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Specializing in Commercial, Hospitality and Residential Interior Design Based in Chicago, IL

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Here's a little taste a super fun project we're working on. Commercial interiors are always so fun!
PROJECT REVEAL l A Modern Contemporary penthouse apartment in River West Chicago, designed by Matthew Jalac for thecloud9experience.com. So what do you think of our modern contemporary penthouse project? Let us know in the comment section below! ✨🀩
Make bed like a pro in 4 easy steps! Homelystudios.com can give you the five-star πŸ’€ you deserve!  Tag a friend who needs one! 🀩
You will never go wrong with neutrals. The key to doing a tonal scheme is to layer monochromatic hues and create subtle texture through materials and accessories like wood, faux fur, suede and chrome metals in this case. Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know on the comments section below! 😍 Designed by principal designer Matthew Jalac for the Cloud9 Experience. To learn more about Cloud9 please visit www.thecloud9experience.com
What is your current living room color palette? If you’re scared to make big colorful choices, then a playful way to inject color and personality into your space is through cushions, paintings, and vases! Visit homelystudios.com/blog for more tips and tricks to help you elevate your home aesthetics πŸ πŸ’―πŸ’― designed by Principal Designer Matthew Jalac for The Cloud9 Experience a luxury short term rental company located in Chicago. To learn more about Cloud9 visit www.thecloud9experience.com
No need to be overwhelmed when styling a marble printed vase. You can make it simple by following these easy-to-follow tips. Swipe left!
Absolutely love this vibe! Will definitely use as an inspiration source!
Scandinavian Eclectic Virtual Staging Design created for one of my dear Realtor friends. She wanted to show off the potential of this otherwise lackluster space. Even for a rental, a few small changes make all the difference! Check out the Before and Afters! || Homely Design Studios offers affordable online interior design, in person residential and commercial design, and real estate design services! Visit www.homelystudios.com for more!
Beautiful wall art display at @citypressjuice in Ravenswood! Will definitely try something like this for my next client project! Wonderful knowledgeable staff and yummy juices!
Loving this contemporary eclectic design that we created for one of our beautiful clients. This couple already has this lovely wallpaper put up, but didn’t know how to put it all together! We came in and created a magical space for when they entertain!
We love bringing a tailored, curated and personality-packed design to our clients. We worked with @amazonhome @amazon in order to create this beautiful modern eclectic space. Check out the link in our bio to shop the look!
Another sexy project completed for the Cloud9 Experience. If you’re traveling to Chicago you definitely need to check out their vacation rental options! This global inspired bedroom is featured in one of their top tier Cirro Suites. The unit was designed by Homely Design Studios Creative Director and Design Principal, Matthew Jalac.
Love this serene design. Inspiration Friday! @hutchinson.house
Saturday morning inspiration! The Homely Team is hard at work!
Our client wanted a modern office/man cave. Here is a peak into the first phase of our design process. We send our clients a concept board with various textures, colors, styles and ideas in order to narrow down their exact style! Would you want this office man cave? We definitely would! Designed by HDS Associate Designer @daveybacaron
Sneak peak of a project from the Homely Team!
You can achieve beautiful interiors on every budget! This less than $1,000 is a stunner! We created this for a brand new unit for one of our clients the Cloud9 Experience! Bold blacks to uplift a dated apartment!
Blending design styles is the epitome of contemporary interior design.