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Host of Careers In Focus motivational show sharing real people’s experiences + real strategies for success.

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Everyone has storms in their life. A lighthouse’s purpose is not to provide comfort but to illuminate the deadliest dangers for mariners, so they can avoid the worst and navigate safely through their storms.  What is your lighthouse?
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We are here!  This is the final step in my problem solving process. Even data based solutions are not always complete solutions.  New data may rise to the surface, new barriers may be created. It’s important to review how your solution is working.  You may need to modify your solution to get your desired outcome. It’s not that you necessarily made a mistake in the process, you may not have had all the data available to you initially, or the solution had an unintended impact. If that happens go back to step 1: don’t freak out. Just start the process again with the new barrier.  Hint: there will always be a barrier to overcome, so be a bawse (thanks @lilly ) and get excited at the prospect of breaking barriers down!  Special thanks to my friends at @moaiapparel who inspired this series of posts.  They are incredible people with big hearts, strong minds, and infectious zeal for life.  #bawse #business #businesssuccess #problem #problemsolving #success #lillysingh  #alittlelatewithlillysingh #inspiration #motivation
Ready to turn your problem into a success story? Now that you have a data-backed root focused solution, it’s time to put thought into action. Implement your chosen solution. Be excited, see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Don’t be shocked if those around you don’t go with the flow. You are improving YOUR situation. Be strong.
You now have everything you need to start brainstorming solutions. The data is collected and analyzed, you’ve identified the root and symptoms of your barrier to success. Now think of potential solutions. Focus on root solutions that will affect the cause of the issue. Create a workable strategy to implement your solution. Your solution should be measurable and practicable - based on data not emotion.  Be aware of the effect your solution may have beyond the problem. For example transferring to another department to get out from under a bad supervisor can lead to office politics and perhaps a justification during a promotional interview.  Should you ever be confronted by your decision be honest but avoid placing blame. “I felt I had reached the full potential in that position but knew I was capable of more so I transferred to continue my professional growth.” Is an example of how to answer that question.
By analyzing your data you should be able to identify the root and symptoms or your barrier. This is crucial because your solution needs to focus on the root, not the symptom. When we attack the symptom the problem is never fully resolved and returns as a zombie problem that won’t die. When we attack the root cause the symptoms will inherently resolve themselves.  The low credit score improves itself over time when a person’s financial ship is righted.  Issues of late shipments  go away when scheduling is fixed.  Attack the root, not the symptom.
Now that you’re calm and have collected data about your barrier, start analyzing your data in a clinical manner. Take out suppositions such as “my supervisor hates me” instead stick to the facts: “I am not being given opportunities to show my capabilities and my supervisor is not a viable source for those opportunities.” Figure out areas that you have control over by yourself and areas that you need external assistance for.  Swallow your pride and don’t be afraid for outside analysis.
This is a HUGE step people often miss in their problem solving process. In stead of reacting on the fly, take a moment to gather your data. Get as much data as you can reasonably gather.  That means learning where your data is and how to easily access it when you face barriers to success.  In business most companies have analytic software which helps you interface with company raw data.  In your personal life, know where to find your financial, governmental and community resources. Many banks have software that break down your spending habits.
My friends at @moaiapparel inspired me to share my approach to approaching barriers to success. I take after my dad in that we are able to keep a clear head when issues arise.  Some people don’t have that. So I’m sharing a seven step process to solving these barriers that we all face in life. - Step One: don’t freak out.  Problems are inevitable so the first step is to learn to acknowledge that the problem exists and not freak out about it.  You may be feeling a surge of panic or frustration. That’s okay.  But you control it, don’t let it control you. When you’re able to keep your wits about you, you can focus on the next six steps to go from problem finder to problem solver.
Finally got the vest to match the title.  Moving forward just in time for my 6th anniversary! 6 Peak Seasons, every Prime Day! #icqa #transout #amazonvestlife
Hello everyone! Some of you newer fans may not know this, but Lindsey Stirling had a keyboardist before Kit. His name was Jason “Gavi” Gaviati. He was an amazing guy and musician - a true artist. Sadly he had cancer and passed away a few years ago.  Gavi’s impression stuck on me.  A few months ago I received an award at work (Amazon). A component of that award was getting to name one of the robots.  To increase awareness and keep his memory alive, I named the robot Gavi. If you want to know further, look up older videos, the DVD or the documentary. #lindseystirling
Remembering a very fun and engaging interview about the realities of a progression in real estate.  My friend @realtygoddess broke down what it’s really like to be a realtor and shared some of the pitfalls that gurus minimize.  Life is starting to get to where I can start focusing on the show again, although I am leaning towards preproducing a video followed by a live afterchat.  #realestate  #realestateagent #careercoach  #career #success #lifeadvice #livestream #perigirls #perigirlsrock #periscope
Life is rarely perfect as we envision it. However we mush push on with a grander vision when difficulties mount. Keeping determination and optimism helps us stay the course to see the end result: success. #busines #success #motivationalquotes #dalailama
Really, as much as I love coffee, it is so important to hydrate with water. When I wake up I drink 8 oz of water which helps my body wake up, I feel my muscles loosen up as the blood flows.  Drinking water throughout the day helps me stay alert.  The biggest argument I hear is about having to use the bathroom.  That’s because your body has an excess of toxins. When you start hydrating as you should, your body is able to remove these toxins, hence more restroom runs. Stay the course, it’s worth it! #hydration #water #coffee
In the @usmarinecorps the leader is the first to be on the battlefield and the last to depart.  They develop their team to instill an unified force and empowers their subordinates to take ownership. They develop their team so there is always someone capable of stepping into the leadership role.  In business we often see things differently. Teams can become cutthroat, individuals monopolize knowledge to keep perceived threats at bay, and often subordinates are not given responsibility for fear of failure. The result is a lack of growth for the individual and the team.  What is holding your team back? Photo is of Gen. Hal Moore, known for the battle at La Drang Valley in Vietnam.  You can bet his team didn’t have time for the drama that business teams put themselves through. #leadership  #leadershipdevelopment #usmc #business #management #teambuilding #teamwork #success #successful #inspiration
Can you relate? How much of your day is tied up in meetings that could have been emails? Or are simply unnecessary to begin with? Our time is a limited commodity during our day, yet so many of us spend our time on meetings that have little to no ROI - especially when compared to other activities we could be doing. #i divide meetings into three categories: Productive, Unproductive, and Meaningless.  Productive meetings are concise, with all attendees walking away with actionable goals. Unproductive meetings may have attendees walking away with actions, but are often drawn out from side conversations, lack of focus, lack of facilitation, or even someone using the meeting as their Toastmaster guinea pigs. Meaningless meetings are those that can be solved via an email or a brief one on one conversation. They waste time and provide no value other than ego boosting. Meetings do not equal productivity. They help productivity but in the end it’s what happens in between the meetings where actions become results. #career #business #officespace #timemanagement #productivity
No matter how busy we are, what major projects take place, we need to have the right priorities.  Family is my priority above all else. Yesterday there was a fire across the street from my grandmothers house. Thankfully the evacuation order was lifted and her house unaffected.  #priorities #familycomesfirst #success #happiness
I thought I’d post this funny meme on the topic of advice.  There are plenty of people around us ready to offer their sage wisdom about our endeavors.  The problem is that many of them have no clue what they are talking about.  Everyone has an “Uncle Bob” in their life. Someone with the keys to success yet success has always eluded them. Would you take financial advice from someone who is destitute? No, you’d go to someone who is affluent. Take this mentality when you are being given or soliciting advice: consider the source.