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Hello! My name is Cheddar, I love all food, especially the food that my mom is eating Birthday: October 29, 2017 Adoption day: March 26, 2019

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Average Likes 21
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Not a care in the world
See the string under me? Mom's not getting it back...
Morning snuggles with moms arm ❤
Showing mom some love ❤
I like to lay on moms back while she works at the coffee table
Dont want mom to go to work so I fell asleep on her hand 😴
Mom bought a cake for me! Why should she get to eat it all?
I am the queen of the world
Mom is teaching me to love the outdoors 😬😊
I have enjoyed being destructive lately... however mom is not so happy with me making messes 😬
Snuggles ❤
How are my fellow cats today?
Forever dreaming... of squirrels and rabbits
Mom is interrupting my squirrel watching again...
Mom was not happy that I tangled her yarn...
Taking a nap on mommy 😊
Wakey wakey 🐱
Mom built me a fort