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Matt Karsten | Expert Vagabond


🌎 Adventure traveler sharing the world with you! 📍Currently: Antarctica 🇦🇶 Penguin VS Orcas! ⇣

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THE GREAT ESCAPE! - Penguin VS Orcas in Antarctica 🐧🐳 —  SWIPE TO WATCH 👈🏼 —  One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen! Watch as a lone Gentoo penguin miraculously escapes a pod of hungry orcas (AKA Killer Whales) by jumping into a boat full of people off the coast of Antarctica. It was amazing to witness!  Shot November 29th, 2019 in the Gerlache Straight on a @quarkexpeditions Antarctica Cruise.  SPECIAL THANKS: Jimmy Zakreski Fabrice Genevois Johann Ruiz  Footage shot by @expertvagabond & @anna.everywhere.  #antarctica #wildlife #penguins #orcas #quarkexpeditions
SOUTH GEORGIA! 🐧  We just spent 4 amazing days visiting this wild & remote place.  The final resting place of famous Antarctic explorer Earnest Shackleton, the mountainous & glacier-covered island is home to massive colonies of King Penguins, one of which contains 250,000 breeding pairs.  We watched elephant seals fight, baby penguins being fed, glaciers calving into the sea, and icebergs the size of small islands float by.  I’m still buzzing from all the excitement — every day was a sensory overload!  Next stop, Antarctica. 🇦🇶 #southgeorgia #penguins #kingpenguin #grytviken #antarctica
Hello from the #falklandislands (Malvinas)! The first stop on our Antarctic expedition cruise with @quarkexpeditions.  We’ve already seen soooo much wildlife & the trip has just started.  From kissing King Penguins, to funny looking Rockhoppers. And the very large Black-browed Albatross.  The rule for engaging wildlife is to stay 15 feet away, but it’s ok for the animals to approach you. And if you sit still for a while, they often do!  There’s basic wifi on board our ship, so I’ll try to share photos occasionally. 👍🏼 #antarctica #antarcticadventure
BABY TRAVEL TIPS!  @dylanthetraveler may only be 7-months old, but he’s already got two passports, is working on a 3rd, has boarded 27 flights and traveled to 6 countries so far.  Check out my latest blog post to see how we manage to travel with him.  LINK IN BIO ⤴️ #familytravel #babytravel
BACKPACKING CHECKLIST 🏕  What do I pack for overnight hiking & camping trips? I’ve put together a gear guide just for you!  See exactly what I bring into the mountains. Shelter, sleeping bag, water filter, outerwear, and more. My #backpacking essentials.  Check it out (video too!) ⤴️ LINK IN BIO  #hikinggear #campinghacks
Crossing an old swinging suspension bridge in the #dolomites as clouds move in... ☁️ This is the Ivano Dibona #viaferrata Route.  Bad weather (and near zero visibility) forced me to turn back eventually, but the parts I did hike were a lot of fun! 😎
HIKING GUIDE!  Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in the lower 48 at 14,505 feet. Last spring I reached the summit via the notorious "mountaineer's route”, the same trail blazed by #johnmuir back in 1873. ⛏  It can be difficult to get a permit to hike #mtwhitney in the summer, due to its popularity and strict limits on visitors. But going in the late winter/early spring means no waiting for a lottery. However hiking in the snow is even more challenging! 🏔  Check out my trip report (with video too!) ⤴️ LINK IN BIO  #california #easternsierra
WILDERNESS SHAVING!  Yes, I even shave my head when I go camping, too! Not every day, but usually every 2-3 days, like last week during a week-long wilderness canoe adventure in the Minnesota Boundary Waters.  If you’re bald like me, remember to sign up for @schickxtreme’s elite #bip Club for bald guys that offers once-in-a-lifetime perks and experiences, giving #baldimportantpeople the chance to live life on the edge of their comfort zone. Learn more at BaldImportantPeople.com ⤴️ LINK IN BIO! #baldhead #ad
RAINBOW ISLAND 🌈 — This is #burano. A small island outside of Venice. Residents have painted their homes all sorts of colors! We spent hours wandering the streets getting completely lost. 🤗
14,505 FT — This is the summit of Mt Whitney, the highest mountain in California & the lower 48. 🏔 — I climbed it in 2 days via the “mountaineers route” in April last year. It was an exhilarating experience! — Just published a new YouTube video of the hike, go check it out! LINK IN BIO ⤴️ — #mountwhitney #sierranevadas
CLIFFHANGER! — Are you afraid of heights? This is a “via ferrata” route in the Italian #dolomites. Like a mix between hiking & rock climbing. You tether yourself to steel cables for safety. — Many of these routes were created during WW1, when Austro-Hungarian and Italian forces moved soldiers & weapons through the mountains. — FUN FACT: This bridge was used in the 90’s movie “Cliffhanger” with @officialslystallone! 😆 — #italy #dolomitiamo
GREENLAND 🔥 — So sad to hear that one of my favorite hiking destinations is on fire right now. Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail has been burning uncontrollably, forcing some hikers to evacuate. — Many parts of the Arctic are on fire at the moment, due to unseasonably hot & dry conditions on the tundra. Not only that, but scientists reported that Greenland reached ice-loss levels last week that weren’t predicted for another 50 years!!! — It’s just yet another glaring reminder that Climate Change is a very real & serious problem that humanity needs to address NOW. Hopefully it’s not too late to save ourselves and the planet. 🌎 — VISIT MY BLOG ⤴️ to read about my 10 day, 100 mile trekking adventure in Greenland a few years ago. There’s a video too! — #greenland #climatechange #arcticcircletrail