranquility #warm #relaxing #comfort #chronicillness #home #zen