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- Hamilton The Hipster Cat -


Mustache Cat. Yes, it's real. San Francisco, CA. #AdoptDontShop Snapchat: the_mustachecat 📧: [email protected]

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Gio is visiting again! Ham and his best (maybe only) cat friend are reunited for 2 weeks! They showed their excitement by napping somewhat close to each other for 8 hours today.  #mustachecat
Aww I found the info card that was on Hammy’s cage the day I adopted him. Little Ferdinand has come a long way and he’s definitely not so little anymore.  #adoptdontshop #mustachecat
Cannot wait to see Hammy turned into a larger-than-life lighting installation at @luminocityfestival that is opening on Randall’s Island in NYC from Nov 23 to Jan 5.  Go to luminocityfestival.com and use code #15hamtn to get 15% on your tickets (valid 10/2-11/11). Don’t forget to snap a photo and tag #hamiltonxluminocity  #luminocityfestival #lightupyourwinter #worldoflumi  #lumiadvanture
A little throwback to teenage Hammy... #mustachecat
Hammy is absolutely loving this #loverbox from @amazonmusic. It combines his two favorite things - @taylorswift and boxes!  #sponsored by Amazon Music
Is it just me or does it look like Hammy is dramatically posing for a renaissance painting... Happy Monday everyone!
As many of you know, Hammy was a feral and, while he is super comfortable with me, he is pretty much scared of the rest of the world.  Strangers, loud noises, and storms send him running and hiding and it's always broken my heart that he has to live his life being so scared at times.  As a fan of CBD myself, I decided to look into some products for him that would alleviate that anxiety and make him more relaxed - that's when I came across @fetch by @extractlabs. They're a company of animal lovers that handle every aspect of producing their tincture in house.  They pride themselves on having the highest quality products, the best customer service, and the most competitive prices on the market! #fetchcbd #healthyhappy #ad #mustachecat
This is what work from home Friday looks like... #mustachecat
Happy Friday! (Yes, I pounced on the phone immediately after this shot was taken) #mustachecat
Me after realizing I’m already late and deciding to hit snooze one more time anyway...
All up in my face... #mustachecat
What a little gentleman... #mustachecat