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I just got back from spending two weeks on the road taking photos of structures and interviewing people for a new book.  I saw some amazing buildings and had some great conversations with the likes of @lloyd.kahn ,  @sirjosephdirt ,  @jay and @salmon_creek_farm.  Here are some of my favorite dojos from the trip.  If you live in a Cabin, Yurt, Earthship, Hobbit Home, Bus or flying saucer and want to be in the book send me a DM.  @bdlev
Some accomplishments will never be bested @guyfieri #flavortown #flavorsaver
VEHICLES I’ve Seen, known and loved Summer/fall 19 Edition.  In order of appearance but not importance.  #1 DESIEL SUZUKI SAMURAI. #23  1964 Chevy 4x4 custy. #4 Jake’s 1987 Toyota truck stuck in Mex. #5 my 2005 118 Sprinter in the land of Hayduke. #6 unknown redneck on i5. #7 Ford Rs200 dream car at Larry’s shop. #8 early dodge Sports mobile and custy bike Mt. Hood. #9 @andrewaller’s surf shaq. #10 fisherman’s rattle canned Astro in the gorge.
We’ve been spending the last few weekends working on a off grid cabin in central Washington.  Hammering nails,  smashing thumbs,  sipping 4 locos (not really but was consumed as a form of communal sacrament, peep the after taste photo a few swipes to the right), cooking on a camp fire, watching a family of black bears in the distant hills and avoiding rain showers. Doing it on the cheap or selves. I’m working on a new photobook documenting alternative living spaces that will feature this cabin and plenty of others.  If you’ve built a cabin, shack, shipping container, etc send me a dm if you’d like to be in the book.
We submitted PUKE to @sundanceorg and @sxsw this week.  When I started filming @alfasenturion and his friends’ meandering trips collecting barn owl pellets,  going to raves and bullshitting about life,  I never thought it would turn into an hour and twenty minute documentary.  Well, a year and half later,  here we are.  Regardless of what comes of it,  Puke is my favorite project I've ever worked on, and something I'm proud of.  With any luck,  the film will premiere this winter and make its way into the either sometime next year. Here's a lil sneak peak into the feel of the film and some of my favorite moments from production.  @samosier @palex33 @jgsour @timothytickle @andrewaller @moviemountain
I'm working on a new photo book documenting alternative dwellings like tree houses, Earth Ships, boats, vans,  cabins and yurts ETC and am looking for people to feature in the book. Have built your own tiny living space or know someone that does? please send me a message 🥋🚚⛵️🏕🏠🌲
I’ve been AFK, editing PUkE, a feature length documentary following @alfasenturion and a group of friends on their quest for Barn Owl Pellets.  I’m getting it ready to submit to film festivals this fall.  More info coming soon 🤮🦉💰
DAY 2-4 in search of the grey gold, aka owl pellets, through Idaho and Utah.  Found in barns and cliffs, these pellets are sold to distributers and then to schools around North America for dissection in biology class.
DAY ONE OF A multi WEEK TRIP IN search of GREY GOLD AKA BARN OWL PELLETS filming for a doc on @alfasenturion and his friends that collect owl pellets for $$$ 🦉🤮
Channeling STAN KUBY: MOON LANDING + A CLOCKWORK ORANGE + 2001 + FULL METAL JACKET. I met up with a friend of mine that’s in the military, @garand_thumb, one night a few weeks back and strapped a night vision goggle to the front of my camera and was pretty blown away by the results.  #noidontactuallythinkkubrickfakedthemoonlanding. #myfavoritekubrickmovieisdrstrangelove
I just saw that five years ago,  the first edition of Home Is Where You Park It came out.  TS Eliot once said that, "between the idea and the reality falls the shadow." Anyone thats dreamed up something and then made it knows that sometimes you get what you want and some times you miss. Here's one of my favorite photos from the project of some old road amigos.  To date,  Home Is Where You Park IT is one of the projects that I've done that I'm the most proud of the process and happy with result.  Creatively,  I've been channeling some of the themes from the  book into the scifi project that we've been working on in the studio.  The basic question of the film is that when people have the ability to live for ever and do anything what will we do to pass the time?  Spoiler alert: we're going to go on decade long road trips through the cosmos in bitchen space ships.  Anyways, I digress, Time flies.  If you havent seen Home Is Where You Park It in person or want another copy,  use the code FIVEYEARS in the link in my profile to get 25% off.
One of my favorite parts of living in van is the freedom of traveling around with everything you need to live.  That spontaneity of being able to pick up and head to a new place at a moments notice is hard to explain to someone that hasnt done it.  Now days, I spend my time working on films in the studio @moviemountain and have a lot less time to live like that.  To capture some of that same feeling, I've been escaping into the woods behind my dojo on this electric 2x2 bike.  Here's a little tour of how i have mine set up for camping. #microselfcontainedcapsule @ubcobikes