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CURRENTLY// READING x Genre: Historical Time Travel Romance set during the Titanic Era in Charleston, South Carolina x When was the last time a book took you completely by surprise? x This book right here is why we need to continue sharing our love for all the books.  Jean @bookrampage (bless her lovely soul) shared how much she loved this book.  I looked it up, started it yesterday, and I'm nearly done.  It's taken over my life.... every waking thought of mine.  I got Sona @superbookstash to start it tonight and Alex @mypacificroad you should probably start this too 😘 free on kindle unlimited!!!! x This book makes my heart skip beats.  It leaves me breathless. A shaken mess of feeling.  I need this book like I need air to breathe.  It has a rich atmosphere and leaves me wondering about every dream I've ever had.  This is why reading is a precious gift.  If you like Outlander, you'll love this!  It's not heavy handed on description.  The romance is delicious and it happens beautifully 😫  Gahhhjjj!!!! This ending is going to rip my heart out.  Jean already told me as much!!!! ↬ #starcrossedreaders . . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #thesurvivingtrace #caliaread #loveforallthebooks #timetravel #historicalromance
What's the best thing you've ever won? x Guess what!!? @jordwatches has asked me to collaborate with them AGAIN --- and we're offering one of you a $100 gift code to use on any of their wooden watches in their collection! The one I'm wearing is the Frankie II- Zebrawood and Champagne.  If you're like me and love wooden watches, these wear perfectly.  It's the 2nd one I own now!  We had a successful first campaign together and I'm excited to begin this second -- just in time for the upcoming holidays!  In my stories, I'm going to share the two watches and the engravings I got on both!  This watch is engraved with some Ravenclaw pride!! x To enter:  Click the link in my bio (or copy/paste the following link https://www.jordwatches.com/g/emeraldbookowl ) and enter your name and an email and BAM!  That's all.  Good luck! x Everyone who enters gets a 10% off coupon code upon closure of the giveaway. So it's a win-win! × But WAIT!!!! Let me know below when you've entered because I'm going to throw all names into a hat and pick one winner to win a PRE-ORDER of QUEEN OF NOTHING by Holly Black!!!!!!! because this girl is excited for the finale and I want to share the love!!! Open internationally :) as long as Book Depository ships to you! x #jordwatches #bookstagram #jord #moodyphotos #mycuratedaesthetic #myaesthetic #ownyourstyle
"Life is meant to be felt." // Dark Age x I'm feeling quite ecstatic right now.  I'm back in the world of Dark Age and just started my Harry Potter series re-reads (listening to book1 while on my run hence this gorgeous photo)-- (btw Jim Dale is an amazing narrator and I absolutely100% recommend the audiobook). It got me thinking -- how does my favorite childhood series (harry potter) compare to my favorite adult series (red rising)? x Both series shaped my reading interests and raised my standards-- harry potter ignited my passion for reading while red rising reignited this same passion following my post-college reading drought // both authors created my favorite characters ever (sevro, sirius) // both have caused me to scour the internet for fan theories during the wait period between books // both series started off lighter in their own way and gradually became more intense and darker in narrative and plot -- with action and suspense around every turn // Golden Son and Prisoner of Azkaban-- both books in their respective series were two of my favorites because they showed the truth depth of the story being told and I could argue were a turning point in the tone.mood.stakes for the remainder of the series // ravenclaw and howler ✌ that's all I got for now! Let me know your thoughts below on these two series!!!!!! . . ↬ #starcrossedreaders fav adult-childhood book similarities . . . . . #bookstagram #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #booktalk #ireadbooks #autumnphoto #railroads #vscolifestyle
Hope everyone had a great Monday! x It's the end of October's #housecupreadathon19 -- Team Ravenclaw had a great month!! I finished Macbeth yesterday and will finish listening to Dracula in a few minutes. This means I can get back to finishing DARK AGE! whoop whoop!! x Calling all bookstagrammers who are also working on a WIP and participating in nanowrimo next month.  I'm looking to start a group chat to have a place to encourage each other, share writing tips, and doing some fun writing sprints l!  Let me know if you're interested. . . ↬ #starcrossedreaders #mapmonday I love the mal and world from the acotar series!  Also, I ended up changing my theme πŸ˜“ I think.  Idk.  We shall see lolol . . . Challenges ↬ #octbookbabes19 (damon) ↬ #witchyreadsoctober ↬ #bookwitchesoct19 ↬ #darkoctober19 ↬ #shadowsofoctober ↬ #buriedinbooksoctober ↬ #whatanovelread ↬ #letsgetlitoct19 ↬ #gothandliterature ↬ #bookqueensoct19 ↬ #bookishcoven ↬ #bookreadhappyhour ↬ #grimdragon . . #bookstagram #bookaesthetic #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #acotarseries #sarahjmaas
"To the people who look at the stars and wish.  To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered." __ Acotar or ToG? __ Did you know Lucy @dreaminabottle released a new product? DREAM IN A JAR -- look at this beautiful Acotar themed jar featuring the three star mountain that is complete with stars and glitter!  There are a few left in her shop or check out what other jars are available! There's a sevro one as well as custom order (( coupon code OWL15 to save 15% )) __ If ToG is more your speed, you have until October 15th to preorder October's CARE PACKAGE which is.... you guessed it -- Throne of Glass!! And this months care package will feature a brand new collectable item (charm keychain/bracelet) __ P.s. BIG thanks to Sona @superbookstash and Alex @mypacificroad for talking me through my monthly theme crisis! Hahah I have decided to stick with me current one. . . ↬ #starcrossedreaders howl at the moon good- acotar series! . . . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeature #bookaesthetic #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #fantasybookseries #bookcommunity #bookaddict #bibliophile #readersofinstagram #bookphotography #acotarseries #rhysandfeyre
REP // SEARCH __ Hey there @dangerousromanceclub !! My name is Ash and I'm a 31 year old momma from Pennsylvania! It's safe to say that I LOVE romance -- and if it's the four d's (deep, dark, dirty, and dangerous) then I am complete and utter trash for it! My favorites include enemy to lover, bully, revenge plots, strong heroines, and twisted moral compasses. __ My first dark and dangerous romance was The Fae Chronicles by Amelia Hutchins. The minute I saw the content warnings, I KNEW my reading experience would forever be changed.  Ryder is the total package!!! I soon went on to fall in love with everything Pen Douglas, Tillie Cole, Amo Jones, S.T. Abby, and recently Monica James! These authors have given the world such a gift!  I'm currently reading Killswitch and it's no surprise that I've fallen in love with Damon! My favorite series are The Fae Chronicles, Devil's Night, Elite Kings Club, Deadly Virtues. __ Thank you for the opportunity to enter.  I have held influencer/rep positions in the past -- and I can offer you my experience, commitment, creativity, and enthusiasm as I rep your products and help your company continue to grow.  I included two non-romance photos in my entry so you can see how I feature products such as mugs,  candles, and bookmarks! __ #dangerousromancerep
Love is love is love __ What is something that you love? __ I love that my son has a curious mind, vast imagination, and a love for learning. . . ↬ #starcrossedreaders . . . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books
"Tick tock.  You have my attention.  Now keep my interest." __ ↬ #starcrossedreaders this prompt for today comes directly from this series, All for the Game.  I'm saying it again.  Read πŸ‘ this πŸ‘ series and then come fangirl with me for the rest of our lives.  You'll never get over this series. I just finished the fanfic, Lessons in Cartography which was the easiest 5 stars I've ever given.  It is a gift to the world. __ I'm feeling extra meh lately.  What do you do to recharge? I tend to write, get out into nature, sleep more, take baths, disconnect from technology. . . . Challenges  #grimdragon #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #thefoxholecourt #thekingsmen #theravenking #andriel #allforthegame #lgbtbooks #boysloveboys #mmromance #loveforallthebooks
A Lesson in Thorns // Contemporary Romance.  Hidden Gem.  I'm weak.  Angst on Angst.  LGBT.  LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH.  My kinda kinks.  THIS IS HOT.  I'm dead.  These are just some of the tags I used in my goodreads review! __ This book.  This series.  The feelings.  The atmosphere.  The intimacy.  The characters.  It has haunted my waking life.  It has left me mesmerized and needing more!!! I love this series so much that I am buying the signed paperbacks!! @thesierrasimone is a queen!! She also included a few surprises -- this gorgeous necklace and a pen with ink flowing so smoothly it glides across the paper. __ I've reviewed A Lesson in Thorns a few weeks back (I'll share that post in my stories) or check out my goodreads (link in bio). I still have to post my Feast of Sparks review (book 2) -- I will STAN STAN STAN FOREVER because they are my OTP 😭😭😭 I can't talk about it yet 😫 I still love you, Sierra! I trust you with his heart!!!! This series is perfect for this time of year-- autumn vibes, pagan rituals β™‘β™‘ __ ↬ #starcrossedreaders " I Exist I Exist I Exist" this moment comes during Feast of Sparks, the sequel to this book!
B O O K // R E V I E W __ The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club # 1) by @thatcrazykiwiauthor // New Adult Dark Contemporary Romance __ I am disappointed in myself!  I realized today that I never posted about this series before 😭 I have failed you all.  I have my boo Kay @chroniclesofkayy to thank for introducing me to Amo! And lemme tell you guys-- this is DEFINITELY carrying the #loveforallthebooks tag 😍😍😍 __ The Silver Swan is the first book in the series, Elite Kings Club.  And holy mother of all things dark and twisted-- // THIS IS 10+ STARS!!! // It's dark and twisty and seductively wicked and I love Amo's mind.  Like, how does she come up with this!!?? I want to live in her deepest and darkest thoughts. *** This story is not for anyone uncomfortable with their hard limits being challenged.  But it's HOT HOT HOTTTT -- that is, if you're into this kinda stuff 😈✌ I know many of you have pretty much claimed Brantley, but I'm more of a Nate fan 😍 grabby hands. . Okay so here's a quick non spoiler summary:  This is a story about a girl named Madison who catches the attention of the pack of bad boys that run the school, specifically the leader, which exposes her to a world she didn't know existed.  She quickly finds herself in a downward spiral into a lifestyle filled with jealousy and secrets. These boys are untamed and spoiled.  The plot is fast paced and wicked.  You'll be filled with constant suspense. Madison is a boss babe!  I love her strength/courage!! She is a fighter!! __ GO GRAB IT OFF AMAZON!!!
Day 01 of the #housecupreadathon19 is off to a great start! I'm very competitive and I'm aiming for 12 books finished within two weeks. If I do this, then @booknerds.only is going to make me my own personal edit of Saint/Damon/Auden! 😘 That's some motivation!! I've finished one already (Just A Bit Twisted by Alessandra Hazzard) __ A few books I'm reading in the next two weeks: * FINISHING DARK AGE * Dracula (audio) * House of Leaves * Sleeping Giants (re-read) * Kulti (buddy read with @the_nameless_thirteenth -- I'm listening to this one and it's going well so far!!) * The Wicker King (re-read) * Tacet a Mortuis * Lessons in Cartography (aftg fanfic-- eeeeeekkkkkkk 😍) * Reign of Brayshaw . . ↬ #starcrossedreaders tbr . . . Challenges ↬ #octbookbabes19 ↬ #luxloversoct19 ↬ #witchyreadsoctober ↬ #bookwitchesoct19 ↬ #wildadventuresoct19 ↬ #darkoctober19 ↬ #shadowsofoctober ↬ #buriedinbooksoctober ↬ #whatanovelread ↬ #letsgetlitoct19 ↬ #gothandliterature ↬ #bookqueensoct19 ↬ #queencityreads ↬ #bookscoasttocoastoct19 ↬ #bookishcoven ↬ #bookreadhappyhour ↬ #grimdragon . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #igbooks #2019books #houseofleaves #sleepinggiants #tacetamortuis #thewickerking
Summon the Howlers! __ The only thing I'm summoning right now is medicine because this Howler is SICK. So my wrap up will be in my stories.. maybe? Idk. I'm doing some self care tonight because my team needs me ready to go for tomorrow for day 01 of the #housecupreadathon19 !!! RAVENCLAW is coming for y'all!!! 😘 __ Appreciation post to my # 1 -- @the_bookish_astronaut Lucy is the owner behind @dreaminabottle and the creator of this gorgeous bookmark and bottle that was part of her Red Rising care package.  I'm currently using the bookmark as I read Dark Age. This is a quote that has stuck with me through the entire series.  Darrow has welcomed the reaper back and his old rage has taken hold again. __ Lucy's first ever rep search ends TONIGHT so there is still time to enter!!! . . Challenges ↬ #starcrossedreaders ↬ #septbookbabes19 ↬ #gothandliterature ↬ #wickandjanesept19 ↬ #bookqueenssept19 ↬ #queencityreads ↬ #rainbowsfall19 ↬ #bookscoasttocoastsept19 ↬ #bookishcoven ↬ #bookreadhappyhour ↬ #grimdragon . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookshelves #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #stabtember #darkage #redrisingseries #piercebrown #loveforallthebooks
"I no longer trust stillness.  Stillness is the enemy taking careful aim." -- Dark Age // Pierce Brown __ This book is taking years from my life.  Brown's action scenes are some of my favorite.  He uses a combination of relentless pacing and lyrical quality in his descriptions -- creating vivid, chilling imagery that will play on your emotions. And I'm only on page 107/752 __ Q:  Hrmm how about we do an AMA but make it specific to the Red Rising series.  Ask me ANYTHING you want and I'll answer truthfully (without any spoilers of course) . . . Challenges ↬ #septbookbabes19 one wish sevro to stay alive ↬ #gothandliterature assassins everyone's getting killed ↬ #queencityreads ready to get spooky? oh yes! ↬ #rainbowsfall19 comfort -- no comfort here ↬ #bookscoasttocoastsept19 favorite genre - scififantasy ↬ #bookishcoven go ask alice when she's 10 feet tall ↬ #bookreadhappyhour I have been and always shall be your friend ↬ #grimdragon hook it to my veins . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #stabtember #darkage #redrisingseries #piercebrown #loveforallthebooks #scifiworld
Book Review | Prince's Gambit by C.S. Pacat __ 5/5 "HOLY SMOKES HIT ME IN THE FACE WITH A BRICK BECAUSE I'M PATHETIC OBSESSED WITH THIS SERIES" STARS __ Like, this sequel legit dug a hole, threw me in, and covered me in flowers.  This book made me feel EVERYTHING.  It was perfect.  The slowest burn EVER EVER EVER and ahhhhh HALLELUJAH!!!!! Remember how I was 'meh' about book one? No? GOOD PLEASE FORGIVE & FORGET THAT.  K. Thanks.  This is still a character driven story and it's outstanding. Goddamnit.  This review has me feeling EVERYTHING as if I just finished it.  The ending WOWOWOW.  I was speechless.  I rarely am.  I was shaking.  I was SHOOK. __ Oh?  Were you looking for an actual review? πŸ˜‚ Well, I can't offer you one this time haha Please accept these FEEELS coming at you full force ---and then pick up and read Captive Prince (book 1 -- read my ACTUAL review on that one a few photos back) I read these with Sona @superbookstash and buddy reading with her is THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST. __ And remember, let's keep loving ALL THE BOOKS!!! like THIS one!! #loveforallthebooks ✌😘πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
What genre (subgenre) do you want to see more booksta posts featuring? __ THANK YOU to everyone who has welcomed the idea that came from some discussions Rach @rqdavis_ and I had! I'm going through the tag we created -- #loveforallthebooks -- and checking out all those favorites of yours that aren't talked about enough on booksta!  I haven't added any new content to the tag just yet because I'm staying true to my system and continuing to post what I'm currently reading ✌ and well, Dark Age is my prime focus right now!!!! I did add the tag to some recent books I posted about that deserve allllll the love!!!!! We would love to continue seeing everyone sharing at least one book that they normally wouldn't!  I DESPERATELY NEED some Sci Fi / MM Romance recs so please please please post some of your favorites and use the tag!!! I know you're out there! Looking πŸ‘€ at you! __ I am really enjoying taking my photos wherever and whenever I can.  Staying true to my lazy af minimal lifestyle πŸ˜‚ I applaud all of you who can plan ahead and arrange props that's magazine worthy!! My aesthetic is "whatever works with the least amount of effort" and I own that! Anyways...... DARK AGE.  I'm only on page 67/752 and it already feels like I've run a marathon.  I've been panicking since page 38.  I LOVE #grimdragon prompt for today.  It accurately reflects my thought with this book so far: WHAT, PRAY TELL, THE FUCK?!? __ I love this mug that I won in a giveaway!! You can get this mug (and more) in @moonoakalley shop!
"Well, here I am, you deviant bitch.  Here I bloody am." -- Dark Age / Pierce Brown __ Do you have a song that reminds you of a book or series? __ I have many.  Most of my book/song pairings were unofficially declared by myself as the book's anthem however there are many that were shared by a friend.  Months ago, Lucy @the_bookish_astronaut shared with me the following song (see below) and said how it fit Red Rising so well.  I listened and YES YES YES it absolutely does.  It is THE song that I associate with this series now.  I have been listening to it today in between reading Dark Age and it adds that extra element to the experience.  I recommend my fellow Howlers to go give the song a listen and let me know what you think!! I get extremely emotional with the lyrics-- (brb CRYING) Darrow has come a long way from the mines of Lykos. Shit.  It's such an EMOTIONAL SONG for an EMOTIONAL SERIES. _ SONG: By My Side ARTIST: MitiS What if I said I'll fight for you? What if I said I needed you? Would you change your mind? Would you be by my side? What if I said I'm there for you? Go through hell and die for you Would you change your mind? Would you be by my side? __ I'm on CHAPTER 4 of DA.  Darrow just acquired some equipment and I'm wondering WHAT THE HECK he's going to do with it πŸ™ˆ I have my theories but Lucy told me to not even bother πŸ˜‚ That I'll be wrong anyways hahaha 😘 Oh!! This 'Summon the Howlers' bottle is from @dreaminabottle ! Lucy's rep search is STILL OPEN so get your entry in 😊
CURRENTLY READING THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS RIGHT NOW __ If you saw my story from yesterday, you'll know that I MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE gotten spoiled for the THIRD TIME with Dark Age.  My fault.  All my fault.  I can't help but become click happy and read comments that I SHOULD AVOID!!! but I can't.  I can't look away.  Buttttt this potential "spoiler" was a SEVRO SPOILER and that was it.  I will not be spoiled with my favorite character/husband/loveofmylife!!!!!!! __ So I have put all other books to the side and eating/sleeping/carrying this book with me everywhere for the next week because I have had enough procrastinating.  I'm shutting my feelings down and diving in. Head first.  As I told some one you before, there aren't many surprises left in life-- but I will have Dark Age be one of them! Thanks to @the_bookish_astronaut for giving me tough love and to @books_and_rocks & @mayap.firstofhername for laughing at me while telling me how it's going to DESTROY ME and WILL BREAK MY HEART. K.  Thanks guys.  YOU'RE ALL GREAT FRIENDS 🀣🀣🀣 you'll be the first to get all my unfiltered reactions!!!!! Hope you're READY for my crazy to come out 😈😘 __ Still with me?  Dark Age is dark and grim.  I think many people will be surprised when they get to these last three books. Books 1-3 are like children's books compared to Iron Gold and Dark Age. IG was intense, but DA is darker than dark.  I think most people may become surprised by the depth, epicness, darkness that has been created. __ ↬ #starcrossedreaders darker than dark
Ah, mismatched glory. _ I have all the books... waiting to buddy read Godsgrave with Sona @superbookstash and Alex @mypacificroad I think the three of us are actually quite brilliant-- waiting until Darkdawn was released because I hear there's a cliffhanger?? How will I feel at the end of GG?  Will I ugly cry? Throw the book?  Stare at the wall? Immediately go to the interweb to tell the world how shook I have become? Or will I curse out the author and vow to never read another book again? Maybe I'll immediately begun DD no matter the time? __ How's everyone Sunday going? . . . Challenges ↬ #septbookbabes19 book blew my mind ↬ #gothandliterature book hangover ↬ #wickandjanesept19 tall dark broody ↬ #bookqueenssept19 mismatched editions ↬ #queencityreads we should build a fort ↬ #bookscoasttocoastsept19 summer reads ↬ #bookishcoven bogeyman those shadows tho ↬ #grimdragon twisty turney twists . . . #bookstagram #booklion #bookhoarder #bookblog #bookishfeatures #bookaesthetics #bookdragon #epicreads #bookshelves #bookobsessed #booktography #igbooks #2019books #stabtember #nevernightchronicles #nevernight #godsgrave #darkdawn #jaykristoff #mrkindly