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Rhona Natasha Mitra


I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from the things that are not meant for me. Lara Croft The Original

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I keep him safe. He keeps me wild.. Qué viaje.... #bodhisattva  #stallion #arabian #myboy
・・・ I ❤️ all y’all mfkrs (an the mfkr who made this) Love you, homie  @bigbaldhead  Needed this Mfkn ❤️ today.... #repost @bigbaldhead
Say hello to your little Wolves.. 🐺 🐺  Thoughts  Words Food  People  Actions  Reactions  Emotions 💡 Choices💡  We get to choose who wins every second of every single day. What a crazy privilege!! Inner creates the outer... always... #chooselove
‘Self-Love’ 🤮 in a Beer Mug  Anyone get the Irony here?  #whichwolfwins  #changethethingsyoucannotaccept #medicineovermayhem #serenity
Mate Juggling/Troll dodging in @santomar.uy from the sweetest @popizenteno 🧡  Thank you for getting me out of my Overalls and Bombacha. 🧡 Basically if I can rock hop/jump on a horse/climb trees and Kung-fu Zombies in your gear....then I’m down 🧡  #supportlocalcommunities  Open to the promotion of functional fashion! Send on before I turn into a full blown Troglodyte 🙏🏽
Wednesday on a Thursday
Bodhi Zero Fugs Mitra  Just waiting for his set to roll in.... 🤙🏽
Yes. I am about to perform Fellatio on this rare Holy Grail of a vegan wrap. Vegetables are still taboo and highly feared in this part of the world. 😬 Baby steps, Uruguay , baby steps.  @almapuntadeleste a giving me life 🌈
Woke at 5am. Found a bloody Smurf house in a forest, did some Ashtanga yoga, ohm dig it (a first)and was gifted fresh,warm eggs out of a feathered ladies bottom. Could be worse 🌈 🥚 🧘‍♂️ Thanks @damo_chakrasana  @popizenteno ❤️
Snuggles ‘n grub  #recovery101 #mykindarehab  #bodhi&johnny #nature #healing #horsemagic
@JR boundless love... speechless 🖤
Summer has arrived.. Debating whether to open this haven up for retreats or not... Feels like humans need some of this right now... Any takers...?