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Have Camera, Will Travel. LDS•Photographer•Speaker•Director @burkgnar

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An inside look at my new self published book ‘At Glaciers End’. This project was 7 years in the making and took a lot of people to bring to life.  Especially my co-author @63mph. Designer Tom Adler & @evanbackes. Icelandic ministry of the environment who we worked hand in hand with. My entire studio team who has been handling all the fulfillment, emails & marketing... and last but not least all the pilots. @volcanopilot @super_cubbin @stol_iceland & more.  This is what it’s like to self publish a book... you call on folks for a lot of favors, spend a ton of money and pray that it’s successful & people appreciate it. Thanks to everyone for supporting this project.  You can get a copy in my shop at www.ChrisBurkardshop.com or I’ll see you on my west coast tour starting Monday in San Diego! 🎥 @dbob .  Also- shoutout to my weird mustache! 👨🏻
West Coast Book Tour starts Monday! San Diego, San Clemente, LA, SF, Berkeley, Portland & Seattle - we are coming for you! My co-author @63mph and I will be touring our new book ‘At Glaciers End’ with a signing/slideshow/ food/ drinks and general good times!  For locations & times check out www.ChrisBurkard.com/events or my bio link! Hope to see you. . PS - every photograph in this book is 100% real . No photoshop EVER. 🌱
Even the harshest environments can at times be peaceful, playful and downright pleasant. It’s these rare slivers of beauty that are so incredibly rewarding to seek out & document. They can feel almost like a gift after being witness to such defeating weather. This moment felt like a distant dream... not a breath of wind, almost surreal. An Aleutian volcano dressed in its spring coating.
Boulder CO! I’ll be seeing you this Wednesday evening 6-9pm for my first book signing of ‘AT GLACIERS END’ at @arcticfox_boulder store on Pearl St. Come hang for food, drinks, books & a short slideshow & presentation about my journey to photograph these rivers! ~Free event~ *If you bought online- books are shipping today! Get yours at www.ChrisBurkardshop.com .  I’ll also be presenting at the @roam Awards on Thursday! See you there.
Photographic composition is such an awesome form of expression. Walking up to a subject or landscape & finding your own way of interpreting it. For me, the confluence of these two waterfalls felt impossible to leave out. I loved the way they join together in this glacially fed canyon. Although a frame looking straight down the canyon was incredible & probably visually stronger, it was something I had seen many times before. It was still worth taking & being excited about, but I felt drawn to certain details in the image that give you a little greater sense of place & scale. Love seeing how different lenses interpret these landscpapes .  My biggest print sale of the year is happen now. 30% off all sizes & finishes using code: GIVING30 at checkout. 👉🏼 www.ChrisBurkard.com
No greater joy as an artist than to see your work on someone’s wall. This weekend is my largest print sale of the year. 30% all sizes & mediums.  Use code GIVING30 at checkout on www.ChrisBurkard.com - sale Ends Monday! .  If you decide to gift this holiday season, consider support the arts.
Ever had a friend that was kind of obsessive? One track mind sorta person? For me that is @benweiland and for as long as I have known him he has been talking about THIS wave. Its what fueled his original posts on Arctic Surf blog. But despite 10 years of working together & our best efforts to score it we have always managed to just narrowly miss out. This trip was different.. thanks to willing surfers, a dedicated crew and a bad ass captain we made it happen. Cheers to you Ben for keeping this one alive.  I figured rather than saying how grateful I am for just about everything in my life.. I would hone in on one specific thing. For me that is friendship... from the people that love you at your worst & champion you at your best. Thanks Ben for being a good reminder of that for me. 📷 @benweiland
The view from the Mesa will always be my favorite perspective of Monument Valley. Amazing how a bit of distance, some elevation & a compressed lens changes the landscape (70-200mm). It was a dream to work here with a talented crew on my last commercial assignment.  I currently am having my largest print sale of the year. 30% off all all sizes & mediums... just use the code GIVING30 at checkout. 🤙www.ChrisBurkard.com
It has been 7 years in the making, documenting Iceland’s fragile glacial river systems from above. I never envisioned a enviro book being the end goal as it started as just a personal project with the goal of learning more about this threatened landscape. But today is it finally here and im overjoyed to shared my new book ‘AT GLACIERS END’ a 145 page book with over 8,000 words of text discussing the importance of a national park to protect these rivers.  The book is available now for pre-order in two hardcover formats. Standard with a slip cover & limited edition with a hard case & small print included. Only 200 signed & numbered limited editions available. We also have included 3 golden tickets into the first preorder copies for a special large custom print.  Book starts shipping next weeks. To get yours check my bio link or here: https://bit.ly/35AQucP .  A massive thank you to my co author Matt McDonald for his beautiful words @63mph as well as @volcanopilot for the years of friendship. Thanks for the Icelandic ministry of environment for the support as well.
I’ve been home for just over a day after spending the last 2 weeks in one of my favorite places. Alaska’s remote Aleutian chain. It also happens to be one of the more remote and challenging places to access. We decided to gamble this time and go late in the season. Most days hovered below freezing with winds gusting up to 50+ knots regularly. I felt prepared for the conditions mentally & physically but it still wrecked my body and my equipment massively. We walked away from the trip with an overwhelming near 30,000 images.  I’ve found the hardest part of being in this place is leaving... and I don’t mean because it’s so beautiful but because the weather get so bad that being stuck there for 2+ weeks with limited food is a common problem. This place is notorious for grounded flights. Half our crew had to wait out the bad weather for 4 extra days and is just finally departing tonight.  @_ryanhill_ @benweiland @parkercoffin @natezoller @harrisonsan @mikey_rangel @roark @sonyalpha @blackdiamond @gomacro
If you really wanna get to know a place you gotta see it from a locals perspective. Preferably the four footed kind.
The push and pull of twilight is one of the more fleeting moments during the day. A long exposure reveals stars but also the very early beginnings of sunrise on the horizon. This was shot at 5 AM and the naked eye could only see the faint silhouettes of the mittens & the moon. I love how photography reveals a world we can only attempt to see.